Building A Health & Wellness Empire with MindBodyGreen's Jason Wachob #187

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The latest and greatest happenings at MindBodyGreen

  • Why Erewhon and Whole Foods aren’t the beginning and end of wellness

  • How to begin monetizing a passion project

  • Growing from 0 to 10 million unique visitors a month

  • Why it’s so exciting that we’re living in a time where Eastern wisdom is meeting Western medical science

  • The future of medicine is functional

  • How you can avoid getting caught up in the dogma of what you’re eating (and why that’s  a problem)

  • The good and bad of supplements: marketing vs. efficacy

  • How Jason reduces stress and relaxes

  • What’s up with the CBD industry?

  • Why going outside of yourself through psychoactive drugs or “medicines” isn’t true wellness

  • How people justify things that are fun as good for you

  • The best high in the world

  • How Jason and his wife navigated the conception and birth process

  • What you can do to encourage brain health and cognition – without taking anything!

  • The yoga teachers who helped Jason heal his back

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Passion Meets Pleasure: The Ultimate Sex Episode With Kim Anami #186

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How we can take the shame out of communicating about healthy sex – and do it in a classy way!

  • Why you can find pictures of Kim dangling weights from her vagina (AKA vaginal weightlifting).

  • Why are women putting jade eggs inside of their vaginas – and why are most women doing it incorrectly?

  • How to keep your vagina or cock healthy and ready for action.

  • Why women actually shouldn’t be aiming for the often-encouraged “tight” vagina.

  • The dark side of lube, for both your health and your sexual pleasure.

  • Becoming a sex gourmand, instead of a sex fast food junkie.

  • Why learning to deep throat can make you a better person (Kim likes to say, “The best way to find your voice is to have a good cock in your mouth.”)

  • Why porn is one of the worst things to happen to men’s sex lives.

  • The travesty of male circumcision and how men can heal from what was forced on them at birth.

  • How you can use sex to heal past trauma.

  • The systematic effort undertaken to scare women away from giving birth without a doctor in a hospital

  • How Kim is grossly censored on almost every major social media and content distribution platform

  • All the different types of female orgasms (if you didn’t know there were multiple kinds, take close notes on this!)

  • Everything you need to know about female ejaculation, and why absolutely no one should be embarrassed by it

  • How you can we use sex with your partner to deepen true love and intimacy

  • Men typically seem to get depleted from sex, while women get energized – so how can men avoid losing their chi?

  • The value of self-pleasuring without porn, for both men and women

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Removing the Blocks To Life & Love with The Paradox Process Ft. Thomas M. Jones #185

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The two things that can really affect change in individuals suffering from addictions

  • How the narratives we build around the sometimes-painful feelings that all human beings experience get us into trouble

  • Some of the most common childhood experiences that set us up for unhappiness and negative patterns

  • How using “key phrases” can subconsciously trigger a meditation process, even while you’re busy doing other things

  • People think becoming spiritual will make them happy and make life easier – but real growth is not for the faint hearted

  • Why is it so scary to face your lower self, or the “ugly parts” of yourself

  • People claim to be afraid of failure – but they really fear success

  • The 3 different levels of motivation: ego, money, and contribution

  • Why working with people in pain pushed Thomas to write Love Games: The Hidden Rules of Relationship

  • How the fantasy of relationships keep us from experiencing a deeper connection with our partners

  • What it really means to “fall in love”

  • The two most common reasons that people break up

  • What you need to know about yourself and your potential partner before entering into a relationship

  • How to engage in healthy conflict with your partner (AKA the right way to have a fight)

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Spiritual Wisdom From Channeled Masters with Paul Selig #183

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The first moment Paul realized something or someone was talking through him

  • Dealing with friends and family who think he’s crazy

  • The system for realizing your divine self that Paul’s guides have revealed to us

  • Striving to be as awake as you can be

  • Paul’s physical experience of channeling

  • Claiming your true knowing

  • Why “fixing” is a small self-concept

  • How Paul’s guides react to different questions and intention

  • If there is a loving god in the universe, why is there so much evil, war, torture, and pain?

  • Do spirits evolve up through the plant and animal kingdoms before becoming human?

  • Is the influence of astrology real?

  • Why Paul’s guides won’t answer every question (and what they say instead)

  • Throughout the interview listeners get to experience a  live channeling session focusing on

  • Luke’s experiences with drug abuse, whether or not he should explore plant medicines, what’s blocking his love life, and whether he should have kids.

