Supercharge Your Mind With Neurohacker Collective, Featuring Daniel Schmachtenberger #118

  • Daniel's homeschooling experience, and how his parents used facilitation of interests vs. curriculum to maximize his potential as a human
  • How kids are born with innate fascination, and the consequences of not supporting their curiosities with intelligent foundational facts 
  • The current educational model and how it trains us to be sharp cogs in an industrial world, hindering unique genius actualization
  • Why a large number of Millennials aren't having kids 
  • Why the smartest people tend to be employees and not entrepreneurs
  • Epigenetics and the perpetuation of generation trauma as consequences slavey, genocide and other social moral problems from Imperialism
  • Post-modernism, biases, partial truths, and the dangers of using metrics to simplifying complex systems 
  • The artificial demands of a broken Capitalism, why we are running a race towards the apocalyptic cliff, and alternatives for the future
  • All human being alive today have some degree of mental illness, and what we can do about that
  • Depression, addictions, empty-fulfillment and other problems that stem from hyper-stimuli 
  • The longing for authenticity and meaningful human interactions 
  • The pursuit of happiness and the foley of looking for it "out there"
  • The importance of integrating psychiatry and pharmacology to understand and up-regulate the human networks and bio hardware 
  • The origins and the vision of Neurohacker Collective for decreasing suffering and increasing capacity & positive disposition  
  • Defining drugs, and what distinguishes legal from illegal
  • Top smart drugs and nootropics, why and how they work, and some of the risks and benefits involved in their use 
  • Taking empowered responsibility through self education 
  • The importance of addressing the foundational aspects of wellness over using biohacking to patch & support a shitty performance 
  • His favorite biohacking tech tools 
  • Geoengeenering, chemtrails, and the effect it has on our brain and biology
  • What is environmental psych, and how to biohack it  
  • Lifestyle recommendations

Cosmic Vibration And Kundalini Rising With Guru Singh #113

  • What is was like to grow up as a third generation yogi
  • A fascinating story of how his family were early adopters of Eastern teachings 
  • What the yoga LA scene was like in 1969 when he met Yogi Bhajan 
  • What it was like to hang out with spiritual giants like Mutkananda, Satchidanandanda, Osho 
  • What his first yoga class was like 
  • Did Yogi Bhajan have super human powers? And do spiritual masters use metaphysical tricks to capture the attention of devotees 
  • How to be magical yet still logical 
  • The importance of learning to quiet the brain mind in order to access to the Total mind
  • How to navigate challenging emotions of anger, loss and despair
  • How he got his spiritual name and the relevance it has to him all these years later 
  • Why he believes language is such a powerful tool for transformation 
  • The fact that even enlightened Masters are still humans and make frequent mistakes 
  • Uncovering the science behind Kundalini yoga
  • How mantras, music, and sound vibrations raise our consciousness 
  • The powerful effects of yogic breath work, and why it's so important to make this practice a part of your life 
  • His secret to always tuning into to Universal wisdom when teaching his classes
  • How he used intuition to receive the cosmic downloads over the years 
  • How to stay humble and not let your spiritual ego take over your true personality
  • The importance of ego as a part of who we are, and why it's pointless to try and fight it 
  • The surprising reason he wears a turban and his spiritual wardrobe choices   
  • Tips for keeping the brain active and fully expanded 
  • The surprising connection between highly active meditators and schizophrenia
  • Lifestyle recommendations

Ending Injuries, Pain, And Infertility With Cold Lasers, Featuring Arne Grinsted #110

  • How he turned his passion for healing people and electrical engineering into a laser company
  • How he found scientific resources to start building lasers in 1982, before the internet 
  • The fact that Einstein envisioned laser therapy long before they ever came to fruition
  • The mechanism of healing and the fast production of ATP created by this type of laser 
  • How Arne healed a sprained ankle in one day using a laster he made himself 
  • The different classes of lasers and what they do
  • What is the Gigalaser, and how it helped 200 out of 300 infertile women get pregnant 
  • How lasers have the ability to heal wounds, sports injuries, and even brain conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s 
  • How to overcome the restrictions of big pharma and the medical industry as an inventor of alternative therapies
  • Lifestyle recommendations 

