The Greatest Practice of All - Luke as Guest on Reconnected Human Podcast


  • Desperation and drinking your own piss 
  • Some of the first big wins of Luke’s journey to health
  • Taking 3 square shits a day
  • Mental and emotional Hygiene 
  • Healing the physical body to prepare the mind for a spiritual awakening
  • Are your ailing symptoms physical or non physical? 
  • How to take food out of the foreground to make change
  • Meditation made easy
  • The trap of spiritual perfectionism and staring the wolf in the eyes
  • Self inflicted shame and how to overcome it
  • Balancing dietary habits and health strategy
  • It’s ok to love chocolate but don’t condemn vanilla 
  • Luke’s 2 most inspirational books
  • Luke's Favorite album
  • Luke's top 3 directives for transforming the self