333. Joe Dispenza Retreat Recap: The Pineal Gland, DMT, & Sunlight Worship W/ Matt Maruca

Matt Maruca

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Photobiologist Matt Maruca examines the scientific effects of light frequency on our bodies in relation to the work of Joe Dispenza.

Matt Maruca is a student, educator, and entrepreneur in the field of Photobiology, the study of how light affects human health. He is the founder of Ra Optics, which develops the world's highest quality blue light protection glasses. He began his health journey while in school after having suffered from poor health and chronic fatigue for years. He chose to skip the standard path of higher education to start his own business and pursue his passion of self-education and building optimal health to experience life to its fullest extent. He travels the world, studying and teaching about the relevance of light in human health.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Matt Maruca and I were on such a roll after the Joe Dispenza retreat that our geeking out transformed from a bonus segment to a full-blown episode, which I know you’ll love just as much as the first one we did back in 2017.

We nerd out on the science behind Dispenza's work, with a focus on the relationship between light and consciousness. Listen to Matt’s mind-blowing downloads, retreat notes, and extensive research on the power of light frequencies to heal our physiology and the magical mechanics of melatonin.

08:48 —  Matt’s Take on Dispenza’s Retreat

  • Reflecting on the downloads from the past week
  • The robust science behind Dispenza’s work 

15:47 — Brain Biochemistry, Destiny & The Physics of Light 

  • The chronology of sound and light 
  • Why changing our field and beliefs can transform our physiology
  • The experience of the eternally present moment 
  • Why external conditions supersede genetics

41:00 — Considering Remote Healing 

  • How living organisms create a biosphere that facilitates healing
  • The impact of sunlight on the body
  • Going Somewhere: Truth about A Life in Science
  • Why accepted science isn’t true science

51:20 — Light, Melatonin and the DMT

  • Examining the energy centers that govern the anatomy 
  • Activating the pineal gland to move cerebrospinal fluid around the body
  • The science behind breathwork
  • How light frequency help our bodies
  • Why UV light is not bad for us 
  • Becoming a better organism with exposure to sunlight 
  • Breaking down Melatonin: the carrier of light information 
  • The components of Matt’s Light Diet 
  • The speed of evolution 
  • Is DMT the next Melatonin?

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[00:00:02]Luke Storey:  Sons of bitches. Alright. There we go. 

[00:00:02]Matt Maruca:  It's fine.

[00:00:04]Luke Storey:  So, here we are, this was meant to be the final installment of the field report, and I just realized that such a funny double, what do they call it, double? 

[00:00:12]Matt Maruca:  Entendre.

[00:00:13]Luke Storey:  Entendre. 

[00:00:13]Matt Maruca:  That means meaning in French. 

[00:00:15]Luke Storey:  Oh, it does? Thank you. 

[00:00:15]Matt Maruca:  Yeah.

[00:00:16]Luke Storey:  We're learning how to be in the field of consciousness, the quantum field with Joe Dispenza this week, but we're also out in the field doing immersive journalism, as I like to do. So, we're here with none other than Matt Maruca. And I didn't even know Matty was coming, ran into him and a couple other friends here, and I thought, oh, Matt's going to fully understand Joe's teachings on the pineal gland, the neurotransmitters, the serotonin, melatonin, dopamine, dimethyltryptamine, all the things that activate one's consciousness and how they relate to light.

[00:00:48] And so, I was like, oh, Matty, take good notes, man, and we'll do a recording. We'll do a basic fundamental breakdown of this. So, that's we're going to do. But before we do that, like we don't have too much time, because I got to drive to Miami right now, or after this, but what was the overall experience for you this week, Matt, at the Joe Dispenza weeklong intensive retreat, advance retreat, I guess he calls it?

[00:01:12]Matt Maruca:  It was amazing. I mean, I came here knowing that there is more on the other side, right? I've done one psychedelics ceremony in my life three years ago, San Pedro in Ecuador. And am I allowed to talk on that on the air?

[00:01:28]Luke Storey:  Yes, of course.

[00:01:29]Matt Maruca:  Of course.

[00:01:30]Luke Storey:  I've done a lot of them, and they weren't in Ecuador. I just always say in an undisclosed location, if it happens to be technically illegal. 

[00:01:36]Matt Maruca:  Undisclosed location. 

[00:01:37]Luke Storey:  You can talk about whatever you want. 

[00:01:40]Matt Maruca:  So, that is, I've done meditation, I've done a lot of things, and just being young, my childhood wasn't that long ago, of course, and it's still occurring when things were all play, right? But I sort of feel like I lost a lot of that youth through the last couple of years of feeling this grind on my business. And being here was sort of like 100% reassuring me of the fact that that other way of existing is real.

[00:02:10] And it doesn't have to be chronic stress or challenges after challenges, there is a way to be living that's so far beyond the physical patterns of the three dimensional world that is so easy to fall into. So, I mean, we were doing day after day, as you know, there is 6:00 AM, the first three days and we're up at 4:00 AM, doing four-and-a-half-hour meditations two days in a row. We're doing teaching, then meditation teaching, then meditation.

[00:02:39] Joe sets up a model on, he's basically subconsciously programming our brains to both logically understand and subconsciously understand the experience he's setting us up for in the meditation. So, he'll explain the energy centers, and then he'll put us through a blessing of the energy centers meditation. He'll explain the pineal gland and he'll put us through a pineal meditation. He'll explain the way that our prana moves through our spinal cord, or really, up this channel and how when we do this certain breath where we suck in our stomach, and squeeze our perineum, and squeeze our core, we pump, we push that fluid up to our brain, and then he'll put us through that breath. 

[00:03:23] So, any doubt anyone has from their logical brain about how is the science-based or is this just woo-woo is eliminated because the science, which we're going to talk about here, is so robustly solid that there's literally no ability, you just can't deny it unless you're being unscientific. And the funny thing is in a lot of yogic traditions, they do these things and they just have faith because of the masters who figured it out.

[00:03:50] And that's cool. But sciences is real and it has some good implications like we have these phones and things like these Zoom headsets that occur because of scientific advancements. So, when you can put those two together, it's like modern science is finally proving the stuff that people have known for five, 10, or more thousands of years. And that's what Dr. Joe really is bringing to the world, which for me is like nothing is more interesting to me than that.

[00:04:16]Luke Storey:  I agree. It's funny you talk about the yogic traditions. I've talked to you about Kundalini yoga, and I don't know, I go through phases with things. That phase was eight or nine years of doing that quite regularly and with much devotion, and did teacher training and things like that. The man who brought, he's quite controversial now because there were all these allegations about his misbehavior, and I've honestly not looked that deep into it.

[00:04:39] I never followed the man. I just follow the teachings and I still maintain that. And for the record, if anyone was harmed by this man, I find that to be very unfortunate, as someone who was also victimized in ways that are much similar to the accusations being made against Mr. Yogi Bhajan. However, the teachings are there. The yoga is there. I was doing it for years. And in those teachings, he would always talk about, in this crucial magnetic field, this big 10-foot magnetic field, and I'm like, really? 

[00:05:09] Like how do you know? Like where's the proof? How do you know that? Where is he coming up with this shit? I would always think in class. And I just think, you know what, I'm going to suspend judgment and the analytical mind because that got me to where I am, which was not a great place in some cases, and I'm just going to do the yoga. And after every class, I would be so elated. I would have, sometimes, fractal visions, almost psychedelic experiences doing the Kundalini yoga.

[00:05:34] And much of the practices were very similar to what Joe's doing, the energy centers, and the chakras, and moving the spinal fluid up into your brain. And he would talk about the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, the pineal gland. And this is all teachings in the yoga. But I'm like, this guy is not a doctor. I don't see any studies. There's no proof. I just know that spiritually, it awakened me.

[00:06:02] Over time, it moved the energy out of my lower chakras of survival, and sexual conquest, and this kind of things that were driving me in many cases when I was younger, and I became much more open in my heart, and capable of intimacy, and on, and on, and on, just so many awakenings as a result of that Kundalini yoga. But still, even though it worked and I kept doing it, I was like, yeah, but where's the proof? Like where's the empirical evidence? And so, with you, I think it's so fascinating what Joe's done, is he's like, cool, here's brain scans. Here's H.V. Here's blood work. Here's this. Here's that. I mean, so many different metrics by which-

[00:06:38]Matt Maruca:  Oh, this could get interesting. If we want to talk about the COVID research [making sounds] . We'll save that for later.

[00:06:44]Luke Storey:  I don't think we could say that word, and not opting to be deplat. Everyone's getting censored. This week, I deleted Twitter off my phone. I'm like, I'm out, I'm done with this shit.

