316. Turn Your Home Into A Temple W/ Focused Life-Force Energy Feat. Clayten Stedmann & Jeffrey Stegman

Clayten Stedmann & Jeffrey Stegman

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

My guests are Clayten Stedmann and Jeffrey Stegman, creators of  FLFE, or Focused Life-Force Energy System

In 2008, two men met through a mutual friend. They were both working on accessing and utilizing high consciousness fields. Jeffrey Stegman was creating high consciousness fields and cultures in business and Clayten Stedmann, as a coach in business as a spiritual path, was creating high consciousness fields for healing the human mind, body, and spirit.

They came together with an inventor who had devoted his life to creating free energy for humanity. Although he did not create a free energy device, he had discovered a way to redirect and focus large amounts of life-force energy (also known as subtle energy) on an object.

Between Jeff's experience in engineering and Clayten's knowledge and extensive practice in Consciousness Kinesiology and the Hawkins Map, they re-engineered the original device to broadcast a high consciousness field to specific locations around the world. At first, Clayten and Jeffrey used the device and associated technology to raise consciousness around the world as a public service project. As they were able to increase the power available and the ability to positively affect a property, they brought the consciousness-raising technology to the public as Focused Life- Force Energy (FLFE). Today, after an additional ten years of research, thousands of customers, and hundreds of testimonials, Jeffrey and Clayten are expanding the process of developing public awareness of this unique consciousness-raising technology.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Today I want to share the story of a shared mission, an incredible discovery, and the marriage of two absolutely groundbreaking technologies.

Clayten Stedmann and Jeffrey Stegman were both working with consciousness when they met an inventor who, in his attempts to create a free energy device, figured out how to redirect and focus large amounts of life-force energy (also known as subtle energy, chi, and prana) on an object. They figured out how to achieve this same effect at any location, and that’s when they discovered the first version of the FLFE, or Focused Life-Force Energy System.

Last week, Clayten Stedmann shared how the work of David R. Hawkins, especially the Map of Consciousness, serves as the foundation of this consciousness technology. Today, Clayten’s partner Jeffrey Stegman joins us to dig further into what FLFE is and how it works.

I’ve been using FLFE in my home, phone, and business for the past couple months, and I can really notice the difference. I know you may be a little skeptical, but they’re so confident in the effectiveness of this system that you can try it completely for free. So don’t just take my word for it — try it yourself.

If you’re interested in FLFE and want to try it out, we have you covered. Clayten is generously offering Life Stylists listeners and opportunity to raise the consciousness of your environment and mitigate all EMF in your home at the same time using a free 15-day FLFE experience. There’s no obligation to buy and no credit card or cancellation necessary.

Go to www.flfe.net/luke and try the FREE FLFE experience.

12:05 — The map of consciousness and the significance of the scale

  • A brief biography of David R. Hawkins
  • Discovering the map of consciousness and working with kinesiology
  • How Clayten and Jeffrey started working together
  • The personal applications of the Hawkins map
  • Spiral Dynamics
  • The one-to-infinity scale of consciousness

20:40 — The basics of FLFE

  • Luke’s experiences that defy Newtonian logic
  • The consciousness-quantum connection
  • Why FLFE works with locations
  • Joe Dispenza testing FLFE
  • The confluence of science and technology
  • What is subtle energy?
  • How FLFE raises the consciousness of your home or business
  • Evidence of the effectiveness of FLFE
  • What makes a sacred site special
  • How the technology integrates with software

39:50 — FLFE’s precursor technology

  • FLFE’s relationship to Nikola Tesla’s free energy technology
  • The inventor was trying to create a free energy device
  • He didn’t do that, but he figured out how to focus life-force energy
  • Discovering that the technology could work remotely
  • How the technology could be volatile with the wrong intention

56:00 — Why FLFE helps with EMF mitigation

  • Harmonizing the electromagnetic field vs. blocking EMF
  • Could you use FLFE on a specific cell phone tower?

01:13:50 — The various FLFE services

  • Go to www.flfe.net/luke and try the FREE FLFE experience
  • FLFE Everything
  • FLFE Smarter EMF
  • FLFE Home & Business
  • Is there any ethical issue with subscribing someone else to the service?
  • Paying it forward

01:25:53 — Shungite & Harmonizing EMFs

  • Geopathic stress and ley lines, and how they disrupt the energy field of a location or a home
  • Does placing shungite on EMF-emitting devices work?
  • How Clayten tested all of the EMF products that Luke uses — and all but one proved to be effective

01:40:10 — The results that people currently using the service are getting

  • How many people who use the trial choose to subscribe?
  • What does the business service do?

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[00:00:00] Luke Storey:  I'm Luke Storey. For the past 22 years, I've been relentlessly committed to my deepest passion, designing the ultimate lifestyle based on the most powerful principles of spirituality, health, psychology. The Life Stylist podcast is a show dedicated to sharing my discoveries and the experts behind them with you. Alright. So, we're here with Jeffrey Stegman from flfe.net. For those of you that listened to the show last week, you will have already heard my two-hour conversation with Clayten about the levels of consciousness and the work of Dr. David R. Hawkins. And I think, guys, this is the first time I've ever done intentionally kind of a two-part episode and just front-loaded it that way.

[00:00:49] Oftentimes, I find that I'm so passionate and curious about the topics and the guests that are experts in those topics that my podcast go two or three hours. I thought the one I did with Clayten yesterday would probably be an hour, we come back on to do an hour with you guys. So geeked out that it was a two-hour show. So, of course, in the intro, I'm going to really highly recommend people go back and listen to that for context, and then we'll do our thing today and really go into the work that you all are doing together based on the initial discoveries that Clayten made, and I'm sure you've shared in discovering on your own, Jeffrey. So, here we are. Welcome to the show.

[00:01:31]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah. Thanks for having us, Luke.

[00:01:32]Luke Storey:  Yeah, I'm excited. I've listened to, I think, every podcast you two have done, which is something I always do, I want to say I read people's books, I have to be honest, often, I skim them for Cliff Notes because I just don't have time before the interview to sit down and read the book or listen to the audio book, and there's something funny about listening to guest podcasts before, is I hear some really great questions and answers. At the same time, I don't want to repeat those same questions because it'd be boring because they could just go listen to your other podcast, and I want mine to be the most special and unique.

[00:02:10] That said, there are just certain things we have to cover that you guys have covered before. And so, I think what I'd like to start with is either one of you really that wants to take this and run with it, as I said, I talked a lot about it with Clayten yesterday in that episode, but if you could explain the map of consciousness and who David Hawkins was, people have heard me talk about him a lot, but I'm sure some people would be unfamiliar, and just the basic overview of the David Hawkins model, and the scale or map of consciousness, just as a starting off point for those that haven't yet heard what would have been last week's episode with Clayten.

[00:02:53]Clayten Stedmann:  You want me to take that? I'll just pick that one up, Jeff, because I usually talk about the map.

[00:02:56]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah.

[00:02:57]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah. So, David Hawkins was a psychologist, had a practice in New York City, and had a couple of experiences in his life where he had a very high consciousness, he had a conscious experience. I mean, he went into a snowbank as a young man, almost died, went into an extraordinary state, and yesterday, Luke, we talked about the level of consciousness he was born at. He was born very high, about as high as a person can be born. And he went through his period of being an atheist as a younger man and had an alcohol issue along with his professional career as it was developing. 

[00:03:40] He had an experience in his late 30s. Well, we had an experience in his late 30s when he went into an ecstatic state and participated in the world for a few more years after that. So, that's a bit of his kind of spiritual background, which is a little different than we talked about yesterday. But what he's really known for is his development of the map of consciousness and his pioneering work in kinesiology. He discovered that kinesiology or muscle testing is a nonlocal phenomena.

[00:04:19] So, if Luke was testing supplements in his Zen den, I think it's called, if he was a good kinesiologist, he could test if that supplement was good for me, or Jeff, or any of your listeners. So, that's one example of using kinesiology as a nonlocal phenomena. Once he discovered that, after a couple of years, he started doing research into that phenomena, wrote an analysis of kinesiology called Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis, a lot of people don't talk about that.

[00:04:52] It's a pretty dry, technical review of the procedure and process that he went through to refine the protocols and verify the efficacy of kinesiology. Out of that, he created the Hawkins' map of consciousness, which we'll be talking about today. It is a map from one to infinity. At each level of consciousness has a microlot of electricity associated with it that you can calculate or you can do the math on that the formula is in the back of Power vs. Force, right near the consciousness compensation chart, which we didn't talk about yesterday, Luke. That might be an interesting one to talk about today. 

[00:05:41] One to a thousand is the human domain. Two hundred is integrity. Five hundred is love. The transition, as we talked about yesterday, below 200 to above 200 is the most significant transition typically for people. And the other large transition is going from 499 to over 500, so the 400 is reason. So, just quickly, the map, 50 is shame, 100 is fear, 150 is anger, 200 is courage, 250 is neutrality, 350 is willingness, 400 is reason, 500 is love, 600 is peace, 700 is the beginning of enlightenment. This is logarithmic, so like 210 is 10 points higher than 2.9, and I think I'll just leave it at that unless you want to know more.

[00:06:34]Luke Storey:  Oh, that's great. And I'm going to, for viewers here that want to see the map he just referred to, you always nail it with flying colors, I've had this thing for years and I've yet to memorize the various levels and numbers, but people can find the map of consciousness easy online. You can search Hawkins' map of consciousness and just click on images and you'll find the map. I downloaded a bunch of them at some point and actually laminated them like this one just to keep them nearby, so that during the day, I have a benchmark of where I want to be. 

