496. Psychedelic Revolution: The Heart Medicine Protocol w/ Dr. Samuel Lee

Dr. Samuel Lee

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Visionary psychiatrist and mystic, Dr. Samuel Lee, is creating a new paradigm of mental health rooted in Soul connection. In this wide-ranging conversation, we explore the power of plant medicine and psychedelics, delving into peptides, religion, and love as a universal frequency.

Samuel B. Lee, MD, is a pioneering visionary in the psychiatric field, ready to challenge the traditional norms of mental health with his forthcoming book, 'Dare to Heal: Awakening Consciousness, A Spiritual Guide for Achieving Mental Freedom.' Dr. Lee’s unique perspective is deeply rooted in personal experience, having navigated the full spectrum of psychiatric diagnoses. This deeply personal journey, coupled with his extensive professional knowledge, led him to question the Western system's reliance on psychiatric medications. With an unyielding belief in the transformative power of spirituality, Dr. Lee's work emphasizes unity, compassion, and the infinite potential of human consciousness. Exploring innovative concepts like yoga, breathwork, The Heart ProtocolTM, and quantum morphogenetic science, he illuminates a path towards mental freedom. As a beacon of hope and a true testament to the power of daring to heal, Samuel B. Lee, MD, is shaping a new, enlightened paradigm for mental health.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Today we are joined by Dr. Samuel Lee, MD, a true pioneer in psychiatry, plant medicine, and  psychedelics. After extensive training and 10+ years practicing western psychiatry, Dr. Lee is challenging traditional norms by cultivating a new global paradigm of mental health rooted in unity, compassion, and the infinite potential of human consciousness. 

I had a beautiful and transformative experience with Dr. Lee’s Heart Medicine Protocol, an intentionally curated journey combining western techniques, psychedelics, plant medicine, and spiritual integration. 

I’m also a big fan of his company, Practical Peptides, which makes the healing power of peptides more accessible and affordable. So, of course we spend some time today geeking out on the incredible science of peptides. You can use code LUKE for 12% off your first order at lukestorey.com/peptides.

Our conversation seeds new ideas into the global consciousness – revealing the wisdom of plant medicine to better understand how they connect us to our higher selves. We also explore how psychedelics such as MDMA, psilocybin, and ketamine come from Earth spirits before diving deep into Sam’s journey with addiction, psychiatric diagnoses, and dynamic relationship with religion.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

(01:33) — Dr. Lee’s Journey in Psychiatry & Finding His Soul’s Calling 

  • Dr. Lee leads a studio ceremony to set the frequency 
  • His experience treating patients as a psychiatrist while navigating his own diagnoses 
  • How he received an intuitive knowing to quit his job
  • Creating a new paradigm of mental health that treats the root cause of illness
  • Dr. Lee’s history of addiction and binge drinking
  • Luke’s experience with cannabis addiction 
  • The Truth About CBD, Cannabis, + Overcoming Addiction & Limitation w/ Adam Wenguer #437

(17:21) — Connecting to Consciousness Through Plants & Psychedelics 

(47:11) — Luke’s Experience with the Heart Medicine Protocol 

(01:19:12) — Unpacking the Science of Peptides 

(01:31:06) — 3 Teachers That Changed Dr. Lee’s Life 

  • Dr. Lee’s deep devotion to Jesus Christ 
  • His relationship to religion and his mom
  • Valuable mentorship with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

[00:00:00] Luke: Samuel's here, Dr. Samuel Lee. And he's going to start us off with something of unknown origin. I just suggested we just tune in and get settled before we record. And he said, hey, can I do a little something? And I said, well, if I can put it on mic, yeah.

[00:00:13] Samuel: Amazing, brother. Appreciate that, man. Yeah, I'm just going to set the frequency with a few words here. I like to do this before ceremony just to set the frequency. So closing the eyes and focusing on by the love of original eternal source consciousness field. We have come, we have come. We are here, we are here.

[00:00:35] So setting a barrier now on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual plane around this podcast in all dimensions and timelines of the frequency, the most powerful force in the world of unconditional love. We invite those beings of unconditional love to join us now. Other beings, please, we ask you to exit now.

[00:00:59] By the truth of original eternal source consciousness field, we stand, so we invite in today the truth for the truth will set us free. And we are free indeed. And all the soul wants is to be free, so may our words and our throat chakras reflect truth, and may souls be liberated through the truth of who we really are. 

[00:01:20] By the power of original eternal source consciousness field, we fly, metamorphosize, spread your wing. Angels, time to fly. Caterpillar to a butterfly. We are powerful. Made in the image and likeness of Almighty Living God, Source, a unique oscillatory vibratory reflection of Source. So we give ourselves permission now to step into our power unapologetically, unconditioned. A unique oscillatory barbiturary reflection of Source for such an important inflection point in humanity's history. Mother Earth is calling now for men and women to step into their power. 

[00:02:00] By the grace of original eternal source consciousness field, I now sanctify and renew this podcast, uh, this brotherhood, uh, this conversation as under the divine protector of the original eternal life founders, races, Melchizedek, [Inaudible], and just invoking now the higher self of myself, and Luke, and everybody listening to this podcast, uh, the inner Christ, avatar, for the highest good, joy, and abundance, and freedom for all of humanity and Mother Earth. 

[00:02:28] We give gratitude in advance. Thy kingdom, queendom is now coming. Thy will is now being done on earth as it is in the highest heavens. Thysa into doi. Thysa into doi. Thysa into doi. Spoken as it is stated now. And so it is done. [Inaudible]. 

[00:02:57] Luke: I would like you to be my co-producer and come say that prayer every time I record.

[00:03:03] Samuel: Yeah, man.

[00:03:03] Luke: Sometimes I sit down, turn on the mics, and I just start going. And then I realize I haven't landed and grounded before I start a conversation. So it's taken me a few years to habituate myself to remember to do that, but it's always nice when there's help.

[00:03:20] Samuel: Yeah, man. I appreciate you allowing me to do that. Yeah.

[00:03:22] Luke: Yeah, my pleasure. I started, uh, having mild flashbacks to our recent experience, which we'll talk about momentarily, but I really took me back there right after you, uh, uttered that prayer, one very similar to it. I was off to the races.

[00:03:41] Samuel: Yeah, that's why I say setting the frequency, um, because in my spiritual path, what I've learned is all my life is a ceremony. And I used to think that was a serious thing, but it's not. It's a joyful, playful ceremony. And to set the frequency in my intention, which is a magnetic frequency, which is literally attracting into me everything that I intend. So I always like to, before I go into any type of conversation, or podcast, or ceremony, just set the frequency.

[00:04:11] Luke: Well done. I appreciate it.

[00:04:13] Samuel: Yeah. It's a joy, man. Yeah. 

[00:04:16] Luke: There's so many things I want to learn about you being a Korean dude from Seattle. Is that right?

[00:04:26] Samuel: Yeah, yeah. LA and Seattle.

[00:04:27] Luke: LA and Seattle. We know each other a bit. We've spent some time now, but I don't have a lot of your backstory, just picturing this kid, uh, growing up on the West Coast, who now is what I perceive to be, based on my experience with you, really a mystic and a psychiatrist. You're a multifaceted guy, so I'm really excited to learn more about you. Uh, I think the first time we met was at Alive and Well here down the road with John Lieurance. I think that's who introduced us.

[00:05:02] Samuel: Yeah. Khalil was there as well. 

[00:05:04] Luke: Yeah. Khalil. Shout-out to Khalil at SunLife Organics. And, uh, what I remember about our first meeting is I think we were all eating a bunch of medicinal mushrooms or something. Just perfect--

[00:05:14] Samuel: They wanted Khalil's super packed, jam packed, like, uh, super food, uh, bowls or something like that.

[00:05:21] Luke: Yeah. And then you had, uh, a toot of Dr. John's Zen spray, his hape spray. And I remember just seeing you-- that went to your head. Your head lit on fire. And then that was the beginning of our brief introduction. And then there's been, um, murmurs of you through our mutual friends and the work that you do.

[00:05:42] And so we, uh, connected recently, and you led me in a ceremony, which was beautiful. Um, and we'll get into that because there's so much to unpack there. Oftentimes, these podcasts, when they come on the heels of some type of ceremony, serve as an integration selfishly.

[00:05:59] Samuel: Yeah. Cool, cool. Yeah. Integration is the key. So I'm happy. This is an integration conversation as well.

[00:06:05] Luke: Yeah. We'll do that. But, uh, take me back. What drew you into psychiatry, and what was your training like in your early careers? You came out of school and built your practice.

[00:06:17] Samuel: The reason I went into psychiatry, for me, looking back now, is destiny. Uh, in this lifetime, um, I was destined to experience every single psychiatric condition personally. Um, so there are moments where-- major depression four times, severe PTSD, couldn't get out of bed, um, full of guilt, and shame, and experiencing all of the addiction and all these different things, um, in LA.

[00:06:44] Luke: Great place to do it, don't you think?

[00:06:46] Samuel: Yeah, exactly. 

[00:06:48] Luke: If you're an addict listening, by the way, LA is a great place to hit. It will accelerate the process of you hitting bottom if you live to tell the tale.

[00:06:58] Samuel: Exactly. Uh, shout-out to LA. Um, yeah. So that's where I was going through all these things, and then, uh, my fourth year of medical school, you try every rotation, and in the multitude of counselors, there's wisdom. Um, so I asked all the people I looked up to in my life, the elders, um, what do you see me as?

[00:07:18] Um, and they all said psychiatrist. And it was weird when I did my psychiatry rotation. I actually really enjoyed it. It was fascinating to me, seeing, um, what was happening in mental health. Um, so I chose to go into psychiatry, and little did I know I was going to experience every psychiatric condition. Become a psychiatrist, and then work behind the desk listening to people.

[00:07:43] And when people got problems, they come to LA. So working as a psychiatrist in LA for seven years, I would listen to the entire world's problems. And now that I know that there's an electromagnetic field coming from them and an electromagnetic field coming from me, I was blending my fields with the whole world's problems.

[00:08:00] And learning about the unity of humanity, learning about compassion for every single-- what is the root cause of what's happening. And blending my fields. At this point, I could sit in a talking circle. It doesn't matter who's talking. It's a homeless person, a prostitute, a billionaire, a schizophrenic.

[00:08:16] I'm like, me too, man. I've been there. Yeah, I feel that frequency. And then I was learning about, yo, actually, Western psychiatry, the system they have for our elders, for our skilled nursing facility-- worked as an attending at a skilled nursing facility for a year. What are they doing with our parents? What's the system set up like? And then, oh, what are these medications actually really doing?

