435. Dr. Christiane Northrup: Medical Freedom, Injection Protection + How To Save Yourself & Your Sanity

Dr. Christiane Northrup

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Today’s guest is another huge name plucked from my all-time wishlist, bestselling author, speaker, community leader, and fellow warrior against the global onslaught of injustice – the esteemed Dr. Christiane Northrup. We catch up on the current state of humanity and what some of us are doing to keep our heads above water in these turbulent times. 

Christiane Northrup, M.D., visionary pioneer in women’s health, is a board-certified OB/GYN, and New York Times bestselling author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause and Goddesses Never Age. In 2013, Reader’s Digest named Dr. Northrup one of the “100 Most Trusted People in America.” In 2016, she was named one of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul 100, a group of leaders who are using their voices and talent to awaken humanity.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Today’s guest is another huge name plucked from my all-time wishlist, bestselling author, speaker, community leader, and fellow warrior against the global onslaught of injustice – the esteemed Dr. Christiane Northrup.

We essentially catch up on the dystopian state of humanity and what some of us are doing to keep our heads above water in these turbulent times. The expansive scope and format of this one makes it more of a fireside chat than a traditional interview, but don’t worry, we go there (and there), unbothered by the billowing winds of doubt and negativity that threaten original thoughts like those shared here.

There’s light to be shared, too, my wish is that this episode leaves you with a sense of hope, along with some solid recommendations on how we can work together to create the world we know we all deserve – one of equality, justice, and of course, freedom to live and love as granted by our divine birthright as sovereign brothers and sisters of planet Earth.

We also talk about our growing community of freedom-oriented people that are facilitating a parallel economy based on a currency of actual value as opposed to our delicate fiat dollars. If you are intrigued by our conversation about sound money (gold, silver, and other noble metals), I invite you to visit lukestorey.com/realmoney.

00:06:51 — The Deception Runs Deep

  • Brandon Straka’s #WalkAway campaign
  • Looking at Dr. Northrup’s medical background
  • Concept of maximal sophisticated confusion
  • The disinformation dozen
  • How the summer of love was a psyop
  • Many levels of the prey/predator cycle

00:42:24 — Finding Love & Compassion 

01:01:16 — Measuring the Cognitive Dissonance 

  • Understanding the mind of a sociopath 
  • Striking down the ‘hurt people hurt people’ concept
  • The long history of sociopolitical psyop
  • Fulfilling the need to be relevant

01:10:45 — Plandemic/Jab Deep Dive

01:43:20 — Scarcity of Food & Collapse of the Dollar

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Dr. Christiane Northrup : [00:00:11] Your biography becomes your biology. So you in your life went from hopeless helpless to this beautiful life where you are now. You did it using your own power and bringing in the power that created your body in the first place and created the universe. Everyone has access to that. All inflammation is anger, resentment, rage and all healing involves getting that released from your body and healing the inner four-year-old who never had a say. Hello, this is Dr. Christiane Northrup and this is the Life Stylist podcast.

Luke Storey: [00:01:03] Well, well, well. You are in for a treat today, my friends. This is Episode 435 with Dr. Christiane Northrup, Medical Freedom, Injection Protection and How to Save Yourself and Your Sanity. You'll find the show notes link at  lukestorey.com/northrup. And trust me when I say that there are a ton of resources dropped in this one that you'll likely want to follow up on. So again, the show notes are on  lukestorey.com/northrup. 

Now, I'm guessing that Dr. Northrup needs no introduction for most of you, but for the few of you that are not yet familiar with her work, here's the scoop on her illustrious career. Christiane Northrup, MD, is a visionary pioneer in women's health. She's also a board-certified OB-GYN and New York Times best-selling author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Goddesses Never Age. In 2013, Reader's Digest named Doctor Northrup, one of the most 100 trusted people in America. And then in 2016, she was named one of Oprah Winfrey's Super Soul 100. 

And if that's not enough, she's also hosted eight highly successful public television specials. And her work has been featured on The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, The View, Rachael Ray, Good Morning America 2020, and The Dr. Oz Show, among many others, including the one you're about to hear. 

Now, I've been a fan of hers for many years, and even more so recently due to her unflinching stance on the many egregious offenses against humanity and our fundamental rights that have been perpetuated by the medical and political establishment in the era of the plandemic. 

I mean, she's truly a warrior and someone who's been fighting for all of us on the front lines of freedom from day one of this colossal tyrannical shit show. And the episode you're about to hear is much more a meeting of the minds or a fireside chat of sorts than it is an interview in the formal sense. 

We essentially catch up on the current state of humanity and what some of us are doing to keep our heads above water in these turbulent times. As such, we discuss many a topic in this one, so I'll just drop a couple of items here and get right into it. 

We cover Dr. Northrup's most important message, one so dangerous to the establishment that they had no choice but to demonize and censor her over the past two and a half years, the absolutely dire effects that face diapers and social distancing have had on kids, how to deal with the loss of family members and friends with opposing views on hot topics like jabs and mandates, the risks of spike protein shedding, and how to keep yourself safe from the fallout, some tactics of recovery for people with buyer's remorse after opting into the latest experimental gene therapy, the miracle solution to ending seasonal colds and flu once and for all, the well-kept secret of how to play and win financial 5D chess in a system that's rigged heavily against us, and finally, how to protect yourself and your loved ones from the imminent economic crash. 

And to that end, specifically in the second hour, Dr. Northrup and I discussed the tool we're both using to join a movement that is facilitating a parallel economy based on gaining access to sound money, aka Noble Metals. And this is something I'm really excited about personally as someone who, unfortunately, has never been that great at saving and has a growing interest in investing in silver and gold. 

So I'm going to tell you now, before we start, if you want to learn more about the strategy and join our community of freedom-oriented people, I'll invite you now to visit  lukestorey.com/realmoney, where you can learn about this opportunity along with me. Again, that's  lukestorey.com/realmoney. 

And lastly, before we jump down this rabbit hole, I really want to invite you to keep an open mind as some of what we discuss will likely be foreign and maybe even triggering for a few of you. Just know that as always, I'm seeking to find and share the truth about our world and our place in it. As a result, it's sometimes necessary to have some tough conversations about topics that are for some of us more comfortable to avoid. And in this episode, as you can tell, many such topics are explored. 

Yet she and I definitely both express and feel a sense of hope, if not faith, actually, that if we all come together with a balance of sincerity, of humor, and compassion as a shared humanity, we might just see our way through this time of great change. So hang in there as you listen and enjoy this wild ride of an episode with the one and only Dr. Christiane Northrup on The Life Stylist podcast. Dr. Northrup, welcome to the Life Stylist podcast.

Dr. Christiane Northrup : [00:05:19] What a pleasure to be here. Luke, you know you're with--

Luke Storey: [00:05:22] This one's a long time coming.

Dr. Christiane Northrup : [00:05:24] Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

Luke Storey: [00:05:26] I made a list, God, probably five years ago after I've been going for about a year and I was like, all right, these are the big guests that I want to go after. And you're still on that list. And for whatever reason, I get caught up in life and another person shows up and another one shows up and I rarely actually get to that list. So our mutual friend Seth, from Tourmaline Springs, great springwater out of Maine, finally he's like, "Oh, we're good friends. She's my neighbor. I'll connect you." I was like, "Yes, finally."

Dr. Christiane Northrup : [00:05:58] That's great. Yeah. Seth has been a real beacon of crystalline light and good water during this time when we had to find each other. I didn't know Seth. And then he shows up in my living room with a whole case of the water and is on the same page. I mean, we never knew who in the last two and a half years has been with us and who hasn't been with us.

And we've all been pretty shocked by those who fell off the truck and thought we're sort of part of us. I just say, "Wow, they just fell off the turnip truck." "Oh, really? Waldorf schools, yoga teachers." Oh, channeling, apparently erudite beings from other dimensions and you too, Et tu, Brute, I don't think so. So there are those of us who saw it from the beginning. I'm doing a thing with Brandon Straka next Saturday and it's called the Army of the Awakened.

Luke Storey: [00:07:02] Awesome. I love that.

Dr. Christiane Northrup : [00:07:04] His walk away campaign. Just walk away from basically insanity, really.

Luke Storey: [00:07:10] Yeah. I've noticed that as these medical issues. At least they're being represented as medical issues. I don't know that they have been. But there's so much politics involved in it. And then in the beginning of this, you had more of the right-leaning people who are really behind Trump and thinking that he was going to be the Messiah that came and saved us all. 

And people were leaning into that. And then now I think thankfully, you have people from both sides of the spectrum politically, at least a large enough swath of them hopefully to form a critical mass where they're going, "You know what? It isn't about this side or that side politically. It's about you're either pro-humanity or you're not."

Dr. Christiane Northrup : [00:07:56] We're calling it sort of the third party, the Medical Freedom Party. And long ago in the summer of 2020, Pam Popper out of Ohio said, "Okay, I know a way to end this," because she called the whole thing fact-free hysteria when it started. And she said, "Okay, here's what we're going to do. We're going to become one-issue voters." And the one issue is do you or do you not believe that I should have the right to determine what gets injected into my body or that of my children? And if you say something like, "Well, I'm not sure. And well, there are circumstances where no, next, next," so what we've done in the past two and a half years is we really have raised an army of light where people realize that the left and the right are often hopelessly corrupted, often by the same powers. 

And here's what it is. It's like having your basic borderline personality disorder or narcissist, and it's this, "Oh, I know how we're going to do this. I'll get you to fight with her, and then I will be the good guy. And then I'll get all the loose." 

And the loose is the money, the energy, the attention, the fame. I'll get that all put on me. I'll come out looking squeaky clean and those two will be fighting with each other. And so in the past two and a half years, we have learned, much to our chagrin, that all the world wars were funded on both sides by the exact same people. They go, "Whoa. Whoa."

Luke Storey: [00:09:38] The deception runs deep. Yeah, it's frightening. But it's also good to know and it's great to know that so many people are waking up to facts about history and current events and geopolitics and these things that were either not interested or just totally in the dark before. So I think that out of all of this that we've experienced is a net positive. And I see this-- my wife likes to go on TikTok. I don't really use the app, but she'll send me funny videos and stuff on there. 

But a lot of these videos, these are people-- I mean, I call them kids because I'm 51. They're like people in their early 20s and they're truthers, and they're looking into all this stuff that used to be when I got into it 25 years ago was super fringe. No one was talking about the fraudulent nature of the Federal Reserve and Fiat currency, and that birth certificates opt you into being a corporation owned by the state, that's owned by the state and the things you just described them. 

This was like super weirdo, Jordan Maxwell, David Eick, Alex Jones in this stuff was super fringe. And even then, I thought some of those guys were crazy and it was just entertaining. And now I'm like, "Oh my God." Not that they were right about everything, but they were right about way too much.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:10:49] They were. I just ran into Jordan Maxwell. I think he died this past spring. I had no idea who he was. And then when he presented, so I listen to his thing and he's got this stuff about Ra, the Sun God, and how that's the beginning of where they're taking your power. And someone had sent me a papyrus of this particular image from Egypt, and it was this sort of treasured photograph thing that I had in my bedroom. And as soon as Maxwell points out what that is, I got that out of here so fast. 

