Dr. Ted Achacoso is the founding pioneer of Health Optimization Medicine and Practice. He also formulated the Blue Cannatine nootropic troche. He coined the term "Achahuasca."

Dr. Ted Achacoso is the founding pioneer of Health Optimization Medicine and Practice. He also formulated the Blue Cannatine nootropic troche. He coined the term "Achahuasca."

After 22 years of intense biohacking and experimentation to optimize my physical health, I’ve tried just about everything – or so I thought. Because Dr. Ted Achacoso surprised me with the knowledge, insight, and hacks he had up his sleeve that I hadn’t even heard of before this conversation.

Dr. Ted was trained as an interventional neuroradiologist and pharmacologist, but he became disillusioned with this form of care as he realized it, well, didn’t involve a lot of care. It was reactive and interventional. He realized that the way health providers look at patients and approach treatment could benefit from an entirely different approach – one that optimizes health rather than treating disease.

So, after years of studying the intricacies of things like metabolomic, gut, and hormone optimization, Dr. Ted pioneered the concept of Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe).

This is real-time preventive health management. While our traditional Western medicine diagnoses and treats disease, HOMe simply detects and corrects imbalances, with the understanding that “normal” isn’t the same for every single person.

But one of the reasons that I love Dr. Ted and this comprehensive approach to health most is that he makes sure everything he offers his patients actually works by testing new supplements, hormone formulations, and modalities on himself first. He’s a doctor by trade but a biohacker at heart, and I think his patients are almost certainly better for it.


  • The unique cocktail that goes into Dr. Ted’s nootropic troche, Blue Cannatine – a legit limitless pill (you can get on the waitlist for the new Canatine Blue nootropic at troscriptions.com/Luke)

  • Why “Nootropic” probably doesn’t mean what you think it means

  • How to take nootropics safely

  • What you don’t know about toxins

  • The optimal levels of nutrients and hormones in our bodies

  • Why Dr. Ted gives Thrive Probiotics his approval

  • The secrets of Oxytocin

  • Why we’re meant to wake up with the sun – and how we can hack our environment and bodies to make up for it

  • Dr. Ted’s remarkable IQ

  • What doctors learn in medical school – and how it screws over people with chronic diseases

  • The difference between functional medicine and Health Optimization Medicine

  • What Modafinil does and why it’s not addictive

  • The ins and outs of microdosing

  • Dr. Ted’s purge-free Ayahuasca capsules

  • The contention around deuterium

  • Dr. Ted’s thoughts on EMF & EMF protection

  • Why Mother Ayahuasca has been Dr. Ted’s greatest teacher



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