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“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
Good ol’ Shakespeare wrote these words, perhaps not knowing how spiritually profound and necessary they would become to the hearts of those who needed to hear it.
Centuries later, Luke Storey was fortunate enough to share this sentiment - and joyfully elaborate upon them - at the world-famous RA MA Institute of Kundalini Yoga in New York City.
On October 27, 2018, Luke led an evening of reflection, growth, and practice at RA MA diving deep into issues like surviving profound loss, sharpening our own spiritual practice, and even dealing with social media trolls.
In this episode, we’ll all get to take part in the magic of that evening in that electrifying space.


  • How to identify and dissolve your blockages

  • Surviving and navigating profound loss of a loved one

  • How to feel love for (and see yourself in) every single person you see

  • Entry-level love

  • Would you rather experience love or be right?

  • How Luke dealt with his latest social media troll

  • A game of hot potato pain

  • Block ’n’ bless - on Instagram, and in life

  • Going through the feeling (not avoiding) is the fastest way to get through the feeling

  • Painting with poop-colored paint: our addiction to finding fault in (and arguing with) the present reality

  • The inevitably of suffering - and our ability to choose how much we want to suffer

  • If God is benevolent and kind, why is there so much pain here on Earth?

  • Releasing your negativity bias

  • All that’s required to wake up: admitting that you don’t know as much as you think you know

  • Why we are addicted to the comfort of our own pain

  • If you can’t find God, guess who moved?

  • When you’re experiencing grief, you must feel it fully so that you can move past it and still be of service to the folks who are still here

  • Finding solutions instead of fighting reality

  • Making space between the Mind and the Thought - and living in that gap

  • It’s not what’s happening that is making you suffer; it is YOUR OPINION about what is happening that is making you suffer.

  • The ego is clever, but not wise

  • If you don’t see God in all, you don’t see God at all. - Yogi Bhajan



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