Modern Mindfulness: Finding Real Love With Sharon Salzberg #99


  • We talk about the fact that she’s been meditating exactly as long as I’ve been alive
  • What it was like for her to travel to India for her first 10-day Vipassana meditation, and why she went the route of the buddhist tradition, while so many of her contemporaries leaned toward Hindu-based teachings
  • Why she never chose to take on a special spiritual name, or wear guru costumes, and how she has managed to avoid the trappings of a spiritual ego
  • The value in taking a ‘householders’ approach to spirituality
  • Then Sharon treats us to a short ‘idiots guide to Buddhism’ where she breaks down the origins of the tradition and some of its teachers
  • Why she still chooses to live in NYC some of the time, and what value a big city holds for spiritual growth
  • Her views on social media and device addiction
  • The fine line between making a positive contribution to the world and being a fanatical activist 
  • How she has discovered the path to freedom from the mind, and why she’s devoted her life to teaching it
  • The fact that in life pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional
  • We explore the idea that mindfulness is not passive, but rather surrendered action
  • How to become free of negative attachments 
  • What is the hungry ghost, and how we can avoid being trapped by our desires
  • How reincarnation effects our lives
  • Sharon’s views on the value of the 12 Steps Program 
  • We talk about Real Love, her 10th book and what role compassion toward ourselves and others plays in our lives 
  • Lastly Sharon gives us her prediction on where the current spiritual movement is taking us, and how she’s hopeful for the future state of mankind’s evolution 
  • Lifestyle recommendations

Free Native: Manifesting The Metaphysical With Lacy Phillips #96


  • Ego as the shadow, the unconscious mind and how to control it without letting it control you
  • Her story: how at 25 decided to throw out everything she knew about manifestation and decided to start listening to her own intuition, and what her higher power was telling her
  • How she developed her own process of manifestation that she now teaches to clients
  • How she uses NLP in her practice
  • Discussions on what the Ego really is
  • The film The Secret, Abraham Hicks, and whether or not the law of attraction is real 
  • How to develop self worth
  • Manifesting what you want yet not defining yourself by externals and materialism
  • How she developed the vision of your brand and work
  • Why she chose the word manifestation over life coaching, or training, or many of the common words we hear
  • Should people feel guilty for making money out of teaching spiritual material?
  • How she survived her many dark nights of the soul
  • How to overcome issue like abandonment, the shadow self, and inner child early trauma
  • How to rid ourselves co-dependency issues and how we got them to begin with
  • How to overcome low self-worth, shame, and limiting beliefs
  • Getting rid of negative thoughts about our bodies 
  • What’s up with the current awakening of powerful, yet feminine women in the ‘now age’ of our current spiritual movement
  • How she finds balance in the feminine energy of her content and teaching while still being a badass business woman
  • Her morning routine
  • Lifestyle recommendations

The Walking Dead And The Path of Enlightenment With Jeff Kober #94 & #95

  • The story of how he moved to Hollywood to become an actor
  • Acting for the art vs. for the ego
  • Creativity and bringing your A game to the set: you gotta practice excellence and presence at all times
  • What it was like to play such dark roles in walking dead and sons of anarchy while being a spiritual teacher
  • The idea that Evil needs to exist for Good to have something to do. Evil is absolutely there to encourage Heroism
  • How as a human you need your ego to survive, but when you live through the ego, you are at the mercy of its demands
  • Finding the middle path between Mother Theresa and total apathy
  • How challenges are a vital component to personal advancement
  • The demands of our animal nature, and finding ways to tuning in to the still voice and flow of life that is moving through us
  • The challenges of being Humans in the present time, and the responsibility of knowing the truth of ourselves to the greatest extent as possible in order to positively affect the whole of consciousness
  • What he learned on his many spiritual pilgrimages to India
  • What is the main difference in western culture vs. India?
  • How to avoid building a spiritual ego, and getting caught up in the trappings of being ‘special’ or enlightened 
  • The power jazz and state of creative flow that it embodies
  • How he used Black Sabbath’s music to get into a character
  • Psychedelics as a spiritual pursuit vs attaining enlightenment on the natch
  • The hidden meaning of Alcoholics Anonymous’ symbolism
  • Why the Vedic teachings of non-duality are so powerfully transformative
  • How sex dissolves ego boundaries and is the highest form of connectedness
  • What it was like to walk across India with the saint known as Sri Maharshi
  • Clearing up the misconception that paying for spiritual teachings is wrong
  • How to avoid spiritual bypass, and face the difficult truths about yourself 
  • The fact that the key to life is in learning how to be a giver, rather than a taker
  • Lifestyle recommendations

Brainiac: The Ultimate Guide To Smart Drugs and Nootropics With Dr Dan Stickler #92

  • Defining mind vs. brain 
  • Using the brain to optimize physiology and tap into the collective consciousness 
  • What are nootropics and how they differ from smart drugs
  • Thinking outside the box to shift the human collective 
  • Modafinil: all your questions answered
  • Qualia's approach and how Dr. Stickler got involved
  • The different compounds on the market incl. racithams, modafinil, PQQ, nupep and other chemicals 
  • Multivitamin, adaptogens, and the truth about compound bioavailability on most supplements 
  • Lithium orotate as a neuro protector and good overall membrane stabilizer 
  • The dangers of fear-based marketing, labeling disease, and the mental construct of illness
  • Health benefits of magnesium and how to get levels up
  • Micronutrient deficiencies in the body and what to look for
  • Best way to supplement beta-carotene 
  • Listening to your body, and how to reach homeostasis 
  • What’s up with vitamin Q2?
  • Rapid-fire tips for sleep
  • Phenibut, melatonin and down regulation 
  • Dr. Stickler’s travel & jet lag hacks
  • General practice for better memory, focus, creativity, flow states and overall intelligence 

