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Welcome to The 2017 Christmas Show! I elected to release an extraordinarily profound episode on this very auspicious day, and in celebration of a beautiful holiday tradition, decided to feature an older, wise man with a long, white beard as our special guest. However, our Yogic Santa won't be dropping down your chimney to eat up your cookies and milk. Instead, he'll be taking a journey down into your soul- to deliver his transformative message of mysticism to the core of your being. Sounds a lot cooler than the new Sony Play Station, does it not?

Life is full of unanswered questions. Here are a few you might have asked yourself at some point if you're of the spiritually curious ilk:

What is our higher consciousness? How do we access it, and operate from that universal cosmic intelligence with more consistency? It seems as though the ego-self is waiting at every turn for us to lose sight of it, and allow it to take command of our thoughts and feelings, and thus force us to live at the whims of our lower, instinct-driven nature. So how can one genuinely raise their spiritual vibration, and be nourished from the deep well of love and divine intelligence within us on a more consistent basis?

Our esteemed guest Guru Singh has spent his entire life in search of answers to such questions of existential fulfillment, and through the practice of Kundalini Yoga has not only unlocked the sacred code for himself but has helped thousands of students across the globe to find the answers for themselves. Singh is a real spiritual master, and one of the most compelling, thought-provoking, and funny yogis the world has ever known. He is a uniquely gifted teacher and has an uncanny knack for taking profoundly cosmic, quantum-level spiritual science and transmuting it into a simple, applicable daily practice.

In this touching and profound episode, you will not only gain an intellectual understanding of some highly esoteric principles, but you'll also experience an authentic freedom of heart and spirit that is rarely achieved by merely listening in on a conversation.

Sit back, sip some Yogi Tea, open your heart chakra, and let the Christmas Spirit unfold. Then remember that this is the season of giving, so gift the gift of this episode to someone you love, if your heart is thus guided to do so.

Peace and love to you and yours,



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  • What is was like to grow up as a third generation yogi
  • A fascinating story of how his family were early adopters of Eastern teachings 
  • What the yoga LA scene was like in 1969 when he met Yogi Bhajan 
  • What it was like to hang out with spiritual giants like Mutkananda, Satchidanandanda, Osho 
  • What his first yoga class was like 
  • Did Yogi Bhajan have super human powers? And do spiritual masters use metaphysical tricks to capture the attention of devotees 
  • How to be magical yet still logical 
  • The importance of learning to quiet the brain mind in order to access to the Total mind
  • How to navigate challenging emotions of anger, loss and despair
  • How he got his spiritual name and the relevance it has to him all these years later 
  • Why he believes language is such a powerful tool for transformation 
  • The fact that even enlightened Masters are still humans and make frequent mistakes 
  • Uncovering the science behind Kundalini yoga
  • How mantras, music, and sound vibrations raise our consciousness 
  • The powerful effects of yogic breath work, and why it's so important to make this practice a part of your life 
  • His secret to always tuning into to Universal wisdom when teaching his classes
  • How he used intuition to receive the cosmic downloads over the years 
  • How to stay humble and not let your spiritual ego take over your true personality
  • The importance of ego as a part of who we are, and why it's pointless to try and fight it 
  • The surprising reason he wears a turban and his spiritual wardrobe choices   
  • Tips for keeping the brain active and fully expanded 
  • The surprising connection between highly active meditators and schizophrenia
  • Lifestyle recommendations


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Intro music: Jeordie White
Show production: Tatiana Melo
Sound editing: Dustin Smith