373. How to Charge Your Home, Food, Supplements & Pets w/ Quantum Energy

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling returns to advise on optimizing your home, groceries, and pets with Leela Quantum Tech, and the exciting research proving the benefits of quantum energy. 

Philipp Samor is a conscious entrepreneur, alternative health ambassador, and energy healer. In parallel to a successful international business career as CMO and Vice President at Fortune 500 companies in Europe and the US, Philipp has worked through blockages and barriers that prevented him from truly connecting with his true self. He's also been trained in various energy healing and shamanic practices. He left corporate America, and solely focused on cutting-edge and groundbreaking alternative health technologies, and substances. He offers energy healing, and coaching sessions, and webinars on his own, and together with his clairvoyant wife, and the famous European healer Roman Hafner. The conscious businesses he's founded are Leela Labs, manufacturer and distributor of C60, and Leela Quantum Tech, which provides quantum energy and frequency products to support health and well-being.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

I had to bring Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling back on the mic to talk about the science behind Leela Quantum Tech, the life amplifying devices I’m using at home and on the road. 

Since Philipp was last on the show, there have been even more studies on how their products optimize energy frequencies in our bodies, food, pets, and plants. I charge up everything from my hamburgers to my coffee – and Alyson loves to charge her essential oils on their Quantum Bloc too. 

I know it feels good, but Philipp grounds my woo-woo beliefs with scientific facts, quantifiable data, and collaborators I trust to always know what’s legit. This episode is all about separating quantum fact from fiction, and testing these out-of-this-world devices in real-life situations and settings. 

Hear it to believe it, then try it for yourself. Head to leelaq.com and use the code “Luke10” for 10% off sitewide. 

06:49 — What is Leela Quantum Tech?

  • How Philipp created Leela Quantum Tech
  • Imprinting and transmitting quantum energy into objects
  • Creating unique frequencies 
  • Healing Lyme with quantum energy
  • Proving quantum energy works

24:17 — Leela Quantum Tech–Tried + Tested

30:31 — Collaborating with Healers, Product Testing & Results

  • Building a pyramid with mentalist and energy healer, Roman Christian Hafner
  • Bridging science and spirituality with Ian Mitchell
  • Leela clothing efficacy and how I use the cap
  • Results from heart rate variability testing and Leela
  • Why EMF effects people differently 
  • Measuring the cellular impact of Leela with white blood cell analysis

56:26 — Product Protocols 

  • Using the Leela Quantum Bloc to neutralizing negative frequencies on groceries and pharmaceuticals
  • Why 30 seconds is enough time to charge your metals 
  • Different uses for the Quantum and Infinity Blocs and Capsules 
  • How to charge your plants and pets 
  • Nutritional and taste upgrades on food
  • Energetically optimizing crystals  

01:019 — What’s On the Horizon? 

More about this episode.

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[00:00:00] Luke Storey: I'm Luke Storey. For the past 22 years, I've been relentlessly committed to my deepest passion, designing the ultimate lifestyle based on the most powerful principles of spirituality, health, psychology. The Life Stylist podcast is a show dedicated to sharing my discoveries and the experts behind them with you. Alright, Philipp, welcome back to the show, man.

[00:00:27] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Thanks for having me. I'm excited.

[00:00:29] Luke Storey: Yeah, me too, man. I'm always excited to talk to you, because every time we speak, you have some new development with your technology. And in the world of all things quantum devices and tech, I'm just a huge fan and totally obsessed with it. Hence, for those watching on the video, I have my Leela Quantum Tech t-shirt on today, which I wear only on special occasions, because I don't want to have to wash it too many times. So, I wore it today, because there's a bunch of Wi-Fi in here, and I wanted to be super energized. And I charged it in the Infinity Bloc, too, so I'm feeling pretty good. So, tell us, I guess let's start with what is Leela Quantum Tech as a company. What are you guys doing with your technology? And then, how did you find yourself in this field?

[00:01:19] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah. So, what we do is basically two things. On one end, we have developed the technology that can imprint pure quantum energy into any object and it can transmit to pure quantum energy. So, that's just that, and with that comes the ability to actually also leverage certain frequencies. So, we work with a network of really, absolutely top-notch healers together to create certain frequencies that help people, animals, and plants with various use cases.

[00:02:02] And so, we can combine, basically, the technology and the different frequencies to create products that help people in their daily lives, help animals, help plants. And in a way, our mission is to do our part to help heal humanity. Sounds pretty big, but again, it's our part. There's tons of other people in great companies that do their part. That's really our mission in our world. That's what we try to do.

[00:02:31] Luke Storey: And how did you get involved in this? I know you used to work in telecommunications for the baddies making cell towers, and now, you're redeeming yourself, making energy technology that actually supports people. But how did you get involved in this? and what was the beginning of—like what was your first device and the first time you realized, okay, we're really on to something cool here?

[00:02:54] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah. So, I mean, decades ago, I realized that there's way more to life than just the material world. And you have your job, and you go to bed, and next day, you go to your job again, and then you do that to pay your bills. That's really not what we're here for. And I started to really develop that out. And then, I met my wife in 2005, who was actually born with the ability to see aura.

[00:03:19] And she never lost this conscious divine connection, which means the access to all the databases, you can call databases or Akashic records, however you want to call it, to pull information out, and basically to see and know things that most of the people have no access to anymore, which is not rightly phrased, because we all have access to it, we just don't know how to access it anymore.

[00:03:43] And yes, I worked in telecom. Indeed, I was actually even a vice president at T-Mobile International and T-Mobile US. And at some point, I just couldn't do that anymore. I had to live just within, from my heart, and I couldn't really do it there, right? Because it was just such a stretch. You had to be in this world, and then when I came home, I was the real me. But at the same time, for a few years, I realized, okay, I still need to be there, because of whatever reasons.

[00:04:17] I don't know. Maybe it was just to also shine some light in organizations like that, but maybe it was also to gain knowledge about certain technologies out there. And now, I can see it from the other side, really, about EMF, what we can do. And I think this whole healing journey of myself, remembering who I am, which I had totally forgotten myself, with knowing what people struggle with, really, because I've went through it myself, that led to the fact that we develop these products.

[00:04:52] And one nice side effect was, or side influence, I must say, was my wife who had the chronic Lyme disease, which was diagnosed five years after she actually had it. And people say, you can't heal it, but hey, she doesn't have it anymore, none of it, no symptoms, nothing, no side effects. And yeah, it actually sent me on a journey to find the best possible stuff to help her. She had her own capabilities, but that was kind of my mission in a way. So, it became really my passion, my hobby. And out of all of that, I think, Leela Quantum Tech emerged ultimately.

[00:05:35] Luke Storey: What were some of the things that she did to overcome Lyme, just as a side note? I know I've done a lot of shows on it and we'll continue to do so, but each person I meet that's overcome Lyme seems to have had somewhat of a unique strategy. There's not like a one silver bullet for it that always works for all people.

[00:05:53] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah. So, it's a great question, and I think the best approach is to look at it holistically and really figure out, okay, what are the root causes behind it? And those are different from person to person. But I think you need to go into this open-minded and figure out, okay, so what of all the options out there is something that resonates with me and helps? And then, you'll find different things, right?

[00:06:20] So, I guess on her way, in between the Rife machine was something that had helped her for a while. She actually turned vegan, which I don't think like being vegan is something that everybody needs to be. It was just for her specific situation, the right thing to do. It helped her quite a lot. Climate change helped quite a bit. And then, certainly, energy work was another ingredient.

[00:06:44] And at the time, she was even in Seattle speaking with Dr. Klinghardt in his office, who was like the guru, the Lyme disease guru, right? And they would even, in her office, to regular people, recommend shamanic work and stuff like that. Now, that was nothing new for my wife, obviously, but I found it very interesting that they would recommend that, and I think that's something I can pass on. You want to look at it holistically. So, she looked into, okay, so what are the root causes within me?