[00:07:06] And it's been a huge gift in my life, the teachings, and just specifically, just to understand what the goal is. If you so choose a goal of higher consciousness and enlightenment, which is, of course, my ultimate goal, it's good to see the end point. It also helps me when I look at the year 2020, and I think, goddamn, how many times do I have to come back here, go through this mess with these idiots? Anyway, explain, perhaps, Jeff, your introduction to Hawkins' work and your experience with it or perception of it.

[00:07:45]Jeffrey Stegman:  Well, I was introduced to it by Clayten. I was working with Clayten, he was coach for me, consciousness coach. And in my business and personal life, I always have a coach and I always feel like there's a lot to learn. And there are many more perspectives. I was working with a coach in Vancouver and we've been working on kind of meaning and purpose in business. And we got to a point, he said, I can't take you any further, I'd like to introduce you to Clayten.

[00:08:16] So, we started working together, measuring my level of consciousness in all the different areas of my life, and using that as a personal growth tool, and also, to grow the business and to grow the consciousness of the business culture. So, that was very exciting for me. I've been working with Ken Wilber's work in spiral dynamics, which is another scale of consciousness, and that perspective is really sort of individual and societal at large.

[00:08:52] What was really exciting about Hawkins' work was that it's everywhere, the fields of consciousness that we experience all the time. And we kind of go without saying, but this one to infinity or one to a thousand, it indicates, there's no zero, right? So, there's consciousness everywhere. It exists all around us all the time. And so, that effect of, say, a culture in a business or just walking down the street and going into a place and just doesn't feel right, right?

[00:09:29] Feels low, so there's that feeling in the body of that tension, and you start looking over your shoulder, like watching your back versus going into a cathedral, or a mosque, or a synagogue, or somewhere where there's been a lot of prayer, and that uplifting feeling. So, Hawkins' work and working with Clayten just started explaining that. These fields are everywhere and I'm walking through my life, and now, I understand it. And that, to me, it was like, the personal application of the Hawkins' map is the way I really approached from my own personal development I need in life, not as much as it's kind of an academic pursuit.

[00:10:19]Luke Storey:  Yeah. I love the fact that you mentioned that you always have a coach. One of my coaches, and I don't think he shared this with me so that I kept him as a coach because he wasn't getting paid, he was more of a mentor of sorts, but he said, Luke, show me a man that seeks his own counsel and I'll show you an idiot. As a matter of fact, basically saying like, even the most developed people should have at least one person they just check stuff by here and their even sometimes whether that's a lawyer or someone that has an expertise outside of your realm.

[00:10:52] So, I really appreciate your humility in that and what a fortuitous choice that was for you to make, obviously, because look at the great work you guys are doing in the world. You're making a huge contribution. So, I think as we go into the FLFE technology, it's like, I'm not apologetic when I do this podcast, I just tell it like it is, say what I think, say what I feel, but I also want to cast as wide of a net for people as possible because I realize that there are those folks that are just fundamentally wired to be more skeptical, to be more left brain, analytical, scientific, data-driven people, and I appreciate that as well.

[00:11:37] I mean, well, Clayton was gracious enough to calibrate a few of the things that I sell on my site, or I don't sell anything, actually, but just that I link to on my site, that I promote. And I go through every site with a fine-tooth comb and look for anything that seems out of integrity, funky, unbelievable, so I'm skeptical, I think, in a healthy way. But when it comes to the world of energies, I've had so many profound, otherworldly spiritual experiences that defy all logic in the Newtonian realm.

[00:12:13] They're just outside of that realm. How do I know it's real? How do I know it's true? Because it's experiential. I was there, I felt it, I saw it, I heard it, however my senses perceived that experience. So, I love to meet people on both ends of that spectrum. There are many people that walk around holding crystals and think they have magic powers, I'd be a little skeptical of that, I don't know if they do. But on the other hand, I know when I pray, something happens in my life that's very positive and it's too pronounced to be strictly placebo. 

[00:12:47] So, I just guess that's just a preface as we move into some of the more esoteric elements of working with energy, which is essentially what you guys do. So, I'm all in. I didn't even do the 15-day free trial of the FFE service, which, of course, we're going to describe, I just bought the year, I bought it for my mom's house, I bought it for my business, I did my phone, I did my partner Alyson's phone.

[00:13:14] Intuitively, I just said, this is real, I'm doing it. And it's been amazing. I'm a huge, super fan at this point already, so I don't need convincing or are you guys out to convince anyone either, but I'd love for you to share the fundamental basics of Focus Life Force Energy and how you came upon the technology that has enabled you to transmit energy to remote nonlocal places to up-level the energetic field there.

[00:13:52]Jeffrey Stegman:  May I just start and hand it off to you, Clayten?

[00:13:54]Clayten Stedmann:  Sure. It's a great question.

[00:13:57]Luke Storey:  It was perhaps the longest question. 

[00:14:01]Clayten Stedmann:  It's a question sandwiched, that one. 

[00:14:05]Luke Storey:  About 20 minutes into this question, but I have a lot of enthusiasm about this and I want to really reel in the people that are like, wait, where's the data? And I know you guys do have data, and studies, and things that I want to talk about later, but give us just an overview of this phenomenon of being able to focus energy at different places. It's fascinating.

[00:14:23]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah. What FLFE is doing, what we've discovered is a way to activate a high consciousness field. So, high consciousness field is a defined area that is at a higher level of energy available, higher vibration than, say, the surrounding area by a substantial amount. And as I approach this, like I approach kinesiology, was my personal experience that you mentioned, these nonlinear experiences are that, their experiences is, what happens when you think of someone?

[00:15:07] So, we believe that FLFE functioned very much the same way human consciousness functions. And there is a device, there's a FLFE system that is creating a quantum resonance with a location or an object based on a unique identifier. So, the way it works is very much like, you think of someone, say, you think of your mother, so we believe you're activating a field at your mother. You're uniquely identifying her in your mind, you're activating a field around her, and then what you're holding, the emotion you have at the time, she's feeling or in that field for her to feel, we would say.

[00:15:53] And we experience that when we think of someone and they call us on the phone. So, someone has thought of us, they may be looking up our phone number, where they've activated a field, we're thinking of them, they dial us. And so, that connection is there and that quantum resonance is seen in twin studies, in mothers and children studies, where a child gets hurt or is in danger and the mother knows instantly. It doesn't matter where it is in the world, it's an instant connection, that there's this consciousness quantum connection occurring, and that is what FLFE is doing.

[00:16:33] So, in this FLFE system, the unique identifier is coordinates or legal address, and that field is active in that location. And we did that recently with IONS, Institute of Noetic Sciences. We activated a field, we had identifiers for their building, their address, a particular room in their building, and we activated the field inside a Faraday cage room, double Faraday cage, and they were able to see the change in the room based on random number generators that were in that room. So, it's a little bit. I can pass it off to you, Clayten.

[00:17:16]Luke Storey:  Dude, wait, wait, hold up, hold up, because that's one of the things I wanted to cover earlier. I know you had some testing done by someone that works with Joe Dispenza at his events in a quantitative capacity, I want to cover that, too, but I find this one, in particular, very interesting because I didn't realize that the tests had been done inside a Faraday cage. So, they're putting this random number generator inside a Faraday cage, meaning no energetics can get in or out of there that are particle, I guess you could say, right? 

[00:17:50]Jeffrey Stegman:  Or wave.

[00:17:51]Luke Storey:  Or wave. Oh, yeah. Or wave, for that matter, because you couldn't pass like an RF signal through a Faraday cage. So, there's no electromagnetic stimuli that's able to get in and affect that random number generator. Like if you put something in a paper box, and then put it next to a cell tower, it would be affected, random number generator would likely be affected some way, right? So, you have this isolated generator inside the Faraday, and then you programmed the FLFE energetics onto that, and it had an effect on the random number generator. Do you know what the effect was or how they quantified that?

[00:18:33]Jeffrey Stegman:  Well, it's not as simple a fact. We're talking about non-linear, perhaps multidimensional is partly how they explained it. What they saw were waves passing through the room. This was four random number generators, one in each corner. And then, internally, in each number generator, there were internal number generators, multiple ones. So, they would look at all this data and you expect that they will be random, but what they saw were non-randomness happening between number generators, like across the room. So, there is like a way, a multidimensional wave, something that's connecting those, and then also within.

[00:19:23]Luke Storey:  Wow. That's amazing. And what's this nomadic sciences organization? What's the premise of their work? What kind of things do they do? 

[00:19:31]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah. The Institute of Noetic Sciences, they're in Petaluma, California. They're really looking to bring science in an expanded view of everything is connected, with connectedness, today's spirituality and science coming together, and they study consciousness in that way. Very well-respected organization.

[00:19:55]Luke Storey:  I think this is such a fascinating emergence of the realms of science and spirituality right now. The work of Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza, two gentlemen I'm so fortunate to have had the opportunity to interview on the show, which I'd encourage people to go back and listen to if they have any trouble grasping the future of our conversation today, because they do a really great job of explaining quantum physics in a relatable way. But, man, I went to a Joe Dispenza weeklong retreat, I think I'm going to go to one actually again this year, it's like a two-minute walk from my dad's condo in Florida, so I thought I must be meant to be there. 

[00:20:33] But the way he broke down this nonphysical realm in just such exquisite simplicity was so moving and just changed my entire perspective and answered so many questions about experiences I've had in meditation, sitting with spiritual teachers in a high field, plant medicine experiences, all of these sort of otherworldly, transformative moments in life that I just couldn't explain rationally. I think the work that you guys are doing and the work of those teachers and researchers, and like the place that you just mentioned is so important right now, because I don't know, I remember when science and spirituality were archenemies.

