Max Lugavere Can Fix Your Brain! Genius Foods For High Performance and Happiness #163


  • How we trick our brains into believing that carbs and sugar are our friends

  • Max’s extremely personal relationship with degenerative brain disease

  • Searching for the links between Alzheimer’s and other chronic diseases

  • Why the low fat craze was one of the worst things to happen to the American diet

  • The average American consumes a mind-boggling 300g of carbohydrates per day

  • How salt + butter + carbs pushes your brain to a bliss point that renders self-control futile

  • The oils that you should definitely avoid or remove from your diet

  • How to identify the best olive to purchase, and how to avoid fakes

  • Why you should be thinking about the nutrient density of your diet

  • The correlation between grains, gluten, and your cognitive ability

  • The fact that there is no biological requirement for grains in our diet whatsoever

  • Why saunas and cold therapy have so many health benefits

  • Shopping Bread Head around at festivals

  • Becoming truth-seekers who question authority

  • Being skeptical, but never cynical

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