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Welcome to the first episode of 2018!

Right about now we're all thinking about our goals and intentions for the new year and making decisions that will shape our future for this one and beyond. This means that most of us are planning strategies, and lists of actions that will deliver the results we want. But is not the common goal of almost everyone to just be happier? More satisfied? To have more peace of mind?

Well what if the actions one needs to take aren't actions at all, but rather 'non-actions'? I mean, if the end goal is peace then it stands to reason that perhaps taking some time to unwind, de-stress, and unscramble our connection to god might just be the fastest route to our desired outcome right?

Our (second time) guest Emily Fletcher has spent over a decade teaching thousands of people all over the world the fine art of doing nothing. Well, some casual onlookers might call it nothing. But for those of us in the know, myself included, we call it meditating. Yep, good old-fashioned meditation might just be the most significant performance-enhancing activity one can adopt or improve upon this year. 

Meditation, which was once perceived to be a rare and unique skill only available to exalted beings and mystics from the East, has become increasingly more accessible thanks to knowledgeable (yet relatable) teachers like Emily and her genius company Ziva Meditation, the location at which this very show was recorded. 

In this episode, Emily breaks down the practice of meditation in a super compelling fashion. She gives us the mystical, esoteric dynamics of meditation that seem to defy all logic, yet tickle our whimsical, curious nature, while still dropping the hard science truth bombs potent enough to break down the intellectual walls of the most prudent skeptic.

So whether you're already rooting for team woo-woo, or are so deeply entrenched in your need for 'proof' and 'the science,' you will leave this interview with an infectious excitement to learn to meditate from the start or even to ramp up your existing practice to an impactful level. 

Based on my personal history of 20+ years of meditation, I can genuinely say that committing to a bonafide regular practice might just be the best thing you did for yourself in 2018, and perhaps even the most significant contribution you can make to your family, friends, and humanity as a whole, given our current and dire need for more enlightened souls on the planet. 

Do all of us a favor and please share this episode with someone you know who could use some meditation in their life, or one who just needs a little nudge to pick it up again after letting it slip away. 

Here's to your consciousness rising in this glorious new year.



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  • How meditation promotes empathy and gives you access to right brain intuition 
  • Why her practice involves meditating 2x a day for 20 minutes, and why it's so important to follow that tradition
  • Tips for keeping your practice, epically that elusive afternoon session
  • The math on burning units of stress 
  • Why proper meditation training is key to avoiding frustration
  • Other tons of practical tips on how to keep your practice consistent and improving
  • What the 3 M’s are, how they will change your life, and why they are the basis of Emily’s upcoming book "The M Word"
  • The fact meditation is a psychic detox where old negative feelings may surface and be released, and how trauma can be healed
  • The practice of Vipassana (10 day retreats) and the powerful effects they produce
  • Why 44% of American women are on antidepressant/anti anxiety medications
  • How "the only away around it is through it” when it comes to dealing with our scariest issues, thoughts and feelings
  • How meditation improves the communication between the right & left hemispheres of your brain, and how that produces the most powerful manifestation in your life
  • Some spiritual tools for manifesting your goals and intentions
  • The dangers of "I'll be happy when” syndrome, and what to do instead 
  • We examine the proverb: "when you climb the mountain, you get to see all the mountains you have left to climb”, and how to not give up on yourself 
  • How to use self referral for happiness instead of material referral, and how to use your desires as GPS to deliver fulfillment  
  • The miraculous effect working with a Life Coach had on Emily
  • How meditation fixes your "fight or flight” response to life
  • How meditation can give you mind blowing sex, and important tips of you're trying to get pregnant 
  • The effects meditation has on your neurotransmitters 
  • What are mirror neurons, and why they matter
  • Lifestyle recommendations



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Intro music: Jeordie White
Show production: Tatiana Melo
Sound editing: Dustin Smith