The Truth About Depression and Big Pharma #91 with Dr. Kelly Brogan

  • What is the root cause of depression and mental disorders?
  • Is depression actually a disease? What about anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia and other mood issues? 
  • The spiritual underlying causes
  • How disconnection from our tribal roots makes us vulnerable to mental disorders
  • We explore something called ‘the rat park studies’ which prove that addiction is based on lack of love and connection 
  • Why is our culture so terrified of emotional pain?
  • How we can use Kundalini yoga, and meditation to help with emotional and mental issues
  • What’s the deal with the whole serotonin deficiency issue? Is it a real thing? 
  • Was I addicted to the drug Effexor?
  • What do anti-depressants actually do to the brain? Do they ever work? 
  • What are other solutions we can sick out before going to medication
  • How people with serious mental problems can naturally overcome deep seeded issues
  • How to safely get off of anti-depressants
  • Can eating red meat cure women of depression?
  • How environmental toxins in food and our environment are one of the leading causes of mental and emotional disorders 
  • The dangers of eating sugar
  • Why gluten, dairy, soy and GMO’s are so dangerous when it comes to our mental health and well-being
  • About her Vital Mind Reset online program  
  • Lifestyle recommendations 

JP Sears: I Am Your Guru. How To Be Ultra Spiritual  & Humbly Superior #90

  • The silly ness of  biohacking practices, and how his videos make fun of everything i do on a daily basis
  • How to recognize approval seeking in your life and on social media, and how to break the habit
  • We examine the massive amount of energy we typically waste on the hyper vigilance of seeking approval
  • Where does the desperate need to be liked come from?
  • We discuss the fact that the more you try to get people to like you, the more they are repelled by you
  • Learning how to overcome shame and own your weirdness 
  • How to be truly authentic and find your real identity and personality
  • Where being healthy ends and being obsessive compulsive begins, and how to find a balance
  • How health practices are often used as a distraction from doing the more important inner personal growth work
  • Why spiritual biohacks like human connection, gratitude and love work better than all of the technology-based practices we all use to feel good
  • The power of self-awareness and surrendering to the discomforts of life
  • The new era of transparent advertising and marketing 
  • Walking the fine line between effective marketing and being creepy and manipulative
  • Who JP used his humor to stay humble, and help others to awaken
  • Using satire to break attachments to dogmatic views and positionalites
  • The social disease of political correctness, and how he is able to get away with doing comedy in our current emotionally sensitive culture 
  • How intention and context determine what our words and our humor mean, and how we choose wether or not our feelings get hurt by others
  • How JP practices prayer and spirituality in his daily life
  • Lifestyle recommendations 

Evan Brand: The Biohackers Bible, Part One (EP#81) & Part Two (EP#82)

In this epic, double episode our guest Evan Brand takes us on a journey into the fascinating, and life-enhancing world of biohacking, based on his many years of experience as a functional medicine practitioner, and popular podcast host. 

From superfoods to super herbs, nootropics, smart drugs, home lighting and EMF hacking, we learn dozens of tried and true principles and practices for optimizing our health and homes.

Evan teaches us why testing is always better than guessing when it comes to self-diagnosing and treating physical ailments and disease. Whether you're dealing with low energy, acne, being overweight, lack of focus and energy, or even persistent emotional issues, this episode is chalk-full of powerful insights and recommendations that will allow you to take control of your health, your body, and longevity.

We also learn about some of the most dangerous supplements, and how to avoid possibly dangerous interactions and overdosing. 

If you're into biohacking and living a high-performance lifestyle, this is an episode you don't want to miss. 

Don't forget to support the show, the planet, and humanity in general by sharing this show with someone you know and love, right now. 