[00:06:51]Matt Maruca:  But this is the first time, this is science. Like there's a lot of the stuff people are saying is nice. But anyway, Kundalini has gotten you huge leaps and bounds.

[00:06:59]Luke Storey:  Yeah. So, that's that. Point is I just had faith because the evidence to me was quantified by my subjective experience, and the ways in which I grew and continue to grow spiritually, and the ways that I was able to access consciousness, working with the energy of the human protoplasmic meat suit system, the bioenergetics, the morphogenesis field, everything that makes up the human body as this sort of interpreter of reality right through our senses. We actually create our reality.

[00:07:28] And I started to really learn that in a more esoteric, far out way through the yoga. Now, I'm seeing, oh, my God, actually, this is the blueprint of the entire universe. This is the blueprint of existence that the field creates matter, right? And that has everything to do with light. And so, that's where I want to go with you in this conversation, is really, I mean, this might end up not be a 20-minute segment, but a three-hour podcast. It is what it is.

[00:07:56]Matt Maruca:  We'll do what we can.

[00:07:57]Luke Storey:  Alyson's over here going, really? We've got to get to Miami, no three-hour podcast. But we'll sow it up. But I think what I want to cover with you is biochemistry of the brain and how these things affect our mood. And ultimately, our mood creates our reality and our destiny. And then, also, the physics of light, and how light affects the brain, and all of the sciencey stuff that we're learning here that supports these practices in their ability to allow us to self-heal, and to transform our reality, and also, to not only transform our current reality based on our perception of it, but actually, to draw out of the field the reality in the world of matter that we seek to experience as sentient beings here in this incarnation. And we can probably cover that in about eight minutes.

[00:08:47]Matt Maruca:  Well, no, but seriously, I would just say as Joe would joke, I'm sure there's a potential in the quantum field that we could have a very robust conversation about all these subjects in under an hour. So, there's a couple of things that come up right off the bat. First of all, I completely agree with you. I want to get into how the field effects matter, and how Einstein said, the field is the sole governing agent of the particle. In other words, like energy always drives matter, whether it's sound energy, vibrational energy.

[00:09:18] When the Big Bang Theory erupted, I was reading about it recently and that's the standing idea of the best concept of how the universe began in Western science. Believe it or not, there were other energies besides even light, like just pure forms of sort of like magnetism, electromagnetism, and different nuclear forces that led to the creation of the first matter before even light was really a thing. And that kind of shocked me because I kind of always thought light was really at the core, but light is an electromagnetic wave, which is a manifestation of even more fundamental energetic principles in the universe. And so, what I got from that-

[00:10:02]Luke Storey:  Oh, my God, I'm so sorry. I just thought of the biblical reference, and then there was light, right? And it says, and then, it was like, there's something before light.

[00:10:13]Matt Maruca:  So, in the ancient eastern traditions, they call it sound. They refer to it as sound, but it's really more like vibration, because sound is a movement of matter. What we call sound is a movement of matter. And the matter came after the light. So, it wasn't really sound, but that's how the easterners could best explain it. But it's just vibration. It's an energy that's more fundamental. It's almost like the prerequisite to electromagnetic energy. 

[00:10:36] So, the verses in the beginning. Actually, how does it go? The Genesis one through six, it's in the beginning, God created the heavens, and the earth. And the Earth was without form and darkness was upon the surface of the deep. And God said, let there be light, and there was light. So, the first thing was God spoke, and the speech came. So, that was the vibration in the Old Testament. You know what I'm saying? 

[00:11:05]Luke Storey:  Got it, yeah.

[00:11:05]Matt Maruca:  So, light came after God spoke, which is the original. So, now, whether we're going to say that the biblical account of creation is exactly accurate or not, that's not what we're trying to do here. But it's just that that represents this concept similarly to the way that the easterners portrayed it and the way that Dr. Dispenza is portraying it, is that there's this single unified field, singularity, source, oneness, all is one. You know what he calls it? 

[00:11:32] There's a million names, or God. And from that, manifests down through these some would call the laws of physics, some would call it creation, whatever you want to use, but it manifests down from these sort of, what Joe calls higher frequencies, and it slowly condenses this energy and it becomes matter. So, that's where matter comes from. That's what the point is. All the matter that exists is a result of changes in the energy of the field that governs the matter. Hence, Einstein saying, the field is the sole governing agent of the particle.

[00:12:03] So, this is like, now, supresseic, not esoteric, but not clear exactly to what we're talking about. The reason this is relevant for listeners is because when Dr. Joe is teaching, it's all about changing our field through changing our beliefs, which are electromagnetic waves essentially in the quantum field. And by doing that, by really unwinding beliefs, he believes more effectively than any psychedelic, any diet, anything like that, we can change our physiology completely by changing the field. And he always says, matter trying to change matter doesn't really work, but energy trying to change matter works.

[00:12:43]Luke Storey:  For that matter, when you're in the dense energy of matter, when the particle has become separate from the wave or are concentrated in that way, it's not that matter can't affect matter, it just takes a long time. And then, you're in the realm of space and time. So, if I want to get from here over to the beach and I'm only in the world of matter, then there is time and space.

[00:13:03] There's a distance there. But if I'm in the field and I'm within consciousness, this is where remote viewing and these types of consciousness phenomenon take place, is when we center our focus and energy in the sense of who and what we are in the field, then manifestation of matter is much faster because we're then above the speed of light.

[00:13:25]Matt Maruca:  It's very interesting. So, Joe says, you go from space and time to time and space, is sort of the shift he's explaining. And it kind of makes sense in a way. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. But if you're in the eternal present moment, you have the thought of the experience of being on the beach. That is a year one point of consciousness in the universe and that's the other point of consciousness in the universe.

[00:13:47] You might say that you're walking to go to the beach, but he argues, based on the way that we perceive the world, and this is 180 view of the world from what I've entirely lived in, what we all live in, is that you don't walk to the beach, you're drawing the beach to you and the eternal present moment in your eternal present moment, you are drawing the beach to you because you have the intention to get there. Yes, you're moving your body and so on, but the way he explains it, it's such that by ideating our future and creating our future in our head, we can literally attune ourselves to what he says frequency at which that future resonates.

[00:14:25] And again, this is still hard for me to really wrap my head around and accept. But essentially, he's saying that in the quantum field, we're actually bringing that future to us if we're living in the eternal present moment, because I'm just this being that's here. Sure, I might move my arms and my legs, but I'm in this eternal present moment, which is me all the time, everywhere in some sense. And these things can only come to you if you really have a clear picture of what it is, and then you hold that picture, whereas if we live in this constant state of the old patterns, the old energetic blockages in our field, then we are energetic patterns.

[00:14:59] We can call them not even just blockages. Then, we will constantly keep drawing in the same experiences. Like you could have a hard time with your friends in one place because you're maybe not being a kind person. You go somewhere else, and then you just find the same issues there. It's not the places, it's the field that you are carrying and the reality you're attuned to. It's what you're accepting and believing.

[00:15:22]Luke Storey:  It's like that saying, wherever you go, there you are.

[00:15:25]Matt Maruca:  Exactly. That's exactly it. 

[00:15:26]Luke Storey:  So, if you is the same you, then you know what? I hate this town. I'm moving out of this town. I'm getting a divorce. I'm quitting my job. And then, you recreate that same experience with a different face or a different GPS location, right?

[00:15:38]Matt Maruca:  So, think about this, you've gone somewhere else, but you're still in the same reality. So, when you put it in that context, Joe's explanation of staying in one place which is the eternal present and drawing your future to you actually can make more sense because it's not so much about physically where we are. It's about the experience we're having in the quantum field. 

[00:15:56] It doesn't mean I could sit here all day and just hope that food's going to appear on this table, but if you're living in the eternal present moment, the food will get to this table and it won't feel like it was a really hard process to get up and get it or get the waiter. That's kind of what I'm taking away from that, is when we're in the eternal present and this is something I have not lived in for most of my life, I've been living in these emotions of fear.

[00:16:19] And my biggest takeaway was that I've had this sort of just not almost in my first to third centers. Joe calls them energy centers. They're also known as chakras and even mentioned that, but he doesn't use those terms because some people get triggered by terms like that that have certain meanings that people have assigned to them. But I'm aware of that now and I'm not giving it all of my energy anymore, which is a huge shift for me. It's not fully dissolve, but it's on that path.