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The High Love Experience: Luke Live At RA MA NYC #182 (Bootleg Broadcast)

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

How to identify and dissolve your blockages

  • Surviving and navigating profound loss of a loved one

  • How to feel love for (and see yourself in) every single person you see

  • Entry-level love

  • Would you rather experience love or be right?

  • How Luke dealt with his latest social media troll

  • A game of hot potato pain

  • Block ’n’ bless - on Instagram, and in life

  • Going through the feeling (not avoiding) is the fastest way to get through the feeling

  • Painting with poop-colored paint: our addiction to finding fault in (and arguing with) the present reality

  • The inevitably of suffering - and our ability to choose how much we want to suffer

  • If God is benevolent and kind, why is there so much pain here on Earth?

  • Releasing your negativity bias

  • All that’s required to wake up: admitting that you don’t know as much as you think you know

  • Why we are addicted to the comfort of our own pain

  • If you can’t find God, guess who moved?

  • When you’re experiencing grief, you must feel it fully so that you can move past it and still be of service to the folks who are still here

  • Finding solutions instead of fighting reality

  • Making space between the Mind and the Thought - and living in that gap

  • It’s not what’s happening that is making you suffer; it is YOUR OPINION about what is happening that is making you suffer.

  • The ego is clever, but not wise

  • If you don’t see God in all, you don’t see God at all. - Yogi Bhajan

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Kabbalah: Finding Freedom From Fear with Monica Berg #179

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why bad things happen to good people

  • How Monica’s son Joshua’s Down Syndrome diagnosis made Monica a better, more empathetic person

  • How you can release unnecessary shame tied to the idea of “sin”

  • How to joyfully connect with loved ones experiencing Alzheimer's

  • The goal of life: to leave the world completely different than how you arrived

  • What you have to gain – or lose – from the three types of fear

  • The benefits of contemplating the temporary nature of your current meatsuit

  • How to mute your fear of death by focusing on living your best, most compassionate life

  • The big choice: either letting your ego lead or letting your soul lead

  • How to shift your perspective and look for the gift in everything

  • The relationship between the material world (the 1% reality) vs. the nonmaterial world (the 99% reality)

  • The ultimate currency: the desire to receive for the sake of sharing

  • How to claim your power to earn all of the joy and fulfillment you are seeking

  • We are all either growing forward or growing backwards; it’s up to us

  • The five Kabbalistic levels of the soul

  • Our responsibility to reveal our best selves

  • It’s not about what happens; it’s about what you do with what happens

  • Religious hypocrisy

  • The Zohar: a key to decode ancient Jewish and Christian texts

  • How to utilize Kabbalistic astrology to become a better parent and partner

  • What’s at the core of every fear

  • Living on purpose

  • The difference between fear and anxiety

  • Monica’s seven steps to completely and utterly conquering your fear

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Brainiac: Memory Mastery & Fantastic Focus With Jim Kwik #178

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • If knowledge is power, learning is a superpower - and Jim Kwik can help you become a superhero

  • Jim’s childhood label: The boy with the broken brain

  • Become superhuman: learn twice as much in half the time

  • Always remember “MOM” - (M)otivation, (O)bservation, (M)echanics

  • An enormous number of really excellent “Kwik” puns

  • Why our “smart” phones are making us stupid

  • BE SUAVE: B(elieve), E(xercise), S(ay the name), U(se the name in conversation), A(sk), V(isualize), E(nd - say their name when you say goodbye)

  • How to release damaging self-stories tied to your school-age traumas

  • How to read 30 books in 30 days - you really can!

  • The outdated assumptions about human learning capabilities (you can do SO much more!)

  • If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them. If you argue for them, they’re yours. Consider choosing a different story for yourself.

  • How to audit your self-talk, and stand guard at the doors of what enters your mind

  • Shifting from “I’ve got to” to “I get to”

  • Powerful long-term memories: information + emotion

  • Genius leaves clues (the method behind the magic)

  • If you live in the past, you’re dying in the present

  • Memory: the art of caring

  • Eliminating the extra noise to focus in on the most important things

  • There’s no such thing as a “good” or “bad” memory: just trained memory or untrained memory

  • ⅓ of our memory is determined by biology and genetics. The other ⅔ is up to us, and is within our control.