[00:07:15] Why is this happening? Because we're all creators, we create our lives. It's not that it just happens to us. So, if you have that mindset, and then you dig, you'll get there, and then you'll be able to solve it. And yeah, of course, this technology helps quite a bit with things like that. We won't say here it heals anything, but because the body can heal itself, but this helps your body to be in a state that can actually perform that very task.

[00:07:46] Luke Storey: Yeah, it's interesting that she went to see Klinghardt. I mean, he's a very sought after guy for those that don't know him. He's just one of the leading natural healing doctors in the world. And a friend of mine, Brian Hoyer, who's been on the show, I think, has done some work with him or knows him. But what Brian told me was that Dr. Klinghardt won't even work with someone unless they deal with the EMF in their house, because he found over the years that as many of the tools as he has that are useful and effective, would be rendered less effective or sometimes ineffective if people were in a really high-EMF environment, people living in cities, where there are cell towers all over and stuff.

[00:08:26] So, that's kind of wild that you ended up inadvertently getting involved with the technology that's really helpful in harmonizing the field of EMF, which, of course, is its own thing, because one school of thought is that to get rid of EMF, the only option is to block it completely, which is something I just did in our house here and some of the rooms.

[00:08:48] And then, the other school of thought is, it's just energy, it's just energetics, right? You're just filling your ambient environment with energy that's not harmonious with your biology, but there are things like this and other things out there that can actually harmonize the field. And then, you get into kind of the spooky woo-woo land, but yet in that woo-woo land some of the stuff works. And that's, I think, the interesting thing about it and why I like interviewing people like you that are not afraid to go into the realms of energetics, because I'm sure having a company in that space is more difficult than having a supplement, right?

[00:09:23] You're like, hey, here's a great B vitamin, it's like it's quantifiable, you could measure your blood plasma and know that you have more B vitamins in you, because you just took some, whereas in the energetic space, I know you're doing some tests and we're going to talk about that, but it's a little more ambiguous. But congratulations on her overcoming that. It's really a brutal one for so many people.

[00:09:46] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Thanks. Yeah, it is. So, we know it can be very, very brutal, and especially because you don't often realize that someone has something, but they feel just so bad, have this constant fatigue and they just feel miserable. Yeah. And we've actually gotten a lot of great feedback and testimonials from our customers in regards to Lyme disease. We never asked for that. It just came that way. And after we've gotten a whole bunch, we said, okay, now, we're actually going to run a whole study on it.

[00:10:19] So, we're about to start a really big study in regards to chronic Lyme disease patients here in the US just because the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive, like that fatigue went away. And someone called me and said his wife has a chronic Lyme disease or his partner, and said, well, my God, all of this fatigue is gone and she's too energetic. And now, she wants to do stuff again.

[00:10:45] And it's like this changed all our lives, like literally. And it's just heartwarming to hear something like that. And that's also actually something that Klinghardt's philosophy is right. I mean, he says, he can't really get rid of the Lyme, okay, I don't want to go there, but his message is you just need to become so strong that whatever you have there doesn't bother you, and that's kind of the same thing.

[00:11:15] Like we know from Roman, who is like the healer wunderkind in Europe, Roman Hafner, we worked with him a lot, and he says, this energetic environment, Lyme's just can't stay there. It's just such a high vibration. They just don't. They just can't exist there anymore. So, that's something, okay, that's his view from someone that can see energy fields and frequencies to a very granular level from birth. So, now, we're going to actually see what the study shows.

[00:11:51] Luke Storey: That's so cool. I love when people like you conduct studies, because then you have something that's quantifiable and concrete, right? I mean, I just believe in energetics. I'm a longtime meditator and I know there's much more than this physical world here, because I have experienced it in so many different ways. But then, again, it becomes anecdotal in many cases, right? Like, I don't know, I think I feel better, and then there's so much potential for placebo, too.

[00:12:19] But when you actually see quantifiable evidence of something, I think even if there is a placebo component to something, I don't mind a placebo. Like give me a pill and tell me it's going to work, and if I believe strongly enough it's going to work, that it helps me, great. But I think that when someone who's using a technology like this that if you see some quantifiable evidence that's tangible, then it helps instill a belief, right?

[00:12:45] And so, your biology is going to respond to your belief, obviously, like the work of Bruce Lipton, the epigenetic factor of like how your thoughts really control your biology. And so, if you're thinking to yourself, wow, I'm going to introduce this into my lifestyle in the hopes that it supports my health, and you really believe that it will, because you've seen some proof, I would think it's going to potentiate the effect of it even more, because you're believing in something that you've seen to be true.

[00:13:12] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Exactly. And actually, even more so in a field like that, because it actually potentiates that, which is quite interesting. And we've done, actually, several studies. I don't think there's any company out there in the energetic space that has put so much focus on studies, and whether it's dark microscopy pictures, whether it's a deck of all study, actually, multiple of those. And then, the EMF heart rate variability and all that kind of stuff.

[00:13:45] But a lot of that, we wanted to do, because we know it works and it's very scientific, frankly, those studies. What cannot be explained, really, in a scientific way today really is, how exactly does this work? So, everybody's still having a little bit of a hard time, it's like Ian Mitchell said the other day, it's like going back to the 1600s, and you give someone a smartphone, and the have them tell you what it does and how it works. He's not going to be able to do that, really, but it still works.

[00:14:21] So, what we can do is we can scientifically measure the output, what it does, what are the results? And we know, I mean, there's a lot of people that want satisfaction for their brains, they need to see it, and not everybody can see and feel energy, so that's a focus of ours. So, we're not a big company, so we can't do these huge studies, but we do what we can. So, everything, actually, that we make, that we can do and make work, we'll put it into studies just because also for our own interest, right? We want to know. Now, with this Lyme, okay, so is this something—how does it work with everybody? Even though everybody is different, what are the common factors there?

[00:15:04] Luke Storey: Got it. It's interesting, too, that your wife is tuned into the energetics, and shamanism, and things like that. As you know, my fiancee, Alyson, is, because those people are good test subjects, those people that, I mean, like you said, we all have the capacity, but some people are more tuned into it, right? Seeing or as feeling energy, having visions, communicating with guides, all this kind of stuff, which some of us only experience if we're doing plant medicines or we have some huge push that allows us to get past the veil of what we commonly see. But I was telling you before we recorded, the minute I brought this, for those watching the video, this is the Infinity Bloc. And before we had the other one, this one's the Quantum Bloc?

[00:15:50] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Quantum Bloc.

[00:15:50] Luke Storey: Yeah, this one's just stronger, you can see it has more levels. But when I first got this one, I brought it into the house, I put it on the coffee table, and I told Alyson, this imbues anything you put in it with energy, with positive healing energy. And so, I was putting my supplements in there and stuff like that, which I still do. We keep this on the coffee table, and anything new we introduce into the house that we're going to put in our body, and even I'll put in like a hamburger. 

[00:16:13] You know what I mean? Like anything, my water in the morning, I make my special little elixir, I put that in there. So, she sees me doing that and she's not really into the biohacking stuff much. I mean, here and there, she might be interested in something, but I think because she is tapped in, in that way, when I brought this into the house, I noticed she started putting all her flower essences and stuff from her altar. I'd see her over there charging her stuff.

[00:16:36] And I never told her, hey, you should do this, it's good for your health. She just took it upon herself, and I always see her putting stuff in there. And that was some more validation for me, because she didn't have to read about it, she didn't have to look at a study, she didn't have to listen to our interview, or talk to you, or really know much about it. She was like, yeah, I like this thing, this is cool. And so, she always puts her stuff in there now, which is great.