To your health,


  • How to hack the toxic light in your computer and home, and some action steps to protect yourself and your loved ones 
  • How species are becoming endangered due to artificial lighting
  • When your partner isn’t along with your biohacking lifestyle - how to find balance 
  • The influence of light on adrenal health
  • The truth about blue blocking glasses
  • The importance of not being too neurotic and controlling with your health regiments, and eliminating fear, guilt and stress around it
  • How repressed negative emotions are worse for you than junk food 
  • Heal emotional trauma through Myofascial release
  • A deep dive into Nootropics and smart drugs
  • Phenibut explained, how and when to use it
  • The risks of overdosing on medicinal herbs
  • What is Ashwagandha and how to dose it
  • Other medicinal herbs and which formulas are safe  
  • What are Racetams and how they affect energy, clarity and focus
  • Importance of dosing, continued 
  • Is coffee really good for you? Watch out for toxic glyphosate
  • What are ketones, and how does a Ketogenic diet work? 
  • Understanding the role that thyroid and hormones play on weight loss: discussing reverse T-3 and thyroid testing
  • Gut health and candida issues: it's not as straight-forward as taking probiotics
  • Gluten, leaky gut and some basic protocols
  • Why should fecal transplants be last resort, and how your brain chemistry & personality takes the traits of the donor
  • Which is the best test for heavy metals: hair, urine or blood? And a few rapid fire tips on detoxing
  • Lifestyle recommendations  

Michelle Paradise: Mastering The Art Of Communication, Part One & Two, EP#79 & #80

Are you a good communicator? Are you aware of the subtleties in verbal tonality and word selection, as well as the power of physical cues and gestures? Did you know there are modalities of speech, touch, and even hypnosis that can heal and transform your relationships, past trauma, and even erase painful memories? Our guest this episode is Michele Paradise, a master practitioner of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), hypnosis, and a groundbreaking new therapy based on neuroscience, called Havening. 

In this epic double episode, Michele takes us on a journey through her process of personal transformation and shares with us twenty-plus years of experience in the field of personal development and spiritual pursuit.  

She describes how she combines these various healing methods to create a highly effective treatment protocol to assist her clients in overcoming long standing psychological problems, dissolve negative emotional triggers, and even disappear acute physical and emotional pain. 

Having experienced the power of Michele's work myself in recent months, I'm overjoyed to share her message and wisdom with you, the listener.

May this show illuminate the endless possibilities of human potential and evolution. 

Here's to creating your own reality!


  • Michele’s Kundalini yoga awakenings
  • The rocky road of the spiritual seeker
  • How her anorexia led her in the direction of personal development and her work
  • The dangers of orthorexia, and how to treat eating disorders naturally 
  • The power of non-verbal communication
  • The reason texting is such a poor method of communicating
  • Wins and disappointments on her journey to growth
  • How she cured herself of being infertile
  • The power of hypnosis for overcoming personal blocks
  • Why she believes no person is ‘broken’, but only stuck
  • The history of Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP, and how she became a master partitioner, and uses it to help people enrich their communication
  • Why metaphor is so influential in human decision making
  • The dark side of persuasion in sales and seduction
  • The words we should avoid if we want to communicate effectively 
  • The importance of avoiding words such as ‘try’ ‘should’ ‘shouldn’t’ and ‘don’t’ 
  • The fact that asking ‘how’ questions is so much more powerful than ‘why’ questions  
  • 'Universal quantifiers' and arguments
  • We’re in a hypnotic state everyday 
  • You can't change other people, but you can change how you respond to them, which in turn changes the way they respond to you
  • How relationships are the most powerful tool of spiritual growth 
  • The power of THE PAUSE to de-escalate drama
  • Barack Obama's secret weapon for giving powerful speeches 
  • The mind loves story-telling about someone else: an NLP tool
  • How energy vibrations influence our interactions 
  • How she uses a groundbreaking technique known as ‘havening’ to help clients overcome past trauma, and emotional blocks
  • Why childhood trauma often causes people to become more susceptible to addictions
  • EMDR therapy and how it works to reprogram your brain
  • The science of why hugging is so healing to humans
  • Lifestyle recommendations 

Dr. Jack Kruse: The Toxic Lighting Crisis And How To Fix It, Part One & Part Two

What if I told you that your diet and exercise habits are not the most important factors in determining your health, and longevity? Sounds crazy right? Well, according to much of the latest scientific research, it's not. It turns out that the lighting that most of us spend the vast majority of our lives in is 'junk light.' And it might just be worse for your health than junk food. 

So how do you know if the lighting in your home and work environment toxic? Unless you've gone to great lengths to optimize all of the light that you're exposed to your daily life, it's a given that your brain, eyes, and even sleep are being adversely affected. 

As much as we all love and depend on artificial lighting to allow us to operate after dark, the fact is that we humans have evolved to thrive in three types of light: sun, moon, and fire. The LED and fluorescent lighting that illuminates our phones, computers, televisions, homes, cars, streets, and places of work is not natural and is extremely detrimental to our well-being on many levels. 

Our guest Dr. Jack Kruse takes us on a fascinating journey into the heart of this current crisis in great detail.  You will be shocked to learn of the multitudes of health issues and diseases directly linked not only to our exposure to 'non-native' lighting but also to the dangerous electromagnetic frequencies (EMF's) that unfortunately blanket the entire planet. 