[00:16:47] And that'll be huge for me. So, there's a couple of things I want to say in regards to what you said about Kundalini earlier on, and then we should just get straight into DMT light melatonin. So, first of all, the magnetic field around the body, anyone who doubts that science should look up heart math because he talks about them a lot. They're actually measuring the magnetic fields created by the heart. When the heart's in coherence, the field is bigger. When it's not, smaller. 

[00:17:09] And currently, according to the measuring technology that they have developed or acquired, it's measurable up to 50 feet away, right?

[00:17:20] Yeah, exactly. I heard 22 feet a couple of years ago, but this is the cool part, is that based on the laws of physics and this is where Joe's work gets really interesting, I really appreciate it, is that fields in the universe never stop. Like every electromagnetic field always continues—every field goes for an infinite distance actually. It's just whether it's detectable or not, you know what I'm saying? 

[00:17:46]Luke Storey:  Okay.

[00:17:47]Matt Maruca:  So, the light emitted by any star, for example, is it goes forever. It's just so faint after a certain point that you could never even hope to detect it, but it's like the butterfly effect, like one flap of a butterfly's wings can move a little bit of air and it can change everything. Now, that's sort of the opposite effect because that's going from really small to really big, but I'm talking about something like a star's light going from really big to really small. So, the point is there's a guy named Robert O. Becker, who actually, anyone who's listening to this and finds it interesting should go back and listen to the episode we recorded in September of 2017.

[00:18:20]Luke Storey:  We'll put it in the show notes.

[00:18:21]Matt Maruca:  Yeah, I was young and very excited and forgive my immaturity at the time, please, if you listen.

[00:18:26]Luke Storey:  Hey, that was a very popular ep. Was that the one in New York? 

[00:18:29]Matt Maruca:  Yeah. It was the one in New York, and as you said, top download, like high up there.

[00:18:32]Luke Storey:  That was my number one download for a couple of years after that. Eventually, I think you were taken out by Bruce Lipton. Fair enough. You know what I mean?

[00:18:41]Matt Maruca:  Yeah, I'll take it, slightly more credible than you. On paper, of course. But yeah, you know what that really proved to me? I'll just digress for a second, was that, and this has really, actually informed the way that I envision and create this podcast is from one school of thought, it's like you need to get the biggest names on your podcast and that gives you credibility or helps you get other big names on your podcast. So, I'm sure it helped that I had had Bruce Lipton on when I reached out to Joe's people to get Joe Dispenza on.

[00:19:10] And there's some truth to that. There's the credibility and having what I call an anchor guest. It's like if you buy a piece of commercial real estate, and you get a Target in there, and you want to open up a nail salon next door, your nail salon is going to do a lot better because there's an anchor property in there are an anchor business. So, you have an anchor guest. But your episode proved to me that it's more about the quality of the conversation and the energy of the conversation. And you were totally unknown. What were you, 19?

[00:19:35] Yeah, I was 18.

[00:19:35]Luke Storey:  Eighteen, like no one knew who the hell you were. I didn't know who the hell you were, but I just liked you, and you seem really smart, and you just had such great energy. I was like, I'm going to give this kid a shot, like what the hell? 

[00:19:44]Matt Maruca:  I appreciate it. And you launched the business in doing so. 

[00:19:46]Luke Storey:  What do I have to lose? But now, I use that to inform my guest selection process. And I'm not tooting my own horn, but I get a lot of requests, I mean, daily, just I don't know, sometimes, a dozen emails a day of like, hey, this person wants to be in our podcast from, publicists or the people themselves. And I'm sure the vast majority of them are amazing, and would be great guests, and the show would be fine. 

[00:20:13] But my sweet spot is selecting people and I have really loved now having people on that have never, ever been on a podcast before, but they've invented a really cool technology, or they have a teaching, or a point of view, or perspective that's just really unique, and I want to amplify their message, and help put them on the map, and get them more eyes and ears on what they're doing, because I think it could contribute not only to the quality of the show, to their life, but also, to humanity at large, because they've uncracked a code that I want to share. And so, anyway, thank you for being a guest that fit in the category of being unknown, and then the audience responded with, we like this. We don't want to hear the huge author or public speaker necessarily-

[00:20:59]Matt Maruca:  That's been on 30 podcasts already, for example.

[00:21:00]Luke Storey:  Yeah, exactly. They're like, oh, who's this interesting person with a very nuanced perspective that Luke found? So, I really, won't say pride myself, but it has become one of my superpowers that I continue to cultivate, is really having an eye for the talent. And with that, I will apologize to anyone who's submitted themselves to be on the show, and you're like, why does he always say no? That's my secret sauce. Like, that's why the show has been successful or one of the reasons is in my ability, and also, my discernment on who exactly I have sit in that seat because you only really have one episode a week and there's millions of brilliant, talented people out there to have conversations with.

[00:21:37]Matt Maruca:  And that's the energy. You're listening, as Joe might say, you're feeling the quantum field, what the energy you're getting off a person is in your soul—one might argue that your soul or your field knows before you even read the email, or if you see them, before you even talk to them if it's a good fit. I mean, that's interesting, but it's possible. So, this is why I want to talk about Becker. So, anyone who listens to that first podcast, I believe I talked about a guy named Robert O. Becker, and his protege, Andrew Marino.

[00:22:06] So, Robert O. Becker is very famous. Well, first, to keep this brief, he was a resident in medical school to be an orthopedic surgeon operating on bones during World War II. So, at the biggest hospital in Manhattan. So, if you can imagine what was happening, lots of men are coming back, getting their limbs cut off. And he took an interest in understanding why salamanders can regenerate their bones and why humans can't.

[00:22:31] So, he looked at all the past research, which he documents in his book, The Body Electric, and then began doing research himself, finding that the key component present in bone regeneration was electricity, opposing electrical currents occurring in the bone, and the sites of the injury, and so on. And any wound healing, not just bone. And he took this, and researched further, and found it wasn't just wound healing, it was all cell differentiation. In other words, we started as an embryo with a bunch of stem cells, or blastocyst cells, or primordial cells, these cells all have the same genes.

[00:23:07] Think about that for a second. All the cells in an embryo have the same exact genetic code, they all have the same 23 chromosomes. How does one cell turn into like a kidney and the other turns into a liver. If we're just going off of the genetic code imprinted in this, it's completely impossible, because again, every single cell in the whole body has the same exact set of information. So, how do they know which information to turn on and off, which to express, and which not to express?

[00:23:39]Luke Storey:  Is that gene expression? 

[00:23:40]Matt Maruca:  Its genetic expression. Do you get what I'm saying, kind of? 

[00:23:43]Luke Storey:  Yeah. 

[00:23:44]Matt Maruca:  So, what he found is it's the field. There's a field that's present that directs the growth of the organism. And the genetics are not so much the guides of the development of the organism so much as a record of the past that's basically setting things in motion to both express the field and to keep track of changes in the field. So, when we change our environment and we go through like Joe says, evolution, the genes are a record of the changes in the field in the environment.

[00:24:15] And this is a big thing that I learned from Dr. Jack Kruse. And it's a big thing, and even Darwin talked about that more important than what he called natural selection, which is the current theory of evolution, which is very gene-based, not field-based and environment-based, is that the more important thing than the natural selection is what Darwin, who's the father of all of the evolutionary theory, is that the conditions of existence, as he referred to them, were more important than the genes themselves, the natural selection.

[00:24:44] And this is something Dr. Kruse really hammers home a ton in his research. And we both know him pretty well and spoken a lot about his work. And you've interviewed him several times. Very, very smart guy. And so, he basically describes how when these conditions of existence change, which is the environment changing, that's what affects genetic expression. That's what affects it. So, point is in the case of the embryo or a stem cell that turns into whatever it needs to, that's all directed by different fields.

[00:25:12] And Becker found this in his research. So, it just gives a whole new level of meaning for biology beyond just quantum physics, which is where Einstein was, that the field is the sole governing agent of the particle, because even in our cells, the field is what governs the matter. So, when Joe talks about doing this meditation and tapping into our field, we are literally, in Becker's book, there's a picture on the front of The Body Electric that shows basically a human body with the field around it.

[00:25:42] And he was one of the first researchers to really document that. So, when we're doing these meditations, we're doing this work with Dr. Joe, we're consciously using our energy and attention to identify and make changes in our field, and then that affects the body. And that's why people can have such crazy, tremendous healings when they really use their energy and focus it enough to overcome certain blockages.

[00:26:06] But the reason I bring up Becker was because in our discussion of heart math in the field, and the fields go on infinitely, he proposed at the end of the book after doing all this research, and interestingly enough, his lab was shut down. He worked at the Veterans Administration in Syracuse, New York, and his lab was shut down, because his protege, Andrew Marino, was studying the health effects of high-voltage transmission power lines on these extremely subtle electromagnetic systems in our bodies.