[00:16:59] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: That's awesome. And by the way, and you guys there, you don't know this yet, but I exchanged this one. He had his own Infinity Bloc there, but then I put this one here, and this is the fourth generation, and it's now yours.

[00:17:13] Luke Storey: Oh, no way.

[00:17:14] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah, you can take that home, because what you didn't have, you just had one Infinity Bloc, but if you get a package like basically two, you can always upgrade your Infinity Bloc endlessly. Like literally in 200 years, your grandchildren could still upgrade the concentration of the field, which is quite fascinating. And it's also kind of needed, because we all develop, or we become more transparent, that's kind of like our path here, right? And at some point, you adjust to the energy level that you have at home or call it consciousness level. So, people are familiar with the David Hawkins book, Power vs. Force and the scale that they have. So, the basic Infinity Bloc has, on that specific scale, a level of 733.

[00:18:06] Luke Storey: Really?

[00:18:06] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: And this is 942.

[00:18:11] Luke Storey: What? Have we ever talked about David Hawkins' work before?

[00:18:14] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: No, we have not talked about it.

[00:18:16] Luke Storey: That's funny, because he's my all-time number one teacher for a lot of years. I used to go see him speak, and whenever I promote products or I'm interested in something myself, I haven't mastered the muscle testing. Honestly, I haven't put that much effort into it. It's like a goal that's always hitting me in the face. Like Luke, you have to learn this, but I do have a friend who's a kinesiologist master.

[00:18:38] I mean, he's been doing it for a long, long time, millions of calibrations. And when someone approaches me with a new product in the energetic, I'll usually send him an email like, dude, test this for me. And I sent him an email about the Leela stuff. I believed it, because I believe in Ian Mitchell, who has been on the show a couple of times and introduced us. And I text him, I was like, is this legit?

[00:18:59] I don't want to mess with it if it's not. And this is way back before I met you. And he's like, yeah, yeah, yeah. And Ian is super smart, and he's also very scientific and analytical. He's not like a woo-woo kind of guy. So, I was like, alright, Ian vouches for it, but I have sent my friend a number of different things that I rep on my website, the Somavedic, and Blushield, and a bunch of different things, and they all came in over 600, which for those listening, 200 is like your level of integrity, right?

[00:19:28] So, something is false if it's, just to give them background, although I've done shows about this, but under 200 would be just unintegris or false, right? And over two hundred would be integris. But then, as you go up the scale, it increases in power. So, if something calibrates at 600 or 900, like that's something you definitely want in your life, but that's interesting that you guys came to that conclusion, too.

[00:19:52] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah. So, yeah, because some people just use that scale as a reference. We usually look at it really from a different level, but it's sometimes good for people to put things in perspective. And yeah.

[00:20:09] Luke Storey: That's funny, though, because now, I'm like, sometimes, I have so much of the stuff in my house, because I always just am of the mind, like more is better of everything, but it's not always the case. But I have FLFE on my apartment here, and I have it on my business, and on my phone, and different things like that, but it's always on in the house, and that brings your house to a level 540. And then, there's a daily boost you can do that takes it to 600 for like 30 minutes.

[00:20:34] But the reason that you can't just have it on 900 all the time is because it would be too much energy and it would be kind of weird for your nervous system to be in that field. I mean, imagine if you lived in, I don't know, a cave in the Himalayas, or a beautiful temple or cathedral, or something, like you wouldn't be that functional, because the level of consciousness is too high. So, I'm wondering if I have like two or three of these, and FLFE, and the Somavedic, and all these things, I wonder if I'm like pushing the energy too high in my place?

[00:21:06] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: No, the FLFE is actually not needed at all if you have two of these in your home because you have a level that's way higher and the signal of the 560 that they provide is still there, but it has no effect, because you're already way up here in that level, so what's down here is really just a signal. So, it's not needed in that sense.

[00:21:27] Luke Storey: Oh, interesting.

[00:21:28] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: But then, also, the 942, that's inside here.

[00:21:33] Luke Storey: Oh, okay.

[00:21:34] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: And so, the inside here, and immediately, I mean, you put your hand in there, you'll feel this pretty instantly. Like within three seconds, you'll already feel.

[00:21:44] Luke Storey: That's wild.

[00:21:45] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: So, outside here, it's-

[00:21:47] Luke Storey: That's wild, dude, it's like tingly.

[00:21:49] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah, I thought you'd be ready for the next level, and you just jumped over a few-

[00:21:54] Luke Storey: That's super trippy. Wow.

[00:21:58] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah. But so then, your whole house will not be inside here, but through the field of the three blocks, it'll have quite a field. So, we, at home, we're roughly at a 900, our whole house, but we've worked with this for quite some time, so it's amazing, right? And you feel always like, that's the beauty about this upgrading process that you will feel, okay, I'm ready for the next level, like you will know. And I would totally agree with the FLFE guys.

[00:22:36] You don't want to put someone in a house with this for a longer period of time, who is just not there yet at all, like has never heard about energy, never done any energy work and all that. It'll still be fine, because it's super harmonious with the human cells and also certainly with our consciousness, but it just may trigger too much. The energy level would be too high for a lot of people instantly, and that's why we have these different levels. Yeah.

[00:23:06] Luke Storey: Oh, that's interesting. Wow, what a trip. I love this world. So many places I want to go with this. I want to digress a little bit. So, on your site, you have like a group of healers, right?

[00:23:22] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yes.

[00:23:23] Luke Storey: Is your wife on there?

[00:23:24] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: She is one of them, yes.

[00:23:25] Luke Storey: Okay. And then, you mentioned this character, Roman Hafner, earlier, who's a pioneer in the development of application in quantum energy, who developed the Y pyramids in Europe more than 10 years ago. And I had not heard of the Y pyramids. What was up with that?

[00:23:40] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: So, you probably didn't hear about it, because it was never offered in the U.S. So, he is in Europe, basically based in Europe. I think all over Europe, he's known. Like I think he's been invited to every podcast that you could find in Europe, because he was born with the ability to see everything in frequency and energy fields, but in a way that's like unheard of. Like I don't think there's anybody else in the world that has this granular viewing that he has.

[00:24:13] He can literally isolate any and all frequencies from other frequencies, move them somewhere. And when he was born, he had to learn the physical seeing, like how I see your dog now or the chair, that's matter that we see, right? That's normal to us. And now, we're all trying to learn the other seeing, right? That has been our journey. So, for him, it was different. He had to learn the "physical seeing" just because he would just see a human and would see the heartbeat.

[00:24:46] He would see the heat. He would see the frequencies. He could see if something is wrong with intestines. So, already, as an 11-year-old, like he was actually put on stage from like this, I don't know, calling like the energy esoteric guru in Europe at the time [indiscernible] which Europeans will know, like he's very famous. Actually, he always had at least 300 people in his seminars. And then, Roman's mother took Roman to that seminar, because she thought, I have to do something with this kid, right? He has all these abilities, but I can't help him, really.

[00:25:25] So, they went to Court, and then they said, okay, so what can Roman now learn from you? And the guy said to this 11-year-old kid, Roman, I can't teach you anything, but I can learn a lot from you. And then, that was the first day of that seminar. That was a whole week, and each day for a whole hour, he put this 11-year-old boy on stage, and all the 300 people there could ask questions about their lives, about their illnesses, and all that kind of stuff.

[00:25:54] And he fixed the stuff. He gave all the answers and everything. That was kind of where he started. And what they realized, it's a real gift that he has that so he can help people. Yeah. So, he's a dear friend, actually, and a wonderful person. And he developed this Y Pyramid, which basically also concentrated quantum energy that was over 10 years ago, but it wasn't nearly as advanced as this is now. Yeah. 