In the tradition of The Life Stylist Podcast, Jack delivers not only the bad news but also a host of straightforward, practical tips on how to still enjoy the modern conveniences of artificial lighting, and electronics, while mitigating some of the serious risks involved. 

If you know someone who depends on and enjoys their technology, but also strives to maintain optimum health, this is the show to share with them.

When you share this podcast with a friend, you are not only helping them but also supporting my mission to enlighten humanity, by continuing to bring the most brilliant minds in health and wellness to the mainstream. 

May the longtime sun shine upon you,


  • What is the most dangerous lighting we use in our homes, and the best way to fix it
  • Why is blocking blue light so crucial to our health?
  • Do blue blocking glasses ruin your vision because of eye strain?
  • The link between junk lighting, low dopamine levels and all addictions
  • Direct sunlight is good for us. How do fair skinned people sun safely?
  • What is grounding or ‘earthing’ and why is it good for us? Does the ground have to be wet?
  • The dangers of using laptops, and why Steve Jobs didn't let his own kids use Apple products 
  • Is grounding tech and devices valid?
  • Why is living in high rises bad for us?
  • How to protect yourself from harmful EMF radiation
  • Why are ice baths good for you?
  • What’s better: ice baths or cryotherapy?
  • The benefits of infrared saunas, and the best and worst times to use them
  • What are the top 3 healthiest foods we can eat?
  • Are heavy metals in fish as big of a deal as people make them out to be?
  • Is Fukushima radiation a real issue in West Coast seafood?
  • Lifestyle recommendations 

Cap Beauty: Cracking The Clean Living Code, EP #72 & #73

In this double episode, we have an all-encompassing chat with CAP Beauty founders Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima. 

Their story is an inspiring tale of two NYC fashion, and style professionals turned health and wellness entrepreneurs. 

Through their love for design, New York City living, and all things natural beauty, they have created a quickly growing lifestyle brand that touches all aspects of urban habitation, from organic cosmetic and personal care products to spiritual practices, and building a clean & green home environment. 

This show will not only inspire you to create the lifestyle your mind, body, and soul crave but also leave you with a wealth of practical tactics for creating a healthy, pristine life- whether in a city or the country.

Pass this episode on to a friend who could use a lifestyle upgrade, and some fresh inspiration.

To building your ultimate lifestyle,


  • They discuss their backgrounds in styling and fashion before moving into natural beauty, and how they made that transition
  • How they started CAP Beauty the brand, and the New York city spa & boutique 
  • Some of the favorite supplements they sell 
  • How celiacs disease almost ruined Kerrilynn’s life and how she healed it with lifestyle changes 
  • Why to avoid toxins in personal care and beauty products, and how toxins ruin your skins microbiome  
  • The risks of nail polish, lipstick, and hair dye. Turns out toxic hair dye never leaves your lymph system!
  • What are some of their favorite organic skincare products
  • What is the best healthy deodorant? there is a little known secret deodorant made of bacteria 
  • The benefits of Kundalini yoga, Kabbalah, and Transcendental meditation, and how they used those practices to fuel their business success
  • Other cool lifestyle practices like float tanks, sounds baths, etc
  • How to live a healthy, balanced life in NYC, and how to create the ultimate zen home 
  • The differences between living in NY vs. LA, in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Why labeling ourselves by our dietary choices is self-limiting, and the importance of listening to your body and following your intuition
  • How sometimes it's appropriate for your kids to take mini fasts and stop eating
  • Lifestyle recommendations

Dr. John Bergman: Chiropractic Vs. Drugs & Surgery EP #69

Does your back hurt? Has it ever? Have you considered taking drugs, or even being cut open in a somewhat experimental surgical procedure? Most of us have had some personal experience with back pain, and have sought out a temporary, if not a permanent solution to this sometimes debilitating condition. The trouble is that with drugs and surgery, there is often lingering pain, side-effects, or other issues brought about or triggered by the original condition. You might be one of the unfortunate victims of pain medication addiction or even a botched series of surgeries. 

In this episode, we get down to the root cause of back pain, spinal injuries, and even related neurological conditions like Fibromyalgia. Our guest Dr. John Bergman is one of the world's leading chiropractors and has helped thousands of patients from all over the world recover from a seemingly endless array of medical conditions using chiropractic care and other natural treatments. 

Dr. Bergman is not only extremely passionate about helping people to heal themselves of chronic disease, but also highly skilled at communicating complicated medical terminology in very simple terms. In this episode, you'll gain not only hope for recovery but also some very clear action steps toward taking control of your health. 

Share the message of healing and recovery by sharing this life-changing episode with someone you know and love.

