Next | Health

Aug 22, 2018

Next Health Century City, Los Angeles, CA

Nature In The City - An Urban Biohacking Workshop

Come join me for yet another dope speaking event at Forefront Talk Series, presented by NEXT | HEALTH. Learn more about Forefront's mission below.

About Forefront

Forefront by Next Health is a platform for a community seeking optimize their lives. We bring a collective a industry leaders marching forth a movement that will ultimately disrupt the current design of the healthcare system. Our shared passion for true health is vested in the desire to change lives for the better by immersing in proactive health & to define a new category that is health optimization.

Forefront is built community, giving back to the community & igniting the community with inspirational information that will ultimately allow them to make healthier choices & to become passionate about living life to fullest & increasing our health span.