[00:26:22] But he has helped us with the development, and we're working with him with frequencies, because before we do scientific testing or release anything for even a test with people, we always have him check first. And yeah, which is great, right? Because you know you got the right frequencies and you know exactly, okay, this stuff works, okay, then you can go into the actual real testing, have him view over it, and then do scientific testing also.

[00:26:49] Luke Storey: That's so cool. Yeah, what an ace in the hole to have someone like that, especially before you go spend a bunch of money on scientific testing, right? So, you're in product development, you have kind of, I don't know, the first barrier to get through someone like that that's really tapped in, and go, okay, cool, this is valid. Now, let's move back into the linear to see what's going on, on the scientific level. Exactly. Very cool. So, when it comes to calibrating something, like when you had this calibrated using kinesiology and as a general point of reference, using the Hawkins' scale, which of course, is just an arbitrary way to quantify consciousness, who do you have that's like doing testing? Like how do you find out the number on something?

[00:27:34] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Oh, okay. So, obviously, we can ask our healing networks, and we have some really special guys and girls, actually, not just Roman there that can all do these tests, but this specific test was actually performed by Ian Mitchell.

[00:27:49] Luke Storey: Oh, wow. Cool. Oh, that's funny. Our boy, that's funny. That's really interesting, because I think I'm pretty sure I turned him on to David Hawkins. I sent him a bunch of audio that I had of Hawkins, and I don't think he had heard it before, and he was texting me like, oh, my god, dude, he was flipping out, because I think Ian, as I was saying earlier, he's very scientific and linear, but he's also in this realm as well.

[00:28:19] And so, I think he really resonated with the Hawkins work, because Hawkins was very much from both. I mean, he was a psychiatrist for 50 years, right? I mean, he was a medical doctor, but also a spiritual teacher. So, he kind of had a hand in both of those worlds. So, it made sense that Ian was like, yes, this is the guy. That's really cool. That's funny. Well, maybe I'm going to start emailing Ian, because my other friend is really busy, and I feel bad just sending him stuff all the time.

[00:28:47] Like, test this, test this. But it's useful. I mean, it's a great skill to have in a friend or something to learn yourself, because if that person's good at it and gets reliable results, you can save yourself a lot of wasted time and energy pursuing a spiritual teacher, or a book, or path, or modality, or spending your money on a technology that doesn't work.

[00:29:05] In fact, there was one EMF thing, and I honestly forget the name of it at the moment, I don't want to disparage anyone, but there was one product that someone sent me, and I don't know, their website looked good, and I thought, good enough. It wasn't too expensive. And I sent that to my friend and it calibrated, I think, it was over 200, but it was like 205, which is like, probably going to have a negligible effect on someone's health, and then I have the Blushield EMF thing or the Somavedic, they're like 560, 600.

[00:29:33] So, I'm just like, wow, if I have something better, why have the subpar product on my site, yin the interest of not wasting someone's money, but I got to learn how to do the testing. I mean, it's just every time I have a conversation like this, I'm just like, dude, I can't rely on someone, but now, I'm going to start emailing or texting Ian, test this, test that. It's almost like with the kinesiology testing in the realm of the non-local phenomenon, right?

[00:30:01] Not like holding a vitamin on your chest, and then you test strong or weak, which a lot of chiropractors do and stuff. But Hawkins discovering that it's a non-local phenomena, that you can ask any question in consciousness from all time to infinity, and then apply that logarithmic scale to it. I mean, it's almost too good to be true. I think it goes over people's head. I mean, I'm just like, why isn't everyone testing everything all the time?

[00:30:26] You watch the news, and CNN says, yada, yada, yada, it's like false, which we're probably going to get most of the time in that case. But even on the other side of things, in the spiritual and new age communities, there's also a lot of falsehood there, and so many people are misled into teachings that aren't valid or supportive, and sometimes, even negative. So, interesting.

[00:30:47] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: I mean, it's the time right now, from my perspective, that I mean, it's the time for these types of energies and it's time for a humanity to remember, but it's really also to figure out, okay, so what's true in our heart? Because in the end of the day, we don't even need like a test like that if we can just truly find our inner voice again, and then know things, and hey, for each topic that's going on right now in the world, that's like a topic people talk about, you have all these extreme perspectives, right?

[00:31:24] They're completely the opposite of one another, and then you have a lot of it in between also, and people are overwhelmed with it, right? Because their brains can't figure it out anymore, right? So, you need to really like access the inner voice again, your true self, and then just check, what's true for me? And I think that's a great learning process right now for us humans, and we can all do that. It's just like we just need to do it.

[00:31:55] Luke Storey: Yeah, thank you for saying that. I think sometimes, it's disempowering for us to think we need someone else to tell us if something is valid or supportive of our health or wellbeing, right? It's like outsourcing everything. So, that's a good point. I'm glad you mentioned that. So, back to the research on your site. So, I was on there this morning and you have these certifications like from a company called the BESA Institute, and then IGEF. What are the means of testing that they use, when you want to see like, okay, this thing we made works? Like how do they actually conduct these tests? And you're mentioning there are some new ones coming out that haven't been published yet that you've done. Tell us like all about the testing, because I find that to be really fascinating.

[00:32:38] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Exactly. So, right now, you probably have only 15 to 20% of all the studies that we've performed on the website, because they've been in translation process, and all that, and still being written.

[00:32:50] Luke Storey: Because a lot of them are in Austria and whatnot, right?

[00:32:53] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah. And so, the BESA Institute is in Austria. It's the largest independent biofeedback and biosystems analysis, research and testing institute in Europe. So, they are out of Austria, so they speak German just by nature. And then, they translated everything. But then, there are certain things that you don't want to publish, because the words and the grammar are just not ideal. So, we've had to go through this additional round of real translation. And the IGEF Institute is actually based out of Spain and Dublin, Ireland.

[00:33:32] And so, let me just start there maybe. So, the IGEF Institute is the largest research and testing institute for EMF in Europe. So, since decades, they've been doing research on EMF, and testing devices, and providing perspectives, expert opinions, and they do two different types of tests. So, the t-shirt, for example, and/or hats, and caps, and all that, they tested all of that for the actual EMF-blocking effect, which they all block way over 99.9% of any EMF, whether it's microwaves, 4G, 5G, 3G, et cetera. That's very easy to test, actually. I mean, that's really not rocket science. 

[00:34:15] Luke Storey: Do they kind of make a Faraday cage to eliminate signals, and then introduce the signal, and try to break through the fabric with it, or do you know how they-

[00:34:25] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: I actually don't know exactly how they do it, but it's not really rocket science, because to some extent, you can even test that at home, right? Just take the t-shirt and measure with your own device that's-

[00:34:40] Luke Storey: Or, try to call your cell phone, right? Like that's a way, like I have the EMF cap here for those watching in the video, I haven't tried it yet, but couldn't you just put your cell phone in here like in full like operational mode, and then call it from another phone?

[00:34:58] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: You could, and we actually had some people test it, and then randomly send us notes like, hey, I couldn't call my phone, that's so cool. However, there seem to be differences between, for example, the, is it the iPhone 12 now, which appears to be way stronger from an antenna perspective than others. So, yeah, that shouldn't be the only test. You should really use the frequencies, because again, it doesn't eliminate 100%.

[00:35:27] So, we've tested it with iPhone 9, 10, 11, but with 12, I actually wouldn't be too sure that there's not a signal going through. But again, with your measurement device, you'll see how it all like is even allowed right next to your Wi-Fi router, then you put the t-shirt in between, I uploaded a video at some point on our Telegram channel, and then instantly, like it goes all down, like you can literally see it. Yeah, but that's easy to test, so what's more difficult to test is something like the capsule that you have or that I have here.

