Modern Mindfulness: Finding Real Love With Sharon Salzberg #99


  • We talk about the fact that she’s been meditating exactly as long as I’ve been alive
  • What it was like for her to travel to India for her first 10-day Vipassana meditation, and why she went the route of the buddhist tradition, while so many of her contemporaries leaned toward Hindu-based teachings
  • Why she never chose to take on a special spiritual name, or wear guru costumes, and how she has managed to avoid the trappings of a spiritual ego
  • The value in taking a ‘householders’ approach to spirituality
  • Then Sharon treats us to a short ‘idiots guide to Buddhism’ where she breaks down the origins of the tradition and some of its teachers
  • Why she still chooses to live in NYC some of the time, and what value a big city holds for spiritual growth
  • Her views on social media and device addiction
  • The fine line between making a positive contribution to the world and being a fanatical activist 
  • How she has discovered the path to freedom from the mind, and why she’s devoted her life to teaching it
  • The fact that in life pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional
  • We explore the idea that mindfulness is not passive, but rather surrendered action
  • How to become free of negative attachments 
  • What is the hungry ghost, and how we can avoid being trapped by our desires
  • How reincarnation effects our lives
  • Sharon’s views on the value of the 12 Steps Program 
  • We talk about Real Love, her 10th book and what role compassion toward ourselves and others plays in our lives 
  • Lastly Sharon gives us her prediction on where the current spiritual movement is taking us, and how she’s hopeful for the future state of mankind’s evolution 
  • Lifestyle recommendations