Divine Reality: The Modern Mysticism Of Sri Mati AKA Julie Piatt #164


  • A grounding ceremony led by SriMati

  • Julie’s mind-blowing nut cheese & other plant-based treats (check out her cheese FAQ)

  • Creating ecologically sound, high-vibe clothes that you actually want to wear; the new couture

  • Moving from the mountains of Colorado to a tract home in Anchorage, Alaska at nine years old

  • How Julia reconciled the relationship with her father

  • Going through past-life regression every week for two years

  • What is an addiction?

  • If we do not embody our entire lifeform, someone or something else will

  • Creating the understanding that each lifeform has the energy to fulfill itself

  • Exploring the most efficient, minimal, and powerful expression of your brand

  • Why Moby doesn’t read any comments about himself online

  • If you’re posting about meditating, you’re not meditating; if you’re posting about hiking, you’re not hiking

  • Sharing the extremely personal in a public space with the intention to heal

  • How we are always synthesizing past and future into a present point

  • Falling for the rescue paradigm pushed on us by Disney and fairy tales

  • Finding polarity between the masculine & feminine in a relationship

  • Luke’s most frequently used curse words (and why he is trying to reign it in)

  • Who gave Julie the spiritual name “SriMati,” what relevance it holds for her, and why she doesn’t go by it all the time

  • Why sexuality is so out of balance on our planet

  • Awareness as an expansion of what it means to be a human being

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