[00:36:06] Luke Storey: Twinsies. When I came in here today, I was like, I literally have all his shit on. I'm like, this ridiculous. I'm like a walking commercial, but I don't know. I was getting dressed, and I was like, oh, yeah, actually, I should wear the EMF shirt, because I forgot about it. I wear it when I fly. It's amazing. And it's also anti-microbial and bacterial, right? So, you don't get BO in it, because it kills the microbes that would make BO, and in an airplane is like the worst place to probably be EMF-wise.

[00:36:35] But not to interrupt, but I want to tell you one thing, a good hack with this that I discovered with the cap. By the way, it's super comfortable and it's super stretchy, which I like. I've had some of these before, and I don't know, they're too tight, so I don't like sleeping in them, but since we're in our temporary apartment and there's a cell tower right down the road, I sleep in this, but then I also discovered that I can pull it down over my eyes, and it acts as an eye mask and blacks out the room, because I don't have blackout curtains yet. So, this thing is freaking badass.

[00:37:05] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: And you're the first one actually telling us that you use it as an eye mask, so that's pretty cool.

[00:37:08] Luke Storey: Yeah, you can put it on your site, like if you pull it down low enough, and it doesn't cover your nose, and it's actually more comfortable than most eye mask. Like BLUblox makes a really comfortable eye mask, but most of them out there are, I don't know, they dig into your face and they're just weird. They're too thick. And wake up in the morning and all the circulation is like cut off where the band is on your head and they're just a train wreck. So, anyway, back to the IGEF in Dublin and Spain. So, what are they up to?

[00:37:37] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: So, that is the one testing, the blocking effect, and then they measure the heart rate variability if they test, for example, the capsule or something like the Quantum Bloc. Because in that sense, you don't want to block EMF, because if you have this device at home, just think about it, you couldn't take a phone call if you blocked it all off. So, this harmonizes and neutralizes EMF, and then you can measure that, for example, with the heart rate variability.

[00:38:09] So, basically, they had 12 test persons, I think 12 or 14, and then they measure the heart rate variability of these people, measure the heart rate variability once Wi-Fi is introduced and other EMF. And heart rate variability, by the way, is connected directly to the autonomic nervous system, right? So, there's a direct correlation there. And then, you introduce the device, and then see what it does.

[00:38:39] And in 100% of the cases, the heart rate variability optimized. And it was quite an interesting study, because we also found out something that we knew that not everybody is affected equally by EMF and we actually had one test person that wasn't impacted at all, really, by EMF. And so, she must have been a very healthy person, very tuned into her cells, because we know that with your consciousness, you don't have to be affected by EMF, right? None of our healers is affected in any way.

[00:39:16] They could sleep under a Wi-Fi tower, wouldn't maybe be the nicest view, but energetically, it wouldn't do anything, right? And that was the case, also, with that one woman in the study, she was not affected by EMF. She still had great results with the capsule, for example, in that sense, but everybody else had really significant impacts actually off EMF. So, people out there that say EMF has no impact, it's actually false, it really is false and it can be looked at in multiple thousands of studies that have shown that it's a matter of finding the studies that is difficult, but those exist.

[00:39:57] Luke Storey: The suppressed information, yeah.

[00:39:59] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: And so, that's what IGEF tested, the heart rate variability. And then, the BESA Institute, those are actual doctors that went through their own transformation from just Western medicine to a completely holistic approach. And they developed an advanced Decavol method, which tests your bioenergetic state of your physical body at the acupuncture points. And it's amazing. Once you understand how that method works and it really works, it's fantastic.

[00:40:37] There are also videos out there that people can look into just typically about this Decavol method that's even more advanced, so they can test also EMF. They've done tons of tests. Actually, they had even people in an electric car, and then gave them tablet, iPhone, all that kind of stuff, and then tested them, and then gave them the Quantum Bloc, for example, and yeah, in 100% of the cases, our products were able to fully regulate out the bioenergetic state of the person.

[00:41:12] And they also had three tests, one before, one with exposure to, let's say, certain pesticides and herbicides, for example, or EMF, and then they tested once the product was introduced. And in 100% of the cases, actually, the measurement with our devices was always the best. So, they always came in already impacted by something, right? Because most people are just impacted, bad air, bad food, bad EMF, all that kind of stuff that we live in.

[00:41:45] And yeah, so you have to be already living a very conscious life to not be very impacted. So, yeah, that's what they've tested. They've done lots of different studies. And with the Quantum Bloc, for example, they've even done studies, where they tested a whole family, including their rabbit, how they do, and how the impact of EMF and other stuff is in their home. And then, they introduced the Quantum Bloc, and then they test it again, and yeah, same results. You can measure that stuff.

[00:42:16] Luke Storey: That's so cool. I love that you guys are doing that. I can't wait to get that on the site, to me, but I bet by the time this airs, some of the new studies will be up there too, which would be cool. Yeah. The HRV is really meaningful to me. I love tests with HRV, because it's a clear picture of the balance between your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, right?

[00:42:39] So, your vagus nerve being the parasympathetic and whatever the other one is, I forget at the moment, but when your heart is beating with the highest irregularity, it sounds like that would be bad, but that's actually what you want. And so, I've noticed when I test my HRV like using the Oura Ring or something, if I've had crappy sleep or I've been traveling, my HRV when I sleep will suck. If I'm really tapped in, my HRV goes up, and it's always predictable pretty much.

[00:43:11] I kind of know when I'm going to look at the reading on my ring, I'm like, oh, I know last night was a rough night, and sure enough, so that one's a really cool thing to be able to quantify. What about live blood cell analysis? This one, I always find really neat, too, where they take a pinprick of blood, put on a microscope, and if you're compromised by EMF, pesticides, whatever, your blood cells are all clumped together, looking super ugly and weird, and then you expose it to whatever field or intervention, and then they're flowing beautifully and all looking how they're supposed to be. I think you guys have done some of that, too.

[00:43:45] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Absolutely, yes, and we will do even more of that. People really resonate with that. And yes, you can measure real physical impact. So, that's actually, dark field microscopy is a tool that a lot of doctors in Europe actually still use, and it's very common, most people know about it there, and it's just one one thing they look at. And yeah, I mean, you put your hands in the Quantum Bloc, and already after five minutes, the picture completely changes to the better.

[00:44:19] Like we've had just amazing pictures, and those money rolls, that's what it's called, where the cells are all clogged and they really look like money rolls, that's what you do not want to have in your blood, because that means higher risk for stroke, heart attack, any type of heart disease, and other stuff. So, you really don't want that. And then, already, after those five minutes, you could see the same person, the blood cells really nicely separated, beautifully aligned.

[00:44:50] That's what you want to see. And yeah, so we were really happy when we saw that, and that was something that we didn't know at first. Okay. So, how is the physical impact showing on something like this? And how long does it actually take? Do we need to wait for half-an-hour or an hour? No, literally, we already did those tests, after five minutes, it was very rapid.

[00:45:13] Luke Storey: That's badass. Now, when you sent me the latest version, the Quantum Bloc here, you sent me some instructional videos that were pretty specific about time frames and things like that, and like, again, I'm the guy that has to try everything to the extreme, so I would just intuitively set—if I make my coffee in the morning, I put in here, for example, I would just set it in there for 10 minutes or something. But in your video, it's like, no, you just put it in for like a minute or something.

[00:45:41] Like what are some of the protocols specifically with the Quantum Bloc and the Infinity Bloc? What are some of the types of things you could put in there? How long do you put them in there for? What would be the detriment to putting something in there too long? Like often, I put something in there, I just forget about it, I go in the other room, and I come back, I'm like, oh, man, it's been in there a half-an-hour. And of course, I drink it anyway, but tell me a little bit about like the protocols that you recommend.