[00:08:41] Who's actually creating DSM-5? Are my patients really getting better? Is it really treating the root cause? And so I was going through the psychiatric conditions, experiencing the system as a psychiatrist, learning that actually most of these treatments are not even treating the root cause of what's happening.

[00:09:01] And so two weeks before I was about to become a partner at one of LA's biggest hospital firms, I learned about intuition, breath, and, um, that intuition knows before it happens. And so I was meditating instead of eating lunch two weeks about to become a partner at one of LA's biggest hospital firms.

[00:09:17] Once you become a partner, they got you. Living for a pension, 65, retirement, you're set, don't have to worry about anything, difficult to get fired. And so I was sitting there, put in my two and a half years or whatever, about to become a partner, and I was meditating, um, at lunch, and this intuitive, cognitive, direct cellular knowing came over me.

[00:09:38] Sam, you're quitting your job today. You're turning in your two weeks' notice today. I said, hold on, let me double-check that. Yeah, let me make sure it's not my mind. And that's been my entire journey until now. It's like, is it my mind, which is a record of the past? Or is this my intuition? And can I trust my intuition, my soul, and know that it's not a loud voice, the mind? It's a quiet knowing. And I double-checked it, triple-checked it. It's like, no, Sam, this is my intuition.

[00:10:04] So I went in and wrote my two weeks' notice, turned it in, and, um, a 1,000 blackbirds flew in front of my office right there in LA, and a feather fell off. I went outside, picked it up, said, oh, it's a sign. Um, I'm on the right path. And my mom asked me, what are you going to do? I still had medical school loans. I didn't have a job, um, and I said, mom, I'm going to go to the beach, and I'm going to pray.

[00:10:30] I'm going to quiet my mind through my breath, and I'm going to ask my heart, my intuition, what do you want to do? And I'm going to do that. She said, okay, what are you going to do after that? I said, yeah, I'm going to quiet my mind through my breath and ask my heart, what do you want to do? And I'm going to do that. 

[00:10:46] And as I started doing that, this prayer started praying out of me. I didn't even know exactly what it was, but it was for the liberation of all sentient beings and a new global paradigm of mental health that actually treats the root cause. Show me what I need to see. Tell me what I need to do. 

[00:11:02] And that's been my prayer. And that was, I don't even know, seven years ago. And I've just been learning how to pray that prayer in the morning. The tools have changed, what I use to connect my intuition, my higher self. And trying to do my best to get two or three downloads every day and follow that.

[00:11:16] And, um, that's led me on a journey. Um, I call it the most epic love story ever written. The return of souls back to the remembering into the fold of Source, into the loving arms of Source. And every person is a living record book of Source, fulfilling the original intention of Source, which is to experience itself in many different ways.

[00:11:37] And to bring back a living record book by embodying the soul and embodying itself back into what new agers call Akashic records book of life, whatever you want to call it, to expand the knowledge of the one, of Source experiencing itself in many different ways coming back with an expanded knowledge. And so, um, that's what led me into psychiatry. I call it my destiny in this lifetime, my dharma.

[00:12:00] Luke: Were you having your psychiatric issues before, during, or after you went into practice? 

[00:12:10] Samuel: During.

[00:12:11] Luke: Oh, wow. So you're seeing patients, and when you said, yeah, I feel you. I understand, because you literally had experienced some of those things yourself or were at that time.

[00:12:20] Samuel: Exactly. Literally speaking from my heart, my higher self was allowing me to experience these symptoms, um, so that when I spoke to my patients, I was speaking from my heart. Yeah, me too, man. This is what helped me. And when you can overcome something, you now have the keys to the consciousness in the quantum field and on the physical plane to speak directly from your soul and your heart when you're talking to someone. So I wasn't talking to the person from a book. This was like, yo, no, I've been there. I'm going through that right now. This is what's helping me right now.

[00:12:56] So I was acquiring the keys to the consciousness, um, yoga, breathwork, all these different things, tools. I had to heal myself, trips to the Amazon, all these different things. And I was acquiring these tools so that I can help people and speak from my heart when I'm doing that instead of from a book. 

[00:13:12] Luke: When you were having your issues with addiction, was that happening when you had to practice too? 

[00:13:18] Samuel: Yes.

[00:13:18] Luke: I come in and see you, pay you 450 bucks for an hour, and last night, you were on a binge?

[00:13:26] Samuel: Yes. 

[00:13:26] Luke: Oh my God.

[00:13:27] Samuel: Yeah, yeah. In the early part of my career, literally. And I was smart about it. I was a smart addict.

[00:13:35] Luke: What was your poison? What kind of stuff did you get into? 

[00:13:37] Samuel: Um, alcohol was my primary choice of 

[00:13:41] poison. 

[00:13:41] Luke: Yeah, that'll do it.

[00:13:42] Samuel: Yeah. Um, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, while in medical school, binge drinking, literally trying to run away from my higher self, numbing down the trauma that I felt, the guilt and the shame I felt from religious programming. I couldn't bear that, and I still needed to connect with people, and I still needed to have fun. So actually, I started partying in medical school. The first, second weekend of medical school is when I started partying.

[00:14:06] Um, so yeah, every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and then eventually, the doctor told me, if you don't quit drinking, you're dead. Your liver is dead. And that's when I transitioned to marijuana, got addicted to marijuana. That plant, I think it saved my life. Helped me transition off alcohol.

[00:14:26] But also, me and marijuana went through every single stage of a relationship can go through dating, giggling, video games, binging, paranoid, crawling to my house in LA, literally, to having mystical experiences, to now barely, if ever, using it, and if I do, ceremonially with intention.

[00:14:47] Luke: Yeah. I think people underestimate the addictive potential of cannabis. I'm so far removed from the world of recreational drugs at this point. I've been sober for so freaking long. But when I was a kid, weed, it was my best friend. I don't think I would have made it without it, so it served a great purpose, but I was incredibly addicted to it psychologically. I would go nuts from the time I was nine, 10 years old until I was 26. I had to have it.

[00:15:24] It was like heroin. It was incredibly addictive. If your personality is, uh, wired that way, and if you have some of the underlying issues that make it a good fit, that I did. I don't hear people often talk about marijuana being an addiction problem, because I think it's so prevalent in our society. It's so socially acceptable. But man, that was the hardest drug for me to quit. And I was addicted to just about every drug there is--

[00:15:53] Samuel: Yeah. No, I feel you, brother. 

[00:15:53] Luke: You can get addicted to. That was the one I could never let go of, man. It was like my warm blanket. 

[00:15:59] Samuel: And that's what it is, man. It's a warm blanket because we're born into this earth, and people literally forget that they are a source when they choose to be born. A brother just had, in his ceremony that I just held, he remembered the moment he chose to be born as a human. And there's a contract you sign. I'm going to be a human. I'm going to forget that I'm an eternal spirit. 

[00:16:23] And on a certain level of consciousness, we are that warm blanket of consciousness, uh, unconditional love, that warm feeling that, man, I feel like everybody should get an opportunity to experience. And we come to this earth, we forget who we are, and we go through all this trauma, and it's a process of, he who is forgiven much can love much. He who has been to the darkest of the darks can appreciate the light all the more. And so we, like most ancient souls, allowed themselves. 

[00:16:51] Because of this great love of Source-- because to learn more about Source, uh, they allow themselves to go through addiction, through PTSD, all of these things, because they know that in the midst of that, they're going to learn more about Source, learn more about themselves, and he who is forgiven much can love much, and I'm super grateful for these tools.

[00:17:13] No good or bad, really, and I feel when used in the right way, marijuana is actually a gateway to consciousness. It wasn't a war on drugs. It was a war on consciousness. And every single plant has healing properties, but the plants are neutral. Consciousness is neutral. It's about the intention and setting intention that I bring to these plants. And the plants have consciousness, which means it's intelligent, which means it can communicate with me.

[00:17:40] And so I'm super grateful for these plants, man. I feel like it's like the last scene of Avatar, where they're going for Mother Earth. They're going for her resources, her water. They're fracking, they're doing all these things, and the resources are limited, and these plants consciousness is coming forth and saying, hey. Like last scene where the animals come forth, the plants come forth, and they want to help.

[00:18:02] And consciousness is neutral unless the survival of a species depends upon it. You and I are driving towards a green light at an intersection. You're going to get green 50% of the time. I'm going to get green 50% of the time, but consciousness reserves the right when the survival of the species depends on it to make one light green. And I feel like that's what she's doing. She's bringing out all of the plants and things, and they're all coming forward and saying, we're here to help. We're here to help.

[00:18:28] Luke: That's an interesting perspective because in the realm of psychedelics and plant medicines, there seems to be a prevalent thought amongst a certain sect of people that see the proliferation of these medicines into Western culture and into the mainstream as a negative, that they should be reserved for the jungles and the indigenous peoples and things like that.

[00:18:56] And I can understand the point to a certain degree, but, um, it seems as though, from your perspective, if these plants are of the earth-- we'll get into this in a second, but say, let's just talk in the realm of fungi and plants. Ayahuasca, peyote, San Pedro, uh, mushrooms, etc. Or even 5-MeO-DMT, a toad. It's not a plant. People call it a plant medicine. I'm like, no, it's a [Inaudible] medicine. 

[00:19:25] Samuel: Yeah, yeah. That's a good point actually. That's a really good point.

[00:19:28] Luke: It helps you see the reptilians and get out of the matrix. It's a paradox of sorts. But anyway, back to the point is this, is that if, as you say, these, uh, essences of nature of the earth are neutral and are able to transmit consciousness and have a consciousness because they're a representation of consciousness, they're going to come up from the Amazon whether we like it or not.

[00:19:54] A kid's going to find mushrooms on the cow patty in the field, whether we think it's right or not. This is my perspective. They are showing up now because we need them now more than ever, like the work that you do with people. I can only imagine the souls that you get to see awaken on an ongoing basis that is going to have a ripple effect on all of consciousness on the planet, especially when you're working with people of influence and some degree of power. Executives, and celebrities, and some of the people you work with that are of that ilk.

[00:20:30] Man, you get a CEO of a powerful company that has sway in culture and in finance, and they get in touch and heal their heart and develop a relationship with the divine, that is a trickle down effect that changes the whole world that wouldn't happen if these medicines were still hidden away in the periphery for the select few who are the initiates and so on. So it's interesting.

[00:20:54] But on the other side of that-- and this is a question. It's a bit of a rant that hopefully you can mold it to a question. Just give your take on it. The other side of that is you have the commodification, and all of the cultural appropriation, and all of that stuff. We have all these corporations like sharks to blood coming around like, ha ha ha, we're going to try and patent all these medicines and things.