  • What’s good for your heart is good for your head

  • Everyone’s favorite conversation subject: talking about themselves

  • Knowledge is not power; it’s only the potential for power. It’s up to you to use it.

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Nurture Your Nature: Hacking Water & Light | Luke Live At Next Health (Bootleg Broadcast) #177

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why we should be thinking about the water we put in our bodies before we start figuring out the best diets and workout routines

  • The best form of water that we can put in our bodies

  • Why you definitely want more than just a Brita filter on your faucet

  • How to get the cleanest water possible in your apartment or house, for both drinking and bathing

  • Why sunscreen is increasing your chance of getting cancer, not decreasing it

  • How the artificial light going into your eyes confuses your body almost every minute of every day

  • The best antidepressant in the world

  • Why light is the ultimate vitamin

  • The 3 types of EMFs currently bombarding your body while you’re home

  • Why awareness is healthier than fear

  • The insanity of holding a cell phone up to your head

  • How to eliminate dangerous wifi signals in your home

  • The benefits of building your own Faraday bed

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Next Level Biohacking and Beyond With Dr. Darshan Shah #176

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why this Western-trained MD chose to start incorporating alternative medicine in his practice

  • How the dysfunctional “disease care” industry led to the creation of Next|Health

  • The most cutting-edge biohacks that Dr. Shah is doing & that you have to try

  • How lobbyists started so many American “health” trends

  • Why educating yourself is your responsibility & your first line of defense against the malicious misinformation coming from official sources

  • The terrifying lack of education that traditional doctors receive when it comes to nutrition

  • How artificial intelligence is changing the way we learn about health

  • The 3 technologies that are revolutionizing the anti-aging process

  • What you need to know about the different types and effects of cryotherapy

  • The relationship between mitochondria and addiction

  • Does taking vitamins or mineral IVs ruin your body’s own production?

  • What are the negative impacts of EMFs?

  • Why you might want stem cell therapy

  • The most important biomarker testings you can do to assess and take control of your health: telomeres, genetic testing, heavy metals, thyroid testing, and beyond.

  • How allergies and food sensitivities happen and how you can test yours

  • Where your hormone levels should be & what you can do if they’re off

  • Is there any risk to vanity / beauty treatments like botox?

  • Are there any legitimately effective treatments for hair loss?

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Bees: Nature’s Little Lifesavers with Carly Stein #175

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How propolis saved Carly in Italy

  • How to care for your immune system even if you’re allergic to antibiotics

  • Europe’s incredibly progressive medical methods

  • People-pleasing Canadians

  • The spellbinding, meditative effects of beekeeping

  • Carly’s happiness spreadsheet

  • Our choices define us (not our capabilities)

  • How the pay-it-forward principle can build your business

  • Queen Cleopatra’s bee-filled beauty routine

  • Propolis: Defender Of The City

  • Why we eat bee puke

  • Honey: the only product on the planet that never goes bad

  • Go full beast mode during your workout with bee pollen

  • Bee pollen: more protein per weight than any animal source

  • The darker the honey, the higher the antioxidant content

  • Why the “organic” label for honey is bullshit

  • How to maintain your keto status and still utilize the power of bee products

  • Honey: the carbs

  • Pollen: the protein

  • Propolis: the medicine

  • Royal Jelly: the superfood

  • Avoiding trash honey

  • Bee sting therapy

  • Wasps and yellow jackets: bees’ jerk cousins

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Wellness For Humanity: The Non-Profit Angels Of Lyme Disease Arthur Franklin And Jacqui Neulinger #174

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How Arthur Franklin and Jacqui Neulinger got into the health and wellness scene (by way of skateboarding and family trauma)

  • How Jacqui’s fifteen years of biohacking experience prepared her to help the Wellness for Humanity Foundation

  • All tools don’t work equally for all people... but the AmpCoil sure seems to work for most people suffering from autoimmune diseases

  • The insane number of families with multiple members affected by Lyme and why that might be happening

  • Making a pact to help people with Lyme Disease

  • How the Wellness for Humanity Foundation operates today

  • Aaron Bigelow and AmpCoil’s contributions to the foundation

  • Why the foundation is collecting data from the families they provide AmpCoils to and how this is helping everyone learn more about the effects of PEMF devices

  • Working with a team of medical doctors and naturopathic MDs to conduct more clinical studies