[00:46:04] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah. Well, I'm glad you're bringing that up, because so just having it sit at home and to help with the energy at home with a consciousness level, energy level, EMF protection, all that, you don't need to do anything. So, that's obviously super, super simple. But then, the beauty about this is you can charge any object with pure quantum energy, and actually, permanently. Like this capsule, if I put it in, I charge that, and then this transmits pure quantum energy, too.

[00:46:32] So, that's what I can do. And then, obviously, with groceries like coffee, or raspberries, strawberries, nuts, for example, all of that, you can put in here as well, and you basically neutralize the negative or potentially harmful frequencies of that. And depending on the strength level, there are indeed some recommendations that we have on the website in terms of charging times, because you don't want to overdo it, whereas I must say, the most important rule is in regards to metals.

[00:47:02] So, when you have a device like this, this works so fast and so instant. I mean, literally, okay, you feel the field in here with an object, same thing. And so, with metal, you want to be a little bit careful that you don't overcharge it, just because there's just some implications that not a lot of the listeners would understand now, because they may not have yet a Quantum Bloc or an Infinity Bloc, but you can basically overcharge the metal.

[00:47:32] It's not really a bad thing, right? It's still amazing energy, but if I were to then take this ring, for example, here after I overcharged it in here and put it in the other one in the Quantum Bloc, then I upgrade the quantum block with it, now, people may think, oh, that's so cool, though, I want to do it. No, because the Quantum Bloc is specifically designed so that you can make quantum frequency medicine with it as well.

[00:47:58] And the strength level should stay exactly the same. So, you can do two things. You can put pharmaceuticals in there, and neutralize the potentially harmful frequencies, and regulate it out, not that many people would take pharmaceuticals, but in some instances, you just had an accident, and you take a pain medicine, then it comes in very handy. But we may come into times where you don't have access to that or you don't ever want to take pharmaceuticals, you may want to have the frequency, though. So, what you can do is you can copy the frequency of an XYZ product into, let's say, a card, or a capsule, or whatever, other metal.

[00:48:40] Metal is good, because it holds the energy really well, and then you just take in the frequency. So, you actually don't need to take in the physical substance. And from the tests that we've done is that it depends, really on the substance and everything, so there doesn't seem to be 100% equality, but it goes to 80, 90%, and that's something that may come in pretty handy. So, with the Quantum Bloc, that's what you do. You wouldn't use the Infinity Block for that, because this is so strong that it actually adds homeopathic doses to a substance you would put in, and then it just may be too quick and too rapid for that. So, that's why we rather recommend the Quantum Bloc for that.

[00:49:28] Luke Storey: So, if one was to be so fortunate as to have both of these, the Quantum Bloc and the Infinity Bloc, and you had things like supplements, pharmaceuticals, anything like that that you're going to put in your body, would the Quantum Bloc be more appropriate then for those types of things?

[00:49:46] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yes.

[00:49:47] Luke Storey: Oh, okay.

[00:49:48] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah, that's really it. So, the Quantum Bloc has, on this scale, I think, is at 570. No, 642. No, 672, something like that, on that David Hawkins scale, but it's exactly set for that sense. And it's already actually great to have that at home, also from an energy perspective, and it also neutralizes EMF and all that kind of stuff. But then, at some point, just for the energy level, and if you want to charge the object with more quantum energy, obviously, this is then the much greater level, right? You can do a whole lot more with this. That is for this specific use case and also for beginners, frankly. Somebody that hasn't had a device like this before and hasn't really done so much energy work, is just getting into it, definitely go with a Quantum Bloc. It's already powerful.

[00:50:43] Luke Storey: Okay. Got it. So, I'm kind of overkill then when I'm putting stuff in this one. I could be putting in that like a drink, or food, or something like that?

[00:50:49] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: No. So, I mean, the vibration is ever so higher. So, let's say, let's take an example of a watch. Like a golden watch, you put it in there, and then you'll literally feel and see how it vibrates so much nicer, so much finer. But if you, after that, put it in here, you'll see it's so much finer, you just need to watch the time, don't let it in for too long. It's literally, in this one here, 30 seconds is enough. I mean, for any metal, 30 seconds, and it'll be plenty, the charge of it. And if you put coffee in this one, I mean, also 30 seconds and not more, and 10 seconds would already be enough. It's just, sometimes, our mind is like, ah, it cannot be done after 10 seconds, but really, it can be.

[00:51:39] Luke Storey: Okay. That's handy. And then, what about this thing here, with the ampule, which you sent me a while ago, and it has these little titanium balls in here? For those watching the video, they're little kind of purple-colored titanium balls, and I just thought it was cool. And like I said, Ian said, yeah, this stuff's legit, then I interviewed you. But I don't know if it's psychosomatic, but when I wear this thing around, I notice it, I feel better.

[00:52:08] And so, I don't wear it every day, but definitely, if I'm going to be in like a high EMF environment in a city or something like that, an airplane, I wear it. But I always like to give things to other people to see if they notice it, because if I believe in something, then again, the placebo effect is high, because I believe in it, and it's doing something, but I turn to your stuff onto my friend, Khalil. He owns a place called SunLife Organics. If you're staying downtown, I highly recommend it.

[00:52:36] It's in Austin. They make an incredible superfood smoothies and stuff. But he's kind of always texted me, like what's the latest shit? Like I want the new stuff, what's up? So, I sent him this. He got the Infinity Bloc and he got this necklace, and I saw him about two weeks ago, and he kind of is a little less woo-woo than me, but also open-minded, and he's like, Luke, I don't know what the deal is with this stuff, but man, when I have this necklace on, I feel really good, it's just undeniable.

[00:53:04] I mean, he was totally sold just from trying it out, and he goes, what's up with it? Explain it to me. Like, I have no idea. Like, I just know I like wearing it and I feel good, too, but he said with both the Bloc and the necklace, he was like, dude, this is incredible. Like it's such a great thing. And I think he's going to put some of these in his stores, too, because he has a chain of these places.

[00:53:20] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah, he reached out.

[00:53:22] Luke Storey: Oh, he did? Oh, good.

[00:53:22] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Actually, he reached out, and yeah, he said like, this is amazing, and this is so cool, and this really works. And now, I actually have to reach out to him, so I was just so busy, but I think we wanted to work on a larger version, just not more energy, of course, that's not needed, but so that he could put like five or six smoothies in there at the same time.

[00:53:47] Luke Storey: Oh, wow.

[00:53:48] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah. So, that's something we'll do, something customized.

[00:53:51] Luke Storey: That's rad. I didn't know that he had gotten in touch with you. That's very cool. Yeah, his shops are amazing. He has these giant amethyst crystals everywhere. He's like a crystal collector. But I mean, like the biggest ones you've ever seen in your life. So, he's really into the energetics of his locations. They're kind of almost like a healing cafe.

[00:54:10] You walk in, and there's a really great energy, and then all of the ingredients are just pristine. I mean, he's got like a 28-dollar smoothie, you know what I mean? It's like super high-end stuff. But anyway, back to this, what's this thing called and how does it work? And would there be any benefit to putting it periodically inside of one of the blocks or is it just self-contained, good to go by itself forever?

[00:54:33] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah. Usually, it's self-contained. And also, the energy doesn't get out of it. So, literally, like as long as the material lasts, the energy will last as well, so there's no need to recharge it. With the one caveat now here, you have a fourth-generation Infinity Bloc, which is way stronger. So, if you put it in here now, then you'll upgrade this one also.