[00:21:19] It's a double-edged sword. But I think because of the profoundly positive impacts that I've experienced in my life and my own healing and awakening, I'm so grateful that there were ayahuasca retreat centers in Costa Rica that maybe weren't there 10, 20 years ago that were available to me, and part of the conversation, and came into my awareness. And, um, had they not, I don't know if I ever would have gone deep into the jungles of Peru or the Amazon and had those experiences.

[00:21:50] I was just on the outskirts of that, and it was accessible enough for me to get involved. And now I find that little did I know there's this whole underground world that's emerging where they're accessible everywhere, really, for the most part, uh, to most people. So anyway, that's just a point.

[00:22:07] From where you are now, someone who's working as a facilitator, as, I don't know if you call yourself a shaman, but I would call you that based on our experience, uh, you're working in the realm of legality, as a psychiatrist, working with medicines where they're illegal. Uh, and they might be illegal in one place and legal in another place. You're finding a sweet spot there where you can work within the confines of the matrix.

[00:22:33] What's your take based on the fact that these medicines are coming to our awareness. They're arriving here. They're bringing themselves to us. Yet on the other side, you have a potential downside of them being misused or them being exploited solely for monetary gain. Where do you think the intersection of that is landing right now for you or just at large?

[00:22:57] Samuel: Yeah. I feel like, um, like I said, consciousness is neutral. So it's literally a calling. I love what you said. The plants actually have a consciousness. It's a calling. It called you. And there was an agreement between you and the plant. For there to be love, there has to be a choice. There's no force in source. So I think that nothing is good or bad. It's really about the intention that we bring to it and, uh, what we're approaching it for. 

[00:23:28] And so there's a universal consciousness to all these plants, and they're coming forth. They're making themselves known. I got called to the Amazon and went down there. And so nothing is good or bad, but I don't believe that we're going back. I give a lot of love to the indigenous cultures. And, man, these plants are actually literally helping to heal the 7 to 11 generations of trauma. It's very fresh in almost every single land around the earth. Indigenous populations have been colonized, and there's fresh trauma.

[00:23:55] And so I'm literally seeing a 1,000 psychiatric sessions or therapy sessions in four hours. It's possible to release that trauma. And so they're here to help. Uh, they can be used for amazing things. But yeah, like you said, it's what people bring to it. And anytime the corporations and things like that get into it, they're going to think about what they do, wherever their level of consciousness is. They're going to create from that place.

[00:24:23] But my whole goal and intention, and what is possible with these plants, is to increase the consciousness of, I love what you said, key people. Influence the influencers. With one post, they can influence a million people. Um, and so increasing the consciousness in the radio because it's a scalar wave battle.

[00:24:41] Yeah. What I mean by that is five companies own 90% of the media. And in two weeks, if they want to, they can shut down the entire world. They prove that to be true. And so influencing the influencers, and if you want to call it Trojan horsing the system, don't fight the system. Create a new one.

[00:24:58] And these plants are tools, but I always say the medicine is not the plant. The medicine is the people.

[00:25:05] Luke: Yes.

[00:25:05] Samuel: The people is the medicine. It's just reconnecting them to a part of themselves. And this is what indigenous cultures understood. There's not 20,000 diseases that Western sciences created in the DSM-5. Whatever. 10,000 diseases. Two weeks you do this, then you have this disease. And then as soon as you label or diagnose and speak it into existence, you're telling yourself you have a disease. No, there's only one dis ease, and that is a disconnection from one's true higher self, or your soul.

[00:25:35] Because from there, the right thoughts, attitudes, words, beliefs, frequencies, which then become words, which then become emotions, and the word becomes flesh. So when I say, my name is Sam. I'm healthy, healed, whole and complete water, I'm 90% something water weight, Dr. Emoto showed, absorbs the words I just spoke. And consciousness, which Jesus called the Father, binds to the water. And literally, it ripples through and crystallizes my body. And then the DNA scientists used to call it junk DNA.

[00:26:06] It's not junk. It's potential. This vibration that I just spoke trickles through the potential into our DNA, and literally epigenetics, then the double-stranded helix codes for DNA or proteins according to the words I just spoke, which then proteins are the building blocks of life. Therefore, the word becomes flesh.

[00:26:25] And so these plants have a way of helping reconnect the person to a part of them that's always been there, their higher self. Um, which from there, the rights, thoughts, attitudes, words, and beliefs flow in, which is metaphysics, frequency. And Einstein and Tesla both said, the future of medicine is frequency. And the future is now. 

[00:26:45] And so these frequencies literally then become physics. What we see, proteins cause metaphysics, effect physics. And you want to find a good medicine, find a doctor who will change your attitude when you leave that office. Because that attitude will change your beliefs, and thoughts, and words, and frequencies, which will then become your body.

[00:27:03] And so I think that these plants are just the tool, a sacred tool, and they're not good or bad. And yes, corporations are going to do what they do, but, um, it's the most epic love story because we know higher vibration entrains lower vibration. Love wins. And so these plants are tools. These plants are tools. 

[00:27:19] Luke: Thank you for reminding me of that. Sometimes I doom scroll too much. There's just a part of me that's like my limbic system. It's just addicted to knowing what's wrong in the world. The negativity bias. And also, it's just entertaining, to feel just like--

[00:27:33] Samuel: For sure. 

[00:27:33] Luke: Holy shit. 

[00:27:34] Samuel: And it's good to be aware of that.

[00:27:36] Luke: Yeah. I'm like, this is where we are now, but sometimes, when one focuses on the negativity in the world, it can trick you into thinking it's winning because the negativity is louder. You forget there's billions of people out there with happy families and homes living their best life, not paying attention to any of the bullshit that the matrix is pulling, and they're just quiet, so we don't hear about them. We hear about the people that, thankfully, are standing up for humanity.

[00:28:04] And then we hear about the people that are working, um, against humanity. But I love to be reminded of that, that love is the frequency. In the magnetic tug of war, love always entrains over what is a lack of love. So you think about evil, to me, it doesn't even exist. It's just the absence of love.

[00:28:27] It's like a vacuum. So you can't fight against something that doesn't exist. You can just amplify what is true, which is love. It's like I forget this so much, still. Even I know it, and I know it in my heart. I know it in my mind, yet still, the animal in me gets afraid sometimes. And I get scared. I get scared of the world, man. It's crazy out there.

[00:28:51] Samuel: Yeah, a 100%. That's why the texts say in this world, but not of this world. And it's like, literally, who runs the educational system? We talked about already five companies own 90% of the media. Who runs the health system? Follow the money. And I don't want to go too deep into that, but, literally, on purpose, tell live vision programming. Literally, they're telling you what they're doing. They're literally dropping people into alpha brainwaves on purpose. 

[00:29:20] They've studied humans. 70, 80% of the news and all of social media is negative on purpose and just enough. And so the positive news is not being shared. And so that's one of my deep passions, actually. 

[00:29:32] But at the end of the day, love is a frequency, and higher vibration always entrains lower vibration. I used to say love is the answer. Everybody says that. There's songs that say love is the answer, and it's true. Love is the answer. Period. But what is love? Baby, you don't hurt me. Just kidding. 

[00:29:52] No, what is love though? I've gone really deep into this because there's layers on layers on layers of love. In one of my ceremonies, a brother was actually shown literally what love is. It's this backbone and glue, the cohesive power of the universe that literally holds my atoms together, myself together, my sanity together, my family together. This universe is held together literally by the force we call love, which is the cohesive glue and power of the universe. 

[00:30:23] And so it's connection. In psychiatry, I was like, if love is the answer, what does that really mean? Oh, a disconnection or a forgetting of the connection to one's own higher self. And that's literally become my life's work, is to help people remember about this connection that they have to their soul. This connection that they are eternal. This connection that love is the answer because, from there, I'm not healing anybody.

[00:30:53] They're just reconnecting to their higher self. And from there, they're telling themselves, they're reminding themselves, and they're not even healing themselves. They're just remembering who they are through the power of love. And that's what I think these plants, uh, are wanting to help us remember, is the interconnectivity, uh, the love of the universe. We are nature. We're not separate from nature. We're all one.

[00:31:16] Luke: Since I've been sober, with the exception of this one time that I'm about to describe, I've only used plant medicines or psychedelics in ceremony with a facilitator, with a shaman, psychiatrist, whatever.

[00:31:29] I've never just been chilling at home like, I'm going to take a bunch of drugs. It's just not my intention. No judgment on anyone that does it that way. But anyway, this one day, I was with some trusted friends, and we were up in Yosemite, and we were all going to take some mushrooms. And it wasn't a ceremony.

[00:31:44] We're just hanging out in the woods. And I probably took, I don't know, three or four grams. Came on pretty strong. And I was having so much fun. When I took shrooms when I was a kid, we would all just roll around and laugh. This was another level of joy because I had healed so much of my trauma that I could really be free.

[00:32:05] There was no escapism in it. And then the joke became the mushrooms were laughing at me for trying to measure them and quantify how many grams I took, and they just kept telling me, eat more. So I just kept eating them. I don't know. I had seven, 10 grams something. Kept eating them.

[00:32:22] Anyway, point of the story is, a, the best fucking day of my life, literally. It was so beautiful and fun. My wife was there, my brothers. No one else took as much as I did, so I had to work through a little insecurity because they were all going inside to eat, and I'm out in the fucking woods just screaming like a banshee. 

[00:32:39] But I'm out there in a creek, and I realized everything around me was edible. There was watercress and all these different mint. So I'm knee deep in the creek, and I'm just eating. They came out and checked on me and said, Luke, what are you doing? I said, man, I'm eating salad. There's salad everywhere. It was delicious salad, you guys. 

[00:32:58] And then I went and sat down. And I was like, okay, this is all fun, but Luke, what's the teaching here? And then the first level of the teaching was, man, you need to spend more time in nature. And then this voice, how the voices come, and it said, no, you are nature.

[00:33:14] Samuel: Boom.

[00:33:15] Luke: And it's hard to describe the potency and the depth of that realization, but it was a huge turning point in my life when I felt as though I was at one with the trees, and the waters, and the land, and the animals. Not an intellectual concept, but felt it in my bones-- 

[00:33:38] Samuel: Yeah, cellular knowing. 

[00:33:40] Luke: That I am that. And then it weaved into this whole-- there's a great book called I Am That by Nisargadatta Maharaj, which is a book on non-duality-- the first spiritual book I ever got. Took me 20 years to figure out how to read it. I maybe have a little bit of it now, but it was, see, it's not that nature is out there, and I'm over here, or that you're over there, and I'm over here. I am everything. It's the end of duality. And the unification that comes with that, and the knowingness. So when you said that we are nature, man, it's really, really true. And you could prove it just by dying and having someone go throw you in the dirt. You become dirt.

