Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Almost Anything W/ Dr. Ted Achacoso #227

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The unique cocktail that goes into Dr. Ted’s nootropic troche, Blue Cannatine – a legit limitless pill (you can get on the waitlist for the new Canatine Blue nootropic at troscriptions.com/Luke)

  • Why “Nootropic” probably doesn’t mean what you think it means

  • How to take nootropics safely

  • What you don’t know about toxins

  • The optimal levels of nutrients and hormones in our bodies

  • Why Dr. Ted gives Thrive Probiotics his approval

  • The secrets of Oxytocin

  • Why we’re meant to wake up with the sun – and how we can hack our environment and bodies to make up for it

  • Dr. Ted’s remarkable IQ

  • What doctors learn in medical school – and how it screws over people with chronic diseases

  • The difference between functional medicine and Health Optimization Medicine

  • What Modafinil does and why it’s not addictive

  • The ins and outs of microdosing

  • Dr. Ted’s purge-free Ayahuasca capsules

  • The contention around deuterium

  • Dr. Ted’s thoughts on EMF & EMF protection

  • Why Mother Ayahuasca has been Dr. Ted’s greatest teacher

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