[00:54:57] Yes, so you can do that just because this is a higher level than it was originally charged with. And again, just 30 seconds and you'll be good. And yeah, so the capsule itself is charged with specific frequencies. So, we call it the Heal capsule. And so, it contains three different main frequencies, some healing frequencies, and then also the frequencies of almost 80 vitamins, minerals, and organic plant extracts.

[00:55:30] Luke Storey: Oh, wow.

[00:55:31] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah, that are all vital for the human body. So, you have that in here, and then these titanium spheres, they are charged only with pure quantum energy, and they help boost the frequencies out further. So, if you put it in, you could put it inside altogether, but some people that have different types of capsules, because we have a few other capsules, too, with different frequencies, they shouldn't put the capsule with the spheres together in here to charge it, because then you'll have the frequencies also in the sphere. So, just put them in separately.

[00:56:10] Luke Storey: Oh, interesting. Okay. Full disclosure, I already put mine in there.

[00:56:14] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: That's fine, because you don't have different ones, so you don't have to worry about it, and then it's all upgraded at the same time.

[00:56:19] Luke Storey: Ok, good. Good, good, good. And then, what about pets and like houseplants? I know you guys make a collar. You send me one for Cookie, and I misplaced it somewhere in my apartment, because she never wears a collar, so I wasn't used to it. And so, now, it's in there somewhere. I just don't know where it is. But have you guys had any anecdotal reports from pet owners or people with plants, or done any studies in that realm?

[00:56:43] Because when it comes to testing things, I find the plant animal kingdom really interesting, because there's obviously no placebo, other than the intention of the person doing the test, which I guess, on the quantum level, could impact the results, right? Because there's an observer of the phenomenon that could be influencing it. But I love when people do like, they grow some wheatgrass next to a router, and it's super crappy, and then they introduce something like this, and then the wheat grass is flourishing, like that kind of stuff. The FLFE guys did that, actually growing spinach in and out of their field, and it's kind of undeniable. It's really cool. Have you guys worked with the plant and animal world at all yet?

[00:57:19] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yes, absolutely. And yeah, it's amazing what you can see. So, we actually have not just some anecdotal reports, but literally, like so many reports in regards to plants. People in our Telegram group that had done a lot of testing with that, and we actually now have a different problem in our home, we had a plant actually in the room where we do yoga, and meditate, and all that, and when we first got that, that plant just didn't feel good there.

[00:57:48] It was a few years ago, and then basically almost died. And I still have pictures of it. Like it looked terrible, it was almost totally done. And now, it's so big and it almost looks like a whole jungle that that plant on its own and it's getting so big that we don't know what to do with it. It's crazy. So, now, we actually have to really figure out, okay, do we move it to another room that is even bigger or do we cut it a little bit?

[00:58:20] Yeah, because plants to resonate with that. When we introduced the Blocs in our home, now, we have an apricot tree that never gave any apricots ever, not even one. This year, first year, where it's full of apricots. And yeah, we have a lot of other people that have done also these tests with how fast do plants grow? They grow faster. They feel good. We have a greenhouse, actually, now for testing purposes, where we introduce the Infinity Bloc right there, and it's just, we almost can't keep up with the growth.

[00:58:57] And we're talking about life force energy, right? So, you're increasing that, and plants need that as well as we do, and they're impacted by EMF, and all of that as well, and bad soil. So, you introducing a source of energy that they need to grow and to be well, and that's basically what it is. But we'll do a more formal study on that as well, as well as in regards to animals.

[00:59:24] So, basically, I did some animal testing, which was all 100% positive, but we want to do more. And we know that with their dogs, people have reported some great results. And mainly, the quantum energy helps already, but then we have a specific heal for dogs frequency that we created together with Roman, actually, or I must say, he created the frequency, and now, we basically converted it into a product where people can leverage it, right?

[00:59:54] Because the beauty with a Quantum Bloc, to some extent also with this is you could take this frequency card with this dark frequency, and you put it inside together with the dog bowl. And then, after that, the dog bowl is charged with the quantum energy in this dog healing frequency, right? So, you can do that with other things as well, and that's kind of a beauty. That's how you leverage these frequencies. And you're self-contained, right? You don't need us for that. It's like everybody can do it on their own.

[01:00:25] Luke Storey: With the dog card, so you can put it under their food bowl, but it's not something you would try to like—a fix to your dog somehow, like you wouldn't strap it on your dog somehow, and just keep it on there all the time? Would you put it like under their bed or how do you treat the dog, because they move around and they're not going to wear a bracelet or like something? You know what I mean?

[01:00:45] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah. So, I mean, one idea really is to take the card and put it underneath like a blanket or some spot where the dog tends to hang out for a couple of hours a day. And then, yeah, while hanging out there, the dog has the benefit of that frequency. That's one way. And then, the other way is really just, you charge your dog bowl with that frequency as an example.

[01:01:09] Luke Storey: Cool. I'm going to do that with Cookie, because as I was telling you earlier, she's not enjoying Texas as much as we are. She's having a hard time here. I don't know if it's the allergies, the temperature, humidity, or whatever, but she's not as happy as she once was. And maybe it's because we're in a small, temporary apartment, and it's not like a real house, where she can run around, but I want to support the Cooks, wherever she is. She's probably sulking in the corner at the moment, unfortunately.

[01:01:34] So, I'm definitely going to do that. Let's see. What else did I want to cover here? Have you noticed any difference? Like if you're charging food or drinks, have you or anyone noticed any difference aside from just the nutritional impact, but the actual taste of it? I don't think I've logged that, like I put hamburgers in my stuff, like I was saying, but I've never like taken a bite, and then put it in, and then afterward, beingn like, oh, my God, I just haven't, I've never thought of it, has anyone done that or doing that?

[01:02:03] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah. So, we have this private Telegram group, and I'll provide you with the link, because it's private, but obviously, the audience, everybody that's interested can join. You just can't find it on the search function in Telegram.

[01:02:17] Luke Storey: Okay. So, we'll put it in the show notes. And actually, while I'm at it, you guys, the show notes for this episode can be found at lukestorey.com/leela, L-E-E-LA-. Lukestorey.com/Leela. So, anything and everything we talked about that you want to look up for links will be there, as well as a 10% discount on the Leela technology. So, you'll find that there, too, and the code there is Luke10, but we'll put all that in the show notes, so carry on.

[01:02:47] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah, help me again with that question

[01:02:49] Luke Storey: Was about the taste of foods and stuff.

[01:02:52] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Oh, yeah, absolutely. And that's actually a beautiful thing, because in a way, this technology really helps people to get deeper connected with themselves again. And that's really part of our mission also, right? That's wonderful. If we hear some somebody just connected with him or herself more, that's when it made my day, right? And so, you can do these taste tests. So, people, have your friends over, and then they charge, take some Fiji water, and put it in one glass, and then they charge the Fiji water in here or some other water, and have people do the blind tests, right?

[01:03:30] Or, they do it with raspberries and strawberries. And we have forgotten to feel, to sense, and all that, and that's a fun thing actually to do. And yeah, people that can see energy can even see the glass and know exactly how that one was charged. That one was not. But you can actually also do the taste test, and most people actually can taste the difference in the water, or if you put a raspberry in, something like that, because in a way, what this energy does is it invites you as a human into your own completeness, and it supports you on that path.

[01:04:07] And that means physically, but also energetically. So, my analogy is always, at some point, I had this picture in my mind, and that's exactly like how I see it. We're all like riding a bicycle on a dirt road, and that's kind of like our life, and then we encounter obstacles, and a flat tire, and stuff like that. We're always moving forward to actually at some point be way more connected with ourselves. 

[01:04:38] Each milestone, we connect more in a way, that's how it passes. And then, at some point, there's this guy that's 50 yards away, and saying, hey, why don't you come over here? I got a new Lamborghini sitting here, and this, actually, on an outer band that was just newly built, so why don't you just hop in and just keep going? So, you're having a parallel road, and you go in there, you hop in, and you're way faster, you can get their way quicker.