And then he talks about the Statue of Liberty. And he says, "No, that's not freedom. You're at liberty," meaning you can leave the ship, but you've got to come back. And then he shows the shackles on the feet of the Statue of Liberty, which I found out that's true. And that the Statue of Liberty is a judge that basically is saying you're not free. We'll let you leave the ship. And then when I heard about, okay, so think about it. You've got the birth canal and you've got the docking port for any computer. The baby whose cargo comes down that canal and is put into the mother by seamen. It's like, yeah.

Luke Storey: [00:12:20] Oh, my God. I haven't even put--

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:12:24] Yeah. The soul of the body is in the sole of the baby's foot. And that's what goes on the birth certificate. And your head spins, but here's the good news. The good news is that parts of the Bible really have it right. And they got the exit strategy, they got the way out, which is this. We are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. Or, as Alex Collier says, the Andromeda and Contactee, we are genetic royalty. 

We have 22 different DNA strands and as we wake up, we realize we're more powerful than all of them. These regressive species demons who've been running everything for 6,000 years or more, they can't create anything. All they can do is deceive us, and enough of us are waking up so that the deception doesn't work.

And you've got to see them, I think, as what they are, little powerless minions. It's like The Wizard of Oz. Pay no attention to the man behind the screen. I am Oz the great power. No, I listen to Klaus Schwab, and I love the way he dresses up. He looks like a Sith lord and has that Nazi accent. And you go, "You've got to be kidding me."

Luke Storey: [00:13:51] This is my daily experience. I think we're living in this simulation that's like 1950s sci-fi film and half comic book with these supervillains. And it's almost as if and I've gotten into this on it on a little bit deeper level, just examining duality and non-duality and these characters that I do my best to not hold hatred or contempt for, but just to understand they're playing their part. Those that are playing this part, the Bill Gates, the Klaus Schwab, the forces, all of them, they're playing their role with such perfection. 

It's just like it can't be by accident that we have these opposing forces in the universe and here on the Earth plane. There has to be a purpose to it. And it gives me some solace just knowing, well, maybe my purpose is that I'm given the free will to join them or to not. And by not, I think and hope that I'm forging a righteous path for myself, that I'm making decisions to have autonomy and sovereignty and to be a free spirit and a free human here. 

But, man, if you're not armed with some of that information and be able to see it from a perspective, it's like you said, you're born in that birth certificate in the United States, at least is just immediately from the second you pop out opting you into this grid, this matrix, this really false superimposed structure of society that's been put there by someone, these people, these entities, whatever they are.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:15:24] Yeah. And the number of those birth certificates I have filled out, it is part of my job. I didn't know that I was doing that. But I can get really granular. I didn't know what I was doing for the first couple of years when I did circumcisions and removed 40,000 nerve endings from baby boys whose parents I could never talk out of it, even though there was no medical reason. So there's a lot of stuff that we do like clamping the cord too soon in a baby and all of that. 

So my career obviously has been in obstetrics and gynecology and how we get here, like how do we arrive on planet Earth? How does that go and I have spent a lifetime letting people know a better way to do it. It would be good if you could do it this way. And I think that my soul said, okay, we're going to send you right into it. We're going to send you right into the heart of it, like how we land on the planet. And then you're going to unravel it bit by bit as we get back to true humanity.

And also, though we know, you know, I know that coal doesn't become a diamond unless there's a lot of heat and a lot of pressure. And that's what humanity has been under this past, especially two and a half years. But then you realize with the education system, this dumbing down stuff goes back to the '90s and the-- what is that place called in Germany? The something school.

Luke Storey: [00:17:06] Oh, the--

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:17:07] The Frankfurt School, where they had all those disgruntled intellectuals come over to California. The critical people where they'd go to Southern California, which really was heaven. It isn't anymore, but it was. And you can see them. They're still in the Ivory Towers of Harvard in Yale and they're just smoking their cigars and whatever and saying, "Oh, you're so naive." I mean, if you knew what was going on, you would see how ridiculous this is and how ridiculous that is. 

And this sophisticated left brain, what my colleague Kevin Jenkins calls maximal sophisticated confusion, where they get everyone thinking that they're stupid except these guys who've been running the world. But we're seeing all of it. I love that we're seeing all of it. And it's really, for me, been very strengthening. It's like, all right, what else are you going to call me? I've already racked up transphobic, racist, QAnon conspirator, anti-vax, anti-science, whatever.

And but you know why it's so hard for them with me is that I had such a great career with three New York Times best sellers and then the same book multiple times in different editions-- best sellers, eight public television specials, 10 times on Oprah, one of Oprah Super Soul 100, one of the 100 people using their whatever to uplift humanity and then suddenly, bam, I'm one of the disinformation doesn't overnight for doing the same thing I've been doing, telling the same truths I've been telling for 30 years. And that I mean, I'm not alone. That's happened to everybody.

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Well, congratulations on being one of the illustrious members of the disinformation desk. I take that as a badge of honor. But to something you were speaking to earlier in our collective power as a shared humanity and how much we actually are able to effect positive change, I find it hilarious that you take someone like you who's a board-certified OBG-YN and you've written all these books, appeared on TV, and now you get marginalized and demonized and have all these labels thrown on you. And you're a woman living in a small town in Maine doing Zooms. You know what I mean? It's like--

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:21:40] Ooh, this is dangerous.

Luke Storey: [00:21:42] If you're a big enough threat to this beast of a system, that really says a lot for how fragile it is. It's like you have a big voice, but relatively speaking, it's not like you own Fox News or CNN and you can really create a widespread narrative. I mean, relatively speaking, you're reaching a very few number of people in the great scheme of things. So why are you and people like you so threatening to the establishment? 

And if you were, let's just say, if you were a conspiracy theorist and just totally off your rocker and taking guidance from ETs and whatever has been thrown at you, then you would just be laughed at and discounted as a kook. It wouldn't be necessary to deplatform you and discredit you because everyone just go, "Oh yeah, she's just talking nonsense." So there has to be enough margin of truth in what you're sharing to be threatening to that very system for them to go to the lengths that they have to create a block between you, your message, and the public at large.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:22:49] Yeah, that's right. But then now what I've been horrified by is people like Pierre Kory and Paul Marik, these are the top intensive care doctors in the world and they've been fired. So when you see your profession, that's gone to the point where Pierre Kory is testifying in the Senate to please allow him to save lives, where these guys know how to save lives and they find themselves in a position of not being allowed to do what they know works, now, that one, that's a cognitive dissonance that I think the average person is really going to have trouble with, that the hospitals right now are paid to kill you.

I just heard of a friend who went in with a bleeding ulcer and he's had a dream-- I love how this works with the body because it does. He's had a dream that he was shoveling coal into a furnace when he was a kid because he's an old guy and had done that as a kid, shoveling coal into the furnace. And he had a dream that that's what was going on in his stomach and that in fact, there were demons in there. Anyway, he gets into the hospital, tests negative for the thing, which, by the way, is a test that nobody should have ever. Stop it if you're doing it, it's damn.

Anyway, that's a different thing. But anyhow, every night for three nights, a nurse comes in to his room with a needle to give him a dose of medicine. He says, "What is this Remdesivir?" Which the nurses have dubbed Rem death is near. And he each time says, "Get out of here. I don't know why you're here." And then we learn about the nurses of the Third Reich, the killing angels of the Third Reich. Well, they never went away. So we learned early on, I mean, still one of our group who is on the My Cycle story with all the women who were having bleeding and passing residual casts and all that, she has a family member in Cedars-Sinai out in LA. 

No one can go in. She says, "Well, we want the merit protocol. This person is critically ill." And Paul Marik came up with an incredible protocol for sepsis that has saved so many lives. And it's like, okay, you want an advocate to go in and do the Marik protocol on your family member in the ICU in Cedars-Sinai, while Paul Marik has been fired and is out of a job. Wow. Wow. 

Luke Storey: [00:25:54] Oh, my God. I want to ask you something on your point of view. I think I asked Kelly Brogan this same question, but it's a point of fascination with me. And you alluded to this earlier how throughout this whole endeavor, so many seemingly conscious, well-intentioned, compassionate people in the spirituality, new age, whatever space, and you mentioned cognitive dissonance here just a moment ago. What I find shocking and I still haven't been able to totally unpack is why so many of that sect of people who were formerly fairly anti-establishment and seemingly awake have been so easily duped and in many cases even become stormtroopers for this totalitarian agenda. I am thinking about near you in Upstate New York, the Omega Institute.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:26:50] Oh, my God. I used to teach there.

Luke Storey: [00:26:54] Epsilon in California. These places are requiring experimental medication shots in order to step foot on the property. And these are places where Ram Dass has spoken and Sharon Salzberg and all of these spiritual luminaries. And another piece to it is it's the anti-establishment boomer generation. These were people that were protesting against corporations and against the wrongdoings of governments and anti-war. And it seems so many of them have lined up and become boot lickers for actual athoritarian proceedings and just going along with it. 

And I've looked at this and is it that they have a compassionate heart, are they more susceptible to fear,  are they more susceptible to ridicule? What is it that makes people that were formerly at least seemingly quite self-aware and aware of the big picture so easily duped and to become, in fact, crusaders against people that were formerly their peers not so long ago?

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:27:58] Well, again, I don't think that they were nearly as informed as they thought they were. So when I was in college, it was the time of the SDS, Students for a Democratic Society. And you now realize that that group that came to the college campuses, that did all that stuff in the '60s and '70s, they were the same people doing this stuff now. And my father said something to me way back because I wanted my parents to bring my harp to UMass, where Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was doing a whole month in a baseball cage at UMass.

So there were all of us learning transcendental meditation and Gurudev, and there's Maharishi and the whole thing. And I remember saying to them, "Well, if Richard Nixon were speaking, you'd bring my harp." And my dad said something that I'll never forget. He said, "These people come in when the bloom is on the rose," meaning you're young and you're impressionable. And they grab you. 

So I believe that a lot of the stuff that happened in the '60s, Woodstock was a psyop. Someone told me about Mick Jagger, the Beatles. All of these people were used as tools of the same group. So you thought that you were an old hippie and you were woke, you went to Woodstock. You were cool or Burning Man, that is another example. But they didn't get-- thank you for laughing.

Luke Storey: [00:29:51] Just yesterday, I was looking at a TikTok about BlackRock, this conglomerate, Monster Deathstar of a corporation. And then where does that take place at BlackRock? Just saying.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:30:02] I know. I believe that because I can remember walking across the college campus and some guy comes up to me and he goes, "Nixon just went into Cambodia. Can you imagine me with a gun?" Well, probably you can. I mean, I just went to college from a little town and I was there to study biology and study applied music. And suddenly the world blew up. It blew up. That was the '60s, the '70s, the summer of love. Okay, so here I am. And I'm a young OB-GYN, and I'm down at the other end of the table where I am up close and personal, getting to experience the results of free love.

Women just got screwed. And then we downloaded My Body, My Choice. And I was completely into that. I completely got it because by the way, by the time a woman has had her third abortion for birth control, you get pretty good at saying, "Honey, you got to run your pelvis, you've got to run your reproductive organs a little more like your checkbook." I think you can't just take all comers, no pun intended. You can't. There's got to be some standards here. And so what we did, is you can see, looking back, this was a very well orchestrated attempt to undermine the family, to undermine the bonds of affection that holds society together.

