Meet The Life Stylist, Part 2 on the Rewild Yourself Podcast with Daniel Vitalis

Welcome back to part two of my conversation with Luke Storey on setting up a holistic strategy for lifestyle design! Luke has spent the past 18 years developing and refining a robust way of life based on the principles of nature and spirituality, while embracing technology and modern convenience. 

In this segment, we focus on our strategies for movement, sleep and meditation! If you missed it, check out part one where we break down our personal strategies and adaptations to modern life using a four elemental structure: Earth, Air, Water, Fire.


  • Integrating useful movement into your lifestyle
  • Optimizing your sleep routine in urban environments
  • Luke’s tactics for falling asleep when not tired
  • Pillow-less sleeping
  • The discipline of meditation
  • Spiritual connection through meditation and entheogens