Spirithacking: Ancient Wisdom And Tribal Truth With Shaman Durek #154

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The mind-blowing things that Shaman Durek witnessed during his near-death experience 
  • The three-word answer to mankind’s biggest question to god: Why is there evil and suffering?
  • How we can collectively escape the victim consciousness & evolve without suffering
  • The lifestyle that allowed the Durek to shed 30 pounds in 30 days
  • Asking your body what it needs – and then actually listening
  • The spirituality of Metallica
  • Why being in love with yourself is one of the most potent spirithacks
  • The message that Shaman Durek is going to share no matter what – even if it kills him
  • How you can tell the difference between a craving and a need (in every area of your life)
  • What do you need to feel lit every day?
  • Learning about God by learning about what God created – AKA you
  • Getting out of the me consciousness & embracing the WE consciousness
  • How the Durek is empowering women all over the globe
  • Why we currently lack radical leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. in our world
  • The purpose of being a lightworker
  • Facing the evil on this planet with love
  • The escapism of pornography & rock ‘n’ roll
  • The vicious cycle of addiction
  • What spiritual debt is & how it affects us on a physical level

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