Psychological Fitness: Mastering The Mind, Ego, & Emotions W/ Dr. Mark Atkinson #232

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Psychological fitness is a way of being in the world in which you’re present, open, aware, engaging in reality, and doing what matters

  • Why CEOs, executives, and elite athletes turn to Dr. Atkinson to learn what he knows about psychological fitness training and personal development

  • Curiosity may not be great for cats, but it’s a transformative perspective for human beings to use when approaching life

  • A plant medicine experience that changed the course of Dr. Atkinson’s life

  • Spirituality likes to vilify the ego, but Dr. Atkinson teaches us why we actually need to work with it to achieve greater awareness and presence

  • You have thoughts — but that’s not who you are

  • How you can get everything you need to overcome life’s challenges, no hacks required

  • The critical difference between spiritual transcendence and spiritual bypassing

  • Learning to change the channel of your awareness

  • Evolving from Victim Consciousness to Victor Consciousness

  • Is there a way to prevent the deep suffering caused by childhood trauma?

  • What happens when we refuse to turn towards the what we are experiencing and engage life

  • The trap of getting stuck focusing solely on physical health

  • The purpose of community

  • How we’re losing our children and societal structure

  • A roadmap towards realizing your potential

  • When you’re doing anything, ask yourself: am I doing this consciously or compulsively?

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