Luke Storey on the Optimized Geek: Finding Your Ideal Look

Celebrity and musician stylist Luke Storey believes in the power of fashion that goes beyond making yourself look good. He believes in its ability to help you present yourself in the best way possible to the world. There’s a certain power that comes with looking good and knowing you look good. Luke’s all about helping you harness that power to boost your career and social life. Even if you aren’t a celebrity or rockstar, there are simple things you do to transform your style, and boost your confidence. In this episode, Luke gives incredible style advice that you especially can’t afford to miss, and how to identify style goals that will convey the image you want to have for yourself. Before you go out and start shopping, Luke advises, you’re going to want to know more about your archetype and your body type and how your style should play off of both of those. Want to know more? Listen in for amazing tips on:

  • using geometry to create the illusion of the ideal body shape
  • why tailoring will make all the difference of the quality of the look
  • what fashion faux pas you absolutely need to avoid
  • how to know if you have bad style
  • why hiring a stylist can be a great investment
  • how to find the “magic color” that makes you look amazing
  • great brands for all style types with consistently excellent tailoring
  • why you shouldn’t focus on the next big trend