I had the opportunity to sit down with Marie Mbouni, Crosby Tailor, Daniel Rafeal, Michael Trainer, Anthony Capobianco, and Troy Casey at Bulletproof Upgrade Labs’ 5th annual biohacking conference.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Marie Mbouni, Crosby Tailor, Daniel Rafeal, Michael Trainer, Anthony Capobianco, and Troy Casey at Bulletproof Upgrade Labs’ 5th annual biohacking conference.

Dr. Marie Mbouni is an anesthesiologist, mystic shaman, energy healer, and Entheogen Shaman who has worked one on one with some of the top thought leaders of our time. She is also the founder of Reclaim Your Soul Power, the author of Reclaiming Your Gifts, and a co-author of The New Feminine Evolutionary.

From Medical Doctor to Entheogen Shaman, Dr. Marie Mbouni offers her wisdom and guidance as a Clarity Coach working online and in-person with private clients and groups and offers transformational journeys for evolutionary leaders, changemakers, and visionaries wanting to step into their greatness, creativity, magnetic power, and purpose so that they can lead from a place of heart-centeredness and deep intuition.

Topics Discussed with Marie Mbouni:

  • How we’ve been disempowered from listening to our own bodies, the beast teacher

  • Detoxifying your home and closets

  • The healing benefits of love-infused cacao

  • Discovering the bliss molecule

  • The power of breath

  • Getting more present with and aware of yourself

  • There are no negative emotions – just self-damaging choices

  • Why our first intention should be becoming health conscious, not health obsessed

  • The Diet Wars

  • You can’t be healthy when you’re fighting

  • Struggling with the nature of sustenance and consciousness

  • Where in your life do you feel guilty?

  • The everyday practices that anyone can do to uplevel their consciousness and lives

  • The future of energy intelligence, or energy hacking

Crosby Tailor is a college football player turned fashion model turned health coach, avid nutrition researcher, biohacker, and sugar-free dessert chef.

Crosby has tried every diet fad from going vegan, the body ecology diet, hardcore paleo, the alkaline diet, as well as super high fat ketogenic, and never felt completely balanced or satisfied – because everyone is different, and therefore, not just one diet or lifestyle will work for the majority! 

However, there were things he absolutely loved from each lifestyle, so he decided to take the parts of each diet or lifestyle to “Tailor” his lifestyle with what resonated best to increase his overall vibration and quality of living. Nothing will ever be perfect, but we can play the best hand possible from the cards we were given; we can accept what is, and celebrate how different we all really are. And now, through Tailord Life, Crosby’s intent is to provide others with the necessary tools to evolve into the superhuman living within them.

It’s self-empowerment for the new, thriving you.

Topics Discussed with Crosby Tailor:

  • Why Crosby is skeptical of the alkaline water trend

  • The three most toxic items in your house

  • Why Crosby swears by hydrogen water

  • Biohacking your sleep for longevity

  • Why you should consider adding more beef liver to your diet

  • The transformative power of figuring out what’s creating stress and inflammation in your body while you’re young

  • Understanding and accepting Vs. being resistant to what life throws at you

  • The future is mitochondrial cellular health

Daniel Raphael is a transformational guide who supports others in activating their innate abilities and up-leveling their lives.
Daniel actually grew up with severe mental and emotional disabilities that led him on a decade-long journey around the world to heal himself and study with numerous masters, teachers, and shamans. Through his own transformation and unique intuitive gifts, Daniel offers distinctly impactful programs to individuals and companies to activate their limitless nature.

Topics Discussed with Daniel Raphael:

  • The problem with the psychedelics trend

  • The experimental new peptide that Daniel is loving right now

  • How you can leverage timeline hopping to upgrade your health – and what in the heck it is

  • Don’t give your power away to other people’s plans for you

  • Unlike trends, you can always trust your intuition

  • A spiritual practice is something you live, not something you do every morning

  • How we’ll be extending our lifespans in the near future

Michael Trainer is the founder of Peak Mind, an organization devoted to helping people optimize their full potential, and the host of the Peak Mind podcast. Peak Mind was created after his father was diagnosed with dementia as a way of bringing the peak minds of our time together to inspire people around the world live happier, healthier lives and live to their highest potential.

He is also a social movement innovator who co-created Global Citizen, a music festival dedicated to ending poverty that gathers 70k people in Central Park every year through their own social actions. With musical performances by artists including Beyonce, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, the Black Keys, and many others, the festival has raised billions of dollars for the World's poorest people.

Topics Discussed with Michael Trainer:

  • The “shaman” problem

  • The hidden mold epidemic

  • Nurturing the gut-brain connection

  • Bacon-flavored chips made out of mushroom

  • How monoculture farming is destroying our biodiversity

  • Finding safe spaces for processing your emotions

  • The problem with unindividuated masculinity

  • Sitting in joy

  • Nature as a spiritual practice

Anthony Capobianco is the founder of Zen Tea Traders, a company that works with restaurants and coffee bars all over the U.S. to help them step up their tea game.

Their goal is to remind people of the art to tea, while keeping things simple to help people slow down. We live in a fast-paced, on-the-go world, but Zen Tea invites people to sit back and take a few moments out of their busy day to enjoy an experience in their community. (All they ask is that you please refrain from raising your pinky finger while enjoying your tea.)

Topics Discussed with Anthony Capobianco:

  • The toxicity of wi-fi

  • Are you breathing or holding your breath?

  • Life’s a marathon, not a sprint

  • Growing from the negative

  • Stopping to listen to your body

  • Tea as a spiritual practice

  • A fun fact you probably don’t know about tea

Troy Casey, AKA the Certified Health Nut, is a Leading Longevity Authority who has successfully restored physical, mental, and emotional balance to clients who have failed with just about every other system – and all using a unique holistic approach the leverages nature-based simplicity anyone can follow. 

As a Versace model in Milan 28 years ago, Troy studied nutrition, herbs, and internal purification as a way of looking and feeling great in front of the camera. He has scoured the Earth for the most powerful health and healing methods, working with indigenous tribes in the Amazon as a medicine hunter, studying the ancient Vipassana Meditation technique Ashtanga Yoga, and more recently, working closely with Paul Chek at the world famous CHEK Institute. 

Topics Discussed with Troy Casey:

  • The trainers who are selling a fitness program but who are, in reality, on performance enhancement drugs

  • Neurotoxins in your fragrances

  • The nutrient density of sunlight

  • Facing your shadow

  • Forgiveness and gratitude are the great equalizers

  • Biohacking your body with consciousness


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