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You deserve unconditional love – and you deserve to love unconditionally.

As human beings, we crave this from the moment we’re born, but our minds and our domestic conditioning tend to hold us back. The good news? We’re also born with everything we need to achieve it.

So, today, I invite you to join me in a powerfully transformative workshop, recorded live from the RA MA Institute in Venice, on how to use the power of mantra, meditation, pranayam (breath), Kundalini yoga, and intention to catalyze your personal growth and expansion.

In practicing these ancient techniques, you will learn how to create and widen the critical gap of separation between the egoic instincts and the calculating, negatively biased mind; you will learn how to access your true soul identity hidden behind the false self and how to live a life motivated by the power of unconditional love.

So, are you ready to break free of the judgemental mind to find your soul power?


  • Identifying the thoughts and behaviors that block us from the life we crave and deserve

  • Using intention to overcome the resentment, fear, or shame that’s blocking you from experiencing love

  • The quantum physics of perception, reality, and spirituality

  • Stillness: the rare but valuable experience of sitting with presence

  • The erroneous belief that our body = our self

  • You don’t need to take your animal self so seriously – and you also don’t need to fight with it

  • Suffering in the self-created delusion that life is out to get you

  • How far we can go in one human lifetime, with the right tools

  • Trying to change our experience using the wrong power source

  • The many, many different paths to spiritual growth

  • The freeing experience that there’s something greater

  • It’s brave to access emotion

  • There’s transformation in applying universal truths



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