[00:26:32] And that started presenting really controversial outcomes that did not look good for the Navy who needed radar to keep going through the Cold War and for the power companies who wanted to deliver power. So, because Becker and Marino were researching together, they closed Becker's lab as a result of the threat to the Navy, and he's at Veterans Administration lab. And so, they shut down his funding after a while, but he got enough research in where it really solidified things.

[00:26:58] But the point is, the end of the book, after all this deep science about how the field governs life, and that the field of study is called bioelectromagnetism. So, electromagnetic energy and biology basically. But he proposed, he said, things that have been previously thought to be absurd, impossible, crazy, such as telepathy, remote learning. There are studies that show that if an animal on one place learns a trait that the whole species didn't know before, but they get one animal to learn it in one place, the other animals on a completely different place on the planet are much quicker to be able to learn that.

[00:27:37]Luke Storey:  The Hundredth Monkey principle.

[00:27:38]Matt Maruca:  Exactly. And that is the idea. So, based on this, what I just said earlier, that the fields really do travel to infinity, we might not be able to measure them, but how foolish would it be for us to say that it's impossible that that could possibly happen when the research is so supportive of that? In other words, that there needs to be more research. So, when Dr. Joe has to sit in the room and do these coherence healings where we all channel our energy on certain points of attention, these pictures of some people who the healees who have some issue, and they're not in the room, they're elsewhere in the world, to say that that couldn't possibly work is just absurd and unscientific.

[00:28:16] So, people would say, oh, that's woo-woo you're talking about. But actually, any perspective that is not open to considering that possibility is unscientific because science is the art of challenging what you think you know, so you build hypotheses and you break them down. And anything that things can become a theory, things that are really, really well-tested could become a law, most things are just theories and hypotheses. So, the whole idea of something scientific is that you have to be able to disprove your hypothesis. In other words, in science, you make a hypothesis and you create experiments to try to disprove it. You don't create experiments to try to prove your hypothesis. That's not what science is.

[00:28:53]Luke Storey:  Oh, that's interesting.

[00:28:54]Matt Maruca:  That's how science is supposed to run. So, anyone who comes on, and again, they say, oh, this is woo-woo, Dispenza's woo-woo, you're not operating on scientific principle if you just write something off as woo-woo because you're being close-minded and inconsistent.

[00:29:06]Luke Storey:  It's so funny because I'm thinking about the cultural brainwashing meme, trust the science, trust the science, trust the science. 

[00:29:14]Matt Maruca:  And I want to go there next.

[00:29:15]Luke Storey:  Yeah. I'm always thinking like, really, guy, really, lady? Have you looked at the science? Anyway, another topic altogether.

[00:29:22]Matt Maruca:  And there's one more thing I want to bring up before we get in the light, melatonin, and DMT. Basically, that is what you said about your subjective experience with Kundalini yoga. First of all, if you feel something and you experience it, that is, as far as I'm concerned, the best firsthand evidence you could possibly obtain. And there are all these people out there who are, in my opinion, intent on us being disconnected from ourselves.

[00:29:48] And so, they'll say something like, well, if it isn't proven by a research study, then it's bullshit, or if there isn't a clinical trial done that only large pharmaceutical companies can afford to do, then it's bullshit. To me, that level of thinking is bullshit. And the cool part, like Dr. Joe talks about again, is that it's not my intention to change anyone's mind who believes that. It's just to say, dude, you think you're scientific? Literally, that you can't be less scientific if you believe these things we're talking about here. So, that brings me to Becker's protege.

[00:30:19]Luke Storey:  But hold that thought, because you're really good at holding thoughts when I interject. Okay. When we're talking about the infinite distance with which a field can travel, let's say a magnetic field, what about the power of said field as it diminishes through the inverse square law? Right? So, if my cellphone is one foot from my head, the amount of radiation is however many fold greater than if it's six feet away from my head, right? 

[00:30:47] It drops exponentially. And so, it's a logarithmic scale when you talk about the inverse square law. So, I wonder in terms of something like the remote energy healing where we're holding in mind and in feeling, and going into the field, and trying to affect someone who happens to be located in South Africa right now versus someone who's just across Florida 100 miles away.

[00:31:11]Matt Maruca:  Well, it's interesting you say that, because based on what you're saying, it's like the effects are, just like you said about the phone getting weaker when you even just put it six feet away, at the point that it would even get to 100 miles away, whatever field we're putting off is so exponentially smaller or weaker than it was when it left our body. But I believe, and this is what Becker proposed at the end of the book, I didn't really do it justice, he said there's something what he calls the biosphere, which is since all these organisms are electromagnetic, he said, we have all these layers of the atmosphere, and then there's the crust of the earth, and we go down. 

[00:31:44] But he's saying like, living organisms create fields, electromagnetic fields, so we need to consider adding another layer to the Earth's layers from the core to the mantle to the crust, then to the atmosphere layers, the stratosphere, and the ionosphere, and whatnot. We need to add the biosphere, he said, because living organisms are literally electromagnetic and you have the entire surface of the planet covered in them.

[00:32:04] Don't you think that maybe there's some kind of energetic field that's present created by all these organisms, which if we could tap into it, we could affect it in such a way that even if it's some small impact, it could have a huge change in someone on the other side of the planet? And this goes against something Dr. Kruse talks about a lot, which is non-linear physics, which is basically to say that even with something like sunlight, a small dose of that light can have huge impacts on the body, tremendous impacts on the body. 

[00:32:36] And in a similar way, it's possible, doesn't mean it's proven scientifically, but that we could have non-linear effects with this energy. In other words, a tiny change in the field, that intention that goes out and that energy, just a little bit could possibly be enough to heal someone on the other side of the planet, or have that moment of telepathy that many people have claimed to have had, or for people to basically divinate or intuit information from the biosphere, from the field of the universe even. 

[00:33:10] Again, I'm not saying I believe that this is all 100% true and factual or science-based, I'm just saying it's possible, and that's for sure. It's very possible and there's even a lot of evidence that we've just gone through that makes it very possible. Doesn't mean it's even probable, it's very, very possible. There's evidence there. So, the last thing is regarding your subjective experience with Kundalini, I think that the subjective experience is very important.

[00:33:36] So, with this guy, Andrew Marino, who is Beckers protege, was studying was the effects of these fields from power lines on the body. Now, that's not something I really want to get into, but the name of his book was called Going Somewhere: Truth About a Life in Science. And the really relevant piece of that book that was so interesting to me was that when he would go to court to basically be a scientific witness, to defend people who were getting power lines built over their house, and he actually had gone and gotten a JD, a Juris Doctor, which is a doctor of law, and/or teacher of law, or something like that in law school. 

[00:34:13] Basically, a law degree. So, he has a PhD and a lawyer. And the reason he got that was because he had some lawsuit in his own personal life that he had to deal with and he didn't want to be able to be taken advantage of by people who knew the law better than he did. So, in doing so, he was able to like present a very strong threat to the telecommunications world. Telecom didn't actually exist, the power industry at the time, in the '70s and '80s, really. 

[00:34:38] In other words, when they would go up and grill him as a scientific witness, because he understood the law and how to talk like a lawyer, they couldn't knock him down. So, what they had to do is just basically hire, this is really interesting, we did talk about this on the three-year-ago episode because it's very important to me, but they had to hire, these other companies had to hire as many researchers as they could afford to pay with Yale, and Princeton, and Harvard degrees to say that Marino's science, not that it was wrong, but all they had to say was that it's not generally accepted by the scientific community.

[00:35:11] So, until 1992, I believe, that was the standard for the admission of scientific evidence into a court of law, was that it has to be generally accepted by the scientific community. In other words, if most scientists believe the earth is flat in spite of all evidence against it, it's true in a court of law in the United States of America until 1992, which is absurd, just to be clear, but that's basically to say that if enough people agree on something that's true, that's the standard. 

[00:35:40] Until 1992 in our country, it's like we're living in the Middle Ages, the Dark Ages. And so, what happened was Marino lost all these court cases because that was the standard that they had. Now, what happened after his sort of—his career wasn't over. He's still been working on this stuff, but he sort of lost the battle, at least. The war has yet to be finished. The war is ongoing about EMFs and you know it's going to get big, but it was an early battle and it lost big time.

[00:36:04] So, cellphones exploded, and microwaves exploded, and a lot of other things exploded. Let me just check how we're doing on time. We're leaving in like 30 minutes, but we're going to the airport together. So, anyway, basically, let's go to Andrew Marino and—we might have to cut this out, but we were at Andrew Marino and the scientific standard, okay, for admitting evidence in a court of law.