[00:34:23] Samuel: You become the dirt. You literally become the dirt. And I love that you shared that, brother, because that reminds me of my first time, man, when I did ayahuasca. I was a party boy in LA. I didn't know what nature was. You what I mean? I was living in a concrete jungle. I didn't go hiking. I didn't know any of this stuff. 

[00:34:40] I ended up in a ceremony. I was just waking up, learning breathwork, and really in a joyful state, went to my first ceremony in Topanga, and there was an oak tree. And I'm super sensitive, so in the ayahuasca circle, literally, I was led outside. I was a LA party boy, so I didn't know anything about nature.

[00:35:01] For some reason, I started putting my hand on this oak tree and just breathing with this tree. Something intuitively took over in me, and literally, what started happening was neon green lines shooting at me into the tree, from the tree into the plants, from the plants into the stars, and there's energy matrix of, uh, energy was connecting me to the trees, the plants, the stars, and everything.

[00:35:21] And I'm just sitting here looking at this as all of nature was coming alive, like Avatar. And in that moment, I had that same feeling that you had. Whoa. All of nature is connected. And I am nature. I'm never alone. If I could really open my eyes and see the interconnectivity of every single thing, which is love, connecting everything together, there's literally energetic, invisible lines connecting everything together.

[00:35:45] Some people see that in the stars. And I love that you told a story too, because it reminds me of-- near the end of my party days, I was on my way to Vegas. It was my birthday with two of my best friends that I love to this day. Um, normal. My birthday. They're like, oh, let's go to Vegas. We're going to get a table. We're on our way to Vegas. It's my birthday. I said, no, not this birthday, man. He said, what do you want to do then? I was like, that's what we always did. So I was like, no, we're going to Zion, in the freezing cold.

[00:36:14] And I got some medicine. I'm going to take some medicine. So long story short, we end up there, and it's freezing cold outside. And two of my friends, they've never taken any medicine. We take a little bit of medicine, and boom, we're seeing elders around the fire. This is my lawyer friend who's never seen anything like this.

[00:36:32] We're just having the time of our life, laughing, just having a good time. He's driving three miles per hour when he thinks he's going 40 miles per hour. We just had an amazing time. And to this day, we still talk about that day. And the crazy thing is we come back from that trip. This is the only thing we can talk about really. 

[00:36:49] And my friend who was completely opposed to online dating before that trip, would say, I know I'm going to be single the rest of my life. Not going to have children. Within a week after that trip, he's online dating. And within, I don't even know, a month, he meets his wife. And as a psychiatrist, I'm like, what happened in his brain that day that made him literally-- neuropathically, something connected, which made him not online date to online date to all of a sudden get married.

[00:37:15] That's when, literally, proof of like, wow, these medicines have, uh, an ability in them to form new connections in the neural pathways, which can change someone's life like a 100 therapy sessions in four hours.

[00:37:28] Luke: 100%. I'm married to Alyson because we sat in a peyote ceremony for 40 hours together. Legit. It's a long story. I've told it before. But something changed in my awareness in my brain that made me see things. And maybe for her too, she could tell her own story, but I saw the potential that I couldn't see before that. 

[00:37:51] Strange shit happens. I want to go back to one thing, though, that I almost touched on before. So when we're talking about plants having and being consciousness and deciding on their own volition or the volition of God that they're going to start to proliferate and enter into our culture, there's also a school of thought of some people that are purists for earth-based medicines.

[00:38:16] The bufo, mushrooms, ayahuasca, etc, and that kind of poo poo, the pharmaceutical base, the ketamine, the MDMA, and so on. And I've derived benefit from all of them, no matter where they came from. And I know you work with both in conjunction. I want to get into that because it's super trippy to me what you do.

[00:38:36] Um, but I've always looked at it like, well, source and the earth created humans and created the minds, and the intuition, and the creativity, the intellect, everything that makes up a person. If that human is a chemist and goes into a lab and synthesizes MDMA or ketamine, with no "natural ingredients," not only is their thought process in the creation of that medicine "organic" because they are of the earth, but also the ingredients that they're even using to synthesize it came from somewhere in the earth, even if it's not a plant.

[00:39:16] It's like there's actually no psychedelic that's not of this earth unless it came from another dimension or something. Do you know what I mean? People are like, oh, I only use plants. I don't want anything that's made in a lab. And respect to that. I have no problem with people's beliefs, but I'm just seeing what your take is. To me, they all came from the earth and are really no different.

[00:39:41] Samuel: A 100%. Um, love that you asked this question because oftentimes in my work, literally, this will come up. People who are like, I only take things that are from the earth. But once again, Tesla and Einstein said the future of medicine is frequency, and everything is source energy. And we're not going back.

[00:40:05] A lot of people are infatuated with indigenous cultures, and there was so much beauty there. There's the harmony with nature, the way that they had ceremony, the way that the maternal matriarch had their role in the tribe and decided who would come over for dinner, who would go out for it. So many beautiful things to learn and remember from there.

[00:40:26] Um, but we're not going back. We're moving forward, and the future is frequency. Tesla and Einstein said the future of medicine is frequency. And so my Native American auntie actually had a dream where she was shown, oh, where does, uh, ketamine come from? Oh, it comes from a plant. Oh, where does MDMA come from?

[00:40:47] Oh, it comes from sassafras, a plant. So exactly to your point, all of these medicines are coming either from the earth or from our earth being who's channeling spirit. People don't even know what they're talking about when they say, oh, spirit, because that's what all these indigenous people are saying.

[00:41:07] Spirit, spirit, the great spirit. Did you even know that according to quantum morphogenetic physics, spirit is an ether to elicit radiation on the unmanifest side of creation? It's a frequency, a less dense version of me. And so everything is a frequency, and all energy is frequency, and all energy is conscious.

[00:41:24] And so in my particular ceremonies, it's about synergizing, um, ingredients to produce a frequency. Um, and the soul is a less dense version of me existing right now. And if I can synergize different compounds, whether it's from the earth or based on something from the earth, let's get over those little details and produce a frequency. 

[00:41:44] And what really matters is the connection to the soul, and then by their fruits you shall know them. After the ceremony, is the person more loving, more kind, more patient? Is that disease healed or not? Let's look at that. Let's not argue about logistics and semantics.

[00:42:00] Luke: Well said. I think in addition to meeting you that day with John, uh, Khalil had told me about you and your work, and I don't know if he-- I'll leave it up to him to disclose whether he's worked with you or not, but he was describing what you do, which is what we did recently, um, which included MDA, sassafras, phenibut, which is just like a supplement, uh, MDMA, psilocybin, and then a couple of injections of ketamine in the arm.

[00:42:32] And Khalil was telling me about the way these journeys are conducted, and I was like, that sounds fucking crazy. Who's doing all those at once? You only need one of them to do the trick. And so anyway, then I just forgot that he had explained that to me. Uh, and then when we met and started talking, I learned more about what you do, and our friend David Naylor, I give him a shout-out too, he said, oh man, you got to sit with Sam, dude. 

[00:42:54] You have not even worked with medicine until you've done that. It's next level. He went on and on when he was over here one day. And when he explained it to me, actually, I was like, I felt that feeling in my heart. It was like, I got to get in touch with this guy. I got to do it. And then it was actually lined up to do it at one point with David and you and some other folks, and it just didn't work out on that date, but I knew it was locked into my future calendar.

[00:43:21] My experience of working with you, by the way, and other people-- we'll put the show notes for this, you guys at lukestorey.com/sam. lukestorey.com/sam. We'll put the links to your website and all of that stuff. And, uh, people will have the opportunity, depending on where they live, uh, and the legalities and all that to work with you in groups or privates. 

[00:43:40] I know you travel all over working with people. Uh, but when we work together, I had the same nervous anticipation that I usually do before any experience like that because I know my ego doesn't like it because it's going to have to surrender and let my soul do some work, and it's going to be put to the side for a few hours.

[00:43:58] But I got to say, it was, beautiful, transformative, and profound, but it was so carefully controlled and calculated in terms of the medicine. It was really fascinating to watch you give me the phenibut. And you have your timer on your phone. You're like, 15 minutes. Okay. It's time for this thing now. And there was this whole sequence of, uh, dosing.

[00:44:24] And then when it started to come on, okay, now we're starting. The headphones go on. You have a specific, really beautiful playlist. You say a prayer. And I just go into this just beautiful, totally chill quantum space. And it was amazing to me that I'm laying there for five hours or whatever it was, and in my bloodstream is phenibut, MDA, MDMA, mushrooms, and ketamine.

[00:44:52] I'm like, how am I so chill? But I didn't have any edginess. There was no scariness. There was no nausea. There was no pain. Um, sometimes in medicine, you'll go down a little weird, negative, dark path for a minute and have to breathe and come back. You're freaking out. It can get scary. There was no fear. And it was just the amount of depth that I needed to do that work, which for me, as you know, you sat there by my side the whole time, which I didn't know you were there, dude, by the way. 

[00:45:25] Samuel: It was really cool being there.

[00:45:26] Luke: Every once in a while, I would look over, and I was like, oh, fuck, he's listening to me. And we have the recorder going, which is part of your protocol, which you can explain. So if I was motivated to speak, I would speak, and it was recorded. And, uh, it was so interesting to me that there was no crunchiness. Nothing ever got sideways on me, or even close to it.

[00:45:47] I just felt so relaxed in my body. So safe. Your presence was felt even when I didn't know you were there. I knew there was support there if I needed it. I was nowhere near at any point going, hey, man, am I okay? Sometimes in an ayahuasca ceremony, I don't think I've ever called for help, but I have felt at times like, oh man, this is getting fucking dark. 

[00:46:09] I might need support, but I just haven't. But anyway, the whole come on was very gradual and smooth. And then as it tapered off. It was very smooth. And maybe for the first time ever, I actually felt just pretty normal afterward. A little bit of a headache, pretty open-hearted. I was having fun with Alyson.

[00:46:28] I felt really open to her and very, uh, in love with her, which is every day. But that warm, fuzzy feeling. Wanted to hug her and be with her a lot. But there was no, I don't know, hangover. There was no waves of depression or feeling weird. It was just really, really smooth.

[00:46:48] So it was an astonishing experience to me in that there's so many different substances used in a short period of time, yet it was probably the safest and most calm, deep experience that I've ever had. And as you know, really what it ended up being for me, I set some intentions, and I just prayed the whole time.

[00:47:08] Samuel: Yeah. It was beautiful, man.

