Making an ImpacT

Whether you're a longtime follower of Luke Storey or you're new to the Life Stylist Podcast and his other work, these testimonials provide insight into the heart and soul of Luke's purpose and impact.

"Luke truly has a heart of gold. His persistence and passion for sharing accurate and helpful knowledge with his listeners have inspired my healing and Motherhood journey. I'm incredibly grateful for his humbling reminder that even after all the biohacking, meditation, and self-development, love and joy are our best tools for creating a better life and world."

Angelique Kane

Mother & Ayurvedic Counselor

"Luke has always been the tip of the spear, consistently and unrelentingly seeking the sacred forgotten truths while optimizing the human experience, the capabilities of our mind, physical health, and potential to harmonize not only with our bodies and the natural world but with each other. We are genuinely exquisite beings living in 'extraordinary' times, and Luke is a powerful guide for us all, looking forward with love and pointing us toward fully appreciating life."

Barrett James

Actor, Stunts

"Little did I know what an impact Luke would have on my life when I discovered The Life Stylist Podcast in mid-2020. As a Chinese Medicine doctor with a yoga and meditation practice spanning more than 20 years and certification in ancestral eating and living, I was already up on the foundations of holistic health. But I most appreciate discovering new gems through Luke's work and feeling less alone during these oppressive, narrative-driven times. I'm sober, and Luke's integrity and integration of sobriety, spirituality, and vitality speak to my heart, mind, and soul. I thank Luke for his way of being in the world as a model and guide."

Dana Leigh Lyons

Doctor of Chinese Medicine

"I discovered The Life Stylist Podcast in 2017. Adapting to Californian English, I was initially intrigued but skeptical of Luke and his confident voice. Soon my perspective shifted as I grew enthusiastic about his content, setting the stage for my transformative journey. I found a wellspring of knowledge reshaping my views on wellness. Over time, I witnessed the organic growth of the podcast evolve from biohacking to spirituality, which resonated profoundly and fostered empowerment. The challenges and victories along Luke's journey mirror his dedication to truth and freedom. The Life Stylist Podcast is not just content; it's a testament to Luke's commitment to inspiring health, awareness, and personal growth."

Ardona Caravaku


"Feeling afraid, claustrophobic, confused, and overwhelmed during lockdown, Luke was a beacon of light. I found much guidance from his podcasts on the microbiome, water, and EMF protection. Whenever I have an urgent question, I turn to The Life Stylist Podcast. Luke delivers information lightheartedly; it's easy listening. I am thankful to have found Luke and his work."

Hindy Weber

Mother, Homemaker, Farmer, & Designer

"Working, learning, and collaborating with Luke has unlocked a new level of consciousness and liberation for myself and my clients. Luke inspires me to live big through individual transformation, creating a social revolution based on trust and integrity. My life has never been more optimized as I integrate science and technology to learn, grow, and inspire."

Brett Harmeling

Founder & CEO of Happy Life Labs

"As someone navigating my own healing & consciousness journey, I particularly love to listen to people who authentically and inspiringly delve deep into all manners of 'expansive' topics. Luke offers information and ignites contemplation that comes from a place of integrity, heart, and always with a reverence for individual intuition and honoring universal wisdom and mystery."

Carly Jennings

"Luke's dedication to deepening personal development, spiritual endeavors, and biohacking is inspiring. I admire his tenacity to have conversations that can be difficult to hear at times yet always lead me to my healing & awakening. Luke is a unique slice of life, a human enhancer, and a pure light from God."

Dallas Dellahunt

Yoga Teacher & Homemaker

"Luke Storey's The Life Stylist Podcast is fascinating, intriguing, thought-provoking, and sometimes even controversial. The guests on the show appreciate his professional approach and flawless production. Luke walks the talk. As a listener, I get a wealth of information about living a better emotional inner and outer life and becoming a more heart-centered and successful win-win individual."

Dan Ravasz

School Principal

"After following Luke's work for many years, I've found him to be a powerful and constant source of lifestyle inspiration! Luke leads with curiosity, vulnerability, and deep integrity, blending science, spirituality, and health. He appreciates his audience; he genuinely listens and engages and is an absolute breath of fresh air."