  • The foundation’s efforts to help veterans

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Winning The War On Parasites, Heavy Metals, And Lyme Disease With Aaron Bigelow & Dr. Deborah Drake #173

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Music and medicine, together at least

  • How vibrating with the divine symphony that every cell in your body creates can restore, rejuvenate, and regenerate

  • Why healing Lyme requires penetrating your brain cells

  • How the AmpCoil builds on Nikola Tesla’s ground-breaking and underappreciated work on energy, frequency, and vibration

  • The mind-boggling number of bugs in your body, outnumbering your cells 10 to 1

  • How you can have the best meditation of your life

  • Using your voice and biofeedback to pinpoint what your body needs

  • How the moon affects parasites, which can then affect your physical and mental health

  • How you can use specific vibrations to eradicate almost any parasites or heavy metals from your body

  • The fascinating way that nature has been shaped to create plans that serve as medicine for almost any disease

  • How vaccines can damage your body, even as an adult

  • Dealing with mercury, lead, arsenic, and other toxins that build up in your body to cause physical and mental distress

  • Shifting the paradigm from disease care to self-care

  • Wellness for Humanity, the nonprofit that brings this amazing technology to the masses to eradicate Lyme and other autoimmune diseases

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Sleep Or Die: Becoming The Best At Hardcore Rest With Harpreet Singh Rai #172


  • Sleep: the ultimate magic pill

  • The insane benefits of wearing an Oura ring

  • How Harpreet’s Indian family ended up in Minnesota

  • When young Harpreet sold his soul to the devil (on Wall Street)

  • Gaining a pound a day in the city that never sleeps

  • Dr. Luke’s discovery of his family’s ancient roots in “the asshole of Finland”

  • How to become the best version of yourself

  • Lose weight in your sleep!

  • Sleep as a weapon to fight Alzheimer’s, cancer, and cardiovascular disease

  • Your brain is smarter than you think

  • Meditate right before bed to get far better sleep

  • Utilize sleep to repair your muscles and improve your performance

  • Athletes: if you get less than 6 hours of sleep, your risk of injury goes up by 50%!

  • Employers are finally recognizing the value of their workers getting enough sleep

  • Blue light blocking glasses: one of the easiest hacks to get better sleep

  • You don’t have to eliminate late-night alcohol; just drink earlier in the day

  • Oura rings can help women track fertility and help couples trying to conceive

  • The plus of the Oura ring’s location: you can still rock your nice watch

  • Heart rate variability: a leading indicator for stress, diabetes, Lupus, heart attacks, strokes. Oura tracks this.

  • Coming soon for Oura rings: Meditation Mode and Activity Tracker

  • Worldwide, people spend over $40 billion per year on sleep products

  • The average person spends 24 years of their life sleeping; make yours count!

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Relationship Mastery: Sex, Love, And Success With Melissa Ambrosini & Nick Broadhurst #171

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How Melissa picked herself up from rock bottom and blossomed into the incredible person she is today

  • Becoming obsessed with spirituality & self-help

  • How Nick fell away from music & then started again from the bottom up

  • The important conversations that Melissa and Nick had at the beginning of their relationship

  • How to build a solid foundation for a healthy relationship

  • The glue that holds two people together

  • What you need to know about the different types of female orgasms

  • Transactional sex VS sex as a spiritual practice

  • The ONE phrase that will change everything in your relationships and life

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Soul Power Spirituality Luke Live At OsteoStrong (Bootleg Broadcast Birthday Show) #170

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How Luke discovered his passion for health & his soul’s mission

  • The many benefits (and names) of “box breathing” + a live breathing exercise

  • Learning to be unapologetic about your relationship with God, or the ineffable force greater than us that many of us refer to as God

  • Recontextualizing and reframing every experience in your life as love

  • How you can get in greater alignment with universal truth

  • Luke’s personal meditation practice

  • What you can do to master your mind

  • Why surrender is the most powerful principle in Luke’s life

  • The value of sunning safely, sunning often, and getting the sun on as much of your naked body as possible

  • Why I love spring water and how you can better filter the water in your home

  • The many, many dangers of artificial light

  • How you can turn your bed into a Faraday cage to protect yourself from EMFs in your sleep

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The Biohacking Superpowers Of Red Light Therapy With Joovv #169

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How humans have used the sun and red light to recover and heal for thousands of years