To your spine,


  • The true purpose of chiropractic care
  • Why chiropractic has a negative connotation to some people, and why there is no need to be afraid of being addicted to, or injured by adjustments 
  • Finding the right chiropractor, what to look for
  • What are disks and how damage happens
  • Are herniated or ‘slipped’ discs real, and can surgery fix them?
  • How chiropractic can help newborns, and the elderly
  • The best way to get off of pain medication, and heal back pain naturally
  • How the spine's health affects the health of the entire body
  • Natural cures for fibromyalgia, arthritis, and many other ailments through chiropractic adjustments
  • Statistics of chiropractic adjustment injuries
  • Lifestyle recommendations


Neil Strauss: When Love Is A Drug #68

Sex, love, and intimacy - The great mysteries of life. Our guest Neil Strauss is a seven-time New York Times best-selling author and has spent the better part of ten years devoting his life (and writing) to learning the ins and outs of romantic relationships, and how to make them work. From his days as a pickup artist in his book The Game to his recent awakening to the merits of true love, kids, and marriage in The Truth, Neil has committed himself to the study and practice of relationships with a tenacity few others have. 

In this episode, you'll learn the secrets to identifying dysfunctional relationships, codependency, sex addiction, and every other form of romantic pathology, and how to avoid them. 

Whether you're happily married, single, or on the hunt for romance, this episode will no doubt prove to be a powerful catalyst of truth and self-realization, as Neil and I take a very real and raw analysis of ourselves for the benefit of the audience, and anyone they might love. 

May you find peace, companionship, and fulfillment in your current, or future affairs of the heart. Share this episode with a friend or partner, in hopes that we might all get a little better at this thing called love. 


  • How Neil's book The Truth changed my life forever
  • Becoming emotionally healthy enough to have a fulfilling relationship
  • What are the different stages of a romantic relationship? 
  • Identifying co-dependency, and how to break the cycle
  • The curse of emotional enmeshment, and how to trade that for true intimacy
  • How to stop pleasing and pathological accommodation
  • Taking responsibility over blaming: to overcome your wiring first you gotta understand it
  • Behavior vs. belief: understanding what creates lasting change
  • Is sex addiction a real thing, and how to tell if you're got it
  • The dangers of trauma bonding with a romantic partner
  • How our childhood shaped our brain, and as a result the way we behave in relationships 
  • How to define commitment? Is monogamy possible? 
  • Lifestyle recommendations

Crash Hoefler: The Natural High Of Sensory Deprivation Tanks #59

Did you know there is an entirely natural way to 'get high on your own supply', without any side-effects? Imagine yourself losing all sense of your physical body, and being totally alone in a completely silent, pitch black, sealed room, floating in a zero gravity environment, while allowing your consciousness the freedom to roam the matrix of reality without the confines of your five senses. 

Sounds a bit like an LSD trip doesn't it? Well, believe it or not, this trip requires only water, salt, and darkness. I call it 'sober psychedelics.' Others call it a float tank, or sensory deprivation chamber. It's a practice and technology that's been around since the 1960's, and until recently existed on the fringe of  underground counter-culture, known and used only by people interested in expanding their awareness and exploring the nature of human consciousness. 

Thanks to pioneers like our guest expert Crash Hoefler, floating has been having a huge resurgence in the past few years, and float centers have been popping up in cities all over the world. Seen now as the ultimate meditation and relaxation technique, people from all walks of life are exploring the inner workings of their minds and spirits using regular float sessions as a powerful personal development and biohacking tool. 

If you are interested in getting to know yourself on a deeper level than that which is possible through natural methods like meditation, or chemically assisted means, floating should be your next stop on the road to enlightenment. This episode is your ticket to ride. Share it with a friend. 

To your inner exploration,


Episode Breakdown: 

  • Reminiscing about Rock’n’Roll and how Crash got his name
  • What is a sensory deprivation tank?
  • The benefits of floating: deprivation of all senses and surrender
  • The spiritual component: channeling the experience into self expansion and growth
  • The chemistry inside the chamber, and why you float
  • Addressing claustrophobia concerns
  • Tracing the history of floating: who pioneered the idea, the surge in popularity and the Aids epidemic
  • What inspired Crash to build his own tank, and what’s unique about the method he uses to build the best tanks in the world
  • The crucial disinfection process, and the tight regulations to abide by
  • Water and filtration
  • Floating duration, temperature, and how it provides another portal to consciousness 
  • Psychedelics and floatation
  • The future of the float industry
  • Life lessons: the mentors that inspired him

Breaking The Chains Of Human Domestication With Daniel Vitalis, Part 1 & 2, EP #52 & #53

Are you a powerful, vibrant, wild human? Or have you been systematically domesticated in the same way the mighty wolf has been reduced to the fragile and helpless Chihuahua?