[00:47:08] Luke: It was just a prayer.

[00:47:09] Samuel: Yeah. It was a prayer. Literally, a four or five-hour prayer, man. I was praying along with you there.

[00:47:13] Luke: Yeah. So that's my, uh, Roger Ebert review of your film that you created for me. 

[00:47:22] But anyway, just lead us into your protocol and how these different medicines synergize and the science behind it. What is this magic that you're working with here?

[00:47:33] Samuel: Yeah, no, I appreciate the opportunity to share, man. Um, so anytime you take a journey, especially in the invisible world, man, I think it's really important to know, where am I going? How long am I going to be there? How safe is it? And most importantly, like, what is my sacred why? And what is my intention?

[00:47:52] People, when they take journeys on the physical plane, they're like, I'm going to Bali, taking Spirit Airlines because I'm going on a yoga retreat, whatever. They know these things. And especially with the psychedelic renaissance happening right now, I think it's really important to know these questions.

[00:48:04] When you take your eye mask off, where am I? Hopefully, the person holding space for you can say, this is where you are. Um, and so this protocol is a sacred, uh, contract that's been given to me. It's not mine. It's for everybody. And so in this particular ceremony, it's like, okay, where are we intending to go?

[00:48:27] We're intending to connect people directly, not to a plant, but produce a frequency to connect them to their higher self. Their soul, their oversoul, or their avatar kriso self. The DNA scientists call it junk DNA, not junk. Quantum morphogenetic physics says the 4th, 5th, and 6th strand of DNA is the soul. The 7th, 8th, 9th strand of DNA is the oversoul.

[00:48:47] The 10th, 11th, 12th DNA is the avatar. And so imagine a ladder of frequency, and each level of the ladder is a DNA strand. It's a bandwidth of frequency. It's a new level of mind, a new level of perception. And also, you can eventually get to a certain place on the frequency ladder where there's no disease. As Jesus said, there's a perfect love that casts out all fear.

[00:49:06] Well, there's a frequency where disease doesn't exist. And then there's a certain frequency where there's no time or space. There's no time, only consciousness moving through different densities. So when you get to the third density, third dimension, it's dense. And so there appears to be time. But when you get to a certain frequency, there's no time.

[00:49:24] It's just consciousness. And it has access to information, levels of perception, healing frequencies. Um, and remember, there's only one disease, a disconnection from one's own higher self. And so my intention in this protocol is to produce a frequency that connects people directly to their higher self, uh, which is a less dense version of themselves. And so how do we get there? Oh, okay, um, well, I quiet down the mind, geominubitric acid, GABA, the brakes of the brain,

[00:49:54] Luke: This is the phenibut. 

[00:49:55] Samuel: The phenibut. Uh, and it's a precise formula based upon the person's weight, based upon the half-life of the medicine, based upon all these different things. So it's precision. And so we quiet down the brain. Brain is slowly starting to go quiet. Okay, cool. Let's start opening up the heart. Serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine. Okay, cool. Give it in three doses based upon the person's weight. Open the heart. Then there's a frequency that starts radiating from the heart.

[00:50:18] And Jesus said, the kingdom of heaven is in your heart. What was he talking about? Oh, HeartMath Institute can now measure 5 to 15 feet in all directions. There's a frequency radiating from the heart which is carrying information. And the greatest lie ever told to humanity is that we're third-dimensional.

[00:50:34] No. Actually, if you can produce enough energy, you can shift from third dimension into another density level. And they come in three dimensions. So three dimensions per dimension. You can go into the 4th, 5th, and 6th stranded frequency range, which is the soul. And so there's a frequency which we precisely give this heart medicine to open up the heart.

[00:50:53] And then who you know on the physical plane, important. But who you know on the invisible plane, even more important, because metaphysics, before anything happens in the seen world, it happens in the invisible world. So a lot of people are doing psychedelics. For me, it's important to know exactly who I'm working with in the invisible world.

[00:51:09] So for three, four years doing this, not one person has ever gone dark, and everybody has come back safely. It's not an accident, because we're actually oscillating. It's timed. So we oscillate past the lower fourth astral realm. So the fourth chakra, the heart, it's a portal to the fourth dimension.

[00:51:26] There's a lower fourth astral world, which is where disembodied energies, and entities, recycled souls hang out. And yeah, a lot of people, when they go to ayahuasca ceremonies, if there's no protection and they're not oscillating, that's why things get crunchy in an earth spirit ceremony, mushrooms and things like that.

[00:51:41] But in this one, it's specifically designed to oscillate past the crunchiness, past the lower fourth astral realm. Um, and then now we're going into the spaces where there's only love and light. And it was designed to do it very smoothly, safely, and consistently. So some people's mothers don't want to go into the crunchiness, but they still want to have that experience where they can experience the love of God and the multidimensional wisdom of their own soul.

[00:52:06] And so I think this is a bridge medicine to the future I believe in. So we oscillate past the lower fourth astral realm, the breaks are coming on, the heart is opening into a multidimensional space, and then the person lays down, puts on an eye mask, and then you give them an intramuscular injection of pure ketamine.

[00:52:24] And people, when they hear ketamine-- there's so much stigma associated with words. Some people are going to think Berlin, 1977 party. No, it's not that. It's a glutamate receptor antagonist. Glutamate in the brain is, uh, what makes you super excited. So it's going to quiet down the accelerator of the brain, and functional MRI shows, quiets down the rear default mode network.

[00:52:48] That part of the ego, epigenetic overlay, it's not bad. It's what makes us a unique oscillatory reflexive source, but it doesn't like the unknown. So now the mind is quiet. GABA, heart is open, serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, multidimensional space. Okay, here it comes. Very consistent, very safe. We know exactly what the half-life of these medicines are, twice down the rear default mode network. Boom, breaks, heart.

[00:53:16] Direct connection to your higher self. And now the music. Uh, in the beginning, God said, let there be light, and there was light. Sound becomes light. If you want to heal anything, go to where it first started, which is sound. So now you got this music playing on, and then you have a direct connection to your higher self.

[00:53:33] And not everybody may choose to experience it, which is great because for there to be love, there has to be a choice. There's no force in source. But I do believe everybody should have the option or choice of experiencing the multidimensional wisdom, unconditional love, and safety of their own soul. And this is the best tool that I've ever found, and it's my sacred honor and duty to keep what is sacred sacred.

[00:54:01] And so in that space, though, when you connect, not only like a 1,000 therapy sessions in four hours. Anything is possible because healing of the physical body, if they're ready to receive that, um, going to a past life and healing-- there's no time. Going to a past life and healing, whatever block is in this life is now open. Um, some sister hasn't had her period for two years. Boom. All of a sudden, next day has it.

[00:54:27] Because this part of us, it knows why we're here. The greatest question, who am I? Why am I here? What am I here to do? It has access to that information, so it can give you purpose. It can heal physically. So that's the real connection that I'm intending, is to reconnect people to their higher self. And I do believe this has the potential to create a new global paradigm in health.

[00:54:53] I've had people literally, the day after ceremony, you talk about addiction, you heal. It's not the addiction. It's the underlying trauma. You heal the underlying trauma, there goes the addiction. And so people sometimes have quit caffeine, nicotine, alcohol. The next day, they're not even trying to do that.

[00:55:09] It's just gone. So you imagine, oh, Western science is trying-- oh, what's happening to the dopamine? Yo, but the higher self, it's the greatest surgeon on the planet and knows exactly how to heal you. So that's it in a nutshell. And then the integration is the most important piece. So you have this smooth journey like you had, and then you come back in into your body. Amazing. Cool. Safe, smooth, consistent. Um, and then you have a recording. 

[00:55:33] Some people say the voice is a reflection of the soul. You saw things. You felt things. Now you can type out, bring to the third dimension a multidimensional transcript of what your higher self was telling you. And you can type it out. And then turning knowledge into wisdom, applying that knowledge, embodying the soul, you can have a call with an integration specialist who helps you create a soul action plan. And then we're intending to create community around this because you place I in illness. With we, illness becomes wellness. And that oxytocin connection starts happening.

[00:56:07] Luke: I hope you have that on your website or something. 

[00:56:09] Samuel: It is in my book, The Spiritual Guideto Mental Health.

[00:56:11] Luke: Okay, that's good. 

[00:56:11] Samuel: It's not mine. I got it from somewhere, but yeah.

[00:56:13] Luke: With my transcript, um, there was long periods in which I was quiet, and then I would just pop off with a prayer. And so I'm about halfway done transcribing mine. I have to sit there and skip. I know the iPad, the voice note has the thing where it skips the quiet, but sometimes it misses a word.

[00:56:32] So I was 15-second fast forward, and I write it down, pause, write it down, pause, but yeah. Another interesting thing, um, I've never done ketamine therapy, but that's the one thing I've worked with a little bit on my own, just in low doses, meditations, doing Joe Dispenza journeys. Used to take it sometimes in my hyperbaric chamber and just basically meditate.

[00:56:53] But if I ever had a realization, I could never remember it. It was just brain dead, just brain eraser. And I'd come out like, God, man, I really broke through something, and I had no idea. Funny about the transcript is, if I didn't have it, there would definitely be some things I didn't remember.

[00:57:08] But as I listened to it, I was like, oh yeah, totally. I remember exactly what I was thinking when I said those words or uttered that prayer. So it's interesting in the combination of medicines that you use. You're not all there, but yet you are. I think that was quite interesting, that I was able to actually recall a lot of what happened, even though I was in a really deep space. 

[00:57:28] Uh, a curiosity that I had was, um, I've worked with a couple of other facilitators, like our mutual friend Harry, the healer, uh, and he'll typically work with MDA or MDMA and a much larger dose of psilocybin, three and a half grams or so. So it's like your heart opens, you feel very safe from the heart opener, and then it takes the edginess off like the big dose of mushrooms.

[00:57:51] And I've had some profoundly healing, transformative experiences with him doing that. But when we sat, it was only about one gram of mushrooms. So the visual component of the experience was much more minimal. There wasn't a lot of geometry, and colors, and all of the stuff that's akin to a psilocybin. I was curious why you use such a moderate dose of psilocybin.

[00:58:15] Samuel: Yeah, I think the mushrooms, uh, friends, uh, it's like a mycelial network underneath the earth, literally underground internet. It's how the trees communicate, and they're intelligent. Um, and so as below, so above, as within, so without. So imagine that mycelial network of interconnection. When one tree is about to die, it knows exactly, through the internet of the mycelium, how to send energy and nutrients to that.