  • How the specific wavelengths of light used in red light therapy mimic the sun

  • You are essentially a giant solar panel that turns light into energy

  • Combining red light therapy with Osteostrong bone density training

  • Designing a device that works without emitting harmful EMFs

  • The new features and benefits you will find in the second generation of Joovv devices

  • How Justin’s wife (and co-founder) inspired the invention of Joovv

  • The difference between an infrared sauna and red light therapy

  • How Joovv helps people suffering from joint pain and inflammation

  • The relationship between light and deuterium depletion

  • How light affects our mood

  • What you need to know about the science of measuring light

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Confessions Of The World’s Top Superfood Hunter With Darin Olien #168


  • How Darin’s body called him to use plants as medicine

  • The injury that changed the course of Darin’s life

  • What’s wrong with the commercial wellness industry

  • Why all superfoods and supplements available in stores are not created equal

  • Discovering and resurrecting the use of ancient superfoods

  • Helping people and areas around the world become more sustainable through environmental activism

  • Darin’s most exciting ethnobotanist adventures in places like Bhutan, Brazil, and Peru

  • Why moringa is one of the most powerful, all-inclusive plants on the planet and why most moringa on the planet is whack

  • How creating a sustainable economic engine can help provide higher quality superfoods and support indigenous people

  • The downside of regulatory certifications

  • Creating more transparency in the supply chain of our food supply

  • The scariest thing that has happened on Darin’s superfood hunting excursions

  • The philosophical realizations Darin has been gifted by the people he has met in his travels

  • How Darin is bringing the unique magic of Barukas to the West

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Onnit With John Wolf: The Future Of Fitness #167


  • Belcampo, the best place in LA for good, clean farm-to-table food

  • Starting martial arts at just four years old & how that helped shape John into the man he is today

  • The dark period of John’s life: when he started doing meth and how he found himself on the side of a freeway

  • How John got into the fitness world

  • The open company culture of Onnit & their cosmonaut experiences

  • How an alternative fitness system changes you, physiologically and emotionally

  • How the functional fitness movement allows you to train hard, but also safely

  • Creating a framework of early and frequent success, with limitations on how frequent failure occurs relative to an individual’s resiliency towards failure.

  • The natural movements that every human being should be able to use as an adult, but that many of us lose due to our sedentary lifestyle (and how you can regain movement)

  • What you can do to proactively integrate body support and recovery into your active lifestyle

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Deuterium Depletion Revisited: The Missing Link With Dr. Anne Cooper #166


  • Dr. Cooper’s extensive medical background and credentials: Clinical Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, Functional Medicine, Energetic Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • The one tiny but significant neutron that gives deuterium its unique properties

  • How your metabolic system works, on a cellular level, and how deuterium slows it all down

  • Why we all need confidence and hope – and how these incredible doctors provide it

  • The natural modalities employed by the Center for Deuterium Depletion

  • Luke’s personal experience with deuterium depleted water

  • How NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is related to mitochondrial function and ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production

  • The simple science behind a healthy diet

  • What Cignature Health’s D-Terminator Mask does & how you can use it

  • How quickly most people reach their deuterium sweet spot using the deuterium depletion protocol

  • Is fruit bad for us?

  • Why we actually need very small amounts of deuterium, especially when we’re young

  • Which foods are high in deuterium & what foods you should try to avoid

  • Dr. Gábor Somlyai, the grandfather of deuterium depletion

  • How you can get low deuterium water

  • Supplements and other “healthy” products that are high in deuterium

  • Keeping your pets healthy by reducing their deuterium levels

  • Biohacking tools for a healthier and less deuterium-filled lifestyle

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Deuterium Depletion: The Most Powerful Health Hack You’ve Never Heard Of W/ Dr. Que Collins & Dr. Laszlo Boros #165


  • What is this thing called deuterium?

  • How does deuterium building up in our body destroy our metabolism?

  • The natural things our ancestors did to regulate deuterium in their bodies

  • How much deuterium is a problem?

  • Luke’s deuterium results from a breath and saliva test

  • How deuterium breaks down three-dimensional structures & why this is detrimental

  • How our society’s problematic diet is contributing to deuterium buildup

  • The relationship between deuterium and diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and Lyme disease

  • How you can eat a deuterium-depleted diet

  • Is fruit a good thing to include in your diet?

  • The metabolic water that you create in your body (yeah, you create your own water!)

  • Why the camel is the mascot of the deuterium movement

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