Confluence 2023

October 12-15, 2023

Sovereignty Ranch, Bandera, TX

Join health and sovereignty leaders in a unique gathering 
on a regenerative farm under a RING OF FIRE SOLAR ECLIPSE.

When we join together under the RING OF FIRE ECLIPSE, we create the foundation for a massive shift. This eclipse carries the frequency of love, harmony, connection and balance.When we join together, we’re ushering in this energetic expression. One that translates to truth and sovereignty. These are the moments we long for, when we connect over food, foundational skills, and frequency. We’ll shatter the illusion of authority, learn the true energetics of food, harness the healing power of holistic remedies, and so
much more.

Use code STOREY10 for 10% off (excludes camping options, food package, and add-ons).