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In this episode I had the distinct pleasure and honor to sit for a highly elevated chat with one of my favorite spiritual teachers and world renowned authorities on meditation, Sharon Salzberg. She started meditating the year I was born (1970), so it goes without saying that she had some profound insights with which to enlighten our listeners. 

Sharon has an exceptional gift for making somewhat esoteric Buddhist teachings accessible to the masses. If you’re someone who has struggled finding meaning and application in spiritual and religious teachings, but knows deep down that you are missing out on a more rich experience of life as a result, this episode might just be the bridge you need to cross the existential gap. On the other hand, if you’re a veteran meditator and feel as though you’ve got this whole ‘mindfulness’ thing down, you will no doubt be pleasantly reminded of some basic, yet easy to forget universal truths. 

During this interview Sharon shares endless nuggets of simple, yet powerful wisdom that she has derived from all her years of spiritual work and teaching. From hanging out with the Dalia Lama, to sitting for thousands or hours of meditation (around 15,000 by my estimate) Sharon has unlocked the secrets to happiness, fulfillment and peace in our sometimes chaotic and confusing world. If you’re ready to take your consciousness to the next level, sit back and join me and Sharon in this guided meditation, followed by a profound, yet funny and irreverent conversation about life between a student and teacher of sorts. 

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  • We talk about the fact that she’s been meditating exactly as long as I’ve been alive
  • What it was like for her to travel to India for her first 10-day Vipassana meditation, and why she went the route of the buddhist tradition, while so many of her contemporaries leaned toward Hindu-based teachings
  • Why she never chose to take on a special spiritual name, or wear guru costumes, and how she has managed to avoid the trappings of a spiritual ego
  • The value in taking a ‘householders’ approach to spirituality
  • Then Sharon treats us to a short ‘idiots guide to Buddhism’ where she breaks down the origins of the tradition and some of its teachers
  • Why she still chooses to live in NYC some of the time, and what value a big city holds for spiritual growth
  • Her views on social media and device addiction
  • The fine line between making a positive contribution to the world and being a fanatical activist 
  • How she has discovered the path to freedom from the mind, and why she’s devoted her life to teaching it
  • The fact that in life pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional
  • We explore the idea that mindfulness is not passive, but rather surrendered action
  • How to become free of negative attachments 
  • What is the hungry ghost, and how we can avoid being trapped by our desires
  • How reincarnation effects our lives
  • Sharon’s views on the value of the 12 Steps Program 
  • We talk about Real Love, her 10th book and what role compassion toward ourselves and others plays in our lives 
  • Lastly Sharon gives us her prediction on where the current spiritual movement is taking us, and how she’s hopeful for the future state of mankind’s evolution 
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Show production: Tatiana Melo
Sound editing: Dustin Smith