Wabi Sabi Wellness: The Japanese Art Of Perfectly Imperfect Living With Candice Kumai #159


  • The incredible matcha cookies that Candice made for me (you can check out the recipe here on Candice’s YouTube channel)

  • Birth, destruction, and rebirth is a natural cycle – and sometimes the rebirth is the most beautiful part

  • How Candice’s parents met through war, in a Buddhist temple

  • What is wabi-sabi?

  • Growing up, Candice was everything that wasn’t considered “asian”

  • Like Dr. Seuss said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

  • Why Candice gravitated towards her Japanese heritage

  • Part of being honorable and humble is letting your work speak for yourself – and part of being a public figure is highlighting those folks

  • Drinking vodka, from a biohacker’s perspective

  • The mouth-watering photography in Kintsugi Wellness (which Candice did herself)

  • What do people do differently in the The Blue Zones, these areas where people live the longest & happiest lives?

  • Life begins when you get a Vitamix

  • Why cooking is one of the only resources you have to change your whole life through simple ingredients & actions

  • Gaman, the art of great resilience, humility, and enduring

  • Working with integrity & authenticity

  • How can we, as public figures, be of use to you?

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