Online Guided Session, Luke & Rock-Star Shaman Alyson Charles

Apr 24, 2020


Love And Shamanic Medicine: Birthing Your Greatest Life From The Void

We find ourselves in an important moment on this planet. We are experiencing a portal of unknowns (aka "the void"). It is a time and space of infinite possibilities. Learn how to meet this challenge in highest vibration practices and conscious awareness. If we can do that, we can emerge from this time our brightest, grandest selves, aligned with our soul's purpose and our infinite power and calling. This class is for anyone brave enough to dive deep into the void to access their truth, their soul purpose and activate brilliant life miracles.

To Prepare:  Come with a relaxed, open heart and mind, wear relaxed clothes, find a quiet space to be with a comfy spot to lay down, have something to cover your eyes and one sacred object aka talisman to energetically charge and bless during our time together.