[00:36:31] So, after his whole thing was kind of done and he sort of retired from trying to help everyone who didn't want to be helped, basically, instead of just getting shut down, just like Snowden, and Julian Assange, and people like that who tried to help us, and then we just shoot them down, like the Plato's Allegory of the cave. So, it's like Socrates was this great leader. He was like the first sort of philosopher in Greece.

[00:36:51] And he was teaching people of a way of thinking and living similar to what Dr. Joe is talking about that was able to get them beyond their limited focus. And so, he was killed. They gave him a poison he had to eat for these beliefs in Greece. And then, Plato, who is his student, wrote this thing called the Allegory of the cave, where there's all these people in a cave and they have this experience of what they think the world is. 

[00:37:14] They're in a cave, and it's dark, and there's sound, and there's not really any light, and that's it. And then, someone actually gets out, and shows them like, hey, guys, there's actually so much more out here, and then they kill him brutally. So, that's the Allegory of the cave. It's basically saying that the people who try to free us are the ones who we crucify and we put on trial like Snowden and stuff like that or just people like the Dispenzas get all kinds of negative reports in the media.

[00:37:44] So, that is something Marino was trying to do. Anyway, his whole thing was passed. But then, in the '90s, there was a court case, Merrell Dow, which is a pharmaceutical company against a family called Daubert. I don't remember the woman's first name. I would guess it's Elizabeth or Melissa, something like that. But anyhow, she sued Merrell Dow because the drug she was taking for morning sickness caused her child to have birth defects, whereas EMFs and it was really about the power industry, that wasn't something that the public had much of an eye on because people didn't understand the issue because cellphones didn't exist yet, it was just high voltage transmission lines and that was about it.

[00:38:20] So, when this much more emotionally charged lawsuit came about, the lawyers went to Andrew Marino, who was the expert in environmental law, is kind of what it was called, and sort of the dance between scientific evidence and the courtroom, because he had a PhD. and he had a law degree, and basically, they said, the judges are ready to rule in our favor, the Supreme Court, all the judges want to rule in our favor.

[00:38:46] They know we're right and they know Merrell Dow's drug caused this woman's baby's birth defects. And they just need to know, how do we want to argue the case so that they can make the ruling in such a way that it will allow this issue in the scientific legal system to be fixed. And what the change that occurred was basically that he told them, truth is not a product of people, of something that people believe, it's a product of the method that's used to obtain it, a.k.a. science.

[00:39:17] In other words, something isn't true because people agree on it, it's true because you've proven it, or at least you've tried to disprove it a hundred times and you haven't been able to. And that was changed to be the standard. So, it used to be, I forget the name of the old standard, the Frye standard, F-R-Y-E, because that was the name of the judge who set it in place in the 1920s, was that it has to be generally accepted.

[00:39:36] And the reason they came up with that was because someone tried to get off a murder charge by using a lie detector box, which is obviously bullshit. They didn't know what else to say other than this isn't accepted by the scientific community in the 1920s or whatever it was, late 1800s, and so this is the standard and that stayed for most of the 1900s. Then, in this case, they said no. Now, the new standard is the Daubert standard, and this is called a precedent in law and the precedent is still being accepted.

[00:40:01] Get this, in almost every court case, the only people campaigning for the precedent to go back to the Frye standard are telecommunications companies. Yes, Because they want to be able to pay as many scientists as they can to make it so that—and that's still happening. There are still ongoing lawsuits since the 2000s about telecom and they're campaigning for the Frye standard. So, the Daubert standard is in place and it's mostly used in these court cases.

[00:40:24] So, that's the deal with what Andrew Marino found. The reason I say this is regarding your experience with Kundalini, people are so closeminded about how the world really works and how science really works to think that just because you have a little flag in your front yard that says science is science, and this is that, and this is that, that's complete bullshit. Science is not science. Most scientists and most research is completely driven by the agenda of the money that's funding it.

[00:40:51] So, when people say science is real or science is science, it's like saying, I don't know, anyone who's teaching anything is right because they're a teacher. It's a complete BS. Science is just a process to try to obtain truth, you still have to use your brain as an individual to discern what's true ore not. So, you get what I'm saying? It's like this limited focus. And this is so relevant for Joe's work, and the stuff that many people call woo-woo, and the stuff even you talk about that I like to talk about a lot of the time, even though you might dabble more in the woo, as some would call it, than I would or than I do, but I love it all. 

[00:41:24] But it's just people, we're close minded and that needs to stop because science isn't science. Science is just a method to get stuff and it has to be done properly. And people have to each exert their own cognitive rationality and not just accept something because some PhD says it's true. So, that's really the point I want to get across and that's relevant for this subject. So, now, let's get into light melatonin and DMT.

[00:41:48]Luke Storey:  That's so good. This is so fun. I always love talking to you. I mean, I'm glad we had the idea to turn on microphones. I'm just like checking the battery. Yeah, because we would sit and have this conversation, but probably not to the extent because there's people around and we're doing stuff. Let's go eat. Let's go here. Let's go there. So, when you're plugged into a microphone, it sort of forces you to dive a little bit deeper. So, super fun. We've got, I don't know, what, 20 minutes left before we both have to scram.

[00:41:59]Matt Maruca:  Yeah, it's like, yeah, 20.

[00:42:19]Luke Storey:  Okay. So, let's dive into exactly what you just indicated, which to me is almost the most fascinating part of this because I've had so many mystical experiences using just my body, and breath, and intention, and prayer, and mantra, and all the things, and also had very similar experiences, albeit quite a bit deeper and intense with exogenous helpers like the DMT toad, psilocybin, ayahuasca, whatever, right? Ketamine.

[00:42:57]Matt Maruca:  I did a podcast with Ben Greenfield. He meant to do like a squirter of hape up his nose, two squirts of hape to clear up, he actually did intranasal ketamine. He talks about it. He was totally tripping balls on the beginning of that. I was at his house, and we were recording and he talks about it on the interview, so there is the Light Diet podcast for anyone's who's interested in interviewing Ben Greenfield.

[00:43:17]Luke Storey:  That's funny. I would not like to accidentally take ketamine. In fact, the first couple of times I did it, I didn't realise how important it was to be laying down when you administer it. So, I had a couple of times, I was like, oh, yeah, I'm going to go have a meditation. I actually do Joe's, or I haven't done a long time, but I do a microdose of ketamine and do a really long Dispenza meditation. A couple of times, I did a couple of sprays of the oxytocin ketamine in the nose, and then it's like, oh, I got to go do something.

[00:43:40] And then, I'm fiddling around in the house and I would be walking out to my hyperbaric chamber where I usually do these sessions and I'm halfway up the stairs going, oh, my God, I feel like the worst parts of alcohol, like [making sounds] just kind of nauseous, and groggy, can't walk straight, and I learned my lesson. It's kind of like MDMA. If you have to take it, like be laying down ready to have your journey or sleep before you administer it. Anyway, I digress. Break it down for us.

[00:44:05]Matt Maruca:  Alright. So, what do you want to really focus on? Let's talk it. Send me the agenda and I got you. 

[00:44:09]Luke Storey:  Okay. The agenda would be-

[00:44:12]Matt Maruca:  O, what do you really want the audience to come away with or what do you really want to understand better about how this system works?

[00:44:17]Luke Storey:  First part is the synovial spinal fluid pushing up into your brain. 

[00:44:25]Matt Maruca:  Yeah, cerebrospinal fluid. CSF, cerebrospinal.

[00:44:26]Luke Storey:  Cerebrospinal fluid, pushing that up, smashing the pineal gland, the shit that happens with the crystals, the magnetic field, and then the release of those.

[00:44:36]Matt Maruca:  Yeah, I love this. This is so much fun. So, I get goosebumps just like thinking about this, because this is my passion. Like this is what I'm so interested in. There's this energetic field that Becker described, right? And wouldn't it make sense that if all these cells and organs are going to structure, I mean, think about this, too, how does this part of your body know to be there, and this part of your body know to be there, and this part of your body know to be there?

[00:45:03] Not only is the field governing which genes are turned off and what, but where they're going. And that field starts the moment the sperm and the egg meet. The field of each of those cells, half cells really meets, and that field unwinds as the proteins start to unwind, and as it develops as a baby, it unwinds, and it's being governed by—as the proteins, and genes, and everything unwind in the water, and the light, and the energy, that is a field, that is creating a field.