Eva Carter

Neural Reprogramming Specialist

"Luke's teachings have created the perfect mix that meets primal health and ancient spiritual practices. He uses the most cutting-edge natural healing and consciousness-expanding technology. Through Luke, I have learned about quantum energy, why structured & coherent water is so essential for our bodies and mind, and the benefits of red light therapy. What helped me to trust Luke's opinion is that he tests all biohacking technology before promoting it. When you listen to the excitement in Lukes's voice following his energetic mannerisms, it's obvious these products work! "

Greg Bare

Relativity Space

"Luke shows us we can be the change we wish to see by sharing conscious conversations and choosing to live our best lives. I regularly tune into Luke for health optimization, truth, freedom, and personal development. I value Luke's awakened approach and his ability to balance science and spirit. Big thanks to Luke for lighting the way for a world that is waking up!"

Ishta Devi

Trauma Informed Counselor, Artist & Entrepreneur

"For me, Luke has been a consistent source of deeply informed holistic advice and wisdom for explicitly optimizing health and wellness, restoring vitality, and connecting to our most authentic natural selves. He's a source I can trust. I admire that Luke takes the time to communicate with his followers, personally responding to direct messages and offering guidance and resources for growth. Luke is a positive force, support, and voice of awakening."

Isa Murphy

Biodynamic Farmer & Reiki Master

"I can rely on Luke for clear and conscious health, spirituality, personal growth, and evolution information. I enjoy his conversations with his podcast guests, and I appreciate his commitment to leading the charge in this wild world."

Jacob Ells


"Since discovering Luke's podcast, The Life Stylist, I have received invaluable health, wellness, and spirituality education. Along the journey, his podcast has awakened me to many profound changes, but the biggest one is the realization that all things done with love is the ultimate intention."

Janel Benson

Business Owner at Fiore Beauty

"The Lifestylist Podcast offers necessary and awakening content. Luke is a master at humbly meshing his journey with genuine reverence for life. He pulses with warmth, tenacious curiosity, and conscientious wisdom. Over the years following his emergence as a truth seeker and advocate for health optimization and freedom, I've been introduced to some of the great modern thinkers in the spiritual and wellness domains. I am consistently inspired to up-level my exploration and relationship with the sacredness of life."

Jason McDonald

Energetic Artist & Practitioner

"Luke introduced me to the concept that there's more to health than food, exercise & supplements. I've struggled with my health my whole life, and now I know why; I was recently diagnosed with brain cancer that's likely been growing since birth. I finally feel good for the first time in my life, and that is due to The Life Stylist Podcast and its community. I bought a Red/Infrared Light, BlueShield Plug-In, Harmoni Pendant, and The Biohacker Mushroom Set by Life Cykel. The mushrooms cured an "incurable" virus in my cornea & saved me from a life of antiviral medication. I am so grateful!"

Jessica Yelverton

Fine Artist & Product Designer

"Through his curiosity and passion for finding truth, Luke's podcast and website are a wealth of knowledge for anyone seeking more for themselves. He has personally taken the time to vet the curated products on his site, adding trust and authenticity. Luke's work has helped me make significant life changes that have positively impacted my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I encourage everyone to dive into his work."

Jordan Beiermann

"I've been following Luke and listening to The Life Stylist Podcast for six years. Be it the podcast, Instagram, or Telegram, he is a wealth of knowledge on everything from health to meditation, freedom, and sovereignty. Luke has taught me so much that I have incorporated into daily life and the products he promotes on his website; game-changing!"

Jordan Brady

"In early 2020, hoping to find a solution for my husband's narcolepsy, I embarked on a search to reconnect with my childhood doctor, who I revered as highly intelligent. To my delight, I stumbled upon an interview with her conducted by Luke Storey, discussing the incredible healing potential of the Ampcoil. Intrigued, I promptly obtained her contact information from the podcast. I purchased the Ampcoil, and my spiritual journey reignited with a deepened connection to the quantum field. Luke's unwavering integrity shines through in his interviews, artfully presenting the truth with grace and style. His work has undeniably contributed to awakening the collective consciousness. Luke's podcast serves as a beacon of truth and freedom by spreading awareness, and promoting mindfulness."

Kaitlyn O'Hara


"I've followed Luke's work since his days at the School of Style, where I attended courses. Eventually, I discovered The Life Stylist Podcast, which soon became a staple and one I look forward to listening to even to this day. Each interview offers fantastic information, highlighting such unique guests and not to mention the excellent products Luke exposes to his listeners. Thanks to Luke, my days are filled with more depth. I'm so happy to be in the loop!"

