The Science Of Ayurveda & How It Can Rock Your Entire Life With Sahara Rose #152


  • Why Ayurveda is for the common person (unlike its sister science, Yoga)
  • Growing up with two first-generation Indian immigrants & just wanting to fit in
  • When Sahara started consuming Lunchables, Kool-Aid, and other sugary poison
  • Weird alien shit that happens to Sahara’s boyfriend
  • Picking up hot yoga just to gain weight… but getting a whole lot more out of it
  • Living in a jail in Costa Rica at the age of 15 & other on-the-ground volunteer work
  • Becoming a diehard raw vegan & still experiencing health issues
  • How to thoughtfully craft a diet based on where you live & what your body needs
  • What the three Dosha are & how your Dosha affect you
  • How Jennifer Lopez & Donald Trump represent the opposite ends of Pitta
  • Why the dosha in your mind isn’t necessarily the same as the dosha in your body – and what you can do to bring balance to them in different ways
  • Your dosha & your love relationships
  • Why tongue scraping isn’t just a trend – it’s effective
  • Luke’s crazy panchakarma experience and why this is such a powerful detoxification treatment
  • What you can expect from Sahara’s upcoming cookbook, Eat Feel Fresh

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