[00:21:21] There was no crossing those lines. If you couldn't see, touch, taste, feel, et cetera, it wasn't real. And now, even science is leaning more into the realm, where, well, we don't know, let's explore. And so, I get really excited when I hear about people doing that kind of research. And at Dispenza's event, there was a team of people there must've been 50 people, scientists, researchers, et cetera, in the back of the room doing brain scans, and HRV, and blood tests, and all sorts of things just to really determine the effect of that field of consciousness in the building and through the practices of the meditation, the breathing, et cetera, to see the effect is having in a quantifiable way.

[00:22:03] And I think what's so cool about that is, then you can also, as you guys are doing and we're going to learn more about, then you can fine-tune the protocols and modalities to keep increasing the power of the practices, right? Otherwise, it's just like, I don't know, did you feel that? Yeah, I think I feel pretty good. It's just somewhat subjective, and guesswork, and placebo. But when it's quantifiable in the spiritual realm, I think that's really the future. I'm so excited about that. Do you have anything to add, Clayten, on the FLFE technology in terms of how it works or what the delivered benefits are, et cetera?

[00:22:43]Clayten Stedmann:  Well, speak to the studies a little more. We also had IONS do an executive brain function analysis on people in an FLFE environment, and there was an improved executive function, the brain, better concentration, and longer duration of concentration. So, that was another data point to prove that these high consciousness fields are the ones that is created by FLFE, is actually beneficial in multiple different ways. One of the people in the back of the room at the Joe Dispenza events was a lady named Melissa Waterman.

[00:23:23] She used a gas discharge visualization camera. Well, she worked with him for years. I'm not saying she does it anymore, I don't think she does, actually. And the gas discharge visualization camera is a specialty device that measures subtle energy. And because the subtle energy involved with FLFE is hard to measure with certain types of instruments, we had to go to something designed for that application.

[00:23:51] And so, we have an evidence page on our website where Melissa's research is done and it shows a change in the entropy or chaos in an environment. There's reduced chaos in an FLFE environment. Well, we're gathering more evidence all the time. And there's some pretty solid data points there for people who need to go. They need to go to the scientific route or through the analytical route to be able to trust it or they want to do that before they experienced it, then we have that evidence available and it's growing all the time.

[00:24:36]Luke Storey:  Yeah, I was looking through the resources department there on the site and I saw something else where there were some experiments done growing spinach, and wheat grass, and things like that. Could you explain what those are? I find always those to be very compelling. Any like animal studies, obviously, animal studies that aren't hurting the animals, some of the EMF devices that I promote, for example, they'll do experiments where they project a field, a scalar field over a dairy farm or a chicken coop, and then they analyze the nutrient density of the milk, of the fats, of the eggs, and that eliminates any chance for placebo, as would obviously watching the growth of Plant A in front of a Wi-Fi router versus Plant B, et cetera. So, I really like the non-human stuff. So, I'm curious about what those two concluded with.

[00:25:29]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah. So, we did plant experiments, we used growing in water. So, there was always plenty of water available. So, there wasn't a limitation in water because what we saw was increase in germination by about 50% of the seeds, and then about a 30% increase in the growth. The length of the leaves is how we measured it. So, we saw two experiments, more to come there. We want to get a third party. These experiments, we did ourselves and the next step is a third party to do that, but it goes back to the benefit, why have a high consciousness field? 

[00:26:14] And you can look to Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, prana there, G and Chinese medicine, where the subtle energy is such an important part of health, having this energy and Clayten maybe could share later where we get our energy for our body, it's not just food, that this environment that we're in, we're pulling in this lifeforce energy that's geoprana. And just having more of it means the body has more to work with, have a bigger check doing the renovations with. And that is the first benefit of a high consciousness field and it may be the reason why people go to pilgrimage places, that these miracles can happen where people get healings and they recover from disease, they're in a high consciousness field. A pilgrimage could explain that. Well, it's some of the intentions in the field. 

[00:27:15]Luke Storey:  That's a really interesting correlation there. I find it to be unlikely that you have sites on the planet where for hundreds, if not, in some cases, thousands of years, human beings have gone to great lengths to spend time there in mass. And people are gullible and we're generally stupid a lot of the time, but I don't think that many people, in some cases, could be just mystified by folklore or something of that nature. There has to be something more tangible there for these sites to persist, right? 

[00:27:53] It's like after some period of time, they would just fall out of vogue, and eventually just kind of wither away, and people would forget about them. But when you have these sacred sites of springwater in France, and of course, the pyramids, and different ancient temples, and things, where people just continue to go over and over again, and report a perceived uplifting of their energy field, I guess for lack of a better term, there's got to be something to that.

[00:28:19] And what you were alluding to earlier, Jeff, of just walking into a room, and going, now, there are bad vibes in here, some of us are very sensitive to that. I would say I'm on the ultrasensitive spectrum, in that I really pick up on things and I have to even work hard sometimes to kind of have an energetic boundary or what I call, because I'm named Luke, you use the force to put up a force field, when I'm going in an area where the energies are strange.

[00:28:48] And right now, in 2020, at the time of this recording, I mean, I don't think we've ever been, as a Western culture, in a more strange time, perhaps with the exception of World War I or II where things were just absolute death and destruction. But, man, in Los Angeles right now, the energy is really weird, with the rioting, and now, the fires, and God knows what else, chem trails, et cetera. 

[00:29:11] But when I put this service on in my house, and I don't even care if there's a percentage of placebo, because placebo is great if it works also, but I got to say, in spite of an environment wherein one should be pretty stressed out and afraid of what's to come, especially on the eve of this election and the possible fallout of that, I'm extremely happy, I'm having a great time every day. I'm super, super happy. And I do a lot of things.

[00:29:41] The ice baths, the breath work, the meditation, the prayer, all the biohacking, all the things, got an amazing woman in my life, and two cute pets, and all that, but there's something to this that is really piquing my curiosity, to the point where I now have built a habit where I activate—there's a daily boost for those listening, and maybe you guys can explain that further, but there's a daily boost on the home service or on your phone, for that matter.

[00:30:08] And every time I do an interview, and I did this with Clayten yesterday. I have it timed right before I start my Zoom or if someone walks in the studio here, I hit my 30-minute boost and raise the vibration, I swear to God, I get a better result. My interviews are just so much more relaxed. I don't feel as nervous. And people probably think, I'm such a motormouth, I could not possibly be nervous, but my motormouthness is probably, in part, due to my nervousness. 

[00:30:34] So, it's been incredible. So, the thing I'm curious about here is, and I know you guys, it's a proprietary technology, and so you seem to be somewhat cloaked, if not guarded, around what the thing or things actually is that's generating this energy field, just given that we understand that energy can travel beyond space and time, and have an effect on things remotely, what is the device or how many of them are? Where are they? Are they like some back-to-the-future Nikola Tesla lightning rod thing in a garage somewhere? I'm so curious as to what's actually making this energy concentrate and travel.

[00:31:22]Clayten Stedmann:  Well, the device has evolved, and much like back in the early days of computers, you had to have a whole room, an air-conditioned room, first of all, and you have big stacks of computers and tape reels winding around just to do like timecards, right? 

[00:31:41]Luke Storey:  Right. 

[00:31:41]Clayten Stedmann:  And now, we have more power on our smartphone than we used to have in that whole room, right?

[00:31:48]Luke Storey:  Right.

[00:31:48]Clayten Stedmann:  Just how it works. So, in the beginning, it was like a test laboratory. There was stacks, and coils, and all kinds of current going on. And this house that this one inventor is, the primary inventor, there's a bunch of people that have been involved in it, his house was like a living laboratory, and his garage was a machine shop. He was an electrician, tool and die maker, millwright, old German guy, and this thing was beautiful. It was like a work of art. It was his baby.

[00:32:29] And he was trying to create a free energy device. Actually, he started with opposing magnets. And we have sort of just magnetized out of phase, and if you pulse one and pulse the other, the theory is that you can get a wheel to spin. If you get a wheel to spin, you can put a shaft on it, and run it an alternator something. And he didn't figure out that, but he figured out how to focus lifeforce energy. So, he had all these stacks of coils, and crystals, and all kinds of things, and he would pull energy in from the ether, and he would send it through this output stack. 

[00:33:07] So, input stack and output stack up. At the bottom of the output stack, at this little area, where if you put something in it, they would get charged up. And so, he would put crystals in and different things, and he put them all around his house. I mean, Jeff can tell you the story about walking in his house if he wants to, but he would put them all around his house. His house was high vibe, man. It was like really high. Oh, yeah. Like your hair would stand up when you walked in there. 

[00:33:36] It was very interesting. And many of these sacred places around the world, I mean, you can measure the level of consciousness. That's a great thing about the kinesiology technology. And you can find out that this certain site calibrates at 700 or 600, whatever it is, maybe higher. It has a particular vibration that may be associated with the type of healing or type of experience that's maybe a little different measurement than just the raw level of consciousness.

[00:34:04] But this machine started out, has all the stuff you're talking about, except for the electricity flaunted there, like a plasma earth generator or something, it didn't have that, but it was pretty impressive. And we've made it simpler, and simpler, and simpler over time. And so, it's a lot smaller now than what it is. We have multiple machines for redundancy in different places. We have, I think I'm going to say three right now. We're going to probably put a few more levels. But if you look at it now, what you would see, you would go, yeah, that thing couldn't do that.

[00:34:51]Luke Storey:  Oh, really?