Most of us are blissfully unaware that before the agricultural revolution that took place roughly 10,000 years ago, humankind lived in harmony with the earth, and as a result experienced life as a much happier, and healthier species. 

In this episode, our guest Daniel Vitalis takes us on a journey back in time to discover how we have been led astray by the false hope of the benefits of 'modern life.' You will be shocked to find the many ways in which our current lifestyle is indeed inferior to the lives of most hunter/gatherer people of the past, and even as compared so the small indigenous population currently in existence. 

Our domestication was perpetuated on purpose and has shaped our current health, bodies, spirituality, and even our sex.

Daniel not only exposes this alternative version of human history but also offers some very practical tips on how to 'rewild ourselves' and to reclaim our health- and even our personal sovereignty. 

If you value your right to live a free, natural human being, please share this show with a like-minded friend or loved one. The world could use some more awakened people.

Episode breakdown:

  • The problem with PC culture and today’s lack of free speech: dealing with internet trolls and audience criticism
  • How to defend yourself against dogmatic diet extremist 
  • Going through the difference of the health and wellness scene: how Daniel went from raw vegan to eating a predominantly wild food diet 
  • The importance of keeping an open mind and remaining teachable on all subjects
  • How Daniel got his start in the business and one of the world’s most popular personalities in health and personal development 
  • What is human domestication, and how it affected humans negatively 
  • The truth about our current quality of life vs that of ancient indigenous peoples 
  • How natural humans of the past did not suffer from chronic diseases and mental disorders that we suffer from now
  • How a modern culture tends to traumatize us as children 
  • The negative effects of domestication on the human body: high heels and neck ties
  • Trauma involved in male circumcision 
  • Female genital mutilation  
  • How hospitals and doctors profit from child birth practices that have a negative impact on newborns
  • Lifestyle recommendations

Jason Wrobel: Confessions Of A Celebrity Vegan Chef, Part One #50

The Life Stylist Podcast is all about bringing together the greatest experts in health, fitness, personal development, and spirituality to share the universal principles and lifestyle practices that have had the most profound impact. 

It's rare that one single guest has as much powerful insight on such a wide variety of topics as our guest Jason Wrobel. Jason is a celebrity vegan chef, author, and motivator by trade, but in this episode we discover a treasure trove of valuable lifestyle recommendations that far exceed the realm of simply preparing and eating healthy food. Jason is a biohacker in the truest sense of the word and has spent the better part of his life studying and practicing a seemingly endless array of techniques to achieve the highest level of human performance- mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

If you're interested in living a life full of boundless energy, and reaching your highest potential, Jason has got a plan for you.

Do yourself, Jason, and your old pal Luke a favor by sending this episode to one friend who needs some encouragement, and guidance on how to design the ultimate lifestyle. 


Jason Wrobel is a world-renowned leader in organic raw vegan cuisine, culinary education, and epicurean entertainment.  With a focus on radical simplicity and artful presentation, he imbues his ecstatic raw food creations with the energy of fresh, local, organic produce and the healing properties of raw superfoods, which have rendered his dishes hands-down favorites among celebrity clients, and regular folk alike. J-Wro fans Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Piven, Robin Wright, Sigourney Weaver, John C. Reilly, Steve Buscemi, Isabelle Adjani, Oren Moverman and Russell Simmons, consistently (and effusively) rave about his healthy, innovative and delicious plant-based creations.

As a live speaker known for his empowering, passionate and comedic delivery, he has shared the stage with wellness luminaries and bestselling authors such as John Robbins, David Wolfe, Kevin Trudeau, Donna Gates, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Ron Teeguarden and Kathy Freston.  He has presented raw vegan food to tens of thousands of eager audience members, including appearances at David Wolfe’s The Longevity Now Conference, The Take Back Your Health Conference, Natural Products Expo West, Organic Avenue, Lightning in a Bottle, BhaktiFest, The Raw Dolphins Retreat and The Raw Spirit Festival.

Jason is also the host of the first longevity cooking show on television, How to Live to 100, debuting on The Cooking Channel in January 2013. His first DVD, Simple Vegan Classics, is an international bestseller, which has taught thousands of people the world over how to prepare easy and nutritious raw vegan foods. He is also the host of the popular YouTube channel The J-Wro Show®, showcasing healthy recipes, lifestyle transformation tips and culinary comedy.