Think about Saturday Night Live. I think about this a lot. And I love Dana Carvey doing the church lady. Is it Satan? But everyone who went to church, who had some faith, were made fun of by all of the mainstream media. It was always, remember Lilith in Frasier. So Lilith was always or wherever she was. She's the Bebe Neuwirth, the uptight librarian type but underneath was a smoldering sex goddess. So we were absolutely brainwashed that if we had a moral standard, that we somehow didn't get the plot, that what's wrong with you? Look at Footloose. They made it so extreme that if you were about faith and family and freedom, you were just a hopeless loser. 

And all the cool kids were over on the other side making love, not caring, drinking, smoking marijuana. So even that, I knew that something was way off with that. I just could feel that. And so I was always in the middle, never going along with the magic mushroom LST, tune in, turn out what drop out. Ram Dass came to our college campus and I liked his stuff. We had Andy. Andy Warhol was the first guy who ever did a controlled clinical trial of marijuana, and he's the one who reported. 

And reported that guy who did the LST, Timothy Leary. He reported Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert, who became Ram Dass. He reported them to the authorities because he wasn't included in the research. So when you look back on all of that stuff, you see the threads of our enslavement already there. 

Look at what happened to Vietnam. We got Jane Fonda going over there and then all these guys came back from Vietnam and people spit on them. And then the pendulum swung the other way so that now if you're a veteran in the airport, you can board first and all. Thank you for your service. 

Same damn people sending our brightest and best to their death and now to their death with an experimental biologic. And if you look at what Dr. Teresa Long has come up with in her affidavit about what's happened in all the military with the experimental biologic, like the 2,000% increase in miscarriages and esophageal cancer and breast cancer and strokes and on and on and on, and yet we still have a group of people-- we just heard this today, I loved it-- cardiologist saying she's seeing so much myocarditis in young people. And it must be from their use of herbs.

Luke Storey: [00:35:18] Oh, man.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:35:18] It's a dream spell. And I think it's a hypnosis. I like Mattias Desmet, the Mass Formation, and I see it everywhere. Now, there's a big controversy going in the freedom movement between Peter Bergen, who wrote The Global Predators: We Are the Prey, and Mattias Desmet. And he's saying Desmet is blaming the victim. We are in this situation because of the global predators. That's true. But you could also say to someone married to a narcissist, you're in this situation because of the narcissist. That's true. But you can get out of that situation when you clamp that cord and you own your part of it as the empath who was really excited by the narcissist. 

Now all narcissists have malignant intuition. So they know exactly what you want to hear. "Oh, you're so giving. You're so loving. What would I do without you? My life would be nothing without you." And the little empath who still got a wounded inner child. "Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you." And next thing you know, you're just a snack for a narcissist. 

So that's the microcosm. The macrocosm is we've all been that for the global predators, and all of us have the power to step out of it. We're not ever 100% victims. And that's what Louise Hay's entire message was with You Can Heal Your Life. And I believe that if Louise were alive today, she'd be kicking the ass of these woke people. I really believe it because I knew her. And I don't think she did not suffer fools. And I think that she would be like, "Are you kidding me?"

Luke Storey: [00:37:13] Yeah, well, those two points of view bring to mind something I'm always, I don't want to say battling with, but just something I contemplate and that is the knowingness, the understanding that collectively in terms of one consciousness body, that we are all part of one thing, that we truly are one and we're connected. So the people that are trying to cancel you or me on social media or the medical establishment that's causing so much harm to all these people, all of them are all part of me.

And so there's an inherent kind of understanding and compassion for them and resisting the temptation of it's an us and them. It's the woakes against the freedom fighters kind of thing. I am finding it useful to take this balancing act of finding compassion for people who I perceive to be being deceived, being asleep, supporting an agenda that's harming so many innocent people, yet standing my ground and just going my way. 

It's like that axiom, don't fight the darkness. Just make the light brighter. It's like, I don't have to vilify or demonize those that I don't agree with or those that I perceive to be causing harm. But I can a, not join them and I can forge my own relationships and my own voice in media and however I do it, that's contrary to that, just by the virtue of our differences in beliefs and opinions and the way we perceive the world in our reality.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:38:51] That is true.

Luke Storey: [00:38:51] I get pissed at them at the other. And I find myself like, you're falling into the trap which you spoke to earlier that people at the helm of this false reality that's been created, they want infighting and they want division. They want exactly this-- left versus right, conservative versus a liberal, vax versus nonvax all that stuff. It's all part of the plan. And I think that's why there's so much confusion and so much crazy information coming from all sides. It's like all of the contradictions and hypocrisy coming with this whole agenda. 

People always ask me like, "God, why do they make it so crazy and confusing? It doesn't make any sense. One day mass, the next day, no mass." All of that kind of stuff, the social distancing, just things that make no sense on a subconscious level. It's like, why would they do that? Or sometimes they show their hand and they come out and just say, "Oh, we're doing this." Who cares? And you're like, "Oh, we caught you." And they don't care because it's like meant to create division and confusion. And so it's almost like you have to just put your blinders on and just forge ahead according to what you believe to be true and righteous and the path of love. 

Some people call me a biohacker, which, to be honest, I find somewhat inaccurate. I'm not really trying to hack my biology. My aim is to give it as much love and attention as it needs so that it can support me in living my best life. So rather than trying to outsmart nature, I like to think of it as using technology to give my body what it's missing from the natural environment. 

And one thing our bodies are missing a lot of these days is red light. Now, unless you live near the equator and sunbathe nude at dusk and dawn, it's pretty tough to get a full dose of this supercharged spectrum of light. This is why I use and love my Joovv red light device every single morning. Quite frankly, as soon as I jump out of bed it's the first thing I do. It's just a critical part of my morning ritual.
Red light therapy is one of the ways my cells get the energy they need to power my day. And it's also great for skin health, muscles, tendons, and overall recovery. I personally prefer the Joovv full body systems because I can treat my entire body quickly while I stretch, lift weights, do some pull-ups and even get into some vibration therapy and podcast listening at the same time. But Joovv does offer several different size options, including a wireless handheld device called the Joovv Go that's great for targeting specific areas around your body, like hurting joints or sore muscles. 

So go check out the Joovv today, and while you're there, they're offering all of my listeners, that means you, an exclusive discount on your first order. Just go to joovv.com/luke, and use the code LUKE on your qualifying order. Again, that's J-O-O-V-V.com/luke. Some exclusions apply. 

I guess there's a question in that. It's like, how do we find compassion without becoming enablers of the macro narcissist and the micro narcissists that are helping to enforce with their bootlegging strategies and, rah, rah, rah. Let's go get, Dr. Northrup and deplatformer. It's like, how do we find love and compassion for those people who seem to be on the wrong side of history?

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:42:29] Well, I can give you a couple of examples. We had in July of 2021, we had Kevin Jenkins and our lawyer, Ron Jenkins, we were suing the Governor to let us know what the cycle threshold was of the PCR test that she had locked our state down with. And of course, the PCR test was never meant to be used to diagnose anything. And here in our state, they were using it as a cycle threshold of 40 and anything over 35 is a false positive even if it were a decent test. 

But anyhow, it was very hard for us to find any venue. It still is, if you talk to Clay Clark generally for the Reawaken America Tour. He's got to change the venue three times every time he goes to do a big thing because what happens is that the venue that he chooses will be fine. They've got a contract and then the woke mob, literally the woke mob will start to terrorize the hotel or whatever. 

This happened with me in Atlanta, Antifa, Atlanta. Terrorized the Unity Church down there so that they canceled our event at 11:00 at night. And it was supposed to start the next day at 9:00. So this is what's happening if you do anything that has medical freedom attached to it. 

But anyhow, here we are and we're in Belfast, Maine, which is pretty it's been kind of taken over by this, the woke mob. And Kevin Jenkins is Black, so he gets out of the car, I'm driving him to the thing and they've got all these protesters out there with masks on at little signs and see this, he says, "Let me out."

So he goes over to talk to them like, what are you protesting? They didn't have a clue. Anyhow, they came into the theater later and they're all lined up, they're heckling. They're ready to hate all of us because their agenda is to hate us. And Ron Jenkins gets up to talk about why he's in this as a lawyer. 

And he showed up at my house early on and said he wanted to take the lawsuit. And I said, why? How did you manage to be awake at this time when no one else is in all the other law firms? He's getting the usual calls from his lawyer colleagues in the big buildings in Portland. "We really like what you're doing, but we don't want to lose our parking spot and our cushy lifestyle and we know what would happen, but keep going." 

And so he comes in and he says, "Well, I represent victims of medical terrorism from the Rockefeller Foundation and John's Hopkins and the US Public Health Service, people in Guatemala who were given syphilis on purpose. So Tuskegee 2.0. So he said, "I have a little bit more to say about this than most people. And I've seen the archives of the Rockefeller Foundation in Sleepy Hollow, and it's a very dark place."

So he gets up. And begins to talk about his girlfriend way back when he was in law school, who was on Pan Am Flight 93, Lockerbie, brought down by terrorists. And the two of them were supposed to go to a Mozart concert in Vienna that evening after she got back, but she died because of a terrorist. 

And he fell into a deep depression for a couple of years and began to try to work with God, like how could this happen? He became a lawyer and it led to him going over to Italy to meet with the one remaining terrorist who had bombed Heathrow Airport and killed this young woman whose mother was still living.

And somehow the story got around to the fact that he was going to go to meet the terrorist in order to forgive that guy who'd been in solitary confinement at that point for years, to bring forgiveness from the girl's mother, whose last name was Monica Goodhart. He tells the story. And the group of masked people over to the right of the stage, muttering to themselves, "Let's get out of here. There's too much God in here."

Luke Storey: [00:47:17] Oh, damn.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:47:18] And they got up and they left. And Ron did that a lot. He'd zoom in in the early days and he'd say, "Well, I could tell you how the lawsuit is going, but let me talk to you about God." And then I met Gene Decode, And Gene Decode was one of the early ones who 30 years ago talked about all the deep underground military bases. And he talked about all the children and the child trafficking and all of that. And I met with him last summer. And he said-- and this is important for people like us. He said, "Do not pray for the demons. It actually gives them more energy. So what you do instead? Is you let God take care of it or Archangel Michael."

I met Pastor Dave this spring earlier. Pastor Dave runs his Church of Glad Tidings out in Yuba City, and Pastor Dave is an exorcist, a bona fide exorcist. And after I met him, he sent me a video of him at the Georgia Guide Stones taking down the demonics. And then you know what happened to the Georgia Guide Stone?

Luke Storey: [00:48:29] Oh, my God.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:48:30] So he's the real deal. But anyway, what he does is he said perfectly good people have demonic attachments. And if you read the Bible, Jesus spent a lot of time taking demons off of people. So we don't want to pray for them. What we want to do is pray for the people who have been taken over by those false voices. And that might just be the false voice of CNN. Or let me give you an example from our school system here because we know this is happening, five-year-olds being told, "Oh, Sussy, I think you really should be called Billy. And so I'm going to start calling you Billy. And this will be our little secret. Don't tell your parents."

So we've got this whole wave of legislation Muriel Bowser down in Washington, DC, passing legislation that 11-year-olds in the District of Columbia can get shots without their parents' knowledge. And in fact, as part of the bill, the parents are specifically not told. So this is demonic. This is demonic. So what I've done a lot in the past two years is have my little mantra, get behind me, Satan. 

And meanwhile, the New Age has said things like, well, evil doesn't exist. That's a problem. Evil does exist and you talk to like David Eick. He said, "Oh, it's as bad as it can possibly get." I don't know if you've ever been in the Standard Hotel over in the Meatpacking District in West Village?

