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This episode is a live recording of my conversation with Fern Olivia, creator of Thyroid Yoga®, on her talk show Sensual Intelligence on Focus TV. Fern spends her time interviewing some of the most influential leaders in conscious lifestyle to learn about their most intimate rituals for maintaining the irrevocable partnership with their soul.

Fern asked me how I keep me inner flame glowing brightly and bring more spice to my life lives through my six senses; the tools, go-to remedies, potions, alchemy, and practices I apply to my love life.

I get extremely vulnerable about the experiences, and relationships that shaped me and made me who I am today… and the long journey (that I’m still on) towards forming a healthy relationship with myself and evolving into my Divine Masculine. My sensual and sexual awakening isn't something I usually talk about publicly, so I'm really excited to share this intimate conversation with you, as terrifying as it might be.

If you're looking to fully accept yourself and truly see yourself, this conversation may be the ignition you've been searching for.



  • Luke’s story
  • Opening your soul to the next level of intimacy
  • Teachers & mentors appearing right when you’re ready
  • Creating space within your relationship to yourself, in order to add someone else when you’re ready.
  • Embodying the divine masculine
  • What sensuality means to Luke
  • The definition of Sensual Intelligence
  • Meditation as it pertains to sex and love
  • How Luke has overcome pain, trauma, and loss
  • Learning from relationship, rather than regretting them
  • Feeling seen and being totally vulnerable
  • You don’t need tons of IG followers if you have 5 great friends
  • Taking time off of Instagram to get present to reality
  • Tools to tap into your relationship with yourself
  • The power of Kundalini yoga in opening your heart
  • Finding a spiritual romantic  relationship with your highest self as your guide
  • The irrevocable partnership with your soul
  • Our spiritual teachers
  • Playing the music of evolution and growth



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