Episode Breakdown

  • The value of cocooning and regenerating
  • Relationships, balance of togetherness, and testosterone
  • Sleep sanctuary and mattress choices
  • Blood panels as essential tool to help identify nutritional deficiencies
  • K2, the miracle of Natto, and conscientious supplementation
  • Ketosis: thriving in fats & protein on a vegan diet
  • Balancing out mineral intake to curb sugar cravings
  • Suggested supplementation for improved sleep
  • The magic of his new book "Eternity": recipes for better sex, better sleep, less stress, and more
  • Magnesium-rich foods for sexual health and improved libido
  • Drinks to help increase your workout endurance
  • Jason’s background as a personal chef, and the turning point in his career
  • Working with celebrities: stories and crucial tips
  • At a basic level, have a good knife and a good blender: a few suggestions from the pro
  • Depression, anxiety, disillusionment and negative feelings - how shifting your value systems and taking better care of yourself leads to emotional stability
  • Food is only one approach towards ultimate lifestyle fitness
  • Overcoming food perfectionism: honor what you put in your body even if it's not the best choice
  • Lifestyle recommendations

Gretchen Rubin: The Power Of Habits - How To Make And Break Them #49

Gretchen Rubin is the author of several books, including the blockbuster New York Times bestsellers, Better Than Before, The Happiness Project and Happier at Home. She has an enormous readership, both in print and online, and her books have sold more than two million copies worldwide, in more than thirty languages. 

In Today’s episode we talk about personality types, the 4 human tendencies and which one best describes you. Are you a closer or a finisher? An abstainer or moderator? A night or morning type? Learn how to use habits to make changes naturally without engaging willpower or self-control which often lead to exhaustion and failure. We also talk about the differences between habits and addictions, and how to get along with people who are very different from you. 

On Gretchen’s popular weekly podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin, she discusses good habits and happiness with her sister Elizabeth Craft; they’ve been called the “Click and Clack of podcasters.” Her podcast was named in iTunes’s lists of “Best Podcasts of 2015” and was named in the Academy of Podcasters “Best Podcasts of 2016.” BuzzFeed listed Happier in 10 Life-Changing Things to Try in June and the New Yorker said, “Their voices remind you that life is a human project that we’re all experimenting with.” The podcast consistently ranks in the iTunes Top Charts.

She started her career in law and was clerking for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor when she realized she wanted to be a writer. She lives in New York City with her husband and two daughters.

Topics discussed: 

  • Getting to know Gretchen and her work
  • The value of her personality test and the 4 human tendencies: upholder, questioner, obliger or rebel. Which one are you?  
  • Inner and outer expectations, and breaking commitments to others and yourself 
  • Morning vs. night person: stop trying to change yourself, rather, change your circumstances
  • Simplicity lover vs abundant lover: one size doesn't fit all
  • Respecting the truth about ourselves and our natural habits
  • Learning about the personality tendencies of others increases our chances to manage differences more easily
  • Habits and addictions: is there really a difference?
  • Using habits instead of self control, decision-making and willpower to manage changes in our lives
  • Abstainers vs. moderators: the key is to know yourself
  • Decision fatigue and how it wears you down 
  • Piggybacking and the importance of knowing what's true for you
  • Building new habits: what's the right way? 
  • Opener or closer: are you a starter or finisher?
  • Lifestyle recommendations



Khalil Rafati: From Skid Row Junkie To Malibu Juice Giant, Part One #44

Our guest Khalil Rafati has defied all odds and risen from the ashes defeat, as a homeless, heroin-addicted, street urchin to become one of the most successful and influential figures on the Southern California health and wellness scene. 

After spending his early life circling the drain of complete failure in the downward spiral of acute drug addiction, Khalil eventually found the salvation of recovery, and within a few short years has been able to accomplish an astonishing level of success through his rapidly expanding juice bar empire, Sunlife Organics, and the ever-trendy Malibu Beach Yoga.  

In this heartfelt and ultra-inspiring two-part interview, we learn what life was like for Khalil at rock bottom, and ultimately how he has been able to apply universal principles of spirituality and health to achieve the impossible- a life of abundance, peace, and prosperity. 

You will learn the secrets of what it takes to transform your life and to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles along the way. 

If you or someone you know has struggled with an addiction of any kind, please do yourself, me, and this show a favor by sharing this life-changing show with them.

Episode Breakdown: 

  • I Forgot To Die - the book's long journey 
  • Discussing fears, insecurities, self-sabotage, imposter syndrome 
  • Neil Strauss' influence, to Khalil and the world
  • His path to sobriety
  • Raw, and unedited talk about the dark world of addictions
  • Awakening to suffering, and a new approach 
  • The amazing story of how the book takes off
  • Past traumas and redemption
  • What makes us do drugs in the first place? Childhood trauma or we just enjoy getting high? 
  • Psilocybin mushroom and MDMA: Khalil's allies for dissipating anger
  • Rising from the ashes: overcoming negative thoughts, and using his pain to be the greatest version of himself

To your success,


PS: Don’t forget to catch Part Two of this epic, marathon interview this Friday!