[00:45:29] And then, the field is governing the changes in the gene. So, it's like stimulus response, stimulus response, stimulus response. And the organism unwinds literally. From that set of DNA, it unwinds. It takes 26 years for full development, and then we start aging more. I mean, we're aging anyway, so I got five more years of this brain developing. So, it's, again, stimulus response, stimulus response. And that's how the field really is unwinding.

[00:45:51] So, it would make sense then as a more developed human besides just an embryo, but even in the more formative phases of a life form that you would be able to see certain maybe energy centers that sort of direct the different functions in the different places, right? If you think about what we're talking about, Becker found this field, and studied it, and measured it. He didn't go so far as to measure each of the energy centers necessarily. His work was cut off by the Navy.

[00:46:18] So, it makes sense that there would be some of these potentially centers that govern what's where, because otherwise, everything would just be everywhere. It wouldn't really work. The organism can be structured. So, sure enough, the Indians found 5,000 years ago or more that we have what they refer to as eight centers from the perineum, which is the core, the base center, which is our sex organs, basically, our sexual energy, and that's down there.

[00:46:46] Then, we have our second center, which is our digestive system. Basically, our gut. Third center is our solar plexus. And I forget exactly which organ this actually correlates to, the third center. I'm not sure if it's the—I believe it's the adrenal glands because that gives us our energy, and our power, and push their back behind, so it makes sense. And our kidneys, I believe, are also related to the third center. I believe they're both in the same spot.

[00:47:11] The adrenals are tucked down to the kidneys, if I'm not mistaken. But I'm not an anatomy expert. But anyhow, so going up, we have the heart, the center chakra, which is the fourth center or the fourth chakra, is right in the center. I don't know the Sanskrit names, but anyone who's watching this could list all the Sanskrit name, some woman did last night. So, that's the heart center.

[00:47:29] And then, that's the gateway, as Joe says, between the three lower centers, which are more primitive survival and the higher faculties of the human being, which are the throat, which is the fifth center or chakra. And then, the sixth, which is the pineal gland, which is located sort of like in between the eyes, and then back towards the back of the brain, or Joe describes it as the between the back of the throat and the top or, I should say, the back of the head.

[00:47:53] So, it's kind of like in there, right in the middle, really, and then we have the seventh center, which is the fontanelle or like the crown of the head, the crown chakra. And then, we have the eighth center, which is about 16 inches above the top of the head. And the energy, the cool part about it is as frequency and energy goes, each of these has a correlating light wavelength. So, it's red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and white is the crown. 

[00:48:21] And so, it's like as you go up, like the humans, we're sort of just like an increasing frequency system of energy. So, anyway, now, your question was about this flaming sword of consciousness, as someone's described it to me as. This energy is sort of related to the cerebrospinal fluid moving up the spine. So, when Joe has us doing these breaths, we're literally squeezing our parent. We're taking a breath in while we pull the energy up along these centers using our breath, which you can do with your breath. 

[00:48:53] You can try it. You squeeze the perineum. You squeeze in the stomach as if you're taking a breath in or like pretending you're basically like a starving child. It's kind of a weird way to put it, but if you're like sucking your ribs and all the way while squeezing your perineum, which is your sex organs, and then squeezing your core at the same time, that's really what that motion is like. And then, you basically have your breath, and you have to relax your neck and your shoulders completely, and extend your spine for the best effect, and then you pump. 

[00:49:17] And you can actually move the energy up. Now, I personally am not an expert master in that breath. You've been doing Kundalini a lot longer than I have, so I don't feel it quite as much as I think I will as I practice, but a lot of people do. And this is an ancient yogic breath as well. But it makes sense based on the evidence that Joe presents, and why I understand, that when we squeeze, we are pumping that fluid up. And I think it cycles every couple of hours, the whole cerebrospinal fluid, which bathes. 

[00:49:48] It goes from the bottom of our spinal cord. It bathes our entire spinal cord. It's basically, there's the spine, the bone, then there's cerebrospinal fluid, which is sort of like a cushy fluid that cushions the spinal cord, which is the core of the nervous system, which is like, one could argue, the center point of this energy centers that go up through our body. But really, it's just one physical manifestation of the energy centers because the energy centers are just energy.

[00:50:09] They're not matter. So, this is representative of that flaming sword of consciousness, which I believe is represented in some depictions as literally like two serpents or two flames that are spiraling like serpents around a sword. There's other depictions of it in different ways, but that's the idea. This is where life really exists in us. And so, when we do that squeeze, we push that cerebrospinal fluid up. And the cerebrospinal fluid doesn't just bathe the spinal cord, the entire brain is bathed in cerebrospinal fluid, including the pineal gland or pineal.

[00:50:40] Some people call it different things. Dr. Joe says pineal, pineal. I call it pineal. But basically, when you get a concussion, it's because you hit your head so hard that the cerebrospinal fluid wasn't enough to stop it, and so it banged against the side of the skull, and you got a bruise on your brain, essentially, as far as I understand. And this is interesting side note, based on the work of people like Dr. Kruse, there is a potential that when we're getting more sunlight, we're drinking more structured, high-quality water, our cerebrospinal fluid could be more viscous, and more strong and protective, and we'd be less prone. 

[00:51:13] Therefore, to maybe concussions or back spinal cord injury versus people who are not getting any sun, the water is not as structured, and therefore, they might be more prone for issues like that damage and so on. But anyhow, so that fluid is bathing the pineal gland as well. So, what happens, as Dr. Joe's describing it, is literally, as we pump, it is basically rolling around the pineal gland. And first of all, he talks about these little hairs on the pineal gland, and it's sort of stimulating them, and basically activating the pineal gland.

[00:51:46] But the key thing he's saying is as the fluid moves around, we're kind of compressing the pineal gland just a little bit. And there's these crystals in the pineal gland which have been scientifically studied, found, imaged, and so on, that basically detect energy from the environment. That's just the best way to put it. And then, you start to step a little bit further into the domain of not woo-woo and unscientific, but just less studied. But basically, when you make these crystals compress because they're what he was calling piezoelectric or piezoelectric.

[00:52:19] And this is an effect that I read about in who but Dr. Robert O. Becker's books five or six years ago when I was reading that stuff for the first time, and he described that bone as piezoelectric, too. And most of the body is. So, for example, compress your bone really hard, you push it in, and because it's an electromagnetic network of appetite, and collagen is what makes up bone, and then there's copper inside of there as to help it conduct energy better, but when you compress it in a certain way, the compression of those proteins basically causes a bit of a ripple in the field.

[00:52:56] In other words, if you bend something one way and it wants to bend back, that's sort of what happens. You bend it, and so the field around those proteins, because they all have a field around them from their electromagnetic energy, changes and that changed field stimulates further growth. That's why, for example, if I punch your arm a thousand times over, you would start having thicker growth in the bone of that arm, if you kept bruising it, and hurting it over, and over, and over again.

[00:53:21] So, that's piezoelectric. So, a lot of the body is piezoelectric in its nature. So, the whole idea Dr. Joe is presenting here is that when we actually compress those crystals in the pineal gland by doing this breath and squeezing that cerebrospinal fluid, it's compressing the crystals and creating because they're piezoelectric in nature as well, creating a field. And if we do it enough, it's really increasing the sensitivity and basically activating what he calls the radio receiver in our brain.

[00:53:49] Now, ideally, if our pineal glands weren't calcified from drinking fluoridated water, and that kind of thing, and other things that we do that harm ourselves, we would not necessarily have to do some really strong squeezing breath. We would just be able to just have it sort of active, as it's designed to be all the time for the even the things that the Native Americans and like different world wars were hired by the US Army because they had these phenomenal abilities to detect certain things, this could very likely be related to their increased function of the pineal gland.

[00:54:22] So, that's sort of the core, and the yogis have been doing this additionally for thousands of years because they know that it can activate higher states of consciousness. So, that's sort of the core of how this pineal breathworks, the Kundalini type of breathworks, and I don't need to really convince anyone here. It seems like I'm almost talking as if I do, but it isn't some unscientific woo-woo concept. There's actually a lot of supporting evidence based on what we're talking about here with the field, the cerebrospinal fluid, the field that that creates as it flows through the body because it's full of charged particles.

[00:54:58] And so, by doing the movement of that cerebrospinal fluid, we're increasing the strength of our field. It could even be that it has less to do with the pineal, although I can't say for sure whether that's the case or not, and maybe more with just the flow getting that cerebrospinal fluid flowing because our field is related to that. In other words, even though the field governs the particles like we're talking about in the development of a child, the particles can also govern the field or affect the field if we use them in certain ways and move them in certain ways.