[00:34:51]Clayten Stedmann:  But it does do that. I mean, what you'll see is one thing, but there's a lot of stuff that you don't see, where before, you used to see it all in one space. And if you've seen it now, you'd go, that does all that? It's like, well, the reason we don't show pictures of it, don't talk about what type of technology it is, it's actually five different technologies, Luke, that we put together in a unique way. I don't know if anybody else has ever done it before, and that's mostly through the ability to do kinesiology, and measure how things can optimize each other and work together.

[00:35:22] But the reason we don't talk about it in too much detail is, we're always looking to do what's in the highest and best interest of all creation. And so, when we ask or we test with kinesiology, it was in the highest and best interest of all creation to share pictures of the technology with the public, we got to know. We do share them with the staff. Once they've been with us for three months, we show them a picture of one of the phases of development of the machine. 

[00:35:48] If we have a piece of it, so they can hold it, and they can see that that's in the picture. So, that confirms for them that it's real because they're working there, at least, we felt it's appropriate. And we don't talk about how the quantum resonance works and what type of technology that is, because we just never got, it's in the highest and best interest of all to do that. It's not that we don't respect people's natural curiosity, or we're trying to hold some secret message, or like if you put in the time to learn kinesiology, and put in like, Jeff and I had this for seven years, I've been experimenting with it since 2007.

[00:36:32] That's like 13 years, 7.2 million calibrations. I'd spent five years learning kinesiology, the 2.75 million calibrations. It's not that it's a secret, it's just that the universe, we're just trying to follow the universe's guidance. And we follow it through kinesiology, and if it's not in the highest and best interest to share certain information, we don't. It's not really personal. It's just out of respect for what we perceive as the truth.

[00:37:05]Luke Storey:  Yeah, I respect that and I honor that. To me, it's just, does it work or not? You know what I mean? 

[00:37:11]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah.

[00:37:11]Luke Storey:  There is that childlike curiosity that some of us have, especially those of us that are wired, just wanting to understand how things work. I think that's why my partner has been as successful as it has, is because I'm extremely curious and I just want to understand the nuances of everything that I'm interested in. At what point did you guys discover that this ability for this technology to imbue objects with higher consciousness or a higher energy field could work remotely, and that you could actually assign a location or even a remote object to this energy?

[00:37:56]Jeffrey Stegman:  I can start with that. What Clayten had discovered earlier with the inventor that there was this nonlocality aspect of the technology. So, initially, before we started the business, we were doing service work. So, we were using Google Earth, and getting coordinates, and we were raising consciousness in places around the planet in 2012, sort of in that run up to the end of the year, to the 21st of December. And so, we would use kinesiology to measure it before and after, and then we would see a difference in the level after we did the work.

[00:38:39] And initially, when we started the business, so we did all the service work, we rested at the end of December, and said, wow, that was cool. We're working out every day towards the end of December. And then, we got the message, really, and we have to say it that way to make it a business and have people be able to do it themselves with their own property on. And from the beginning, we always had the ability for everyone to put a free subscription at 500 in the Hawkins' map anywhere in the world, and that just stays on the service for as long as we do it.

[00:39:14] But in the beginning, as Clayten said, there is this output stack, right? So, you were pulling that lifeforce energy in, and there is an output stack, and there's this high field at the bottom of that stack, and that's where we would put instructions. And that's where the identifier for the field is placed, so the address. And when we started the business, we would get an order from a customer subscription. I would print it off on a piece of paper and I would put it into the field. And when the customer canceled or left, I would have to find it and pull it back out.

[00:39:55] And so, this was back and forth, it was pretty cumbersome. And we discovered how to link that to a database. So, as someone comes onto the website and they do the free trial or subscribe like you did, then the information, it's like it's on the plate. It's like it's in the machine. And it creates that quantum resonance instantly as though these instructions are in place. So, we're asking for this field to activate with these instructions. We're not doing any dials. We're not sending frequencies. We're activating the field with this quantum association, and then we're specifying the level of consciousness, and other resources in the field for people. 

[00:41:37]Luke Storey:  So, when I go on today and I activate my 15-day free trial, per se, is there now software integrated into the energy-emitting device so that it picks that up, and then that's added to the output stack, so to speak?

[00:42:37]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yes. 

[00:42:38]Luke Storey:  Okay. Wow, how cool. What a trip, man. You guys are like mad scientists. So fun. I love this stuff. I love this stuff. It's just, imagine where we're going to go. We're in 2020, and as far out as this seems, in a few short years, this will be primitive in comparison to what we're capable of. And hopefully, the intentions will just get higher and higher as we all continue to awaken and things like this will become more ubiquitous.

[00:42:54] I mean, do you guys see a point in the future that you don't seem like the startup, and scale, and make a bunch of cash kind of guys, but do you see this type of technology or even this technology specifically as something that could be adopted by other organizations or individuals that have proven themselves to be integris and have positive intentions, where these devices could be replicated and even more areas of the world could be covered by them outside of the confines of just an individual unique identifier, like a person's home address, or business name, or their cell phone number, et cetera?

[00:42:55]Clayten Stedmann:  Well, the good news is the technology can be used to help people and uplift ourselves, and the bad news is it can be used for harm, just like a car, right? Can drive around, go grocery shopping, get to work, or you can hit people with it. So, there are a number of emerging technologies in the world like ours, and there's a couple of people we know that are integris businesses, they're doing good work in the world and there's very likely people with similar technology that are doing it for purposes that are other than good.

[00:43:13]Luke Storey:  Oh, that's interesting. So, you could liken it to, say, the millimeter wave, military energy weapons that use the frequencies that are now unfortunately being used in many of the 5G infrastructure systems, where they can take a certain frequency and transmit that over a crowd to disperse the crowd by heating up their cells, essentially, and even cause them to become agitated, angry, fearful, annoyed, crazy, et cetera. And we're talking about transmitting fields of energy.

[00:43:50] They're not inherently going to uplift people because you could change the frequency into something that would be deleterious to people's well-being. And if it was in the wrong hands, it could be used for those purposes, and I assume probably already are, you know what I mean? Based on the stuff we're told. That's really interesting. So, yeah. So, that actually makes sense in as to why or one of the reasons perhaps why on your website, you're not like, here's a picture of the thing, here's a diagram of the blueprint of it, and where you get the parts, go make one, everyone, have fun, because you're sitting on something that is potentially volatile if it were in the wrong hands then. 

[00:44:31]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah.

[00:44:34]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah, it's not a conversation we spend a lot of time on, but any technology could be used for many different purposes.

[00:44:40]Luke Storey:  Yeah, even a pencil on your desk. You could write the world's most beautiful novel or go stick it in someone. So, that's very interesting. Let me see, where do I want to go here? So, when you've use the unique identifier of, say, a piece of jewelry, or a pendant ring, et cetera, or even your physical cellphone with that number and the service is on, the technology is transmitting that field of consciousness or that level of energy to that device, that's just always with you when that thing's with you in a certain four-foot radius or something like that?

[00:45:22]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah. We started that because we were traveling. And at the time, it wasn't as easy to change the address as it is today. Say, you're in a hotel and you had to spend 20 minutes trying to get it on FLFE so you could sleep well. And so, we started carrying these crystals around that we created a field around. And that led to, yeah, what we call FLFE Everywhere, where the unique identifier is like a cellphone number in a jurisdiction in the country or the photograph of an object like this jewelry, it's of high enough resolution that you can really see the details of the object because everything is really different, even if it's mass-produced.

[00:46:07] And we're reactivating a field, four-foot is where most of the action happens, but also about six feet. And then, out to 300 feet, it's 555 on the Hawkins' map. Close in, it's 575. We don't guarantee that amount, because on a property, we can clear the land, and it's part of what we do, is clear the negative history of the emotions and relationships that have occurred on that land. And then, we're also compensating for geopathic stress, the flow of water, and electricity, and traffic even, though we can't do that on a phone or something that's moving.

[00:46:55] We just would be clearing it at 70 miles an hour on the highway, but instead, we're flowing a lot of energy in, so it's a higher level than the home service. And the EMF mitigation is there and that starts further away from the bubble because it takes time to mitigate some of these incoming EMFs. And so, the energetic essence of shungite is what we're using in that service, and it's crawling up these incoming EMFs and harmonizing those before they reach the four-foot bubble.

[00:47:33] And then, anything close by is harmonized by raising your level of consciousness of it. Like if you raise the level conscious of an emitter, you've got a new vibratory rate for that object, right? It's now that antenna that's broadcasting EMFs just vibrating at this level, it's creating an overlay on top of that EMF that makes it positive instead of negative.

[00:47:57]Luke Storey:  Whoa.

[00:47:59]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah. So, if you want a positive charge, Luke, just go and hold your router, it's at about 600. In fact, we got people's pets sleeping on top of the routers in the home.

[00:48:10]Luke Storey:  Dude, this is so, okay, I'll admit here, and this is a great segue into the EMF mitigation element, which is a big part of it, and anyone that listens to the show ,again, knows that this is a huge part of my work, I have an online course about this, which I'm going to include this service in there now. And it's born out of, I think, a little bit of PTSD because I was made very ill by living close to a couple of cell towers for three years unknowingly, right? I mean, I just was in bad shape. 

[00:48:40] So, I do have a bit of a nervous system response to EMF to the point where I find I'm a bit neurotic about it, I'm very aware of where my router is, how close the cell towers are, and I don't think that's healthy psychologically to be in that limbic system fight or flight place. So, it's something that I'm always kind of wrestling with of, alright, there's so many things you can control and there's so many things you can't control, I'm just going to surrender to the fact that I live in the modern world, and these things are in the atmosphere, and I just have to stay as strong as I can, and get all the tools at my disposal in place, which I have a lot of them, and most of them have worked really well.

