Are you a powerful, vibrant, wild human? Or have you been systematically domesticated in the same way the mighty wolf has been reduced to the fragile and helpless Chihuahua?

Most of us are blissfully unaware that before the agricultural revolution that took place roughly 10,000 years ago, humankind lived in harmony with the earth, and as a result experienced life as a much happier, and healthier species. 

In this episode, our guest Daniel Vitalis takes us on a journey back in time to discover how we have been led astray by the false hope of the benefits of 'modern life.' You will be shocked to find the many ways in which our current lifestyle is indeed inferior to the lives of most hunter/gatherer people of the past, and even as compared so the small indigenous population currently in existence. 

Our domestication was perpetuated on purpose and has shaped our current health, bodies, spirituality, and even our sex.

Daniel not only exposes this alternative version of human history but also offers some very practical tips on how to 'rewild ourselves' and to reclaim our health- and even our personal sovereignty. 

If you value your right to live a free, natural human being, please share this show with a like-minded friend or loved one. The world could use some more awakened people.


Daniel's Bio:

I’m in love with the idea of human wildness –– as in free, sovereign, and undomesticated! My passion resides at the intersection of human-zoology, personal development, and lifestyle design. In other words, I’m obsessed with what’s most natural for our species, and keenly focused on how to reinvigorate our wild nature, all while masterfully living modern lives. You could think of it as “best practices for your inner ape” meets “strategies for self-actualization”.

I know you feel it too… Today’s world is constantly pulling you toward a life that is out of synch with your intrinsic nature. It can feel like a struggle just to stay afloat in the constant deluge of work obligations, personal responsibilities, texts and emails, and the ever increasing demands of incoming technologies. Too often we feel obligated to choose between an abundant, fulfilling life and the requirements of our mechanized, domesticated lives. Slowly we become a weaker, more docile, less vibrant version of ourselves. All this drudgery can leave us asking “what’s my purpose?” and “when will I start really living?”

For 2 decades I’ve been doing just that, problem solving modern living with a host of practices modeled on our ancestors, but updated to fit the present day. If the idea of examining, strategizing, and enhancing every aspect of your personal world seems rousing, but a bit daunting too, fear not… I’ve already done the work for you, consolidating everything into an engaging and exciting curriculum that I’ve been honored to share with tens of thousands of people from around the world. I’ve vetted and pressure tested it, keeping what gets results and discarding what doesn’t.

I’ll be upfront here, I can be a bit of a mystic, but I always make sure what I talk about is backed up by science and rooted in an ancestral context as well. That way I’m sure to stay open to the mystery, while remaining objective and grounded in evolutionary biology. 

So that’s me… Now it’s your turn. Get ready for a journey, not just into the wild, but into your own inner wildness.

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  • How desks ruin your body and sitting in chairs make you spineless
  • Domesticated spirituality, and how religions are all part of the human control system that came along with agriculture
  • Daniel challenges my level of yoga and suggests that this tradition might be part of an elitist control culture and not quite the utopian heritage that we commonly believe it to be
  • How animism is actually the original spiritual religion of pre-domesticated humans
  • Phony aspects of the new age movement
  • How to rewild your sexuality, your movement and your home
  • Lifestyle recommendations






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Show notes: Tatiana Melo
Sound editing: Dustin Smith