[00:55:29]Luke Storey:  The other trippy thing about that activating of the pineal gland and moving those crystals is that it, and correct me if I got this wrong—and for the sake of this, and I probably have said this in the intro, this is just our interpretation of Joe's, we are not official Joe Dispenza's work teachers. We're trying to hash it out so that we understand it. I just want to make that clear. But also, I remember him talking about that there is a polarity, a negative charge and a positive charge that's created within the space of that pineal gland, essentially turning it into a battery, right? 

[00:56:02]Matt Maruca:  Magnet. 

[00:56:02]Luke Storey:  I'm sorry, a magnet. A magnet that is then somehow facilitating our perception of consciousness or higher states of consciousness. So, it goes back to that kind of the antenna receiver part of the brain, where you're able to go, oh, there is more here than meets the eye. In the interest of time—

[00:56:23]Matt Maruca:  Let's get into light and DMT.

[00:56:24]Luke Storey:  We might have to hop on a Zoom call the last 30 minutes.

[00:56:29]Matt Maruca:  When you compress the magnet, because it's piezoelectric, its field gets stronger and larger. That's the idea. So, by doing that compression with that breath, that field of that particular gland get stronger. But let's talk about melatonin, and DMT, and stuff.

[00:56:41]Luke Storey:  Yeah, because this is really wild. Because I as I was telling you, I had a DMT ceremony two weeks ago now in Austin, and it just primed to the pump in such a major way that Joe's work now is like so deep, so easy, and I'm just like [making sounds] that space. And so, I don't know what that has to do with it other than just, wow, what's changed for me with the work that we're doing here, because like it's so much easier and I go to such a deeper place. But I think that some of the plant medicines, and psychedelics, and Joe's work, and all this, they're really taking us to the same peak of the mountain, they're just a different trail to get there or a different window into the mansion, right?

[00:57:21]Matt Maruca:  Yeah.

[00:57:21]Luke Storey:  So, I just find it so fascinating that regular people that would never be open to or where those experience wouldn't be appropriate can do this work, and trip balls, and elevate their consciousness and understanding of all of life. It's just incredible. So, tell us about the biochemistry as you understand this.

[00:57:40]Matt Maruca:  Yes. So, first of all, I want to say that there's a guy in the health world who started one of the really big health product companies out there. And he actually told me that in his opinion, taking something like psychodelic, it'll get you to the top of the mountain. It's like, for like skiing, you take it to the top of the mountain, and then you can ride all the way down, and you're going to get a really strong ride when you take a psychedelic, whereas like meditation, he compared it more like surfing where you're going to go out, you might not catch a huge wave every time, but sometimes, you'll catch the greatest wave of your life.

[00:58:13] It's just a different approach. But I like Dr. Joe's work, because I think in a similar sense, if you take psychedelics, there's a lot of people, I feel, who take psychedelics a lot and are still not quite getting the type of changes they want in their life necessarily, because they get a sight of where they could be, but they're not putting in the work to get there necessarily. Although, again, some might very rightfully argue that using psychedelics, and again, I don't have a lot of experience with them, so this is not the most educated statement, but some would argue that that is what psychedelics do because it forces you to face a lot of the trauma and stuff. So, that might be, in reality, the case.

[00:58:51]Luke Storey:  I think in my experience, both are true.

[00:58:52]Matt Maruca:  Yeah.

[00:58:53]Luke Storey:  Having a psychological framework and understanding, and having tools to integrate the lessons that you learn in those experiences or in a meditation, I think, is really important. I was thinking about this, this morning. I thought, what would be the point of just getting the gateway into different realms of reality if you're not able to bring that back with you and have a model or a framework by which to effect change in your life and in your character? Otherwise, you're just a traumatized asshole that had a beautiful experience and you come back to being who you are, right? 

[00:59:25]Matt Maruca:  Or who you have become, because that's really not who they are, right?

[00:59:28]Luke Storey:  Yeah, exactly. Exactly. But anyway, carry on.

[00:59:31]Matt Maruca:  So, yeah. So, speaking about DMT, so I'm actually going to pull up the slide. I had taken notes on the slide of Dr. Joe's about what happens with serotonin and melatonin. But first of all, I want to note that melatonin has all these benefits that Dr. Joe is talking about. And I've talked about a lot of these because my product, blue-blocking glasses from Ra Optics, people who wear these have higher levels of melatonin and get all of these benefits. So, I was loving the lecture. I know we were both stoked at the same time, listening like, oh, like I'm stoked, Luke and Alyson, I'm listening to this, and I'm stoked he's listening to this, and it's great.

[01:00:04]Luke Storey:  I was thinking about it the whole time. I can't wait until break comes so I could talk to Matty about this.

[01:00:05]Matt Maruca:  Yeah, it was so great. So, melatonin basically stops stress in studies. These are all the clinically studied things about melatonin. So, it lowers stress, stops stress, and improves carbohydrate metabolism, which, in other words, it makes our body better at using certain fuel sources, and therefore it lowers our triglycerides in the blood so that people aren't putting on as much fat, and inhibits in these studies gluconeogenesis—or I should say, atherosclerosis, pardon me, which is where the hardening of the stuff in the arteries that causes people to have heart disease. 

[01:00:44] It heightens our immune response, very relevant at this present time in the world for those who are interested, decreases tumors, increases lifespan, reduces body weight, helps people lose weight. It's neuroprotective. It increases REM sleep, which is like our dreaming, lucid state, in which some would argue, we're sort of like creating our reality or tapping into different layers of consciousness. 

[01:01:05] It scavenges free radicals, which is huge and largely responsible for a lot of the other benefits here in our mitochondria and it promotes DNA repair. So, those are the things that Dr. Joe listed about melatonin. The other one that wasn't on there really is it helps repair our mitochondria by scavenging these free radicals and repairing DNA, but very specifically, mitochondrial DNA, as well as nuclear DNA to some extent. So, melatonin is this amazing thing, but what Dr. Joe's real interest is, is how it gets upgraded. 

[01:01:35] So, before we get deeper into those upgrades, talking about the way melatonin is first created, there's a bit of a chart of, it goes from tryptophan. It goes through basically a couple of things, become serotonin, then it becomes melatonin. And one of the cool things about the research of Dr. Alexander Wunsch you interviewed a while back, and that's an amazing episode. I recommend people check out as well.

[01:01:55] He told me how when we're getting sunlight, basically, and this is something he studied and his predecessors have researched, when we get light from the sun, especially UVA light, it activates the eye and the optic nerve in the brain in such a way that our body is stimulated to produce, take serotonin—or I should say tryptophan, the precursor amino acid, and turn it into serotonin, which can then be converted into melatonin.

[01:02:20] And this is an interesting thing about tryptophan is that it's an aromatic amino acid, which means that it has these structure in it that's called a benzene ring that specifically absorbs ultraviolet light. So, every biological molecule in the body, we're beings of light, every single cell, every single molecule, every single thing we use as organisms, enzymes, everything, has specific absorption wavelengths of light.

[01:02:43] In other words, the way we're able to be so complex just to cut straight to the chase on this one is because we utilize every single possible frequency of light in the sun or as many as we can to develop different systems. In other words, different proteins, different biomolecules are all tuned to different frequencies of light. So, when people say, oh, get sun, like get vitamin D. I'm like, yeah, get vitamin D and a million other things, hundreds of which are researched, and then probably thousands of which, we don't even know. Does that kind of makes sense? 

[01:03:13]Luke Storey:  Yeah, totally.

[01:03:14]Matt Maruca:  Because the sun is a continuous spectrum. We need these wavelengths of different energies of the sun to do a lot of different things beyond just vitamin D production, although that's very important.

[01:03:22]Luke Storey:  What's interesting about that, too, is within the visible light spectrum, you have the colors of the rainbow, which also coincide, as you were indicating earlier, with these energy centers in the body. That's what's really interesting to imagine. I don't even know what the connection is there, but the sun is activating something within those centers as well.

[01:03:40]Matt Maruca:  Absolutely. And I would have to take some time to think about that, but yeah, certainly.

[01:03:44]Luke Storey:  Maybe for the part two, but yeah, the coherence of that information, which light carries information.

[01:03:50]Matt Maruca:  Think about this.

[01:03:54]Luke Storey:  It's wild. 

[01:03:54]Matt Maruca:  So, this is a great way to put it, is the most dominant amount of light in the sun that hits the earth is red and infrared. So, our most fundamental functions, this is really interesting right now, whoa, it's like a download, our most fundamental energy system is our survival and reproduction. That's red. That's the majority of sunlight energy. As you go up the centers, there's less and less of that light present in the sun, that particular component, so one might argue, which I always have for the last three years, people should listen to this podcast, that UV light, people say is bad for us, UV light is not bad for us.