Luke Storey: [00:50:19] I have. Yes.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:50:20] Okay, so you know how the elevator is. So it goes from hell all the way up to heaven. So if you're down on the first floor-- I always thought that was a very cool elevator. I never really thought that it was this literal. I'm just starting to think things might be different than they think. I don't know. 

But I've started to study the Bible, including the books that were left out-- that's important-- like the Book of Mary Magdalene, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Book of Cues and all kinds of stuff because I think that the Bible has wisdom as long as we bring in the stuff they left out to get us out of this dilemma. 

And somehow I've been introduced to a lot of people like Praymedic to me. And I can't remember his name, but Praymedic had the best credential ever. He was an atheist till the age of 39. Then you're working with someone, who wasn't brought up in the church and isn't just doing it by rote. He just didn't believe anything. And then God said, "Pray for your patients." He's a ambulance guy, EMT. And he said, so I started to pray for them, and sometimes they'd get better before we even got to the hospital. We're talking a broken foot. 

So Praymedic was taken off of YouTube and mainstream social media early on, early on. So, Luke, what if we really do have the ability to heal the sick? We've been talked out of it. Remember Jesus said these things and more ye shall do also. 

And then I met Sandra Rose Michael, who did the E ESystems, the scalar energy systems that bring light back into the DNA. So in talking to her, she said, "Yeah, my mother was pregnant with me. She was a nuclear physicist making the atomic bomb. And my father was developing weapon systems for whatever."

And I played with all the Tesla classified stuff as a kid. And I knew my job was to come and create massive healing for mankind. I met another guy, Bart Barlogie, way back at Little Rock, Arkansas. One of my friends was there being treated for multiple myeloma, and I met Bart, world expert on multiple myeloma. His father was a Nazi who worked in the gas chambers. He gassed people. Here's Bart using chemotherapy agents that almost kill people, but then he gets to resuscitate them and bring them back to life. 

So if each of us looked at our legacy, if we found out what is your particular thing to upgrade, to transform, to turn around, I think all of us alive right now were born for such a time as this. And we are-- book of Ephesians-- we battle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities that are not of this world. And so once you know that and then you upgrade yourself as a human and you realize your power and you realize that you can do things you can't even imagine-- when we started our main stands up, I said to the 20 people who came, "All right, we're hiding Jews here. We're the Jews." And I have no idea how we're going to do this. No idea. I was afraid the Governor was going to shut us down. I had to put peaceful protest in process on my door so my neighbors wouldn't report me and shut us down. And I said, "God's going to tell us how to do this. I have no idea how we're going to do this."

And since that time, I went out and I met Clay Clark and I went to the Reawakened Tour, and I met Kevin Jenkins and Anne Vander Steele and all of these people. And now you-- JP Sears has been a absolute Godsend. And Jim Breuer, these comedians who did not get canceled and are just using the ridiculousness of this to uplift us all, it's wonderful. 

Here's the thing. If anything is worth taking seriously, it's worth making fun of. And we can't lose our sense of humor. And we can't lose our sense of the absurdity or our sense of, okay, I was born for this time or I wouldn't be here. And I'm a major hero, just to be living at this time of the Great Awakening, the turning of the ages as Daniel Giamario, the shamanic astrologer would call it, he'd talk about the turning of the ages and how it was foretold. 

And then Cryan Lee Carroll says, "If we made it, if humanity made it at 2012, then we would do it." And then the project Looking Glass says there's no way to stop what's coming. We are evolving quickly and everyone is going to be a part of it, like it or not or you left.

Luke Storey: [00:56:01] Or you're going to be crushed under it. Thank you for sharing all that. That's super inspiring because it can get discouraging when you're watching what used to be normal in your life crumble. What comes to mind there is the principle of power versus force.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:56:21] Yes.

Luke Storey: [00:56:22] It's like what we're facing as a collective species is force. It's this encroachment of this system that we didn't-- maybe on some level in our past lives we invited, but not consciously now here. But David Hawkins would write about Gandhi and his level of consciousness was in the seven hundreds on his scale of 1 to 1,000, which is remarkably high enlightenment plus, right?

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:56:49] Yeah.

Luke Storey: [00:56:50] And he effectively brought down the British Empire with no fighting and no anger, and no hatred, no violence, just a higher level of consciousness that outwitted them. I'm simplifying massively--

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:57:03] That's what I saw with Ron Jenkins.

Luke Storey: [00:57:06] Yeah, he had power.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:57:07] I just watched that power because he said to me, "I was going to address the hecklers, but then I figured I'd just let God take care of it." 

Luke Storey: [00:57:07] So good. Yeah. And then they scattered like roaches under a bright kitchen light.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [00:57:24] Yeah, because they do. Because that's the thing they do. And one of the things I did at the beginning when they shut things down, they had a sign in a place that I walk in the woods. They had a sign. I'll never forget it, "Masks required. This area has not been sterilized. It's the woods for everything." But what I would do is make sure that I ramped up my humanity as high as I could get it. 

So every person who drove by during that time, I'd smile and wave, smile and wave, smile and wave because what Mattias Desmet said-- and I loved this. He said, our bodies are formed to the vibration of our mother's voice. And when we're born we entrain to the voices of our caretakers. And so when we are in relationship to each other, we coauthor each other's biology and we need to be around people. So doing this solitary confinement, six feet, social distancing, and oxymoron is so damaging to our human biology. 

And that when you're just digitally interacting, your body is looking for something that's not there. And so you bond with the narrative. And do you remember this? When people would start to get the injectable, they would put on Facebook that they experienced a spiritual high beyond anything. Or I remember one very, very famous actress and or they do the opposite. They get sicker than a dog and then they do things from their bed. 

There's still virtue signaling because  I think there's an endorphin and dopamine high. And I remember-- and I still have it recorded on my phone, someday I'll play it for the masses, "I just had my second Pfizer shot. I've never been so sick in my life. Please, people, get your shot." It's like, are you out of your mind? It's like I'm so sick, so I know it's working. Like, wow. 

But anyhow, when a baby is newly born, the mother goes-- and I remember seeing movies of this way back-- the mother goes, "Pretty baby. Oh, you're so cute, pretty baby." And when you do it in slow motion, the baby's arms and legs move like a dance to the mother's voice. Pretty. That's how we need each other.

And so what has happened is we found those people who are in training us and making us better and better humans. So we've had these huge rallies in Florida, in Texas and I've learned you've got to be with people. If you're isolated, you're so susceptible. And when we're around others who are like-minded, when we hug, I had a guy come to my house, a good friend of mine, he hadn't been touched in six months. And this was draconian. There's not truly human who carries that out. I like to call them extraterrestrial lizards. Seriously, they're not human.

Luke Storey: [01:01:14] Yeah, it's hard to imagine. Well, I think part of the cognitive dissonance piece, too, is that if you're not a psychopath, a narcissist, or a sociopath yourself and you just believe that everyone is inherently good and that sometimes people make mistakes and that agencies of people, groups of people make sometimes bigger mistakes, you can't put yourself in the position of a psychopath if you don't share those qualities. And so there's a dissonance in-- well, they couldn't be doing that. They would never hurt us or intentionally deceive us because you yourself wouldn't do that.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:01:57] I've got to tell you a story Lee Merritt told all of us way back, and Lee Merritt is a former naval spine surgeon. And so she's had a lot of experience with the Navy. And she said the Navy is incredibly good at figuring out who will be able to stay in a submarine under the polar ice cap for three months at a time. She said they got it nailed how you screen for that. There's one thing they can't screen for. Psychopaths. You can't screen for it because they're such chameleons. 

And George-- what is his name? George. It's not Dennis. Anyway, this guy wrote a book called In Sheep's Clothing. And he was part of a course that I did on dodging energy vampires. And he said 25 years ago he would give courses to psychotherapists called In Sheep's Clothing. And most of the room would walk out because he said psychotherapists are by and large people who want to help others, and they were hurt in childhood. So they'd want to be sure that no one gets hurt like them. And he said they had a deep-seated belief that only people who were hurt would hurt others. Only hurt people, hurt people.

And it's not true. So he said, "You got to think if you're a sociopath or a psychopath," which is about one in 100 people, by the way, think about a cat with a mouse. We have all seen our lovely little pussycats get all excited and you've got the mouse with its back broken and its guts are hanging out and the mouse and the cat throwing it all over the room and is very excited. This cat was not hurt in childhood. It's having fun. And that's what a sociopath does. 

There's an amazing podcast. Anyone, if you got a long drive, listen to Dirty John's podcast. It's the LAPD weighing in with real-time talking to the victims. It's riveting well, actually. All of our best TV shows and all of that, Silence of the Lambs, they're all about sociopaths because if you're a normal human, you're fascinated, like, "Wait a minute, that can't be like that." But they are. What is cognitive dissonance? It is the inability to accept how horrible it is.
And that's where we are. So what people do is they do the virtue signaling. I'm wearing my mask to save you. I'm getting this shot to save you. And I do think that there is some incredible beta-endorphin numbing that goes with that. And it's something that they don't want to lose because there's a high that goes along with that. Someone that I met-- and this has happened, I'm sure your listeners will relate, where there will be a couple, they have children. They've never inoculated the children. They go to Waldorf School, they eat organic food, all the rest of it. And then one member of the couple gets downloaded with the PSYOP. And suddenly, they're taking the kid in for like seven shots to get the other kids-- I mean, to get at the spouse. What that has to be like some need, it's fulfills some need to be relevant, to be important. It's humanity. It's using the best of our humanity. I want to show up and help, the best of our humanity.

There was a movie called Starman way back with Jeff Bridges, and he's come into the body of a human from a spaceship. And he says, "What is it about you humans? You're at your absolute best when things are the worst." So it's kind of like taking that wonderful human quality and turning it on us. But boy, when we all wake up and we see it, it will never happen again because it's the same thing over and over and over and over. We're going to see it this time.

Luke Storey: [01:06:26] Yeah, I think they've played their hand so desperately and overtly this time that all of this stuff that's been going on in the shadows for a few thousand years, that was just easy to hide because they were maybe more cautious and there was just less critical mass of people waking up. And this is pre-internet and pre-social media. I think that's a huge part of the downfall of the system and the invitation for us to create a new one.

But all of these covert operations and these psy-ops, this is not like this just happened. It's just this one was so bold and blatant that it's pulling people hopefully more and more of us from the outskirts of our lives or we're just going off trying to have a family and do our thing. It's pulling people and going, wait, what? And causing so many people to question. And that's to me, a positive sign, too. It's just that when you're in the middle of a storm, it's so difficult sometimes to imagine that there's bright sunshine and blue skies on the other side of it. You know what I mean?

It's like we don't have the ability or most of us don't, at least to see what happens in 13 years from now, 24 years from now where we look back go, "This, oh, this was the greatest thing ever." And in the micro of that in my own life and I'm sure you and many people listening, there's been times in my life where I've faced just absolute destruction, usually at my own hand and thought of ending it all because there was just no hope. And I would never have any chance of having a modicum of a decent life or making any positive impact or be loved or be able to love and be a fully whole integrated person. 

And like you said, that pressure on that call created what is a relatively imperfect diamond, but a diamond that I am now nonetheless. And it's like, oh, thank God I didn't give up in the beginning of the fight when I couldn't see how good life could actually be. And I have a really charmed life right now after a considerable number of years of suffering.

