My purpose is...

to amplify truth and elevate consciousness to inspire individual and collective harmony.


mind/body/spirit approach

Healed People, Heal People

A state of suffering tends to bring about more suffering. Attractor fields are a fundamental law of metaphysics. Patterns of pain replicate. This is why hurt people, hurt people.

My 26-year self-discovery quest 
has revealed the inverse principle to be equally valid: healed people, heal people.

A transformative power emerges as one experiences higher levels of consciousness and physical coherence. This light shines forth from those healed, illuminating new possibilities for others seeking healing.
My direct experience of adversity and the spiritual awakening it inspired have given me a deep compassion for humanity and an understanding of how to help others embody joy and vibrant health. I take a comprehensive approach to my work, employing tools and practices that support radical transformation and self-realization. My purpose is to provide a map for others to follow and to serve as a guide, leading the way forward to harmony and freedom.

Integrative Lifestyle Design Map

My philosophy circumvents wellness trends and contradictions in pop spirituality with an approach that aligns with nature's wisdom and the power of timeless metaphysical principles. This holistic approach to living centers on seven key pillars.
Luke Storey Image Integrative Lifestyle Design Map

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Balance Is The Key to Integration

The core of my message and mission is to distill esoteric spiritual teachings and simplify the science of physical health. 
In practical application, one can choose an area of focus based on the most immediate need. Work from the inside out or the outside in to gradually integrate lasting changes in your life. Balance the by-product of a systems approach:

Alignment with the elements of nature — including water, light, air, and magnetism—attunes us to the Earth's vital energy and biorhythm.

Quantum healing, breathwork, and meditation help us overcome negative thoughts and emotions and facilitate connection with The Divine.

Light, sound, and frequency technologies improve cognitive performance, balance the nervous system, and provide access to higher states of awareness.

New approaches to addiction recovery, including mindfulness-based interventions and psychedelics, prevent relapse and support spiritual advancement.

Ancient and contemporary psychological teachings heal emotional trauma, repair broken family systems, and interrupt destructive behavior patterns.

Sacred relationship and codependency recovery tools deepen spiritual and emotional connection, increase intimacy, and create the potential for divine union.

Supplementation strategies and biohacking practices optimize physical vitality by increasing energy, building resilience to stress, and elevating mood.

Alternative, integrative, and herbal medicine heal injuries and illnesses and reduce the future risk of chronic disease.

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Cultivating the Energy
of Transformation

Cultivating the Energy
of Transfor-mation

I'm here to help you experience the life-changing benefits of physical, emotional, and spiritual vitality. Cultivate a lifestyle that mindfully incorporates all aspects of wellness to unlock your potential as a force for good in the world:

Uncover what's blocking you from physical wellness and spiritual fulfillment.

Learn patience and prudence in finding legitimate and integrous spiritual guides and coaches.

Educate yourself on the nature of addiction and the most viable recovery methods.

Stay on the cutting edge
of the best in healing technologies and innovation.

Become self-sufficient and sovereign in all areas of 
your life.

Learn where to find meditation and breathwork practices that fit your lifestyle and personality type.

Understand underlying trauma and how it manifests in destructive behavior patterns.

Know the best use of your time and resources when spending money on supplements and wellness products.

Overcome negative thinking through a radical change of perspective.

Learn the dynamics of healthy relationships and setting boundaries.

Determine which modalities of emotional healing are best suited for you at your current level of development.

Understand complex yet critical health practices like EMF and blue light mitigation, and water purification.

Gain spiritual insights about yourself and the nature of reality to facilitate a direct experience of,
and relationship with,
a Higher Power.

Find your soul tribe and abandon attachments to relationships that no longer serve you.

Learn how to reconnect
to nature and detach from urban domestication and its harmful mental and physical health effects.

Gain access to limitless physical energy and vitality.

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