[00:49:13] But the idea that I could change, or in some way, alter, or improve the field being generated by a nearby cell tower, or by a Wi-Fi router, or other wireless-enabled device, and actually make it beneficial to my health, that's like such a huge stretch because I'm so conditioned to just be hyper-vigilant about these things because of that past experience. So, do you think it would be possible to get the exact location of, say, a phone pole that is holding a cell tower and put the service on that exact dot on the map to allow that? 

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah, we've done that, Luke. We've done that.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Are you serious?

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Our customers have done it.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Wow. And so, the dividing line of what makes sense here is that I think people get really hung up on blocking EMF, to use that word, because when you block EMF, then nothing works, then you don't have a signal and your phone doesn't work. It's the blocking versus harmonizing or altering the field. That's the linguistics there that I'm always kind of playing with to help people understand technologies like this that work on subtle energies. 

[00:49:13] So, you could turn the service on your cellphone in an area where your Wi-Fi router is smart meter or even down the road on a cell tower, if you could get the exact location. And then, it's not that that EMF-producing signal is going to be blocked or hindered in any way from its functionality, it's just that, I think, Jeff, you said, on top of that, it's going to be a carrier wave for frequencies that are actually beneficial to biology and consciousness rather than deleterious. Do I get that right?

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yes. And we're still learning how this works. And we have a group of researchers that work with the EMF sensitives, two different researchers, and a third at a university that we're starting to work with to design experiments. So, if you look at the GDV camera, it's one way to look into what's occurring. So, the work with the Melissa Waterman, and she did two studies, one with her general environment, with and without FLFE with EMF mitigation, and then another one with the 5G router, just a homestyle router, not a millimeter wave tower.

[00:49:13] And we're looking to do an experiment with the millimeter wave tower coming up as well. So, in both these cases, what she saw was, as Clayten said earlier, like an increase coherence or less chaos in the environment. So, without the FLFE and EMF, there is a very spiky, up and down energy profile. As she would look at a 24-hour period, lots of perturbation, lots of up and down, and spikiness. And then, with the EMF mitigation on, it's much narrower band of energy that she puts up with the GDV camera. 

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  That's very cool. That makes sense, yeah, because if you look at the wave of an RF signal or any kind of signal that's non-native, what we call non-native EMF, it is completely chaotic and not like any field, like a magnetic field that exists in nature from the sun or the magnetic field of the earth, they're all smooth and kind of uniform, and don't have that jagged, chaotic wave. So, that's an interesting way to explain that and make it observable, is that the wave then is made into more smooth, what I would assume is a biologically compatible wave, because don't we have EMF in our natural environment also?

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah. We're producing EMFs right now as people. The plant behind you is producing EMFs, your pets are producing EMFs, your partner is producing EMFs. Not all EMFs are bad. The Earth is generating a positive magnetic force that we've adapted to over thousands and thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of generations as humans. And we are benefiting from all those other types of EMFs. They're not all bad. 

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  And when did you guys discover that this was possible with this technology and needed, because at first, you were just trying to elevate the emotional, mental, spiritual state of people in a field, when did it occur to you that, oops, we need to fix this thing over here?

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Well, we make a promise that the services at 560 or higher 98% of the time on properties, and we discovered that we weren't keeping our promise all the time, that a customer would call, and like, yeah, I'm not sure, I don't feel it. And we started testing all of the properties every week and we found a group of properties that weren't at 560 98% of the time. And we would call the customer, and they, what's changed? What's different? Well, I've got a cell tower across the street that's new or I've got a smart meter bank. So, we started to put two and two together that the EMF influence was lowering consciousness in the environment.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Wow.

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  So, yeah. So, our really focus on EMFs is based on whether it's consciousness-lowering or not. So, to maintain our integrity and service, we had to fix this. And the first discovery that Clayten made was raising the level of consciousness of the cellphone, took it step by step, took it to a place where the output was not consciousness-lowering anymore. In fact, it went either neutral or started to become consciousness, positively raising the level of consciousness of the environment. 

[00:49:13] So, it's increasing the lifeforce energy there, positive for the environment. And so, that was like 580 or so in the first discovery. And then, when we set up the program, we made it to whatever is the most appropriate level. And most routers now have 5G. And so, they're about six hundred. It takes about 600 before it becomes consciousness positive or raising consciousness in the environment.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Wow, that's fascinating. So, when it comes to, say, the router, the five gigahertz or 2.4 gigahertz, most of them have the setting between the two. I can't figure out which one is worse for you because all the experts disagree on that. My 2.4 setting works better, so I leave it on that. So, in that discovery then, was there any indication to you guys that—how do I say this? So, you found that you're trying to achieve a certain level of consciousness using the technology. It was being blocked on certain houses. 

[00:49:13] And then, you figured out why. It's because they had a router, a cell tower, et cetera. And then, you developed the mitigation for the EMF element as it pertains to the level of consciousness. Have you done any testing as to what it's doing on a biological, purely physical level to people? And does the EMF mitigation have any positive or discernible effect on the biological effects of EMF exposure, or is it just the ability for EMF to lower your consciousness by putting you in a bummed-out mood, or make you pissed off, or whatever?

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Well, the first thing we did is we were beta testing, was we had talked about in a webinar and we had a group of customers who were self-selected EMF-sensitive. So, they were having physical symptoms from EMFs. Couldn't sleep, cognitive issues, the high anxiety. So, we did a beta test for that group where they were the first ones on the service. And we use kinesiology and many of our other methods to make sure things are ready to go. But once it's really ready to be released, then we'll do a beta to develop some data.

[00:49:13] So, we did a survey with that group, which is on the website too, about their changes in the anxiety level, sleep, cognitive, and we saw a major shift. And that indicated to us that the physical effect on their body was changing. It wasn't just their consciousness changed. We had comments like, we had one guy who couldn't sleep unless he was totally out in the country, away from anything. And he had to work for a living, so he moved in the city. And when he put it on for the first time, he could sleep through the night, like first time. 

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  So, I guess back to what you were saying earlier about putting a certain level of energy frequency consciousness on top of the carrier wave of the EMF, then it's not only going to affect someone on a consciousness level, but then also, physical level, because you're now harmonizing that field that was harming or disrupting their natural biological baseline or homeostasis then. Do you suppose that's kind of the way it's working, why people are getting positive physical results, and alleviation of electrosensitivity issues, and also, just feeling better emotionally, mentally, more uplifted, et cetera?

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah, that's our conclusion and that's their conclusion. You have the ability to turn the EMF program or aspect of the service on and off in your control panel, Luke, if you want to do an experiment on yourself. 

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  I'm never turning it off.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Well, what you could do is, have you ever gotten out somewhere, and put your hands on a smart meter, and just felt the vibration like out there in the world?

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Oh, my God, no.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  You may want to try that. Put your FLFE cell phone away, go out, and put your hands on a smart meter, right? And you'll probably feel yourself going back, right? And then, take your cell phone, put it on top of the smart meter, because the phone is at 580, well, obviously, actually works better if you have a smart meter on your home, and then you turn the service on and off, and you put your hands on it and have someone turn it on. And we've had people do double-blind studies where there's someone in another room, and they turn the service off, and they look for the sensations that some people are sensitive enough to know within seconds. But EMF-sensitives can try that. They can turn on and off.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  I would be willing to do that experiment. So, remember, you mentioned to me before, I said, I need a little more proof or whatever my reasoning was for asking that question, and you said, well, a lot of people just turn it off. And I'm like, yeah, I'm not willing to actually-

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  We get that a lot.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Finally feels like, even though I still have the Wi-Fi on and I have Sonos speakers and things, like I don't own, so I haven't gone full-on EMF mitigation and just hardwire the whole house, which I would probably still do even with this service when I move and buy a place. But it just feels so good in here and I feel like I'm not getting headaches, my sleep is much better.

[00:49:13] I don't want to turn it off for three days and see how I feel, but I would be willing to do a temporary shutdown, go in my portal, disable it, and then even like sacrifice my girlfriend, or one of the pets, or something, and like just have them do like a real blind study, like, hey, go put your hand on the Wi-Fi router for a few minutes, tell me how you feel, and then not tell her when it's on or off, and then see if she can tell the difference. She's quite sensitive. I think that's a way to test it out.

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah. I tend to feel it in my body as tension, like muscle tension and anxiety like in the chest, in the heart, in the shoulders. So, when I turn it off and I have to turn off on the phone, too, because I'm like you, I've got it on both, when I turn off the EMF mitigation part and you can leave the rest of FLFE on if you want, you could just turn off EMF mitigation, and I just feel like just my shoulder sort of come up. I feel the tension in my body.

[00:49:13] And then, when I turn it back on, just the main thing I feel is like I can take a deep breath. And I think that's a result of less muscular tension, and maybe in the chest region, in the diaphragm, that like when you go to the country, you feel like you can take a deep breath. And I believe it's we're away from EMFs, is part of why we feel that way. We said, well, it's more oxygen maybe, but there's a different feeling in the body when EMFs are mitigated. So, it's biological.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  So, with the services that one can apply to their home, or phone, or whatever. So, just to be clear, like I said, I just did everything because I'm just extra and I just want to do everything all the time to figure out how it works, if it works, et cetera, but one could just select a subscription of just EMF mitigation on their address, like their work address, home address, whatever, and then it's just going to do that, but not raise the level of the entire property, as would the home service. Do I have that right?