There was no hope. There was no hope in sight, really, for a long time for me earlier in life. And I just think, oh, man, if I could have seen what was to come of that, it would have just been okay. I got to strap my boots on and get through this, which I guess ultimately I did. But we're kind of having the collective experience now of going to God, we hope Doctor Northrup's right. We hope Luke's right because it looks pretty gnarly right now. 

As someone who spends so much time, energy, and money to be healthy, I want to keep track of what's working and what's not. That's why I'm really into this company I found called InsideTracker. They are an ultra-personalized performance system that analyzes data from your blood, DNA, lifestyle, and fitness tracker to help you optimize your body and reach your health and wellness goals. 

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There was, of course, also some good news as my overall health score was that of a much younger person and certainly more optimized than your average American. And that's the point. The whole goal with InsideTracker is to be optimized, not normal. So they don't merely show you the normal biomarker zones, they show you the optimal biomarker zones and numbers that are best for your individual body. 

So if you want to check this out, I highly recommend you sign up for InsideTracker now. You're going to get your testing done, the results of your biomarkers, and then some incredible lifestyle and diet recommendations from their brainiac scientists to help you improve everything you find. Just go to insidetracker.com/luke where you will save 25% off your entire order. That's insidetracker.com/luke. Is there another side to this? 

Is it an awakening or are we really deluding ourselves? And we are in the middle of a permanent demise of civilization, which from outward appearances could be the case if we didn't have that attitude. I want to take us into a bit of detail here on a couple of things, though, because I follow your Telegram channel. I have my own it's much smaller than yours, but you're one of my sources of alternative news that I'm not going to see elsewhere. And I would be remiss if I didn't share some of this information with people. And that is a couple of things. 

I'll start with the low-hanging fruit. You mentioned earlier about the PCR test and recommending that it's not advised to undergo that. And I think the prevalence of that testing has gone down, but it still happening in many places for many people. I personally intuitively, it was a metaphysical thing for me without even knowing the science on graphene oxide up your nose and God knows what else they're going to put into your system, but it was kind of a metaphysical rape. 

It was just you're not going to put something inside of my body against my consent, and I'm certainly not going to consent to it if I feel that it's wrong and also just totally fraudulent because pretty early on, I started becoming clear that this was a total scam and a psy-ops. So I just managed to make my way through life without ever having to put that thing on my nose. 

But for people that are still doing that in order to travel or keep their job, or people that are now learning like, oh, maybe that wasn't a great idea, what is it not only about the fraudulent nature and the inaccuracy of that test and the exaggerated false positives that it provided the narrative, but have you seen any factual evidence around the actual test causing harm? And so is there anything you can do to undo it? If you had to take one, could you do an iodine nasal rinse or anything t clean that out?

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:12:45] Well, let's start with if you have to take one. First of all, you've got to use common sense. If this thing is so deadly that we need to stay six feet apart, why would you need to put a swab up to the crib, a form plate near your blood-brain barrier? What is that about? That's insanity. 

So the first thing I would do is ask, can I just have the spit test? If you can't for whatever reason, what you do like you said, I would do the iodine nasal wash, which is what Dr. McCullough talks about. Or I would ask-- this happen to a friend of mine. He had to get the PCR test in order to have foot surgery. And he said, "I'm not doing it." He knew that there were Thera grippers in there, that there's ethylene oxide, which is a carcinogen and not even to mention the graphene oxide and the fact that the filaments used in there are not cotton filaments. They're DARPA hydrogel. It's a problem, people. 

So what he did is-- we were having dinner with a friend of mine who's a psychiatrist, so she said, "Here's what you tell them. You tell them that you have a panic disorder and nobody wants to see what will happen if you panic." So he goes to the parking lot where the woman comes out in the hazmat suit because, of course, they're only going to allow him to do it at their certified place, where the hospital, of course, is reimbursed for every part of the psy-op. And he tells the woman, "You don't want to see this. I'll just lose my mind." 

And he sees her name tag, introduces himself, calls her by name, does the best acting job he possibly can, and enrolls her as another human. And she says, "Well, would you like to do it yourself?" He goes, "Oh, yes, that would really help me." And then she says, "Would it help if I went around the other side of your car?" And his dog was in the back. And she said, "I'll give your dog a treat." He goes, "Oh, that would be good."
And then he just does this. He doesn't put it anywhere up there. And then she looks at it and she goes, "I hope that you've got enough material on there so that it won't be an inadequate sample to read." And of course, everything was fine and it turned out there was no problem. 

So within any given situation, we can call on our own humanity to see if we can get through it that way. But I would do everything in your power-- when the people who say, "I had to get it, I had to get it," the truth is that those who resist it and who said, "I'm sorry, that's a line in the sand. I will not get it." In almost every case that I have heard, their life opened up in ways they couldn't have imagined. I mean, look at all the help-wanted signs.

There are people who are trying to hire people everywhere. So God opens a path if you resist because I just wouldn't do it because in a way, that's making a bargain with the devil. A lot of people got it thinking, well, I can just detox it like an MMR or a flu shot. Unfortunately, that is not the case. 

And having said that, I absolutely know God can heal anything. God can heal. The force that made our body, you can call it God, you can call it Jesus, you can call it Prime Creator. I do not care what you call it, Allah. That is between you and God. But you have to know God comes through you as you. The force that created your body is still with you and it can heal anything. 

So you've got to start with I think getting down on your knees is helpful. Knees are ruled by Capricorn, and it's a surrender to something bigger than your ego. And then you ask for help and see what shows up. My friend Robert Fritchey runs the Worldserviceinstitute.org. He teaches people how to heal using God's love, divine love. 

And he worked for years with Marcel Vogel, who had 100 patents in Crystal Technology with IBM. And those two did all kinds of experiments on healing. And at first, they had all these vocal crystals and then they discovered, "Oh, you don't need the crystal. You are the crystal." And we know that teeth and bones and the fascia of your body, they're all crystalline structures.

Luke Storey: [01:17:53] Wow. Cool. Okay, so that's the test. That's good. I see all kinds of crazy stuff going on with people on the alternative media, doctors and scientists and so forth, posting really terrifying videos of people's blood, etc that have elected to undergo this experiment on themselves. And I can only hope that they're real and legitimate, but the blood clots it's sci-fi. Again it's sci-fi. 

So can you give us some insight into what is known to be present in these things because many people listening probably have no idea? Even the people that are like, "It didn't sound like a good idea." I don't trust it. I don't think people understand the magnitude of this assault and what's going on.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:18:50] They don't. So the newest hot-off-the-press data is that in 2019 they started to give flu shots containing graphene oxide. Graphene oxide is a poison, and it's also an amazing conductor of electricity. Most all electricians are very familiar with graphene oxide. 

So you remember when we started to see all those pictures of everyone falling in the streets in Wuhan, and there were very specific locations where this thing began, New York City, Northern Italy, Wuhan, and that's also Wuhan, where they first turned on 5G. So we believe that the graphene oxide in the flu shots and then the turning on of 5G is what killed the first wave.

So that was the flu shot. So remember that the death rate in 2020 was no higher than it had been in other years, but they did have this sort of group to get everyone terrified. The vast numbers of deaths didn't come until 2021, in April of 2021 when the inoculation was rolled out. We know that inoculation contains DARPA, hydrogen SM102 luciferase, which is a toxin, DARPA hydrogel lipid nanoparticles which go into the ovary 64 times the concentration in the ovaries of any other body. 

And we also know that all this stuff we were told stay at the injection site does not stay at the injection site. It goes throughout the body and it eventually gets in the lungs and in the heart. A lot of it is graphene oxide. And there's a very recent study that had blood samples before and after. And what they found out-- and again, this was only in symptomatic people and they found that 95% of them had evidence of microscopic metal objects throughout the bloodstream that are causing the clotting. We also know that the clot contains amyloid, which is a substance that doesn't break down. And that's these long clots that morticians are pulling out of the body that they've never seen anything like.

Those are amyloid and they're probably from an agglutination of the graphene oxide, causing the red blood cells to get sticky and then stick to each other. And then the blood doesn't flow. Morticians are also saying they can't embalm people. There's no embalming because you can't get the blood to flow. The number of strokes, the number of all this stuff has gone up. 

The reason we think that so many young, healthy athletes have just dropped dead on the field is the graphene oxide in their heart. Then with that fast-moving blood, it forms the razor blade-like things that then kill them. So that's very real. And here's the deal. The more you have, the greater your risk.

Ultimately, what this is leading to is the Internet of bodies, the Internet of Things, the Borg, the Matrix. That's their goal. And the Matrix, I knew from the first time I saw it, oh, this is a documentary.

Luke Storey: [01:22:17] All right. Oh, my God.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:22:20] Yeah. So what do you do about that? There's a couple of things. Again, I've just told you. I believe it's frequency. If E equals MC squared and if life is either a wave or a particle and they're interchangeable, the deal is to get your frequency higher so that those graphene particles become a wave and then you can get them out of your body. 

So, simple things, standing on the ground with bare feet as long as there's not atrazine or some other roundup on the lawn. vitamin D levels. Your vitamin D levels should be optimal. 40 to 80 I think it's nanograms per milliliter. Grassrootshealth.net has the best vitamin D information on the planet. There are supplements that you can take. And then Sandra Ross Michael has come up with the EESystem.com.

Luke Storey: [01:23:19] Is that the scalar screens like the plasma screens. Have you tried that yourself?

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:23:25] Yeah.

Luke Storey: [01:23:27] Someone reached out to me here near Austin, Texas and they opened up some sort of spa because I did a podcast about those type of technologies and they said, "Man, how come you didn't put this in there?" I didn't know about it.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:23:38] You didn't know? So you have one nearby. That's important for people. Jason Sherk with unifydhealing.com, Unifyd U-N-I-F-Y-D he's got a database for having them all over the world and the beauty is they will not charge more than $60 an hour to be in it. And Sandra said they are having great results with autism and the studies are on that website. EESytem.

Luke Storey: [01:24:08] We'll put that in the show notes at lukestorey.com/northrup.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:24:12] Yeah, that'd be great.

Luke Storey: [01:24:13] Anything we're talking about here, we'll put there. So we've got that scalar energy medicine stuff. We've got the grounding. Do you think that it would be helpful to do something like I did the other day, a treatment called EB02, which is an ozone dialysis combined with blood irradiation, where essentially you're running your blood through a dialysis membrane that's infused with ozone and it goes through a light device with UVA and UVC and red light in there? It's basically like a blood disinfectant thing that one of the benefits of it is it removes inflammatory proteins from your blood. 

And I haven't seen any research on this, but I thought, huh, well, you've got spike proteins floating around in your blood if you've done the thing might be helpful. Have you heard anything in the ozone realm or dialysis?

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:25:07] The ozone realm has been life-saving. Dr. David Brownstein early on in the pandemic was saving people's lives with injecting ozone. And believe it or not, I heard a podcast of him doing this. He's also a world expert on iodine, which is also very important. But he would have people do a drive-by and do the ozone injections. I think it was rectally, believe it or not. 

So there's all kinds of stuff with ozone. There's so many things you can do. There's a supplement called Cardio Miracle that increases nitric oxide. That's helpful. There's just all kinds of stuff. But I want to give you the number one thing, please remember this. My whole career is based on this. Your biography becomes your biology. Carolyn Mays, "Your biography becomes your biology." 

