The Ultimate Guide To The Power Of Crystals With Energy Muse #162


  • If a biohacking device is good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for Luke

  • Crystals are energy you can touch and feel

  • Taking the “woo-woo” stigma out of crystals & simplifying the practice

  • Discovering crystals that supposedly come from outer space

  • How long have humans been using crystals?

  • An extremely commonplace that people see crystals, without realizing it: LCD screens, or Liquid-crystal Displays

  • We’re all communicating through crystals in our phones, computers, and other tech!

  • Programming ourselves like a computer chip

  • You don’t need science to tell you that love works

  • Coming out of the crystal closet

  • Being the bridge between the woo-woo and science

  • How crystals intensify energy – good, bad, or otherwise

  • With crystals, bigger and more is not necessarily better

  • The common denominator between us is that we have all our feet on the Earth

  • Shungite: one of the most fascinating substances on the planet

  • Getting in tune with what works for you, whether it’s biohacking or crystal healing

  • Writing what is essentially a crystal recipe book, Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You

  • The powerful shifting prayer that Energy Muse learned from Bobby Lake-Thom (you can check it out in the episode and try it out yourself!)

  • What do the different shapes of crystals indicate?

  • Why are women inserting jade eggs into their vaginas?

  • What Heather & Timmi are excited about right now

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