[00:58:42] And that's what I'm trying to build on around the world, is tribe. And so they have this intelligence interconnection, intercommunication. And, uh, I don't want to overpower the person with too many mushrooms because they also can go into the lower fourth astral realm, which can get really crunchy, but I do want to add a little component of that, um, intelligence, uh, at a micro dose level.

[00:59:06] And sometimes people can have more visuals with it as well, but I don't want it to overpower or take people into the crunchiness. So I specifically give a very little amount to hit once we're past the lower fourth astral realm. Then it comes in, and there's a little bit of visual component. And then also, imagine the underground mycelial network is the neural pathways in the brain, and so it can help connect different parts of the brain, um, and what's happening in here is also happening out there.

[00:59:32] So building tribe and community around this, where it's all interconnected, where we can mimic the intelligence of nature and the mushrooms, where one tribe is poor. There's not one poor person in the tribe. Why? Because there's a network of infrastructure created where we can send energy to that because there's an abundance. Um, and I think that these, uh, the mycelial network has this, uh, really intelligent way of communicating. 

[00:59:58] Um, and that's happening in our body too, and in our brain. So I like to add a little component, but not too much, not to draw people into the crunchiness, but just to add a little visual component of, um, earth intelligence as well as interconnection.

[01:00:09] Luke: Perfect. Love it. And the playlist was a really integral part of it too, which I'm always curious. Sometimes when you sit with someone, you just listen to your own playlist. I have a great playlist It's seven hours long, but I just put on shuffle, and I have no idea going to happen. Sometimes some weird tracks come in, and you're like, ah, should I fast forward? I don't know if I can roll over.

[01:00:32] But your playlist, which I have, and I've listened to since, seems to be very much synchronized with the different levels of the medicine. When the ketamine hits, you're like in a different frequency of tunes than you are in the beginning or toward the end. How long did it take to refine the playlist so that it's timed perfectly with the medicine? Or was I just imagining that?

[01:00:56] Samuel: No, 100%. The playlist is key. Music is key. And so, yeah, man. It was timed so that it starts with a very gentle, into the heart. The first song is called Passage to Eden. And we want to get the person into their heart, just to mimic life. And then it slowly crescendos up once you're in the heart, into-- and every song is designed to bring out a different archetype.

[01:01:20] And so mimic that journey where-- and then you're coming right in the middle as soon as the heart medicine's kicking, the brain is quiet, we know exactly-- boom, here comes that song that is going to take you to Africa, or take you to the galaxy, or whatever it is. Because it's important to also allow the warrior to live, every archetype to live. And each song is designed to bring out a different archetype. Um, and a different archetype brings out a different memory, or a different experience, or a different location.

[01:01:48] So it was literally designed to start softly and go up, bring out different archetypes, um, but really be a heart-centered playlist. Then come take you back into your heart and into home, and repeat that cycle three to four times. I have only an hour playlist on purpose because I want people to develop cellular memory of this music at a multidimensional, high-frequency, emotional state because I work with Alzheimer's patients, and literally, Alzheimer's patients forget their children's names.

[01:02:20] They forget all of these things, but the one thing they do not forget is music. You play them a playlist from their youth, they start dancing. And it's because music is stored in a different cellular area of memory. And so now, when the person comes out of the ceremony, they have literally like a cellular memory of this playlist at a multi-dimensional high frequency. 

[01:02:42] And just by doing breathwork and putting on the eye mask and listening to the music, some people can literally go back into a similar space. And that's the whole goal of this ceremony, is to strengthen the neural pathways and connection to that person's soul. And so we want to leave them with as many integration tools, which music is one of them, breathwork is one, books, typing out your transcript, having the integration call, um, and talking with other people who experience the ceremony. 

[01:03:08] And as soon as this healing thing takes off, my passion, what I really want to do is, uh, djing, and then playing music for people because I really feel music, uh, is going to save the world. If you want to heal anything, go to where it first started, which is sound. God said, let there be light. Sound and light, which is also the language of our potential DNA. And so I have these dreams of being in front of large crowds of people and playing them eternal life mantras infused into the music, flashing eternal life symbols.

[01:03:36] Symbols are also light and sound dancing, with light warriors stationed all around, uh, holding down the grids, and literally, people jumping up and down at a high frequency, activating their potential DNA, reconnecting them to their higher self. And that's what this is all about, reconnection, remembering the higher self.

[01:03:54] Luke: I'm envisioning this event. And getting our mutual friend, uh, Jere, to make a giant crowd-sized RASHA to blast everyone with the bass 12 frequencies. Those listening, uh, you might have remembered the show on the RASHA. We'll put it in the show notes at lukestorey.com/sam. I know you have a RASHA. You're a lucky man. Uh, credible technology. 

[01:04:17] Samuel: Shout-out Dr. Jere, man.

[01:04:19] Luke: Incredible technology. So that's what I'm envisioning, is RASHA frequencies with your djing. I'm in.

[01:04:25] Samuel: Yeah, man. Yeah. 

[01:04:26] Luke: Yeah, I'm in. 

[01:04:27] Samuel: Let's do it. dome.

[01:04:28] Luke: 100%. Going back to the psychiatry piece, are there counter indications for people that are still relying on psychiatric medications? How does that work if you screen someone to do your protocol and they're-- I was on something called Effexor a long time ago, which was a fucking nightmare. Um, but I hear different things when I've, uh, signed up for different, uh, retreats and things. They're like, hey, you got to let us know if you're on SSRIs and this and that. How do you approach that particular, uh, nuanced issue for people? 

[01:05:04] Samuel: Yeah, um, all I care about is the truth. And so the truth will set us free. And so a lot of these textbooks, and as the psychedelic renaissance starts happening, a lot of people are saying, and the textbooks are saying, if you look at the literature, um, you have to be off of all serotonin-boosting medications for at least two weeks before you have any type of plant medicine journey that's going to boost, if you want to call it, your, um, serotonin levels.

[01:05:29] And it's based, once again, on fear. A fear that it's going to cause serotonin syndrome. And I've been a psychiatrist for 10 plus years. And, uh, literally, I think there was people coming in on three or four, five even, different psychiatric serotonin-boosting medications. And throughout all those years, I never saw serotonin syndrome happen once.

[01:05:52] So I've seen close to it happen, um, so I think it is important to be mindful of this warning, that if there's too much serotonin in the body, something called serotonin syndrome could happen. And, yeah, I think it's important to screen people and have a medical screening, and make sure you're aware of what medications they're on, and what these medications do, and how it's going to synergize with, uh, the ceremony that someone might choose to take.

[01:06:17] Uh, but I always refer to intuition and always, uh, refer to be mindful of the 3D, be mindful of the dopaminergic-serotonin interactions, but also have this toolkit of all these things that can really help someone because that's what it's really all about. How can I help and serve this person from my toolkit? And so, yeah, I'm a maverick when it comes to that area, uh, but at the same time, yeah, I always do take into account, um, those things.

[01:06:42] Luke: Cool, cool. When you were, uh, going through your mental health challenges, did you ever try to solve it with psychiatric medication?

[01:06:52] Samuel: Yeah, there was a time-- and so I'm not condemning Western meds because nothing is good or bad. And yeah, um, when the pain of the symptoms-- actually, uh, the medicine is in the pain. It's through the pain that we realize, uh, find the tools. Unplugged from the systems, the things, the thoughts, the words, the beliefs, the friends, the music, that doesn't serve us anymore because we have that signal. It's a signal to us.

[01:07:19] Oh, that something needs to change. And we plug into new systems, new ways, new music, new things that do serve us. So, uh, actually, in the cave, fear is the treasure we seek. So yeah, I don't think it's not a cure, but there was a time in my life where the pain was so severe, the shame, the guilt, the low frequencies was so severe that I needed something to numb myself.

[01:07:40] And, uh, during that time, uh, yeah, I did take, uh, psychiatric medications. And it did help me numb myself just long enough, um, to be able to make it through residency and become a psychiatrist. So I'm not condemning these medications, but I think, once again, informed consent is important.

[01:08:00] Yes, 70% of the time, these SSRIs shut down the most powerful creative center on the planet, your second chakra. Yes, it's going to numb your frontal lobe, and numb the symptoms, and continue to help you live in a sick society because you're numb. And you can survive in this sick society because you're numb.

[01:08:16] But actually, the sickness is not you necessarily. It's the society that's sick. So for people who really want to change and who really want to treat the root cause, probably not the right answer. Yeah, informed consent for people who want to numb and survive in the society, just survive and be able to make it through. Not a bad option.

[01:08:36] Luke: Yeah, I think back on that, sometimes, uh, with my experience, which is maybe a few months, I got very addicted. If I ran out of that medication, I would start to lose my shit. And so I think of it as generally a negative experience, but I also don't know how bad I would have gotten if I didn't do it. You know what I'm saying? I might have gone off the rails totally. So maybe it was the best thing ever to get me to where I am now. But it was very challenging. I felt way crazier on medication than I did without. But I didn't jump off a bridge, so there's that.

[01:09:11] Samuel: Exactly. And I think the key there is informed consent. None of these psychiatrists are really telling people, hey, this can be addictive and super hard to get off of. I think it's really important to just give them the information. These are the possible benefits. These are the possible risks. Here's the information. You make the decision.

[01:09:28] Luke: Yeah. See, my psychiatrist at the time, God bless him, didn't tell me about any of the potential risks, and I got addicted to them. And then I don't know if I didn't have money or whatever to buy them, so he would get the samples from the pharmaceutical company. And this was in Century City, $400 an hour in the high rise, legit psychiatrist.

[01:09:49] It wasn't a fly-by-night operation. And I would have to call the office, and he would leave samples under the mailbox of the office building. I'd go over there in the middle of the night, get my Effexor. It was weird. Even at the time, I was like, isn't this weird to him? It's like a drug deal, literally. It was weird. It was dark. 

[01:10:12] So there's another thing that you're into, which I just recently learned, I didn't know about you, is you got this, uh, thing going with peptides. And I'm a huge fan of peptides. I've been using them for years off and on, all kinds of different protocols.

[01:10:28] And I've talked about it a lot. I've done podcasts about it, but it's always been one of those things that's really frustrating for me to share with the audience because I really believe in their healing potential, but it's very difficult for the average person to get them. You got to know the right doctor.

[01:10:42] It's a whole thing. And it's very risky to just go online and buy them because they could be tainted. And even just mixing them is difficult, even if you find a clean source. And a lot of the websites will go out of business because the regulations change and stuff. But when I first got them, they would come in powder form.

