Diego Perez is a meditator, writer, and speaker. On Instagram and various social media networks he writes under the pen name Yung Pueblo. His first book “Inward” is set for release Fall 2017.

Diego Perez is a meditator, writer, and speaker. On Instagram and various social media networks he writes under the pen name Yung Pueblo. His first book “Inward” is set for release Fall 2017.

In today's climate of spiritual trends, meditation has become one of the hottest. And of course, right? I mean, after all, one of the most axiomatic principles ever uttered by a human is ‘know thyself,' right? And what better way to get to know yourself, but to spend some time alone in silence. 

But how long would it take to benefit from the practice of quiet introspection? How long could you be silent? How many hours per day could you enjoy (or tolerate) a sitting meditation? How about ten or twenty days without talking to a single soul, spending hour after hour just sitting there doing NOTHING. To some, this prospect sounds like heaven and of course, to others who are less acquainted with their inner selves, this idea might seem utterly terrifying. 

Our guest Diego Perez (AKA Yung Pueblo) is a veteran of many an inner journey and provides us with a fascinating play by play report on precisely what happens on a Vipassana silent meditation retreat. 

From this episode, you'll gain a deep understanding of not only the specific protocol of the various meditation retreats but also of the fundamentals of Buddhism, and how to apply the simple yet profoundly powerful principles of the lineage to your everyday life. After all, it's not only what happens on your meditation cushion that matters, but more so how you're able to integrate this ancient wisdom and cause ripples of positive energy to wash over your every moment and to everyone you might encounter on your earthbound journey. 

Listen, as Yung Pueblo drops knowledge bombs of immense power onto your consciousness, then take a moment to transmit that peace to someone you love by sharing this extraordinary episode with them. 

Here's to your practice,


“Wanting always interrupts Being”

”Even if you’re the hottest of the hot messes, you can totally heal yourself”
— Yung Pueblo

Topics Discussed In Today's Episode

  • His roots as a kid in Ecuador, and how he got the name Yung Pueblo
  • The current state of human consciousness, and the explosion of Vipassana centers
  • His path from misery to Vipassana 
  • The unique donation-based approach of Vippasana Centers 
  • Step by step report on what happens on a 10-day Vipassana Meditation retreat
  • Subtle symptoms of trauma, and how they shape our personalities
  • How to apply the principles of Buddhism in modern life 
  • Wanting vs. Being: the traps of desire, and how to overcome delusion & anxiety
  • Emotions that arise from clouded Ego, and the liberation path to purity, love & compassion
  • What does it mean to live a life free of suffering 
  • The purpose of ego, and why it’s not always the enemy
  • Cleaning up after ourselves, and learning to act through love
  • The physical requirements of Vipassana meditation 
  • The cravings and fears that he’s still dealing with
  • On humility and being a “regular” person 
  • Lifestyle recommendations


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