Anti-aging Miracles And Biohacking Super Powers With NanoVi #153


  • Hans’ 25+ years of experience with advanced medical technologies, including his time with Johnson & Johnson and helping to create the first dental implant
  • What it’s like before and after someone gets to experience Luke’s biohacking toolkit
  • Why all water isn’t created equal
  • What the 4th phase of water is & how it heals our bodies
  • How Luke used NanoVI to maximize his stem cell treatment
  • What you need to know about how water, food, and proteins help our bodies function
  • The body’s nearly unlimited ability to repair (regardless of what conventional thinking might suggest)
  • How NanoVI works with your body instead of overriding it
  • Why the term ‘incurable disease’ is BS
  • What oxidative stress is & why you want your body to repair it
  • Why the human body is more like a cloud than a bucket of water
  • How NanoVI helps the J2 racing team take on the most dangerous course in the world, the Nurburing/Nordschleife
  • Why companies are embracing the NanoVI for peak performance

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