So you in your life went from hopeless, helpless, I'm assuming, to this beautiful life where you are now. You did it using your own power and bringing in the power that created your body in the first place and created the universe. Everyone has access to that. All inflammation is anger, resentment, rage. And all healing involves getting that released from your body and healing the inner four-year-old who never had a say. 

So I'm not saying that, oh, you made it up or you should just get over yourself, or you should just choose the thought that feels better. It does not work. You've got to address the wounded little kid in you who's running your central nervous system, your endocrine system, and your immune system. You would not let your seven-year-old drive your car. You would not let the seven-year-old you drive your life. 

And here's what happens. The repetition and this is Dorothy Cohen's work. We keep creating the same situation over and over. We marry our mother and then we divorce finally, and then our boss is our mother. And then-- but each time the recognition of, oh my God, it's my mother again or my father, it gets shorter. So you might marry someone for 24 years and then you wake up, oh, God. Okay. I was just trying to heal this on part. And then that's your best friend.

And then if you're my age, you can see him coming. You go, "Oh, yeah." Okay. 20 years ago, I would have thought that was the coolest person to be with ever. I would have done anything to be with them. Now it's like, no way. No, no, no. I'm sorry. So what I say is, if someone is too good to be true, too good-looking, too charismatic, too whatever, it's like you're going to have to prove yourself or I'm spending no time with you.

Luke Storey: [01:28:11] I like it. I like it. Yeah. I guess for those that are seeking to try and undo some of the damage, it's a metaphysical consciousness approach. It's connecting to our innate power, the power of our creator. And then there are also some tools and strategies out there that could be useful as well. I've heard you talk about MMS, the gym humble protocol, which I've had that stuff around for years. Anytime I feel like I'm getting a cold or a flu, which thankfully now has been totally eradicated worldwide, by the way, there's no more cold or flu.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:28:44] Oh, but speaking of which, I want everyone to know-- they've got to know this right now. The current flu shot is mRNA, and it's loaded with graphene oxide. Stay away. No more shots for anything ever again. No pneumonia, no flu, no shingles, no nothing. Don't do it. Be done. Be done. Be done. By the way, everybody, the CDC schedule for children is now 79 shots by the age of 18.

Luke Storey: [01:29:15] Oh, my God.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:29:16] Most people have no idea. That's your whole career. Well, baby checks and they're given them seven at a time. No little body is ever supposed to process that number of toxins.

Luke Storey: [01:29:28] Yeah, that's just total insanity. Thank you for illuminating that. I know an older person who recently not going to get the main shot because they were aware of the risks involved, but they did get, unfortunately, the shingles shot. Is there evidence that is mRNA or anything that really matters here?

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:29:52] They're switching them all over, but nobody needs a shingle shot. I mean, don't do it. We shouldn't have had chickenpox shots. If you get chickenpox, you got lifelong immunity. Now we're seeing shingles in ten-year-olds. 

Luke Storey: [01:30:14] If you were lucky enough to hear Episode 389 with Dr. Chris Rinsch, you'll understand how important mitochondria is to your energy levels and overall health. So I'm always looking for ways to upgrade my mitochondria and age as slowly as possible through supplements and biohackers. My latest obsession in this category is something called Mitopure, a breakthrough post-biotic that activates your body's natural defense against aging and assist in mitophagy or the clearing out of old bogus mitochondria. 

It's the first product to offer a precise dose of a compound derived from pomegranate called UrolithinA. In fact, Mitopure is the result of over 10 years of research by scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. You can get your daily dose of 500 milligrams of Mitopure by using the berry powder, which I add to my smoothies, yogurt, and other drinks. And they also have a vanilla protein powder for muscle building and also soft gels for on-the-go convenience. 

This is a powerful and super easy way to upgrade mitochondrial function, increase cellular energy and improve muscle strength. If that sounds like a good plan to you, here's what you do to get on a Mitopure subscription. Visit timelinenutrition.com. And right now is a special offer for you Life Stylist listeners. You can use the code LUKE10 to get 10% off any two, four or 12-month Mitopure plan at timelinenutrition.com.

And then what about the shedding issue? I've noticed in the past couple of years-- and I don't even spend time with that many people, but I know at least three women that have not been inoculated, that have had miscarriages. And I don't know if that the law of averages is normal. I mean, the women that have had it say, oh, it's just sometimes your body's getting ready and it's just kind of part of the process, but it seems pretty frequent. Is there any data that's valid to support the idea that a woman's reproductive health could be negatively impacted just by merely being around someone who's undergone the experiment?

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:32:30] Yeah, in April of 2021, because we were seeing this so much. I was sitting next to Warren Gates, a computer analyst, because God, he has a sense of humor in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and he has three daughters. And I said, "Warren, we're seeing all this bleeding and we need a database. We got to collect data to study this."

So what happened was a bunch of us all started to do, it's the old God's going to figure this out. We created a database with Tiffany home in our group, and we collected 6,000 case reports of women, most of whom did not have the shot, but just had enormous amounts of bleeding just from being around inoculated people. So we had little girls hemorrhaging by being around grandparents. We had a couple of deaths of the little girls from vaginal hemorrhaging. And then countless, countless women with jabbed husbands who then started to have bleeding.

Some have been bleeding for a year abnormally. When Fauci said, "Oh yeah, there's a few menstrual cycle disruptions, it's nothing serious. More study needs to be done." It's like, dude, we've been studying it. There's a thing called a decidual cast shedding. That's where the entire inside of the uterus just falls out after days of cramping. 

And in the world literature, we found 40 cases in our database of 6000 women. There were 269 cases of decidual cast shedding. It's very, very rare. So we have a database and we're studying this stuff. It's very, very real and we are not sure what it is. It could be the voltage from the DARPA hydrogel, it could be fragments of something. It could be from graphene oxide. I don't know. But it's very, very real. And it's been written about in the pharmaceutical literature since 2015. 

And in the original Pfizer documents for studying, they said if you were pregnant, it was a reportable event. If you even touch someone who had the shot, they told all men in the clinical trials do not get someone pregnant after having that shot. And now the American College of OB-GYN and all the rest of it, they're inoculating all pregnant women. And pregnant women who've had the shot within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy have an 80% miscarriage rate. 80%. This is the data.

Luke Storey: [01:35:12] Oh, my God.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:35:13] Yeah, it's a genocide, people. I'm here to tell you. I'm sorry to tell you, but it is.

Luke Storey: [01:35:19] Do we know how long after someone has elected to take the shot that they are vectors for this kind of toxicity? I mean, does it toned down after a period of time where they've assimilated the bulk of that, or is someone kind of permanent?

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:35:37] Here's the problem is that the mRNA co-opts the cellular reproductive mechanism so that your body is made into a spike protein factory where you keep manufacturing it because of reverse transcriptase. Remember how they said, Oh no, you're a conspiracy theorist, it doesn't affect your DNA. Yeah, within 6 hours it's affecting your DNA. So nobody knows how long it lasts. It's been studied I think Robert Malone said up to six months, and we don't know after that. 

So my big thing to say to people is just don't get any more. Right now there are 2.3 billion doses of booster out there. They're still mandating boosters. Just don't do it.

Luke Storey: [01:36:28] It also seems very strange that I think everyone that I know at least knows someone firsthand that has had the shot who seems to be living their best life and is fine. And to me, what makes the most sense with that is one of two things. I mean, some people just have a more robust immune system and are just more durable biologically, but there has to have been some batches of this stuff that was just inert and placebo. 

If it's having these kind of consequences that are quantifiable, provable, and valid, then there would have been such a massive die-off and sickening of such large swaths of people that it would have alarmed the public essentially much faster. Do you think there's a possibility that some people are just getting saline and they're thinking, oh, that was fine, no reaction?

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:37:23] There is no question about it. And we even had data from-- and I don't know, I think they've probably hacked this, but there was a website, How bad is my batch? Where it would literally tell you what your batch was and whether or not it had some of the bad stuff in it. And they sent the bad stuff to the red states. So here's the good news. If you're in a blue state, chances are you didn't get the murder weapon on the first round.

But also, it's just like you said, they were trying. I mean, it's like a Bond movie With Dr. Evil. "They're right. I mean, how are you doing with it? What percentage died off here?" So I think it was literally an experiment to see what is the dose in what batch and it would make them look bad. It would have been very suspicious if everybody dropped dead after getting the shot. 

Remember the nurse on Facebook, she's all on the news and she's going to get her shot and virtue signal and she literally drops over dead. I mean, we've seen it over and over. One of my favorite only because I have this kind of sense of humor was the woke comedian who's up there making fun of people like me. And she just falls over and gets a head injury.

It's like sometimes God is instantaneous. It's horrible. It's horrible. But you know what? At least privately, we have to have these moments because it's like if you train as a surgeon, you have gallows humor because it's the only way you're going to get through it things being that horrible.

Luke Storey: [01:39:04] The last thing I want to ask you about that and then I want to talk about-- I mean, God, we've gone for a while here. And as usual, I have so many questions and so little time, but I want to get into some more solutions in terms of ways that we can start to fortify our lives and the financial collapse and food shortages and all this stuff that's happening. 

But I wanted to ask you kind of a specific question. Around the time of this rollout, there were videos circulating wherein people had become magnetic at the injection site and myself and my immediate circle of friends and family did not get the injection, but I had a magnet one day on the refrigerator and I thought, oh, I want to see if I'm magnetic, even though I didn't do it. And this is probably a year and a half ago. And there were certain points on my body specifically up here in my sternum that the magnet stuck to. And I thought, this is bizarre because I didn't do the thing. 

And so I tested a friend of mine and she was magnetic on her arms, calves multiple places on her chest, specifically where there were large bones or thin flesh that would give access to the bones. And she hadn't done it either. And I've asked multiple people that I've interviewed like, do you have any idea what that could be? I thought it was high iron levels or, I don't know, heavy metals or something. Do you have any knowledge or awareness of that being a phenomenon that is shared with others than me and my couple of friends?

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:40:38] Yeah, there's whole textbooks on magnetic nanoparticles that they have thought in chemtrails, water, food, soil, and so on. So it's in a way none of us on earth can escape this sort of slow rollout of toxins that has been created to kill off people. As you know, the Georgia Guides Stone said they wanted to get the population down to 500 million on the whole planet. So the plan was to kill millions.

So, yeah, there's Dr. Sherri Tenpenny as we began to research this, what we found is just staggering. I mean, incredible textbooks on all this stuff, like, whoa, they've been doing this for a long time because we too thought, oh, they were doing, by the way, a controlled prospective clinical trial on who was magnetic after the shot and a reporter was over in, I don't know, the Netherlands doing this study where they'd have people put the magnet on them after the shot.
And they stopped the study because the researcher said he couldn't take the horror on people's faces when they realized what had been done to them because the shot really did it. What you're talking about is ambient stuff in the atmosphere and we have to remember that even though we've all been affected to some degree, like the shedding and the women and all that, it's nothing like being injected. Being injected is a whole other ballgame.

Luke Storey: [01:42:21] Okay, cool, cool. That makes sense. That was kind of my suspicion. There's so much going on underground that we're just unaware of. One paranoid thought I had, I think, at that time, because I had within a few days before that, gotten a nutrient IV like a Myers cocktail.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:42:38] Yeah.

Luke Storey: [01:42:38] And then I thought, well, who makes those things? Because I'm thinking, what did I put in my body? Well, I'm definitely not swallowing anything to my knowledge that would have something magnetic in it. And I thought, oh, man, who makes those Vitamin IV bags? Pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:42:51] I know.

