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You've heard the saying that time heals all wounds right? Well, what if you could speed that process up by say, 10x or more? Thanks to cold laser therapy treatment most injuries, sprains, bruises, burns, and even chronic, significant health issues like infertility and dementia can be permanently alleviated. Imagine being able to treat a sprained ankle yourself, and watching it heal before your eyes in half the time it would take naturally? Or how would you like to zap a budding cold sore or wart before it blooms,  or cure arthritis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, acne, or Eczema while sitting on the couch?

Does this sound too good to be true? Well thanks to geniuses like our guest Arne Grinsted, who is a highly respected pioneer in the field of cold laser devices, there is an endless treasure trove of not only anecdotal evidence to support these claims but also decades of scientific research, from all over the world.  

It has been, and always will be the mission of this podcast to bring the most cutting-edge, DIY healing modalities to listeners like you. In this episode, you will learn the history of this powerful technology, and more importantly where laser innovation is heading in the future, and what to look for and avoid in seeking out your path to wellness. 

If you've suffered from any of the ailments mentioned above and have hoped for a miracle, it might have just arrived, in the form of this show. Give this episode a deep listen, then pass it along to someone you know who is struggling with any of the issues this medical miracle is known to treat. The list is long.

Here's to a pain-free life!



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  • How he turned his passion for healing people and electrical engineering into a laser company
  • How he found scientific resources to start building lasers in 1982, before the internet 
  • The fact that Einstein envisioned laser therapy long before they ever came to fruition
  • The mechanism of healing and the fast production of ATP created by this type of laser 
  • How Arne healed a sprained ankle in one day using a laster he made himself 
  • The different classes of lasers and what they do
  • What is the Gigalaser, and how it helped 200 out of 300 infertile women get pregnant 
  • How lasers have the ability to heal wounds, sports injuries, and even brain conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s 
  • How to overcome the restrictions of big pharma and the medical industry as an inventor of alternative therapies
  • Lifestyle recommendations 


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Show production: Tatiana Melo
Sound editing: Dustin Smith