Find Your Style • Biohacking In A Big City • Kundalini Yoga 101: Luke As Guest on The Ultimate Health Podcast



  • How Luke went from fashion stylist to life stylist
  • To make it in business… use the “fire, aim, ready” technique
  • Luke’s self destructive past
  • Taking your style to the next level
  • Dress for your body type
  • Find your spirit animal when it comes to style
  • Biohacking in a big city
  • Luke’s morning routine and what he adds to his morning water
  • Collecting your own spring water
  • The best type of magnesium supplement
  • Cold showers greatly reduce anxiety
  • Why cryotherapy is something you may want to consider
  • Vedic meditation
  • What is “the real work?”
  • Kundalini yoga 101
  • Float tanks are something you should try, at least 3 times
  • Stop fighting reality
  • The biggest life hack of them all
  • Work at removing all negativity from your life