Warrior Wisdom  And Primal Power With Kyle Kingsbury #155


  • How Kyle used fighting as a coping mechanism, early and often
  • Advocating for the right drugs & against the wrong drugs
  • Learning to quiet the noise without drugs
  • What it’s like to struggle with suicidal thoughts as early as 7 years old
  • The respectful camaraderie between professional fighters
  • How getting put on the bench in college football fueled Kyle’s fighting
  • The pain of truly believing that no one will ever love you
  • When Kyle realized he wasn’t alone & there was more to life... while standing on a ledge
  • The boxing coach that brought Kyle to traditional sweat lodges before and after every fight camp
  • Discovering the world of plant medicines: psilocybin, ayahuasca, and more
  • How diet, supplements, nootropics, and even microdosing play a role in Total Human Optimization
  • Why Kyle had to be a bouncer and bartender at a titty bar almost the entire time he was in the UFC
  • What it’s like to experience a life of Total Human Optimization
  • A day in the life of Kyle Kingsbury: breathwork, cold thermogenesis, killer workouts, and more
  • The transformative plant medicine experiences that Kyle has gone through with his wife (and the insane sex that they have had while using various substances)
  • Teaching your kids the right & wrong ways to use plant medicines + other parenting insights

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