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah. There are two different services. So, we have sort of the flagship FLFE, which is everything, all the relationship support, it's grounding, it's all sorts of other things as well. And then, we had families that ask about their kids and people that wanted to just really focus on the EMF part of it, so we created a smarter EMF product where the main service is $35 a month and the EMF, smarter EMF is like, they're 15 or 20, I can't remember which one, but it's less cost. 

[00:49:13] So, on that is 500 level of consciousness. So, at 500, you can give that to anyone. You can put it on anybody's house and you don't even have to ask them, because like the way we measure using kinesiology, when you get into these higher fields, there's a hydration requirement because there's so much more energy for the body to pull in. So, the smarter EMF is at 500, it's lower cost. It has brain support. And in the property, it does have the mitigation of the clearing of the land and the mitigation of the geopathic stress as well.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Cool. So then, the home service that covers everything with the exception of like a mobile device, just to give people an idea, I bought the year, I think it was 300-something, I just paid annual, and saved a couple of bucks, but what is it? If someone did like the 15-day free trial and felt like, wow, this feels amazing, I want to do just a month by month, what's the monthly fee, I forget, on the home service?

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Thirty-five, Luke.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Okay. Thirty-five.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah. And when you do the free trial, you don't have to enter your credit card, so there's no negative billing. We can't bill you. You have to come back and sign up. We thought that was fair.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  You guys are classic. Well, I'll tell you what I did last night, okay, I got a good buddy and I don't know if he wants to remain anonymous or not, so I'll just leave him anonymous, but he had a really bad case of cancer, the one lipos or something, had a huge tumor in his belly, 40 pounds, literally, 40 pounds, not exaggerating. Like beyond quadruplets. Just a horrific situation. But he's such a beautiful person, such a trooper, and just a dear friend of mine, was misdiagnosed, went through all this stuff, then went and had surgery.

[00:49:13] And they were like, whoops, our bad, turns out this is cancer. They removed the tumor. His weight starts coming back on. He's feeling good. He starts to work out. He's doing great. Year goes by, he calls me, he said, man, guess what, I'm starting to feel those lumps in my abdomen again, and it came back. So, right now, I have to watch my karmic responsibility, and I don't want to interfere with his medical protocols, and he frankly doesn't want to do any of that stuff, but he's just doing kind of both.

[00:49:13] So, he's going and doing radiation now. He's on the schedule for surgery to get it taken out. And I'm throwing my hyperbaric chamber. He's doing the BioCharger. I lent him my ozone machine. Like we're doing everything we can. I met someone that does, on the down low, some high-dose vitamin C IVs and mistletoe injections, the Rick Simpson cannabis suppositories. We're just going to go full on and get this dude well. And then, I learned that there was some challenging dynamics in his home life that I didn't feel, and I guess he didn't either, were supportive to healing.

[00:49:13] And so, last night, he came over and I was training him on the ozone machine. And I had the idea, I was like, well, God, why didn't I put the FLFE on his place? So, I signed him up for the free trial and I told him what I was doing. I explained it to him. And he sent me a text. I got it this morning at around midnight after he came home, and he said, man, when I got home, my house is completely different. He lives with two other people and there's a bit of conflict there.

[00:49:13] And he said, I came home. I don't know if it was your thing, Luke, or what, but it was super chill. It felt beautiful in here. And I thought, oh, man, what a perfect gift. And then, when the 15 days is up, I'm going to sign him up for the year too. And I'm thinking, for someone who feels great most of the time like me, I'm like super elevated, but for someone who's ill, this is a huge gift. And so, I'm really excited to be able to—because I can only help people with things they're going through if they come over to my house usually, and I put them on all the stuff, and then it helps.

[00:49:13] But I can't just give them all the stuff I have here, because then I couldn't help my family and other people that come over. So, this is a good way, I think, for those of us that have dear ones that are ill or just having problems to kind of help support them in their own home. And I don't know, I don't even want to say it because one of my mentors told me once, he said, Luke, if you do an active service and you tell people, then it's nullified karmically.

[00:49:13] So, I'm not trying to virtue-signal here, but I did get my mom's home on it, too. I haven't even gotten around to telling her yet. I should tell her so she drinks more water. But she's had some health challenges and I feel really good about doing that. And I think it's maybe fun that I haven't told her, because when I do call her, I'm going to say, hey, eight weeks ago or whenever it was, did you notice a shift in your health or well-being in general? And I'm really curious to see what she has to say. 

[00:49:13] And I'm sure she'd be really excited that I did that for her, whether or not she even understands it or not. It's a gesture of kindness. But I think that this ability to do this for ourselves and for other people is a real gift, especially those we can't be in physical contact with all the time. On that note, do you see any downside to kind of self-willing it and taking it upon yourself to apply this home service to someone else's phone, or their home, or anything like that? Is there any boundary there that I'm crossing that someone should be aware of and perhaps have a bit more prudence about?

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Well, we do ask that someone knows in the property, but we've had others do this. Regina Meredith, when she was checking us out, she used it as a way to really see that it was working without telling people. But the hydration is a good thing. You definitely want to encourage hydration. So, many people put on the service and they don't tell the other people in the household. But they encourage them to drink water. So, you can always just encourage your mom to hydrate. Hey, I got you this water service, you're going to have water bottles show up every week.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  It's funny you mention that because I already did get her on a spring water delivery thing with my friends at Live Springwater and she loves it. So, I'm sure she's drinking more water than she was before using her little Brita filter on the fluoridated water of Sonoma County, California. So, there's not necessarily a karmic overreach there, in your opinion, generally speaking, as long as you're encouraging the person to drink more water and you have their highest good at heart?

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah, there's something called the law of noninterference, just want to get more kind of scientific about it, and we always test what's in the highest and best interest of all. I mean, it's really not. There's no law that's written anywhere that you can't do it. It's just allowing people is just said to know about the hydration requirements. I mean, one of the things that we mentioned earlier, Luke, is that, so the smarter EMF, because it's at 500, it doesn't have the same hydration requirements. 

[00:49:13] So, that's something you can give and there's probably like hundreds of programs on the main service and there's like half a dozen on smarter EMF. There's a lot of benefits to it, and it doesn't sort of come onto the radar of needing to tell people about hydration because the level of conscious between 500 and 560, actually, the average property is at 574 right now. So, you have 500 to the 74th power, right? It's a huge amount of energy in the difference. So, when you buy a subscription, you get a pay-it-forward subscription which goes out. We don't guarantee it's going to be at 500 and it has no programs on it, but you get to put that anywhere in the world you want, and that's a form of doing karma yoga where you gift that anonymously.

[00:49:13] We have a way of knowing where it's public, but we don't really track it because we're trying to share the idea that your friend had of just giving anonymously and nobody knowing it, and that is something that stays on the service for as long as you're on the business. So, if you sign up for a month or two, and decided it's not for you, and you put this pay-it-forward subscription on a place, and hopefully, Jeff and I live for another 50, or a hundred, or 200 years, we'll see how that all goes. Well, we'll keep it on as long as we have the business. That's our promise.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  So, you could put that pay-it-forward service on a local school, or church, or neighbor that pisses you off a lot?

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah.

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah. 

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  That's cool, those arguing, the fighting neighbors with the loud music down the street. I would put it on all the workers with leaf blowers around my property. That's my latest point of contention in Los Angeles, of the many. Let me see what else do I want to ask you guys, and I'll let you out of here soon. Oh, it's not so much a question, but just an anecdotal thing that I thought was funny that I forgot to cover with you yesterday, Clayten.

[00:49:13] We were talking about all of the various anomalies in Dr. David Hawkins' calibrations and things he would get a yes or no on. We talked about John of God, and whether or not he was high vibe or not, 9/11, we didn't cover chem trails, but we did talk about UFOs, and ETs, and some things that I think Hawkins' devotees were curious about, would ask him about. On one of the hundreds of hours of tapes and videos I have, a person ask Doc about EMFs. I don't know if you've heard this tape. And yeah. 

[00:49:13] And of course, it depends on how the question is stated. It has to be very specific for you to get an accurate kinesiological response or answer. But essentially, they asked him about, if I'm in my home and there are all these appliances plugged in, and there's wiring, and stuff like that, does that have a negative effect on the body? And they were essentially asking, does EMF in my home hurt me? And he tested and he got to no. And I was always annoyed by that because I thought they must not have stated the question right. Do you happen to remember that, Clayten, when he talked about that? 

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  First time I've heard it.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Yeah. And that, and the 9/11 one, and then maybe George Bush, those were the ones, I was like that, they must have just had a nuance in the question because there's so much scientific data to support all types of EMF from magnetic fields, dirty electricity, as Jeff mentioned, geopathic stress, RF, electric fields, there's no type of non-native manmade EMF that doesn't harm biological systems. And I thought that Hawkins really choked on that one. 

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  So, what was the definition of EMF that he was holding in mind?

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Right.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  So, I would like to know, yeah, and EMFs that were out when he did that test or not the EMFs that are out today. We have people putting the 5G 60-millimeter wave towers on FLFE, in the smarter EMF subscription, and they take the equivalent of between 5,000 and 6,500 home subscriptions to harmonize them. 

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Whoa. And with the technology that you guys have in a local sense, how do you tell how much energy is being used up by a certain service or a directing of that energy?

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  We have to measure it with kinesiology.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Oh, okay. 

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  So, we have a way of doing that that we've proven accurate over the years. And the other thing about EMF, because you're really into it, Luke, is when we figured out that the properties were being lowered by the electromagnetic frequencies that are new in the area, we put every EMF-emitting device in the home that is consciousness-lowering, goes to 580 or higher. So, your light bulbs, anything, your appliances, everything becomes positive.

