This unique 'Bootleg Broadcast' episode of the show is a live recording of a recent talk I gave in West Hollywood California, to celebrate my 100th episode of The Life Stylist Podcast.

Having devoted the past twenty-plus years of my life to spiritual growth and metaphysical understanding, it seems that the next phase of my journey is naturally guiding me down the path of sharing my experiences with live audiences, as an inspirational (albeit reluctant) teacher of sorts. 

This raw, unedited live recording is my second-ever public talk, witch attempts to tackle the sometimes challenging topics of god, ego, and spiritual liberation.  

After receiving such an abundance of positive feedback on my recent debut presentation at Cap Beauty in NYC, and constant requests for more spiritually-based content, I've decided to put this show out as an exercise of courage and vulnerability. If there's one thing I've learned in my first year as a podcast host, it's that people want the truth. They want something real. And the paradox of that fact is that the more open I become about my spiritual life, the more people relate to it and derive hope and inspiration from my experience on the path to enlightenment. 

But why should we care about the spiritual part of life anyway? What's the point? Ask yourself the following questions, and you may arrive at a place of curiosity, if not a legitimate desire to know more. 

Are you able to find peace in your pain? Can you reach and maintain a level of surrender in your life to the point that you rarely get rattled by the day to day stresses of the human experience? Do you control your mind, or does it control you? These are but a few of the questions I attempt to tackle in this introspective episode. 

Although this particular lecture is highly spontaneous and meandering, there are a couple of consistent themes, such as:

  • How to escape the pain of the ego mind by walking through the inevitable pain in life
  • The importance of strictly avoiding negative, thoughts, deeds and actions
  • The immense power of self-love and acceptance 
  • How and why I started the podcast, and how it has served my personal development and evolution

I hope that this talk and ones like it which are likely to follow can provide a light-hearted and accessible approach to living a spiritually-centered life. The beautiful thing about finding salvation is that we are each free to do it in our way, and are open to choose whichever path best suits our current level of development and understanding. 

May you find god in whatever form gives your life meaning and fulfillment. 



This event is one of my favorite experiences in LA. I'll be presenting Elemental Alchemy: Biohacking Your Air, Water, Earth & Life.  Hurry up and get your tickets


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  • I begin by taking the crowd through Breath of Fire warm up- one of my top kundalini yoga practices
  • We do what I call Alpha wave "surfing" to encourage production of flow state, bliss and positive emotions
  • How my own suffering gave me the willingness to change, and my journey from rebellion to humility
  • How this podcast became my vehicle for sharing my experience, but most of all, my personal growth and expansion 
  • The difference between the higher self vs. ego self, and how to determine who’s controlling your life
  • The fantasmagoria of the mind, and how most of what it tells you isn't even real
  • How to curb neurosis and knowing that you must understand how the mind works, and learn to see through it’s fallacious beliefs 
  • Unplugging from the mind matrix and how the key to freedom begins with awareness
  • The concept of thought fasting and other perspective changing techniques to deflect negative thoughts, blame, and self deception 
  • How to build your own internal gym for mental fitness, using mindfulness, meditation and self-awareness
  • Why it’s so important to feel our painful feelings, and how to process them quickly, and with intention
  • The fact that positive influence happens through attraction, not promotion, and how it’s pointless to try and control or influence others
  • Q&A with audience




Intro music: Jeordie White
Show production: Tatiana Melo
Sound editing: Dustin Smith