[01:04:26] UV light is the highest energy, ultraviolet, so this is beyond violet, and that's the white light over the top of the head. But it's the least present in the sun, but that is what—again, people say it causes skin cancer because they're completely disillusioned and lacking in scientific understanding of what the sun does to our body. But as we grow, or I should say, basically, my theory now based on our conversation, and this is just a hypothesis, this is not proven in any sense, but is that our ability to become a more complex organism is dependent on greater amounts of sunlight present. In other words, higher frequencies of sunlight present.

[01:05:09] So, first of all, saying ultraviolet light causes skin cancer, I always respond to people, no, ultraviolet light is what allowed us to become complex organisms because our atmosphere allowed just a little bit more light from the sun of a higher wavelength to come through so that we're able to be just a little bit more like the sun, in a sense, a little bit more like that energy. 

[01:05:29] So, it makes sense that a large part of our energy is centered in that base, and then there's a little bit less, I might be incorrect about this, but I believe this is accurate, there's a little bit less orange in the sun than there is red. There's a little bit less yellow in the sun than there is orange. There's a little bit less green in the sun than there is yellow and so on. Blue less than green. And then, indigo and violet less than blue. And then, ultraviolet less than visible violet.

[01:05:55] And so, it would make sense that the development of the human coincides with the proportion of the sun present or the light frequencies present in the sun. And I would go as far as saying, which I always have for the last couple of years, is that in order for us to have this high level of this high-functioning brain that allows us to have such a strong, powerful field and be sort of the apex predator in a very intellectual, high-level being is the power of the sun, the ultraviolet light that we take in from the sun.

[01:06:21] And this is why, again, people like Dr. Kruse—well, I can't say this is why he argues it, but he makes a very great point, that humans lost our hair in order to become solar panels and assimilate light. So, yeah, we got to roll it in there. So, basically, long story short, just to sum this up, melatonin is essential for health. Cool, like five minutes, we're good. Yeah. So, sound editor, you might want to cut that out.

[01:06:47] So, basically, to sum this all up, and we will have to follow up at some point, but basically, then from creating melatonin, which happens, melatonin's creation happens when we have tryptophan in our diet, we have sunlight, and then we have absence of light in the evening, which allows us to take serotonin, and really basically convert it into melatonin, and really secrete and release our melatonin, as both the light in the morning helps with that creation, and the secretion, the release of it occurs in darkness or at least absence of blue light, because blue light is the particular wavelength that the receptors in the eye that communicate with the hypothalamus and the pineal gland absorb to know whether it's day or night.

[01:07:28] It's not all the colors, it's just blue. That's why the glasses we make block just blue light particularly, and green at night because the system is a little bit sensitive to green, but not nearly as much as it is to blue. So, anyway, what happens, though, when serotonin becomes melatonin, it actually turns into a bunch of different things. These include hallucinogenic effects, so like DMT. That's very interesting that that occurs.

[01:07:52] They convert into more potent forms of antioxidants than melatonin. It converts into sedatives like benzodiazepine that can be converted into these bioluminescent molecules. It can also be converted into something that allows us to hibernate, which is methoxytriptamine, which is similar to DMT. They're all very similar to one another. So, it's almost like melatonin. And this is what.

[01:08:16] Dr. Jack Kruse has taught, I don't want to misrepresent the way he describes these things, so what I'm saying isn't an exact representation of anything Dr. Kruse teaches, but as I've learned a lot of the stuff from him, he's always said, as I understand it, that melatonin is sort of like a carrier of light to do certain physiological things in the body. In other words, it isn't melatonin. Melatonin is just the messenger for the light information. Does it make sense?

[01:08:40]Luke Storey:  Oh, wow.

[01:08:41]Matt Maruca:  So, it makes sense, and melatonin is one of the most important molecules that our body has evolved using things like ultraviolet light. So, think of melatonin as a physical correlate to changes in the energy field. So, the sun changes our energy field. That affects melatonin and melatonin then is that representative for the sun to do certain things in our consciousness, in our body. 

[01:09:03] So, since melatonin is one of the most evolved molecules in our body that was actually developed a long time ago when oxygen became abundant in our environment and was needed as a very potent antioxidant to combat the oxidative effects of oxygen so that we could use it as a fuel source. Because oxygen is very volatile, but we use it fine, because we have melatonin to help us scavenge the oxidative effects of it. But anyway, it would make sense then that if you're able to just go a little bit higher frequency than this already super duper advanced biomolecule that's a good representative for really important stuff happening in the body, why couldn't it go a little further? 

[01:09:41] Why couldn't it go to the next level, become a more potent antioxidant, become a giver of visions to see and understand the environment in ways that we're typically not aware of? So, I don't think of it like on the chart Dr. Dispenza had on the screen, it was going down from serotonin, the melatonin, all these other things, personally, for my ideal representation, would be working up, because it's almost like these molecules are pinnacles representing higher levels of energy in our field and consciousness.

[01:10:09] And so, that pumping, based on the movement of the electromagnetic field, as far as I understand, can help us to convert that melatonin into the DMT. But I believe that living the light diet with the skin and a sunrise, sunset, daily light exposure throughout the day, good. Those are the first three steps of the light diet, avoiding on fluoridated water—or avoiding fluoridated water, I should say, because you calcify the pineal gland. 

[01:10:33]Luke Storey:  Which I want to add, in most of your bottled drinks, they're going to be made with tap water and you don't know what the filtration method was. And the molecule of fluoride is so hard to get out of water that you really want to make sure the bottle drinks you're drinking on a regular basis, in my opinion, are without fluoride, which would have to take a reverse osmosis or some really hardcore filtration medium to get it out.

[01:10:58]Matt Maruca:  Yeah. So, that's the deal. So, basically, we've covered pretty much everything we possibly could for the time we have.

[01:11:04]Luke Storey:  Yeah. It's never enough with you, dude. Any time we sit down, we got to just got a three-hour block, but no, you've got to get to the airport. I think we tied a nice bow, and I hear, the moral of the story is this, that within our human biological system, whether it's biochemical, anatomical, whatever the case may be, if we're able to learn, and harness, and practice these methods and methods like this as a way of life, we can, in fact, increase our capacity for higher states of awareness, and consciousness, and the ability to heal our body, to heal emotional trauma, to become fully whole and integrated. And we don't need anything else except our intention, and an open mind, and a little bit of discipline, and exertion to learn the practices and to apply them, and the rest is done by source, God.

[01:11:56]Matt Maruca:  Exactly. I agree. And there's one other thing, I think, that's just a download that just came in for me is that these molecules, organisms are always evolving, right? How does that happen? Does it happen super slowly over generations or could it happen really quickly? And based on the model that I've learned about of epigenetics and all this stuff, evolution can happen very rapidly within an individual organism, and then that changes the function, a.k.a. the consciousness of the entire rest of the species.

[01:12:23] So, in other words, evolution isn't slow and stagnant. It's fast and reactive to changing environmental circumstances. So, we'll just tie it up in a bow with this. Is it possible that maybe as melatonin, it was a solution to a changing environment a long, long time ago that allowed us to sort of elevate our function, consciousness, as you could describe it, function of the organism in one way is consciousness, is it possible that DMT is sort of, and these other derivatives of melatonin, as I'm putting them up on a pedestal like the pinnacle of human evolution, if you saw my hands, I'm putting them up, that these are the molecules that are signaling the next stage of human evolution into a greater level of consciousness, that those are the next, and that DMT could become the next melatonin? In other words, it's just a normal way that we live as multidimensional, energetic beings at a higher level of consciousness and awareness. I don't know.

[01:13:18]Luke Storey:  I love you, dude. 

[01:13:18]Matt Maruca:  Love you, too. That was pretty fun.

[01:13:21]Luke Storey:  Get to the airport.

[01:13:22]Matt Maruca:  Yeah. I got to go. So, you're a champion, dude. Thank you so much.

[01:13:25]Luke Storey:  Alright. I'm going to unpack this conversation and we'll continue at another time.

[01:13:29]Matt Maruca:  Yeah.

[01:13:29]Luke Storey:  Yeah. Come to Austin, hang out.

[01:13:31]Matt Maruca:  I'm stoked. I'm going to.

[01:13:35]Luke Storey:  Hang out with the crew there.

[01:13:36]Matt Maruca:  I'm going to give you a hug before I go, but thanks, team.



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