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A few weeks ago, hundreds of people descended on the island of Mallorca, Spain – an urban vortex of mysticism, ancient imprints, and creative consciousness – to learn about health, wellbeing, and ascension at Ra Ma Festival.

I hosted an intensive lifestyle design session called Elemental Alchemy – and, today, I want to share it with all of you!

You’ll learn how to biohack your water, air, earth, and light to create and maintain an abundantly healthy and vibrant urban lifestyle; how to apply the most powerful principles of nature, combined with modern technology, to help you not only survive modern city life but thrive in it.

I’m not just talking about your physical health, either. I’m talking about nurturing your soul. Because I believe that our physical vessels here on Earth only exist to facilitate our spiritual experiences.

And you don’t have to choose or compromise – you can make the most out of your soul experience, even while living in the big city, if you just commit to a few profound (yet simple) adjustments to your lifestyle and mindset.


  • The fundamental metaphysical and physical laws that dictate our experience

  • Why it’s so important to share simple, grounded principles for improving our experience of the physical world

  • The most common and sometimes hidden toxins in your household and energetic environment

  • What makes up our physical vessel

  • An interesting fact about water, your body, and water scarcity

  • Evaluating our relationship with water

  • Ice, ice baby

  • An inconvenient but powerful truth about light

  • The most powerful anti-cancer substance in the human body

  • Those sweet, sweet sun rays



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