[01:11:00] And then I'd be online looking in forums, trying to do the math. It's fucking algebra, calculus, to figure out how much of the water you'd fill in. And then the right dose. It's very complicated and inaccessible for most people. And so when you reached out after we had met and you're like, oh, hey, I got this company called Practical Peptides, and any person can just order them online, they come pre-mixed with the syringes, the alcohol swabs, instructions, and anyone can do it, I was like, okay, we need to talk about this, uh, because that's a-- you guys sent me some. I did a shot this morning of BPC-157, and what's the other one? CJC.

[01:11:38] Samuel: CJC [Inaudible].

[01:11:40] Luke: Yeah. And it does me real good. What I noticed with the BPC-157 is, sometimes you just take them, and you're like, I think I feel good, but you don't really know. If I eat some weird food, like a bunch of gluten or something, and my gut gets wrecked, which you know if your gut's wrecked, if I do shots of the BPC-157, the next day, my gut's back.

[01:11:59] Samuel: Wow. 

[01:12:00] Luke: It's crazy. I'm not recommending that people go eat a bunch of bread or donuts. But if I have a cheat day and I'm like, oh, I'm feeling it, I get heartburn or just a bad digestion, I'll do some of that, and it just like--

[01:12:14] Samuel: Thanks for letting me know, by the way.

[01:12:15] Luke: Yeah, it works great. It's a good hack. 

[01:12:17] Samuel: Because I love my pizza every once in a while. You know what I mean? 

[01:12:19] Luke: Dude, me too. Alyson loves pizza, which makes it hard for me to not love it. Uh, the other day, we crushed a whole-- she bought it for herself. She's like, do you want a gluten-free pizza? And I was like, no, because gluten-free shit hurts my stomach worse than gluten most of the time. I don't know what they're using in this, uh, dough. She gets it in the car, and I look over, and I just fucking ate it.

[01:12:38] Samuel: That's what pizza does it.

[01:12:40] Luke: Dude, I literally could not resist. And I was fine actually, but on days where I'm not, um, I'll take a bunch of enzymes and things like. BiOptimizers, company makes this stuff called-- it's like an enzyme for gluten. It's called Gluten Away or something. And so I'll eat 10 of those and crush some gluten. But anyway, to the peptides, uh, for people that don't know, what are they, uh, what are they used for, and how'd you get involved with them? 

[01:13:07] Samuel: Yeah. Um, first of all, I just want to shout out Nicole, uh, co-owner of my company, and Danielle. They believe in this. And I've been hearing about peptides on podcasts and things like this, and uh, it's super conscious people who are talking about this. So that's how always how I base it. It's like, what is the level of the consciousness of this person and the product reflects the people? 

[01:13:26] So the goal is to create a new global paradigm of mental health. And so, um, I started learning about peptides. Oh, shoot. There's actually things out there that can help you repair your body, help you lose weight, help you gain muscle mass, help you, uh, repair injuries, and help you heal faster, like Wolverine shit. There's this stuff out there. And it works with your body's natural, already existing hormones and also receptors. And so I was intrigued by that. And then what we started finding out is like, oh, it's really hard to get.

[01:13:58] Uh, it can be really expensive, and you have to usually go see someone to get it. And so once you have a problem, you're like, okay, well, what's the solution? And so Nicole and Danielle, shout-out, went to work, and like, how can we make these affordable, accessible, and help people with their health? And, um, the end result of all of that is like, yeah, Practical Peptides. You can order it from your house. Um, it's more affordable than any other thing on the market that we're aware of.

[01:14:25] Luke: Oh, by far. That's the thing I forgot to mention. They're hella expensive. And then you go order, oh, I'm going to get five vials. It's like $1,800. It's a lot of money.

[01:14:33] Samuel: It's insane. Yeah. And this is also high quality. Being formulated directly from, uh, pharmacies that we trust. So it's all three of those things. We saw a problem, and now we see a solution. And I feel like there's nothing more exciting than, um, the right idea at the right time.

[01:14:50] And I do feel like right now, the time for peptides to repair your gut, what is that really doing? You eat a meal, and you take BPC, all of a sudden, your gut feels fine. And it's working with your body, not against your body. And so we think this is the right time for peptides, and we think it can really help a lot of people, and we've tried to make it affordable, accessible, so they can order from their house. And we're seeing testimonials come in.

[01:15:13] And that's the exciting part, man, because you see, yeah, okay, those shorts that didn't fit before, they fit now, but it's also like, oh, the self-esteem that comes with that, the confidence that comes with that. And that's what we're really excited about, changing lives through that.

[01:15:28] Luke: When I went on your site the first time, I didn't see it. And then I looked the other day, you have that peptide I can never pronounce. It's called semaglutide or something.

[01:15:36] Samuel: Semaglutide. 

[01:15:38] Luke: I saw that on your site. Uh, a doctor friend of mine sent me some of that because I gained all this weight. I hadn't had a scale in years, but we got one, and I stepped on. I was 198 pounds. I was like, what? I've been 165 for 20 years or something. And I was like, ah. And I started looking at video because I'm on video all the time in the podcast, looking at pictures. I was like, Oh shit, I did get big.

[01:16:02] Samuel: Yeah. 

[01:16:03] Luke: Yeah. My wife, lovingly, would be like, wow, honey, you've a little pooch. You look like you're four months pregnant. I was like, shit. So homeboy sent me some of those. I did like, I don't know. You do it four or five days a week. You do one little shot subcutaneously, in fat somewhere, which I had a lot of. Uh, dude, in two months, I had lost 20 pounds. I didn't eat different. I didn't exercise different. I didn't do shit. And you even came in today. You're like, bro, do you lose weight? 

[01:16:29] Samuel: That's what it looked like.

[01:16:30] Luke: Well, I'm even done with the peptides. That was a while ago. And I think I'm even losing weight after I stopped. And some people said, um, because I, of course, looked it up to see if it was safe and all that, uh, they had complaints about it, making them nauseous and different side effects. I felt absolutely fine. I had zero side effects. I just shed pounds. It's amazing. 

[01:16:53] Samuel: Yeah. 

[01:16:54] Luke: So I'm glad you guys have that. I don't think you're supposed to be on it all the time, so I'll wait until I get fat again, and then--

[01:17:00] Samuel: It's good to know it's there. 

[01:17:01] Luke: It's good to know it's there, man. If I need to trim down again, if I get over pushing two bills, I'll get some of those from your site. Uh, for people that want to check that out, you can go to lukestorey.com/peptides, and then your team gave us a discount. Uh, if they use the code LUKE, they get 12% off. So lukestorey.com/peptides. We'll also put that in the show notes at lukestorey.com/sam just to make it, uh, easy for people.

[01:17:29] And then, uh, talking to your team, they were talking about the possibility of some nasal-- because right now, it's injectables, which I have no problem with, but some people don't want to put a needle in themselves. It's a tiny insulin needle. You don't even feel it, by the way. But, uh, I heard rumors of nasal sprays and topicals. Is there any developments on that?

[01:17:50] Samuel: Yeah, I think Nicole and Danielle are working on that. Uh, the team is working on that. And, uh, man, they're crushing it. So just shout-out to Danielle and Nicole. We're hoping to literally evolve with the market and get it to as many people as possible, make it as accessible to as many people as possible, whether that's-- yeah, go to Practical Peptides and keep up because, uh, as soon as it's available, we'll have it for you. 

[01:18:10] Luke: Yeah. Because like I said, the first time I went, I think there was just two or three, and I was like, oh, there's the main ones anyway. And then I went back before the interview. I was like, oh shit, these guys have a whole suite going. So great job, uh, on your team for pulling that together. Um, and so the process is you purchase the peptides, then you book a virtual consult, which I didn't do because I got the hookup from you guys. And then you get your peptides, and then there's a video tutorial that tells you how to do it for people that are new to it.

[01:18:43] Samuel: Yeah, so you can order it from home. And we want to scale this with coaches that really care, and know what they're doing, and believe in this product. So you're going to get hooked up to someone like that who's literally going to tell you, yo, this is how you use it. This is what it does. And then you get a ship directly to you, and yeah, then you can literally experience it, and then you can refill it from home if you want. And, uh, as far as we know, it's the most affordable one on the market right now.

[01:19:07] Luke: That, by far, is. And another thing that is dope is that they come pre-mixed. Because I'm telling you, that is really hard to figure out. If you suck at math-- I can't even do math with a calculator. Literally, I can't do it. So it came pre-mixed. And also, when I first got into peptides years ago, I would order the wrong size needles off Amazon.

[01:19:26] They'd be too big, and they would hurt. And then I get them too small, and they were-- it's a nightmare if you have a brain like me to figure it out. So it came with needles. It came with the alcohol swabs, and everything's pre-mixed. I'm like, dude, you literally open it up and--

[01:19:41] Samuel: That's what I'm telling you. The divine feminine who have this gift. Putting them in charge of the project, they do all. They think about all those details, man. So yeah, it's going to come pre-mixed with the syringes, hopefully. Just ease of use, man. I'm just like you. That's what I appreciate.

[01:19:57] Luke: Yeah, me too. So well done. That's super exciting. I was really actually looking forward to sharing that with people because I've been getting messages from years like, what's up with the peptides? They live in a small town somewhere or whatever. It's going to their family doctor, and they're like, what's a peptide? It's only been for elite athletes, and biohackers, and stuff. It's just not been accessible. 

[01:20:21] Samuel: Yeah, man. I'm happy, man, to make it more accessible. And I think that more and more people are going to start learning about it. 

[01:20:27] Luke: Yeah, for sure.

[01:20:27] Samuel: So I think it has a lot of potential.

[01:20:29] Luke: Do you see any issues-- like I said, some of the sites that I've trusted before and purchased from, I'd be placing orders and spending way too much money, and then I would go back a few months later to reorder, and their site would be taken down. Regulatory stuff. Some of them were in Canada.

[01:20:43] I don't know. It's just a murky gray area in terms of regulations, like the world of exosomes and stem cells. It's like FDA and the three-letter agencies are always changing the rules and stuff. Do you guys foresee any issues with that as creating a viable company around this? Is the runway looking pretty smooth for peptides at the moment?

[01:21:12] Samuel: Yeah. For right now, it looks really smooth. Um, and that's why I keep shouting out Nicole and Danielle. They literally researched this stuff. They went in deep into this, and they made it as smooth as possible, in regulation with all of the three-letter words and in harmony and alignment with all of that.

[01:21:29] SoI trust my team. And so they've literally gone deep into that. They spent energy, love, hours looking into that stuff. And so we feel good about it. We feel the runway's smooth. We'll see. But it's beautiful because there's no problem. You have a goal. You want to get peptides to a lot of people. You keep that pure intention. You keep going towards it. Yeah, they come out with blocks. It's not really a block. It's just a lesson, blessing, and opportunity. Keep your eyes on the prize. Keep moving forward, learn the lesson, and keep going. So yeah, we feel good about it. Try to get it out to as many people as possible.

