Staying Authentic In An Edited World - My Chat With Daniel Vitalis

I'm a guest at my good friend's show: Daniel Vitalis, Rewild Yourself Podcast. We have an in-depth conversation on vulnerability and authenticity in our edited modern world. Always so much fun chatting with Daniel, take a listen.


  • Daniel answers your questions on camping sleep positions, sexual mastery, BDSM and ways women can use their femininity to awaken the strong masculine in their man
  • Mentorship & the art of giving and receiving advice 
  • Luke’s new podcast: The Life Stylist
  • A peek behind the scenes of the podcasting world
  • Interviewing techniques to encourage vulnerable & authentic sharing
  • Luke’s wild Colorado upbringing
  • Diet ethics and the diet wars
  • Thoughts on breatharianism
  • Making peace with the werewolf & looking into the shadows
  • Spirituality and the ego
  • Vulnerability and a lack of authenticity in an edited modern world