Luke Storey: [01:42:53] I'm trying to take more magnesium or something. And I'm like, oh, shit. I didn't put a magnet up to the IV bag to see if any graphene oxide came out of it. But who knows? I mean, at this point, you just have to live your life and hope for the best. But that one was a little troubling, especially as someone who spent so much time and energy just detoxing and doing all the right things that I at least think are right out there. 

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:42:53] That's right.

Luke Storey: [01:43:19] All right. What I want to get into now in the I guess, the final third or fourth of this conversation, because I know you have some insight into this and some really exciting things to share, is around our financial system and the scarcity of food and the collapse of the dollar, the inflation in all of this. It seems to me that there is definitely a relationship between what transpired with the pandemic and the enrichment of multinational corporations such as Amazon, Apple, on and on, and the closure of all of these small businesses and just the decimating of the middle class. 

And without being paranoid, you can just objectively look at where we are and see, huh, there's food plants blowing up all over the place at an alarming rate, the economy is obviously tanking, crypto is not really a viable, really solid, reliable solution in terms of just diversification and financial security. So I began to look into what my dad's been telling me to do probably since I was ten years old, "You need to buy gold and silver." And he's a smart guy. He's a smart guy.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:44:30] Right.

Luke Storey: [01:44:32] So I recently joined this community that you're a member of wherein I can buy gold and silver coins and just incrementally start to stack them up, which I feel really good about because I'm not a saver. To me, it's like if I have a net profit at the end of the year with my corporation, they're just going to take it from me. 

So I have a tendency to just spend all the money on stuff, because if whatever's left over, they're going to get more of a piece of. And I know this isn't good financial planning or advice, but it just speaks to the fact that I'm becoming more aware of how fragile our system is in the whole world, but just speaking to the United States and that our fiat currency is really a fabricated system anyways since we left the gold standard.

And maybe you could just set us up based on your knowledge. I know you're not a financial analyst or necessarily a full-blown expert on this, but because I was the one that found out about this particular opportunity from maybe you could just sort of speak to what our financial world is looking like now that we've been totally decimated by this seemingly intentional rollout.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:45:51] Well, I'm fascinated with the fact that on all these disparate platforms, so we've got Alex Collier and Andromeda in contact, whose work I love, and he says. And he's been in touch with Mornay, the guy from the ship or whatever his whole life. And he's like, David, I made fun of threatened all of that and he's probably in his late 60s, early 70s and he says, "Silver is going to soar in value." So that's him from that perspective. 

Then we have Paul Pony. Paul Pony uses biblical cycles and says silver is going to soar between now and the next, let's say, four months. Then we have Kirk Elliott, Sovereign Advisors, two PhDs. He talks about silver is going to soar. And it's interesting because you and I understand how to take care of our health. But the fiat money system has never made sense. It just sits there. Something about it that just never made sense. It doesn't because it's based on air and it's the Babylonian debt slave system. It never made any sense at all. 

So what makes sense is God's money. It has held its value for millennia. This is silver. These are two silver dollars. The current price is about $34 fiat per one. But I'm thinking right this very minute, I've just had this intuitive sense, get as much silver as I possibly can. And the partnership, the company, the membership that you're talking about, what I love about it is it has what's called a sound money wallet.

Sound money is gold and silver. It's like what your dad said or like my brother, who's independently wealthy and didn't go to college, which is why he learned how not to do things. And it's God's money, sound money. They've created an incredible system where you can link up your crypto, your bank account to buying fractional amounts of gold and silver. If you've got a buck, you can put it into silver. And so I had to learn the hard way. The second shocker of the body is when I'm board certified in money, sex, and power. That's the whole reproductive system in men as well as women. 

And we have had that drained by the system. So I want everyone to have the opportunity, if possible, to put whatever they have into sound money at this particular time. And I'm going to tell you something. Your financial advisors, the usual ones, they have never been in a market like this ever ever. So they're going to tell you, "No, just hang on." We're going to see the collapse of the fiat money system. By the way, where we're going, I think where we're going is there won't be a need for money. I really believe that. In 12 years and so on, people won't do that. 

But we each need an alternative economy for when this thing crashes. Now that could be in our group we do bartering timeshare, crypto, gold, and silver, but what we know for sure is don't keep your money in the bank. So this is a way you want to switch it over. There's gold and silver, IRAs, all of that sort of thing. And then there are collectible coins, which is a long-term wealth strategy. 

At first, I thought that was really dumb, but I got into really loving it. And my stack, as it were, is currently up to 12%. Other people, 40%. But if I look at what's going on in the bank or in the stock market, it's not going anywhere. So to me, it's a practical way for people to hedge against what's coming just like in 2008. 

I also think the real estate market is going to tank. So do a little research on this, everybody. But I believe everyone should have some gold and silver. And I keep some of it at home because I think if it's really bad and we had an interesting example of this. In Canada, in Toronto, they had a power outage. Remember that it went on a long time like a day. 

And it happened when everyone was in this restaurant and one of our community members was there and her kids were at the restaurant. And like many millennials, they don't carry any cash ever, and they couldn't pay. There was a couple there from the Middle East, and they said to the restaurant owner, "Will you take gold?" Absolutely.
You see, gold and silver will be taken by anybody as Charlie Ward said, any time, no matter where you are on the planet. 

We have a woman in our group who's from an island off the coast of Maine, seventh-generation fisherman. Her great-grandfather had a gold ear shackle. He always wore it in his ear because if he got shipwrecked or he couldn't get home, the gold gave him enough so that he could get home.

So I like to think if it gets really bad, which I don't think it will. But if it does, we could sell these into the pants, into our pants or skirts or somewhere gold and silver coins. So that's my take on-- and also Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad has a membership in this company. And there's just something about that sound money wallet where you've got an alternative economy where you don't have Biden's 87,000 new IRS agents with access to that.

I like that idea. And I pay my massage therapist in the sound money wallet. I just pay them in silver and the same with the person who cuts my hair. So again, it's that alternative economy because we all need that. And I think eventually there will be some digital currency in a crypto wallet that will work that way as well. So this is just one.

Luke Storey: [01:52:21] I just like things that are tangible and I know that the US dollar, even though the few that I have of them are intangible and they're really an idea. It's not even a thing. It's a digital representation on my computer screen of what the bank is telling me I have or don't have. It's so fragile feeling, which is why I've always been attracted to the gold and silver thing, but I just have had no clue how to do it. It's like I have to go find a gold dealer and you--

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:52:56] Oh, my God. And then you don't know what you're getting in.

Luke Storey: [01:53:01] That's why I've never done it. It's just confusing. And if you buy more than $10,000 worth and it's reported--

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:53:08] And you report it-- yeah, that's why I like it. So most of mine is out in a vault in Idaho Falls, but I have some-- here's the cool part. They will send it to you. So any time you want-- this is called bullion. Bullion is just gold and silver coins. So they'll send you a stack of these. And I don't know why I just feel more safe having the beans and the rice in the cellar like that just some of this.

Luke Storey: [01:53:36] It's probably one of the best forms of prepping too. I mean, I have a bunch of rice and beans and have been zombie apocalypse stuff in the garage somewhere, probably not enough to last very long. But when I started looking into this, I thought, well, I've got a couple of firearms. I have an okay amount of ammunition, what do I have that's tradeable or barterable? So from the prepper standpoint, I basically have nothing of value if things went crazy. 

But let's just say we don't have a societal collapse and I just actually want to build wealth without any sense of caution or paranoia, then I'm still left with, well, now I have to figure out how to do it. So anyway, that's why this to me was cool like a membership and having an app just like I have my crypto wallet. 

But I've seen my crypto and I'm not a big crypto guy, but I got a little bitcoin here and there and along the way and it went up to $69,000 for one Bitcoin at one point. And now I think it's like back at 19. If I was hedging my bets on just that, like many of my peers in Austin here seem to do, I would be shit out of luck. But you don't see a fluctuation like that in metals. It just doesn't happen.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:54:51] Right now with silver, it's at a low. And when you read about it, this is the time because they're predicting it's going to go up 6 to 7 times what it is and it'll be fast. There's plenty of gold, but there's not a lot of silver.

Luke Storey: [01:55:08] Oh, interesting. That's funny because I'm always like, gold is the thing. I just discredit silver. I don't know why. Maybe I just like the color of gold better.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:55:19] I like gold better, but for whatever reason, I'm dumping everything I've got into silver.

Luke Storey: [01:55:24] Okay, cool.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:55:25] Because I've been in touch with a bunch of the silver people, and it took something by the way. I want everyone to know this isn't easy to get my financial person. She's not on board with any of this. She thinks I'm nuts just like your doctor will think you're nuts if you don't want a mammogram. I've never had a mammogram. Why would I do that? I know all about the test. I would never recommend the HPV shot. I know all about that too. 

So I have no problem telling a doctor, I'm sorry, I mean, I love them. I like my colleagues, but I'm not doing that. And then I've had to learn, oh, wait, I have sovereignty when it comes to my money. I can't let the person who's making a percentage on my money control me because I want to be a good girl. 

Luke Storey: [01:56:20] And you mentioned Fauci and his army of IRS agents, Fauci I'm sorry-- Biden same difference and I don't even think Biden is not even a real person.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:56:32] I don't think so.

Luke Storey: [01:56:32] He's not calling any shots of any kind. There's obviously someone controlling him and his teleprompter. But when they rolled it, because I earlier in life, when I was a freelancer, I had two different audits. And I had everything to back it up and it didn't cost me any money, but it was a huge, huge hassle.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:56:48] It's a huge thing. It's a hassle.

Luke Storey: [01:56:51] It's a major pain in the ass. But the point I'm getting to in terms of just how secure I feel my money is in the bank. A friend of mine owes some back taxes, not very much, I think like 30,000 or something. And he's just like going to get around to paying it later from a couple of years ago. And the California, the Franchise Tax board, that's what's called, the franchise tax board, just went into his bank account and just seized all his money. 

And I was like, "What? They can do that?" He's like, "Yeah, apparently so." They didn't email him or send him a letter and say, "Hey, what's your bank account? We want to start a payment plan." They're just like, "Oh, hey, Chase, there's this client you have. We're just going to take his money." And his bank account was frozen until he resolved it. And that was a huge wake-up call for me. I pay my taxes, unfortunately. But it just shows you how we get a false sense of security, myself included.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:57:49] Well, I lost Venmo and PayPal. They just decided, okay, we're cutting you off. And so I called them, well, you're just not allowed to use PayPal. Well, why? I haven't violated any of your community standards. We're sorry. And then I just noticed Slack as an app for a company app, they just deplatformed WND, which is a conservative news organization. Just no explanation because they can.

Luke Storey: [01:58:21] The PayPal and all of that, I've noticed that. It's like when they go down the road of censorship, there's the first domino in this case I would say it was probably Alex Jones. Low-hanging fruit, really easy to vilify for the people that don't enjoy his content. And everyone just went along with it. Even conservatives were like, "Oh, too bad he's a little too out there."

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:58:43] Yeah.

Luke Storey: [01:58:44] And so it's like, oh, well, he lost his Instagram, banned from YouTube, etc. But next comes the payment processors on your website. Then it's Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Chase, all that. I mean, that's gnarly. So this is probably one of the most controversial interviews I've done in a while. So we'll see what happens. But I think about that with myself. My business depends on PayPal and all of these different platforms. 

