Bootleg Broadcast: Luke Live At Bulletproof Labs The Art Of Spirithacking #160


  • That time Luke recorded his surgery and put it on YouTube

  • A centering breathwork exercise

  • Primary water – AKA the nectar of the gods

  • Going out to hunt for your own spring water

  • How you can protect yourself from the onslaught of EMFs & turn your bedroom into a faraday cage

  • Why Luke is a sun worshipper

  • How meditation creates a gap between ‘the witness consciousness’ and the phenomenon we call living life

  • How you can take advantage of “negativity fasting” (and why you should give it a shot)

  • The practice of prayer – not strictly religious prayer, but living in a state of recognition that we’re not separate from everything else in the universe

  • Serving the highest good for yourself & others

  • The prayer that changed Luke’s life

  • All of these spiritual, mental, and physical practices serve one purpose: they give us the capacity to be of service to the world

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