[00:49:13] And what we've discovered was that there's a couple of different concepts when you're working with EMF. You can block them, as you said, but then your stuff doesn't work. You can dissipate them or try to deflect them just to make it like mist to try to break it up, so it's not as harmful. So, you can deflect, you can dissipate, or there's this concept that we came across called harmonizing where you make it positive. It's kind of like an aikido move. So, we've started looking into this one.

[00:49:13] So, how do you harmonize EMFs? And we came across this substance called shungite. And you know how Edison went through like 500 or so experiments to test all the different materials that would work in the filaments of a light bulb to create light? With kinesiology, we went through all these different elements in the universe to determine what material, we got the shungite pyramid, could potentially harmonize EMFs? And there's only one material in existence that can actually turn in EMF signal into a positive, and that's a piece of shungite right there.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  So, those watching the video here, I've got a—it's incredible stuff, this shungite. I mean, the piece I'm holding in my hand is the size of the palm of my hand, maybe two inches thick. It looks like a nice little slice of filet mignon. It's incredibly heavy. It's maybe heavier than iron or something. It's a really fascinating substance, this shungite.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  And it's actually not from the planet. 

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Oh, what?

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  It's from an asteroid.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Oh, get out of here.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  That landed in Russia. And it's the only substance in creation that we found that actually takes the EMF wave and turns it into a life-enhancing positive influence. And so, I have some friends in Sedona. If you go to Sedona, I'll introduce you to them, and they had a smart meter bank in this apartment building. And so, they put some plants in there and all the plants that are growing away from the smart meters are withering, right? So then, they take the piece of shungite on each one of the smart meters and the plants started growing up and towards the smart meters. 

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  What?

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  So, you can do an experiment like that yourself.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Dude, that's easy.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah. So, we put the energetic signature of the essence of shungite in the FLFE environment and have it direct out to any incoming EMF sources that are coming towards the propagate that are consciousness-lowering. So, 5G routers, satellites, radar, your neighbors' Wi-Fi, everything that comes onto the property is mitigated. It's harmonized.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Oh, my God, that's crazy.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  I didn't think you knew that because you would have probably mentioned it.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  That's so cool. So, over the years, through my EMF research, I've heard the shungite thing a lot. And it's kind of like those little stickers people put on their phone. I bought a bunch of those, and sometimes, like I'll be at a conference and someone will do like a muscle test on my arm with the sticker on my phone, without, and I seem to be strong with it on, so I buy this stupid thing for 50 bucks or whatever, but I've never been that convinced, whereas like Somavedic, love, Blue Shield, Bioshield, there's a few things I use in the home that are awesome, and you tested them for me, Clayten. According to your calibrations, you said, yes, they are effective to whatever degree, which was very helpful, by the way. 

[00:49:13] The shungite thing. I've always been skeptical of just because it's like one of those little stickers. People say, oh, take a piece of shungite and put it on your computer. And I'm like, what's that going to do? I used to have it under my mattress for a long time, actually, right under my head. Now I have these things called EMF rocks, which we'll have to research more. But recently, I took this piece of shungite, which is a pretty substantial chunk, and I put it right on top of my Wi-Fi router, and it just lives there. So, you're saying, according to your testing and research, that by doing that, that this is transforming those waves into life-supporting rather than life-harming?

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Yes. It's the only substance that does that. Now, the challenge is how much do you have to put on the object? And do you have to put it on both sides of the router, you have to put on four sides, top and bottom? So, with with our technology, everything coming off, any consciousness-lowering device in your environment or any wave coming in, it becomes consciousness-raising. So, when we put the EMF service with the shungite, the average property on FLFE went up four points in consciousness, which is four to the power of 10. It's a lot of power.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Wow.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  So, essentially, you were able to determine, it reminds me, kind of, of Rife frequencies, right? There's a frequency for a certain amoeba. And then, you take a Biocharger, amp coil, a Rife device, and you run the frequency of that amoeba, and therefore render it harmless just to simplify kind of a Rife frequency thing. So, were you able to determine a specific frequency of shungite, and then program that frequency into the technology so that it's projecting that frequency on a property and creating this bubble of like etheric shungite protection? Is that basically how it works?

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  We have another way of doing the same thing.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Okay. Okay. Cool. I probably have the complicated version, you're like, Luke, it's not-

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  No, that works. Rife is extraordinary, this technology is amazing, we can find another way. That's all.

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah, the clue is quantum association. So, here's another interesting thing about that. So, if if an incoming EMF becomes harmonized, becomes positive, and it raises the level of consciousness to the environment, what happens if you have a really strong wave? So, you have a military-grade microwave radar sweeps over your house? Well, that could raise the level up so high you become incapacitated, like you could just be so blissed out, so we built into this that when it gets to a certain point, if it's artificially raising it, that it dissipates instead, instead of coming in. 

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Interesting. Yeah, that is a concern. I've interviewed a couple of people that have a much deeper scientific understanding of EMFs, and they've always said, man, everyone's worried about 5G, you should be worried if you live near an airport or a military base because of the radar. It's like 300 gigahertz or something. It's just insane levels of radiation. So, that's interesting. So, if you hadn't done that then and that energy came in uninterrupted but had been transmuted into a beneficial frequency then, it would just overpower someone, and they could have a white light experience or something, be rendered incapacitated via enlightenment or something essentially, or become non-functional because the level would go too high? Is that what you mean?

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah. I mean, that's how we saw it. And again, we're testing what's in the highest and best interests for creation to do, and it isn't for a place to go up that much in consciousness all at once. It's like if you were walking by a substation and you had your phone with you, I mean, if you hadn't done this, you could have a whole ring of people all like looks down or up against the chain-like fence just ascending. So, we do what's in the highest and best interest of all creation, and that was something that came up, that we need to think that needs taken care of.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Put a governor on that energy then. That makes perfect sense. Well, I appreciate you guys' expertise and just the fact that you discovered this. The question I have for you is, do you guys have kids, either of you?

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  I do. 

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Both of you? 

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  I don't. 

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Just Jeff. And Jeff, do your kids have any interest in following in your footsteps? What's going to happen when you guys choke and this technology just withers away? Who's going to carry the torch because I feel like this is so unique that it's important that it carries on. I know you guys are young men, but what do you think you'll do? Is there a possibility of unloading this business onto someone who proves themselves to be worthy of the consciousness endeavor at some point? 

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  We just don't know until we get there. Really, we don't plan to ever sell it to anyone. I mean, at least at this point, we have it set up, if we both pass away, the business dissolves. 

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Don't get on airplanes together, guys.

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah. But my daughter is working part time in the business, so that's exciting.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Cool. Is there a possibility to—this has a five-acre radius if one does the home service. Right now, with the actual physical technology you have, is there the capacity, power-wise, to uplift community, town, counties, states, et cetera?

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah, it's already being done, Luke.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Really? Cool. Don't leave Hollywood off the list. We need it, man. When Doc was alive, he calibrated Hollywood at one point at 195.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Oh, yeah.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  For those listening, it's not good. Countries rife with slavery and terrorism are like at 190 or maybe 95. So, yeah, I remember thinking that, I said, damn, I live in Hollywood, we're at 195, what is it? And now, I realize what it probably was, was probably all the paedos in that industry that brought it down, honestly. I'm joking but not. But now that I've kind of, I used to work in the industry, and so I thought, oh, all my friends in Hollywood are great, but now, I'm seeing as an outsider now that I've retired, there's some pretty dark stuff going on in this area of the world. So, God bless us all. But as you know, Clayten, I'm on my way out of here very soon. I'm guessing Sedona might be my first stop at least to check out, so we'll see.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Well, I was going to mention something, Luke. The other day, when you talked about that, before I moved to Nelson, I did some astral cartography, where they look at your birth chart and they tell you what parts of the earth are better for you live and what will likely happen when you live in a different place. So, I thought about you. I wanted to mention that, so I'm glad you brought it up. I think that'd be cool if you want to do. That would be cool.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Do you know a practitioner? 

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  I could try to find the one that I did, but you're in California, man. All that stuff is down there, you can find someone local. 

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  I know a very good one.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  You do? Oh, well, shoot me an email, if you wouldn't mind, Jeff. I'd love to explore that. However, if they say, Luke, you're supposed to go live in North Dakota or something-

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  No, they actually talk to you what you want. I mean, you told, you want it to be more warm weather and a bunch of stuff you want. So, I mean, I did the same thing. I wanted a certain number of things. And then, I was looking at options, and they said, well, this is the best option, then I checked the vibe. It was like, wow, okay, that's obvious. It's the highest place I could find.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  That's cool. Yeah. Thanks for the tip on that. I've always wondered from a karmic standpoint and just an energetic, resonant standpoint where one might fit because I've always felt like I fit in California until quite recently because things are just different here in so many ways. But there is that list of preferences. It's like on a place where you can build some kind of community, and have friends that are likeminded, and whether that's appropriate to your preferences, et cetera.

[00:49:13] And now, of course, I have a partner, and so there's two of us. Thankfully, our preferences are mostly the same. We aren't into snow. But I'm going to do that. I like that. I like that. I'm curious. And just my last couple of questions, I swear I'll let you guys go—hours from now on. And I'm sorry, folks, it's justm there's too much to talk about, When people do the 15-day, which I love that you guys don't take your credit card because I find that to be a little bit—it's not dishonest, but it is a little bit like of coercion or something there when like you have to put your credit card in for some kind of free trial online.