Kristin Russ

"I learned about The Life Stylist Podcast when attending SatNam Fest in Joshua Tree in 2018. My husband and I started with episode one on our car ride back to Northern CA, and I've been listening ever since. I have thoroughly enjoyed the ride that Luke has taken his audience on, and I appreciate the people he interviews; they are all phenomenal. As a result of listening to the podcast, I have made many personal changes. I am forever a Life Stylist Fan!"

Kristine Marbacher

"I've considered Luke a trusted resource for in-depth information about cutting-edge alternative modalities and therapies. His unique combination of expansive spiritual awareness and deep passion for health optimization is refreshing, and I thoroughly enjoy his podcast. I have personally interacted with Luke, and in a world inundated with conflicting information and questionable motives, I trust he is knowledgeable, genuine, heart-centered, and worthy of tuning in to."

Lancelot Stukaloff

Wellness Entrepreneur

"Luke is an unrelenting voice for waking up, healing, and living authentically. Through his platforms and meaningful conversations with thought leaders on various topics, Luke has opened my eyes to so much happening worldwide. He offers real solutions and supports his community of listeners. The path of spiritual growth and awakening isn't easy, but Luke is a beacon of hope, letting us all know we're not alone and can face any darkness by shining light on it."

Lauren Olson

Spiritual Counselor & Birth Doula

"About three years ago, around 5.30 am, while preparing my organic breakfast (kudos to Luke's teachings), I listened to an episode on forgiving those who harmed you. For the first time in about 25 years, I said, "I forgive you," to the teenage dude who sexually abused me as a child. I cried so hard at that moment, but the tears were of relief and genuine love for him and everyone. I started believing again in some higher force that morning. I remember Luke's calming voice in the background filling the empty silence of the Australian Outback. Now, I'm a different being, living a fulfilling life with my soul mate, and forever grateful for Luke and The Life Stylist Podcast."

Marcos Yago Rodriguez Sahade

"Engaging with Luke Storey has been a transformative journey of personal development and awakening. Through his thought-provoking conversations, I've deepened my understanding of mindfulness, health optimization, and the essence of spiritual wellness. It's rare to find someone who speaks with such genuine passion about mental health and addiction recovery, and that helped me act on my curiosity to abstain from alcohol for 1000 days. With Luke, every dialogue is a step towards greater awareness and truth."

Nic DeSeelhorst

"What I love most about Luke Storey is his unwavering commitment to the life-changing spiritual path and his readiness to stay open to his own experiences that he generously shares with the world. Consciousness is awareness, and you get both when you experience Luke Storey."

Rae Leslie

Life Coach at

"Every generation has a thinker, a spiritual tastemaker who inspires individuals to empower their minds through spirit. Luke Storey is absolutely of this caliber. I had the privilege of working with Luke on the Life Stylist Podcast for several episodes. He walks the talk and embodies what he promotes to empower his listeners toward a well-lived, healed optimized life. Through his gift of connecting minds to ignite the spreading of ancient wisdom into a modern world, he has weaved technology and methods into an authentic, actionable lifestyle. Luke encourages questioning past truths to discover personal freedom."

Nadir Tofazzal Hossain

Vice President of Indiera Inc, Founder of Lnoleum Studios and Ranesam

"The Life Stylist Podcast is essential for anyone interested in optimizing their well-being and consciousness. Luke's vulnerability in sharing his story and the incredible guests he converses with have inspired me to implement life hacks and different worldviews that have improved my life."

Rora Te Kowhai

"Luke's addiction story captured my attention first. We lost a son to an overdose. Ultimately, I continue listening to and following Luke for his unique ability to explore many subjects, like mental health, personal growth, love & sustainability, to name a few. He's been a catalyst to help me heal through my grief and find joy and peace."

Shelley Wenzel


"I credit Luke Storey as one of the first people to "be there" as I began my spiritual and transformational journey years ago. I have many favorite podcast episodes, household products I rely on daily, and expanded points of view because of Luke's impeccable work, humble vulnerability, and broad horizons. He's one of the few "influencers" I trust to recommend a product, not only because of the countless hours of meticulous research he puts in but also the integrity and passion of his discoveries. It's beautiful to witness Luke evolve and grow, and I'm so grateful for his gifts!"

Tracey Tee

Founder & Steward at Moms on Mushrooms