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On this very special episode of The Life Stylist, we’re flipping the script and I’m going to be answering some of YOUR questions.

All of the questions in this episode came from the wonderful people in The Life Stylist Podcast Facebook Group – so, if you want to have some of your questions answered on a future episode, come and join the tribe! Honestly, I’m constantly blown away by how smart the people in this group are and I’m also learning from all of you every day, which is why I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to give back by answering some of your questions.

But, at the end of the day, my best advice for just about any problem is to follow your heart, follow your gut, and follow your intuition to figure out what’s right for you. We should all be asking questions and striving to learn as much as possible, but then don’t just accept answers blindly, mine or otherwise – think about them, filter them through your intuition, and make your own choices.


  • What are the easiest and most budget-friendly hacks (besides water and meditation)?

  • Aligning yourself with nature

  • The right thing isn’t always the easy or fun thing

  • Building up your solar callus

  • Living in opposition to nature

  • How do you make a dope whole-house water system & how does it compare to reverse osmosis structured water with re-mineralization?

  • What’s the top thing that Luke has done to transform his life (besides getting sober)?

  • Emotional sobriety, financial sobriety, sexual sobriety, & spiritual sobriety

  • Kundalini yoga’s multifaceted and transformative healing powers

  • Living free of resentment

  • Being right is a fool’s errand

  • Studying – and applying – spiritual literature

  • Finding the value in service



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