[01:22:02] Luke: Awesome. Well, I'm going to keep on them as long as I can.

[01:22:04] Samuel: Cool, man.

[01:22:05] Luke: All right. I got a question for you here. It's three parts. Who have been three teachers or teachings, philosophies, anything, that have influenced your life and your work that you'd like to share with us?

[01:22:15] Samuel: Man, thank you for asking this. Number one teacher in my life, at the age of 16 years old, I fell in love-- uh, I'm a pastor's son, so I've heard about Jesus. Sang songs about Jesus. Uh, went to church. Uh, but I never really actually felt a personal relationship until I was 16. And, uh, at the age of 16, on a missionship in Honduras, man, I felt the love of Jesus, and it changed my entire life.

[01:22:46] I became a youth pastor, quit the basketball team, and went on this full-on writing love songs to Jesus at night. Uh, and so, uh, this extreme real fire of love came through Jesus when I was a kid. Um, and became a youth pastor for a while. Was a religion major in college. And then, uh, I became lukewarm.

[01:23:06] Uh, there's a verse in the Bible that says-- I was the most innocent 22-year-old kid ever because I was like so into Jesus. I would just play basketball, study, and dream of being a medical missionary. I hadn't experienced anything in the world. And there's a verse in the Bible that says, I'd rather have you be cold than lukewarm. And I lost this fire for Jesus.

[01:23:24] And so it's been this crazy most epic love story I've had with this figure, this archetype, this beautiful man who walked this earth called Jesus. Yeah. And then for 10 years, I went cold, and I tried everything the world had to offer. And then I started asking the question, what did Jesus do from the ages of 12 to 30?

[01:23:45] Okay, all the Bible says, here he is. He's at the temple. He's impressing the pastors with his verbiage and knowledge. And then all of a sudden, his parents lose him. They come back. Where were you? Don't you know I'd be about my father's business? And all it says is, he grew in wisdom and favor with stature with man and with God.

[01:24:01] Nothing written about 12 to 30. He comes back at 30. All of a sudden, he knows how to walk on water, he knows how to turn water into wine. He knows who his homies are, his soul family, uh, and he doesn't choose church kids. He chooses tatted up cussing fishermen and tax collectors. He hangs out with prostitutes.

[01:24:19] One time, he mindfully braids a whip, and I don't think he was whipping people, but his warrior comes out, and he, you turn my father's house into a business. And he had a warrior, and then he commands people, heal the sick, raise the dead. Freely you have received. Freely give. It's in red.

[01:24:37] And then he knows exactly what his mission and his divine purpose is. And so I started getting really curious. Like, okay, what did he do from 12 to 30? You ask. Oh, he was in his father's carpentry shop. Oh, really? That's where he learned how to walk on water? And I started tracing his footsteps. Oh, in India. Oh, in Tibet. What was he learning?

[01:24:54] I was so in love with this figure that I started retracing his footsteps and learning things, the Tibetan Buddhism. Oh, shoot, the yoga of Jesus, reading all these multiple perspectives and trying to follow in his footstep because he was my hero. He was my first teacher. He was my first love.

[01:25:09] And I started retracing, and then there was a certain point where I started going into the eternal life wisdom. There's records of him in Egypt learning the eternal life wisdom, keylontic science, the science of 12 strands of DNA that you are the inner Christ. Activate your 12th strand of DNA, which is your inner Christ avatar.

[01:25:27] And I started like, oh, and the language of the potential DNA is actually frequency, sound, and light, and symbols. And so this wild love affair that I had with Jesus led me to this knowing that his true message was actually, you are the inner Christ. And by tracing in his footsteps, I found the eternal life wisdom. And the whole time, this love affair with Jesus was pointing back to me, saying, you are the Christ. The same things I have done, you shall do, and even greater.

[01:25:53] And then all of these words that I started reading about Jesus started making sense to me. Not just because they were in red. Because I had experienced it. Oh, the eternal living water that he talks about that he offered the Samaritan woman. Oh, there's actually a science of pre-eternal living water hydrolase that you activate through early morning sun gazing, certain sound tones and frequencies, and you can start producing from your fourth duct.

[01:26:12] Uh, pre-eternal living water hydrolase, that if you drink of it, then the water in your body, we are water, uh, it merges with your spirit body, which merges with your life body, which merges with-- and then you can transmigrate, and you, I am the resurrection and the life. Oh, you don't have to die. And all of these words started making sense to me now. Um, and that has been my greatest teacher, this amazing love affair that I have with Jesus Christ. 

[01:26:33] Luke: I've asked that question probably 580 times. That might be my favorite answer yet. You only got to one.

[01:26:43] Samuel: Yeah, that was one.

[01:26:43] Luke: That's deep, bro. I'm going to really contemplate that one. Okay. I love that, though, the full circle moment. I was not raised with any religion or anything. Uh, I never got into it. I was never exposed to it. Um, so I'm very malleable and open-minded to all different teachings, which is cool, but I also don't really have an anchor other than probably just the concept of non-duality.

[01:27:10] That's the one thing that I always come back to, which we've talked about in different ways today, but, um, I find that a lot of people, when a religion, Christianity or any other, is forced upon them through their culture or their upbringing, they defect and never come back. It's rare, it seems, that someone gets lost out there in the wilderness and then doesn't even necessarily come back. But what you just described to me is you found an even greater understanding and experiential relationship with it, right? 

[01:27:43] Samuel: Yeah.

[01:27:44] Luke: Yeah, it's interesting.

[01:27:45] Samuel: Yeah, full circle. In fact, I actually have a really, really special place in my heart for people who come from church, from religion, who are programmed just like I was. And I'm not saying it's bad. If you can find that golden thread of unconditional love that runs through all, that connects all of the religions, awesome.

[01:28:00] Like my mom. She's probably my second most beautiful teacher because she taught me the closest reflection of Jesus's love. And she gave me that unconditional love growing up. She was a model of Jesus's love for me. So that's probably my second greatest teacher, but I also really appreciate, um, and I used to envy, not anymore, people who are born without that programming, with that blank slate, because I feel like that's having that open mind and that ability to not be programmed and to learn, and everything is the teacher, I think that's such a beautiful gift in this lifetime as well.

[01:28:34] Luke: All right. So Christ consciousness, mom. What's your third?

[01:28:39] Samuel: Yeah, my third greatest teacher, uh, shout-out Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. He loved me. He saw the best in me when I couldn't see myself. He believed in me when I didn't even believe in myself. He gave me a spiritual practice, which catalyzed my remembering and my growth.

[01:28:59] And yeah, there comes a time in your life when you have to cut cords with your spiritual teacher and become your own guru. Gee. You are you, and you self realize that he did everything he could with what he had. And there's differences of opinions now and in philosophies and things like that, but yeah, I just really want to send a lot of gratitude and love to my greatest spiritual teacher in this lifetime, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, who loved me when I didn't even love myself. 

[01:29:30] He believed me when I didn't believe in myself. And he tailored a specific message straight for me, and he believed in me, and that's why I am where I am. And so, yeah, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, he reminds me of a spiritual Moses man. This man has the power of Moses. So much spiritual power running through this man. Yeah. And the first time I met him, he invited me in, and he asked, what's your birthday?

[01:29:55] And you're smiling. And he, okay, you're born on this day. And literally, for an hour, he went off, and he told me about myself. I didn't know anything at the time about astrology or anything, and he told me about what's going to happen in my life. He didn't give me specifics, but he said yo-- every single word that Dr. Levry spoke is starting to happen. And so for that, I'm eternally grateful.

[01:30:20] Luke: Wow. Cool. Is this a public figure that one could look up, and we can put him on the show notes, or is he an obscure citizen?

[01:30:30] Samuel: He's a live living transmission teacher. He's alive. He's in LA somewhere, I believe. He's traveling the world. Yeah. 

[01:30:37] Luke: Cool, cool. Uh, when you came back to, uh, your relationship with Jesus in the way that you described, uh, was that unifying with your parents, uh, assuming they still practice and go to church? You said your dad was a pastor. Uh, have you reconnected and like, ah, you guys had part of that, even though there was some programming in there? Do they understand what you do in the world, or do they think you're nuts?

[01:31:03] Samuel: I love this question, bro. I'm so happy you went here. They do not understand anything about the work that I do. 

[01:31:12] Luke: Are they're aware?

[01:31:14] Samuel: They're aware. I tell them enough, um, where they're aware. One of my dreams, man, is I'm praying and hoping, uh, that one day I'll be able to literally sit with them in ceremony. The chances of that happening, it would take a miracle. But I pray for that. Because literally, um, yeah, I love my parents. I believe that they completed their mission. Uh, they did exactly what they were supposed to do.

[01:31:42] But yeah, some of the most ancient souls agree to be born into specific lineages. And this world calls them the black sheep. But actually, they're there to be born to be different, to take the DNA lineage 7 to 11 generations back. Not to mention the quantum field. And to heal the trauma, to heal the programming, to deprogram the programming.

[01:32:03] And as to that family, they seem like a black sheep, but in all actuality, the black sheep becomes the GOAT, the greatest of all time. And so when we're on the other side, we will be able to see the truth that, yo, actually, every family has one of these beautiful, amazing ancient souls that is born. So right now, I'm just praying-- I love them. I accept them for who they are. We've never been better.

[01:32:21] But they don't understand when I talk about the real words of Jesus like, mom, hey, yo, who in church right now is actually going and healing the sick, raising the dead? And one of my ceremonies four weeks ago, this brother's spine was-- he's walking again. So they don't get it. Uh, they don't understand what they don't understand, which is fine, but yeah, I feel like the story of Jesus is just getting started. And I pray my parents live a long, healthy life, because in the next 20 years, I feel like a lot of cool stuff is going to happen, and I think things are going to come full circle.

[01:32:53] Luke: Amazing. I love it, man. Well, thank you for the work you do in the world. Thank you for being my friend, my guide. And thank you for joining us on another episode of the Life Stylist podcast.

[01:33:04] Samuel: It's a joy and an honor, man. And I also wanted to just say to you, man, thank you. Thank you for being born, man. Um, holding space with your soul was an absolute pleasure. And I don't know if everybody else who hears your podcast really understands because I didn't really understand the nature of your soul and your commitment to do things with virtue, with purity, um, in all aspects of your life, and to really do things the right way, man. And as I was listening to your soul pray for four to five hours, man, my soul was inspired. Wow. This brother is committed to love, and purity, and my soul was resonating with that. So thank you, brother. Appreciate it, man. Thanks for having me on.


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