[01:05:05] And yeah, you can still have flat tires on the way. As a matter of fact, you will, right? Because that's life. Life has challenges and obstacles. That's part of it. But yeah, you have a tool that gets you there way quicker, and that's pretty much how it works. But that's how it works with animals, with plants as well, but also with the raspberry that you put in, because it sort of energetically optimizes it. And the same thing with crystals.

[01:05:33] So, Khalil, he may have already tried out to put some smaller crystals that fit in there, inside, and within a few seconds, and this one actually really, probably not more than 20 seconds, you wake up crystals. Everybody knows that has had a crystal, some crystals, if you go in a shop, don't resonate at all with you, because they're almost like dormant, almost like they're not shining. If you put them in here, their full potential comes out and it's pretty visible. That's what that energy does.

[01:06:04] Luke Storey: That's badass. Wow. Cool. Yeah, I'm sure Khalil has done that, by the way.

[01:06:09] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: We need to build a way bigger one for his huge crystals then.

[01:06:13] Luke Storey: I know, totally. Yeah. No, I guarantee you he's done that, because he's been so into it, Man, I guess last thing is, what's next? Like if you could have any vision for further developments, whether it's products or just R&D stuff, what's on the horizon that we can look forward to that you haven't yet done?

[01:06:34] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah. So, we've been asked to do something specifically for kids, because people said, this capsule is awesome, for example, but then kids tend to lose it. And it's also, for little kids, it's too big. So, I think we'll look into that. Studies, as I mentioned, is something will put an even bigger focus on. And the third thing is really product testing, because what we know is we're talking about all these wellness benefits and all of that, but we let it shine through a little bit, if you put products in here, they are optimized. So, now, we will also look really into certain products, whether it's gas, for example, that gasoline that you put in and you optimize that, or oil, or a tennis racket. We had just recently, someone that's a golf pro, he charged his golf clubs with this.

[01:07:31] Luke Storey: Oh, really?

[01:07:31] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah. And we know these products are optimized, but there's no real testing and studies around that. To what extent? Okay. And what if I use gasoline in a motorbike, and when it's charged, and I use it? So, what's the performance difference? Like we want to get into some of these tests, because we find that very intriguing, too, and we just want to know more about it.

[01:07:57] Luke Storey: That's very cool. Speaking of motor bikes and moving around in a vehicle, do any of these have an application in a car to help with the fatigue, and EMF, and stuff that people like me, the sensitive folks out there, experience driving?

[01:08:13] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Yeah. I mean, you just put this one here on the back seat when you have a longer trip and you'll be fine.

[01:08:18] Luke Storey: Oh, cool. Okay. Yeah. I'm like, I can't believe I haven't tried that, probably just because I don't want to take it out of a living room, or like lose it, or break it. But I've done a lot of hacks to my car. It's like it's grounded. I have these grounding straps that hang down at the back. I have a Somavedic in there, a Blushield in there, this other guy, Ibrahim, he's got this thing called Biogeometry, and he has these little devices, energetic devices.

[01:08:42] So, I have a bunch of stuff in the car. It might be helping, but I'm still not all the way there. Like if I have a long drive, especially into downtown Austin, where there's a lot of cell towers and stuff, I get pretty fatigued, and it's only like 30 minutes. So, road trips, driving out here, which is like a forever trip, three days or something, I was smoked from just being in a car.

[01:09:03] I think my car, it has like the sensors in the bumpers, which is nice, because you don't have to always like look over your shoulder, it'll tell you if you're about to hit someone, but I think the way those work is radar, they're like little radar dishes in the bumper. I think my car is like a giant freaking radar dish. It sucks. Like the more modern your car is, the higher the EMF is, and it's just brutal. But I'm definitely going to try that. That's a really good idea.

[01:09:29] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: But other than that, really, the capsule, for people that don't have this available, the capsule really provides quite some energy.

[01:09:38] Luke Storey: Cool. Yeah, I should just always wear my freaking capsule. I think sometimes, if I'm going to be doing something active, I'm like afraid my chain is going to break, and I'm going to lose it or something. So, like I kind of plan out when I wear it and when I don't, but I'll just keep it on all the time. It's also like when people ask me about it, I haven't been able to, and maybe until now, I have a little better understanding, but it's so laborious to try to explain it to someone.

[01:10:00] No, oh, it's an energy thing. People are like, oh, whatever. I'm like, no, no, really? Ask Khalil, he wears his every day. So, cool, man. Good things coming down the pipe. I'm really looking forward to, I think it's pike actually, coming down the pike or pipeline, but I'm looking forward to the new testing stuff. I'm hoping by the time this comes out, that that research will be available on your site, because there's a lot on there already.

[01:10:24] But when you get into the live blood cell analysis, and the HRV, and things like that, that's super cool. So, I'm looking forward to being able to share that with people, because you want to be able to have people that aren't in the esoteric realm to be able to understand stuff like this. So, thank you for also providing that part of it, which makes my job easier, because I can just go, go look at the study, and it was in Austria.

[01:10:49] Austrians don't screw around, and you're German, you know what I mean? I wouldn't say Austria is like the hotbed of woo-wooness in the world. So, that's very cool that you guys are doing that. With that, I've asked you this question before, because you've been on one time before, but I'm going to ask it again, because you might have a different answer. Who have been three teachers or teachings that have influenced your life or your work that you could share with us.

[01:11:11] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Well, two of those are part of our healing network, that's Roman Hafner and Agni. And the third one, I need to mention her, too, because she's impacted me even more, that's my wife, obviously, because I think any wife has an impact, right? Quite an impact and vice versa also. But yeah, that was, for me, quite a leap, right? Because as I said initially, I had totally forgotten what all exists, I think, 30 years ago, I had cut off my emotions and all of that, so you lose access to that hole in a world, and she really helped me to get through that. And so, I think those are three teachers, and then someone else to read. Did I mention Eckhart Tolle last year? I don't read these books anymore, but at the time, certainly, books helped me, and that was The Power of Now, I think, was a good book at the time.

[01:12:17] Luke Storey: Yeah, huge for me, too. I must have listened to that audio book 500 times, I swear to God. I mean, actually, I read the book a lot for years. I mean, just skipping the different chapters and just taking an excerpt. But I listen to that book and many others to just brainwash myself out of my stupidity and unconsciousness. Yeah, huge fan of Eckhart. Yeah, it's funny. I saw him a few years ago.

[01:12:39] Actually, God, it was a lot of years ago, on my birthday at UCLA, and he exuded so much peace that I actually fell asleep. I was like in my seat just like [making sounds] I was so zoned out. But then, I was kind relaxed, but I was kind of bummed, because I was like, what did he say? What did he say? He sat there in this little sweater, and his funny, little laugh, but yeah, great, amazing, amazing human being, great teacher, for people that aren't familiar.

[01:13:05] I think many people are by now. But yeah, he was a major part of my awakening, for sure. Yeah, just creating the framework for the fact that there's a you, and that you can observe the phenomenon of your mind and emotions, which is of course inherent to most spiritual teachings, but the way he couched it was so practical, and made so much sense, and it was so modern, and just accessible. And yeah, great teacher.

[01:13:30] So, thank you so much, man. Thanks for bringing your dog, too. She's around here somewhere. Hopefully, Cookie gets inspired by her perkiness today. As I said, she's a little under the weather, but yeah, man, thanks for coming out. I appreciate you making the trip. So happy we didn't have to do this on Zoom. We have all the toys to play with and it's just such a great experience always to see you, so thank you.

[01:14:02] Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling: Thanks for inviting me. It's awesome.


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