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Have you ever wondered what water is, where it comes from, and why it's so crucial to our survival? Are you aware that your body and brain are mostly water? If we are made primarily of water, then wouldn't it stand to reason that our top health priority should be learning everything we can about this substance, and how to find the best possible source? 

When it comes to the water we drink and bathe in, there are thousands of choices, and most of them come with considerable health risks. Tap water is subject to endless sources of toxic contamination, despite the various forms of filtration available, and much of the bottled water on the market comes with challenges of its own - which in most cases puts it in the same lower class of safety as tap water, not to mention limitations of sustainability and adverse environmental impact. 

After over a decade of personal research and development, I have chosen almost exclusively to drink genuinely natural, wild, unadulterated spring water. However, in recent months there have been thousands of web articles and television reports about the supposed 'dangers' of people drinking such water.

The vast majority of reports have positioned the practice of drinking unprocessed spring water as a 'new, dangerous trend' as if humans have not managed to survive on the planet for the past two million years drinking it. 

In light of much recent fake news propaganda put forth by the mainstream media, I've taken it upon myself to tell the other side of the story about what I believe to be nature's most significant, and mysterious gift to all life on earth. It can be argued, that after oxygen, water is in fact, the root of all life. 

When I set out to provide listeners of the show with a comprehensive guide to all things water, my first stop was Daniel Vitalis. Daniel has been one of the most dedicated advocates for natural spring water in the health industry for two decades and has devoted much of his work to preserving and promoting this fundamental, and sacred human right. 

Once I got into this interview with Daniel, it quickly became evident that not only would his contribution to the conversation be longer than the usual one hour (this single episode alone clocks in at just over 3 hours), but it would also be necessary to include additional voices within the water industry itself. As a result of the overwhelming contribution of Daniel’s point of view, I decided to dedicate three entire episodes to the topic by creating a comprehensive trilogy, called Water Wars. This episode is the first in a series of three shows on this topic. 

You can look forward to two more mind-blowing episodes coming this Friday with Seth Leaf Pruzansky of Tourmaline Springs and Mukhande Singh of Live Spring Water, who each share their unique perspective as founders of the only two US companies that sell genuinely natural, unprocessed spring water.  

Please do someone you love a favor by sharing this profoundly impactful podcast with them. Now more than ever, we humans need to claim our divine birthright to drink water as nature intended it.

Now go get hydrated!



  • Daniel and I catch up as he shares his observations from the past 10 years of foraging, his podcast, and the new new direction of his work 
  • The non-cohesive world of ecology stewardship, and how environmentalists & hunter-gatherers are at odds with each other
  • How GMO and glyphosate spraying affects our wild food sources
  • Wild vs. Farmed, and why establishments can’t sell game meats
  • Fake news and all the false propaganda lately about natural spring water: why is the media attacking it, why is the media so afraid of it? 
  • Are the big beverage corporations behind the media’s effort to discredit this very natural practice of drinking water from the Earth
  • Is water actually alive? Does it have consciousness? What’s this energy we know as water? 
  • Where does Spring water actually comes from? 
  • What is raw or living water? 
  • How filtering water has its pros and cons
  • The chemistry behind why water tastes flat   
  • The hydrological cycle of water, and the difference between well water, aquifer and spring water
  • What are the possible dangers of drinking spring water? How to vet the spring
  • The FDA lobbying to call tap and well water “spring” water. Turns out that most of the bottled water you drink is not from a spring, it’s never even seen a spring 
  • The environmental impact of the bottle water industry 
  • The health impacts of drinking plastic water 
  • Are some plastic bottles worse than others for you and the environment? 
  • What is wrong with tap water and can we trust the government that sell it to us? 
  • Do fracking chemicals, and nuclear waste and fluoride end up in our bodies? 
  • Pharmaceutical drugs and how they don’t always get filtered out from municipal water
  • We focus on fluoride and find that it might not be so great for your teeth and could in fact have deleterious results in your health in general 
  • What about the risks of showers, baths, steam rooms and hot tubs
  • The risk of tap water in bottled drinks: wine, beer, etc 
  • Daniel’s trip to a water plant, and the shocking discoveries he made there 
  • What filters work, if any
  • Are reverse osmosis and distilled waters toxic? 
  • Are alkaline water machines legit?
  • If you have to drink bottled water, which ones are the best? 
  • Lifestyle recommendations


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