Sunlight Vs. Junk Light: The Ultimate Battle For Human Health & Longevity W/ Matt Maruca #234

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why you’re probably ejactulating too much & how ejaculation is diminishing the pleasure of your orgasms

  • How Matt’s first appearance on this show changed the trajectory of his life

  • The energy meditation practice that can help you cultivate your inner light

  • Your body is a being of light — and there’s science to prove it

  • How blue light debilitates your mitochondria

  • There are three million people who in the U.S. who die every year to chronic diseases — and none of them need to, but we aren’t addressing the right problems

  • Do hereditary diseases really exist?

  • The missing link between chronic diseases, the epidemic of depression, and mass shootings

  • How and when to eat if you want to lose weight (and why the way you’re eating now is probably causing you to gain weight)

  • Junk food doesn’t make you fat (by itself) — junk light does

  • Why Luke is eating a butter stick during this interview

  • How artificial light is absorbed into every part of your body, not just your eyes, and what you can do to prevent it

  • How we are destroying a generation’s physical development through smartphones and tablets

  • Have an indoor lifestyle? Get ready for an indoor hospital

  • Why windows are bad

  • There IS such a thing as too much sun, but it’s pretty difficult to do — while most of us don’t get enough sun and are suffering for it

  • Why you maybe shouldn’t have a kid if you don’t have a sex drive

  • What The Light Diet is & how you can start integrating it into your life

  • How to hack your morning routine to make The Light Diet easier

  • Blue blocking software is great and you should definitely use it — but no software can eliminate all of the blue light from your screens

  • How to make sure your food and water are supporting your health

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