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Do you believe that as you age, your health and energy have to decline, and that eventual disease is unavoidable? There is a widespread misconception that aging equals illness. Luckily, through lifestyle changes, alternative medicine, and various natural healing modalities, we now have the power to alter the course of our future, and defy the odds that lean toward our eventual decline into degenerative disease and premature aging.

Our guest Dr. Jane Goldberg takes us on a journey through her last 30+ years as an anti-aging enthusiast. She might just be one of the world's first female biohackers, and has such a rich history in the realm of natural healing that we could barely fit this dense interview into two full-length interviews. 

Jane and I spent over three hours in her cutting-edge La Casa Spa and Wellness Center in New York City, trying out all of the various health tech gadgets she uses in her practice, and chatting about everything she's discovered in her three decades of research. 

If you're interested in maintaining a youthful appearance, cultivating boundless energy, and remaining free of chronic illness and for many years to come, this comprehensive overview will give you years worth of habits, and lifestyle hacks that you can begin to implement right away. 

The Life Stylist Podcast is about not only looking young, but feeling young at heart, and in energy. Do someone you love a favor and share this episode with them so that they can have an easy-to-follow roadmap of alternative medicine and healing therapies to apply themselves. 

Here’s to living forever. Or at least living well for as long as we’re here.



  • Taking way back to 1969 when Dr. Goldberg started learning about holistic health
  • Getting close to your own poop: she explains the workings of the Colema board, and how she completely revamped her entire intestinal system
  • How Colema board differs from a colonic
  • Why colonics can feel uncomfortable 
  • Why combining PEMF and Ozone with colonics is the most powerful way to do it 
  • How Germany beat big Pharma and is now a leading authority on alternative health
  • Understanding the crucial importance of PEMF, and the phenomenal power of biofeedback based frequency medicine like the Ampcoil 
  • The benefits and dangers of taking PEMF devices on airplanes
  • The powerful benefits of ozone therapy, and getting it into your body via ear, anal and vaginal methods
  • The importance of inversion for treating lymphatic stagnation
  • How sensory deprivation chambers increase your creativity and intelligence 
  • The mechanics of flotation chambers explained 
  • How doing nothing is exercise for your brain, and why spacing out is such an effective way to access our most imaginative selves
  • The benefits of psychotherapy and how it compares to meditation 
  • How to create the witness perspective in your daily life

PART TWO drops this Friday! Stay Tuned.


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