[00:49:13] We all know we're going to forget that we did that, and then it's going to Bill. Now, I'm the jerk who puts it on my calendar when my trial ends, and I'll go back in, and cancel stuff, but you guys don't do that. You just have a 15-day free trial, which, by the way, people listening, yeah, shut up, Luke, how do we do it? It's flfe.net/luke. There's a pretty little landing page for you guys there and you can do the free trial. I'm curious if you guys have counted the percentage of people that do the free trial, and then do elect to get on a monthly home service and those that don't. Have you figured that out?

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah, we follow that pretty closely, and it gets an average of 21 days where it's the maximum. Some people go right away and some people wait a little bit longer. Yeah, it's in the 30% to 35% range.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Okay. Cool.

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah. And people circle back around, so we don't really capture those. We're kind of looking just at that short period. We do get people who do a second free trial or they come back around later after a few more emails, and they sign up.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Yeah. How do you stop those sneakers that just try to keep doing the free trial?

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  We have ways.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  You have ways to track them? Yeah, I was curious about that, though, when I was signing my buddy up last night for the free trial, I thought, if I never told him, and just said, how are you feeling? And then, told him later, he'd probably be like, turn that thing back on, once you feel the difference. So, I was curious about that. Well, anything else you guys want to add in closing? Did I leave anything out? I don't see how that's possible, but if there's anything you want to add before I ask you my final question. 

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  I would just mention that our staff in Nelson, B.C., Canada, and we have people scattered around the US, too, but we have office hours from 7:00 in the morning till 10:00 at night because we're covering more than 50 countries now with different time zones. So, we have an incredible staff of people. So, that's one of our offerings and one of the things we think is essential, is to have somebody talk to. So ,you go online, you sign up, and you can actually call, and talk to a person, because when you rise in consciousness, it's about 20 points now in 90 days. People need to talk about that. Things are occurring. Their life is changing in some ways. And then, they need help with getting on and off the service or changing addresses. We make it as easy as we can, but it's great to have a person. 

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  That's very cool distinction there, because if somebody's consciousness is being raised by 20 points over that period of time, that could have a substantial impact on their relationships, work, et cetera. I mean, on the logarithmic scale from one to a thousand, that's a huge boost in your overall level of consciousness.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah. That's over 90 days, Luke, 20 points in 90 days. So, it starts to up-level your life?

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  That's so cool. And then, what about the business service, the one that I just was like, I want Luke Story, Inc. to help a lot of people, and I want to be successful, and I want to buy a damn house, like things I want out of it, too, I'll be honest, but I do like making a living, helping people, and turning them onto cool stuff like this, what do you see with the testimonials, I guess, because there's no way to objectively prove that it's doing something for someone's business? But what are some of the things that commonly happen when people kind of bless their business with this consciousness service?

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Well, when you put the service on your business, the business, a legal entity, it has a history, and it has a level of consciousness. And if you've had a business that has a history that always hasn't been positive, it clears the negative history out of the entity that is the business. And most people experience a flurry of activity. And I mean, we have a lot of anecdotal evidence about people increasing the sales of their business because it's more attractive because it's higher consciousness. 

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Right. So, if a consumer visits somebody's website or social media, for example, and the calibration of that content or whatever it is that's representing their product or service is higher, it's going to have a more profound impact on that person and encourage compatibility, and an interaction, and I guess eventually, commerce, right?

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah. We originally did a study way back in the day with a record store, and I'm not sure exactly, I think it was 12 more minutes, the average person spent in the store. So, we don't have any programs on that say, come into my store, and spend all your money, and have nothing left for your rent, or food, or mortgage, it's just people like to feel good. Everybody wants to feel good. And people enjoy being in a nice environment. And they're more likely to make their discretionary record purchase, which is, in this day and age, that's kind of almost the anomaly itself. They're more likely to spend their money in a place that's nice. It's just straightforward, common sense.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Listen, even if they don't spend money, at least they feel good while they're perusing your site or walking in your site. Like who doesn't want everyone around to feel good? There was one interesting thing that took place when I sent you, Clayten, those couple of items that are on my site store and I sent links to them, and then I think it was Sharilyn that emailed me back, and said, here's what Clayten found, if they're legit or not. And there was another note in there that said, this part of your site calibrates at 200, which is integris and true.

[00:49:13] I was thankful, but I was like, only 200? That kind of sucks. I want it to be like a spiritual experience when people go to my web store. And she said, but if you change the following words that were not untrue, but they weren't stated in as high a way as they could be in terms of like medical claims. So, saying, oh, this thing 100% protects you from EMF is different than saying, this has a positive biological effect on all living things, or it harmonizes the field in your home, or however things are worded. 

[00:49:13] I find that really interesting when it comes to business as a spiritual practice, as you guys are doing, which I aim to make my business as well. Those nuances are really important and that was instructive to me to kind of look at how I represent things, especially when there's a monetary incentive behind that, to really be mindful about how I'm saying something to make sure that it's an integrity, to keep the vibration of all the endeavors as high as possible. Yeah. That was very helpful. Thank you for that.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah. When we were checking you out, we did a little audit on your website and there's some things we could talk about.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Okay. Good.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Seriously, yeah.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  It's interesting, because when you're in the health and wellness field, as you guys know, I'm sure, because you've obviously calibrated your own site, and all the copy, and stuff, it's tricky because the way that I'm operating as as an affiliate, right? And so, I get a kickback on sales from certain brands that I promote and things like that, but I'm not the one that's coming up with the copy. I just lift whatever copy they have chosen to use for their product, and my promise to myself, and to the audience is I don't promote anything unless I honestly believe that it is positive for you and works, and most of the time, is something that I have used or do currently use in my life, as I do all this EMF mitigation stuff and FLFE. 

[00:49:13] But I think the rub there is that I kind of have to scan every brand's copy for what rings as integris to me personally using my intuition, because I don't know how to use muscle testing accurately, and make sure that I'm fine-tuning that copy before I just throw it on my site because I could be essentially polluting my site with copy that's not necessarily misleading, but just isn't of as high calibration as I want my site as a whole to be.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah, you are. Yeah, it's okay. It's just, we write programs as requests to divinity for the environment and we write the context of what we're trying to accomplish, like Jeff mentioned, but not going into an ecstatic state, unless that's how you're supposed to go. But when you have a responsibility to work in this economized society until you don't, right? So, the purpose of FLFE is to create the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness in an economized society.

[00:49:13] And so, when you have all these parts of the context of what you're trying to accomplish, you have to measure the truthfulness of what you're creating in that context. And that's how you learn these things. Like you don't want to have people go into ecstatic states when they're walking by at the substation all the way home from work because the EMF is coming off or creating a 980 field or something, right? That's not our job. You can get to 980, FLFE won't slow you down, but it's not going to push you there, right?

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  That's very cool. Wow. How interesting. God, I can't wait to talk to you guys more. Well, it's been an hour and 58 minutes. Alright, that's it. I'm going to let you go. Now, you're off the hook on this one, Clayten. However, Jeff, you've not answered my patented question I ask every guest on every show, and that is I've learned a ton from you today, who have been three teachers or teachings that have influenced your life and your work that you might recommend our listeners go check out?

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Well, of course, David Hawkins is one of them. He had to be on the list. It's so rich and there's so much every day that we learn, and confirm of what he's done, and stand on his shoulders for what we're doing. Yeah, Ken Wilber's work has been really interesting to me, and especially as it relates to levels of consciousness. So, there is other people that he calls on for levels of consciousness. There is an author, Kegan in levels of consciousness. Yeah. So, I'd say Hawkins, Ken Wilbur. I have to say, working with Clayten, part of this, what we created together is based in truth. And sometimes, the truth is not easy, but it takes you forward, you know where are and you know where you're going with the truth. So, that's my final person there.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Thank you for that. So, again, for those listening, the site we're referring to is flfe.net/luke. Do you guys have any other links, or social media, or anything like that you want to send people to?

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  We have a private Facebook page, Luke. If you ask to be a member of it, that's a big part of our community. There's lots of resourceful people on there, lots of healers, doctors, professional people. And if you share some of your experiences, you'll get high-level feedback and support.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Oh, cool.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  Yeah, from the community.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  And I forgot about that. That would be very cool because this is such a nuanced service and just technology in general. I think it would really be helpful to have people that are on the same page and understand it. It's one of the things that's cool about Joe Dispenza's work, too, is he has really robust, everyone has a WhatsApp group and his Facebook group. I mean, if you want to connect with Joe Dispenza, people that understand the language and are practicing the meditations, et cetera, they're there, and there's a place where you can find them.

[00:49:13] In fact, I had to mute my Joe Dispenza Whatsapp from our group because it was just like, there are 250 people in there, it's blowing up my phone all day. But at least with your group, you can join at will and turn off notification. But I think that's a wise thing to do. We also have a Life Stylist podcast Facebook group where listeners and viewers of this show go in and interact. And it's really nice to be able to have a tightknit community of people that understand the language and the topics being shared.

[00:49:13] So, thank you for that. Well, gentlemen, I think with that, I'm going to let you go at two hours, and one minute, and thirty eight seconds. Thank you so much for doing what you do, for sharing it with me and our audience today. I'm so excited to meet you guys and just get involved with what you're doing. It's a real gift, and I appreciate you putting in the time and effort to do something that's pretty esoteric and out there, and I'm sure has not been easy to get the world to adopt and understand. So, thank you.

[00:49:13]Clayten Stedmann:  You're welcome.

[00:49:13]Jeffrey Stegman:  Yeah. Thank you, Luke. Thank you for all you do.

[00:49:13]Luke Storey:  Right on.



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