Nurture Your Nature: Hacking Water & Light | Luke Live At Next Health (Bootleg Broadcast) #177

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why we should be thinking about the water we put in our bodies before we start figuring out the best diets and workout routines

  • The best form of water that we can put in our bodies

  • Why you definitely want more than just a Brita filter on your faucet

  • How to get the cleanest water possible in your apartment or house, for both drinking and bathing

  • Why sunscreen is increasing your chance of getting cancer, not decreasing it

  • How the artificial light going into your eyes confuses your body almost every minute of every day

  • The best antidepressant in the world

  • Why light is the ultimate vitamin

  • The 3 types of EMFs currently bombarding your body while you’re home

  • Why awareness is healthier than fear

  • The insanity of holding a cell phone up to your head

  • How to eliminate dangerous wifi signals in your home

  • The benefits of building your own Faraday bed

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