And at a flip of a switch, they could deem me as being one of the disinformation, maybe not the top dozen. I'm not that well known, but that could happen to me. So then it gets to like, oh, well, what assets do I really have that are untouchable? And so that's another thing that's led me into my interest in the metal.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [01:59:31] Yeah, I feel good about it.

Luke Storey: [01:59:35] And also for people listening, I'll probably put this in the intro in the outro, but if you are curious about this as I am and I'm getting more and more interested in it, you can go to lukestorey.com/realmoney where you can like check out this membership with the gold and silver coins and all this stuff, because to me it was the easiest entry point because like I said, it's just too confusing. But if I have an app, everything looked legitimate and easy to handle and not have to be like a financial or tech wizard to get in there and like, do my thing. So lukestorey.com/realmoney for those of you that want to check that out. 

What do you have next going on in your career in life? If you've been shut out of PayPal and I don't know exactly how you support yourself, but are you doing more activism, public speaking? I know you've written a grip of books. You're a very well-known personality and someone who's highly respected and still very much so by enough people.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [02:00:32] Yeah, I got to show you this book. I did this with Clay Clark. This is the mom's guide to the COVID shot. This caused me to lose my media liability. It's full of pictures. You can get it on Amazon. And I donate all the money to main Standsup. I'm going to be speaking next Saturday with Brandon Straka, the Walkaway Movement, and he's calling his thing the Army of the Awakened, which is very cool.
And it's just to leave extreme. Just to leave extreme politics behind. Going down to Tampa, the Zelenka Foundation. Zelenka saved millions of lives by doing the right thing and the Zelenka Protocol and all of that, and he died of cancer. But the Zelenka Foundation is going to honor some of us who've been the pioneers in this movement. Doctor Sherri Tenpenny, Barbara LOE Fisherme, Maureen MacDonald. So that's at the end of September. 

Then I'm going to be doing a tour with my friend George Lewis, who's an astrologer and a great musician, and we're all going down to Orlando. Alex Collier, Elena Donnan, all the people who've done the really offworld stuff, we'll all be together in a galactic thing in Orlando that is being-- it's like the first ever of these people. I mean like what you were saying, the people that we thought were so out there that nobody listened to them, well, it's going to be that whole group together, the Sasquatch, the what's going on in the Antarctica. I'm having fun with that. 

I also have a company called Armada Life, and we make supplements for midlife women and also for men that help the prostate. And that's worked beautifully because a lot of the patriots were supporting each other with our separate little economy. And believe it or not, I still have a pretty robust mailing list of people interested in the affiliate programs we do and all of that kind of thing. 

So it's almost like God said, okay, we're going to take this away, but don't worry, because in July of 2020, my staff was like, oh my God, I mean, the hate on your Facebook and you can't-- and I said, I got to still keep talking. This was before I was deplatformed because it's helping a lot of people. And I know that they're being canceled because I am. And we lost about 3,000 followers in July of 2020 and gained 15,000. 

Now, of course, I don't use those platforms except for a little bit at a time. I was actually thinking, well, if I play my harp and then say something controversial, maybe the vibration will keep them from noticing I was wrong. 

But the gold and silver thing came along with people who were in our main stands up group. So I started then in January of 2021, working with my daughter, I met Seth. It's like, we're going to win this everybody. It's going to be like from the ground up. And that's what's fun about it. It's the people right around you. We're going to create these little pockets of sanity.

Luke Storey: [02:04:01] I think that's what's exciting and encouraging, is that point of view, the grassroots point of view specifically because as I was talking about very early in the conversation, there was a time when you had this sort of false hope that Trump, as this outsider, was going to come in and he was really going to shake things up and change things. And ultimately what we got was Operation Warp Speed and Mandates.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [02:04:25] But you know what? I think on that one, I've thought about it a lot. He was really duped by-- it's one or two things. He was completely duped by Deborah Burkes. Can you believe she's coming out now and she's saying, "Oh, well, we knew." You've ruined this person's life and that industry. But you knew. 

So it's either that he was hopelessly deluded by Burks and Collins and Fauci or-- this is the one I like-- he was just brought in to shake up the system so that people would see what it had been and they had to do warp speed and have people who are going to leave and be harmed rather than have the entire human race wiped out.

Luke Storey: [02:05:20] Oh, interesting. Interesting. Like some 40 chess kind of stuff.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [02:05:26] Yeah, it is like that. I have astrologers who tell me, "Trump will be back. It's right in his chart."

Luke Storey: [02:05:33] That's interesting. Well, I think what I was getting at with that-- and thank you for sharing that, too. That's an interesting perspective. But I think many people that were holding hope that something, even people that didn't like the guy, I mean, I wasn't particularly a Donald Trump fan. I just like that something was changing and it was different and the media was being exposed and has been totally decimated in terms of their trustworthiness, which they didn't deserve, obviously, for the most part, speaking of the corporate mainstream media. 

But the grassroots approach is much different in that it's not, oh, we got to vote for the right people. And yeah, sure, you could vote for some people that are going to pass your criteria of the single issue. Okay. Sure. But we're not going to vote our way out of this because the entire system in both sides, it's a big psy-op. Both sides are both controlled by the same entities that don't have the best interests of humanity at large in their plan. So it's like, okay, just neighborhood by neighborhood is the way to do it.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [02:06:38] That's how we're going to do it. The mains have been taken over by the World Economic Forum. We're like Davos 2.0 in Camden, Maine, and there are whole peninsulas where there's American flags and Trump signs. And so we've got that consciousness community side by side with the other stuff. And remember that if you look at some of those extreme policies, you remember BLM burning down the cities. It's like really? I don't think that this has anything to do with peace, love. 

In fact, what do they call it? Diversity, equity. When you hear that, that's Marxism, that's communism, that's the regressive off-planet species. Just so you know, it has never worked anywhere. It will never work ever. So that's on the way out. But it's true if Trump had come back the way I was like you, it's like, oh, please do this. We never would have got strengthened the way we are now strengthened.

We never would have found each other. We've got four members of our group that bought farms. They're growing food for everybody. It's exciting. And Maine actually has a food sovereignty bill. We have the right to grow our own food. I thought that was a dumb bill until I found out that's not so dumb. There are a lot of states that do not have that right. 

The FDA can come in and shut you down for anything. Oh, by the way, I think all those food plants that have been decimated, there may be an alternative reason. That may be the kind of food we shouldn't be eating anyway. And I just heard this from a couple in New Hampshire.

Luke Storey: [02:08:26] The Nabisco factory or whatever.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [02:08:28] Yeah, like that. Or the one where the DNA and the hamburger isn't quite the species you're interested in. But I've been told that Walmart is going to be the place where they're storing up all the stuff that people will need. So they went to their local Walmart and they said there are these huge gray storage containers now all over Walmart. So we'll all have to go out and check this out, that that's all going to be there for people. Walmart has been taken over by the white hats, by the good guys.

Luke Storey: [02:09:05] Interesting. Oh, my God. What a fun conversation. Thank you so much. This has been a blast. I just love getting out there and talking about this kind of stuff. This is the kind of stuff I talk about with my friends. We're trying to figure it out. It's like, I don't know.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [02:09:20] We are.

Luke Storey: [02:09:21] I don't know which part of this you're right about which part I'm right about. But somewhere in the middle there, we're figuring something out that's working. You seem happy. I'm happy. Meanwhile, from one perspective, you could say, "Oh, my God, we are doomed. We are living in purgatory just on our way to the gates of hell."

But then as a result of all of this stuff happening, I mean, my friends are making food for us in their yards. I'm going to do one soon. We are going, okay, well, we can't really tear down this system, but we can build our own microsystems that then eventually blossom and hopefully become a new way of doing things that has true equity for people, true compassion, true fairness, true justice, the law, not the police law necessarily, but just spiritual law like righteousness, doing the right thing, not harming other people.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [02:10:11] Not to mention all the hidden technologies for free energy. Every holistic medical thing ever known has been torn apart, every one of them by the whole Rockefeller medicine. I know all about that as past president of the American Holistic Medical Association. So, as Linus Pauling said, what we're not up on, we tend to be down on. 

So all of modern medicine is incredible for blunt trauma, fractures, that kind of thing. Other than that, stay away. And we're going to have a whole new medical system based on nature, based on sound, light, frequency, healing bowls, the scalar technology. We're not meant to be sick like we are, and that's what's coming. We're at the last gasp of the old order. I'm very excited about the future.

Luke Storey: [02:11:04] Awesome. I am too. I got one more question for you. Who have been three teachers or teachings that have impacted your life that you can share with us?

Dr. Christian Northrup : [02:11:12] Definitely, Louise Hay, You can heal your life, Gladys McGarry, who revised her book Living Medicine at the age of 100, and she went around with her daughter and they delivered babies that she did all the work of Edgar Casey. And so she taught me all about that stuff, and Belinda Womack, who channels the 12 Archangels and has been really, really helpful in my life as a medium, having me get in touch with those who are on the other side and getting their wisdom.

A lot of who we are is not in this body. It's like out there. And so it's good to have someone who can translate that for us. So there are many more, but those three come to mind right now.

Luke Storey: [02:12:06] Yeah, I love it. All right. We're going to put those in the show notes and people can go check it out. I was only familiar with Louise Hay, out of those. Yeah, that's great. All right, well, we did it. Thank you so much again for joining me. I appreciate you spending so much time with me and just digging into all the nitty gritty stuff. It's always fun for me to do a show with someone like you because there's no limits. We can go to the fringes and back. And hopefully, we took a few listeners with us. So thank you so much. I look forward to doing it again.

Dr. Christian Northrup : [02:12:37] Thank you so much, Luke.

Luke Storey: [02:12:42] Well, that's all, folks. As I expressed during the intro, this one was going to be one hell of a ride. And indeed it was, at least for myself. Now, my wish is that this episode left you with a sense of hope, along with some solid recommendations on how we can work together to create the world we know we all deserve, which to me is one of equality, justice, and of course, freedom to live and love as granted by our divine birthright as sovereign brothers and sisters of planet Earth.

So I just want to say fear not my friends, no matter how grim our prospects seem to be, I truly believe we sit at the threshold of what will ultimately emerge as a great transition of positive change. And if you were intrigued by our shared interest in gold and silver investment, again, I'll remind you to visit lukestorey.com/realmoney.

To join our community of freedom-oriented people that are facilitating a parallel economy based on a currency of actual value, as opposed to our delicate fiat dollars, about which I'm becoming increasingly doubtful based on what's happening in the world economy at this moment. Again, the link to join me in learning more about how to create financial security is lukestorey.com/realmoney. 

Now, after this knockout punch of an episode, I thought we'd keep it a bit lighter next week where I sit down with Naveen Jain for number 436, where we discuss the future of genetic testing, bio-individuality and personalized diet and supplementation based on lab testing. Really cool stuff, and I'm really excited to share next week's show with you as we are now entering into the most advanced period of personal health we've ever known, thanks in part to the technology created by Naveen and his company Viome. 

So that one's going to be a mind blower when it comes to personalized health. And make sure to click, Follow or Subscribe on your podcast app of choice so you don't miss next week's show or any shows to follow. I'm just going to let you know, guys, I've got some incredible content coming your way throughout the rest of this year, about which I am beyond excited. So stay tuned to the Life Stylist podcast and we will keep the momentum of this awakening going together. God bless you.



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