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Living in big cities is fun, convenient, and provides us with endless opportunities in life that do not exist in most rural areas. However, these benefits come at a cost.

I understand that most city folk can’t just all up and move to the middle of nowhere (although that certainly sounds appealing sometimes). However, we have to do SOMETHING if we want to minimize the threats that city life poses to our health and well-being.

This episode is part of an urban biohacking workshop I shared at Next Health, the health optimization center founded by our previous guest Dr. Darshan Shah. I discuss the three most significant issues we’re all dealing with and the hacks you can use to bring a little bit of nature to big city living. The topic of the evening was biohacking city life- specifically your water, and light.

We evolved to live in harmony with nature, just like any other animal on this Earth. And when you look at animals in the wild, they live following solar and lunar cycles, east a diet consisting of natural, wild foods, and drink natural waters delivered by nature. Animals in the wild (as well as the very few humans left living in the wild) know how to thrive in harmony with nature.

The fact is that unless you have the desire and means to live completely off-grid, off the land, there is no way to go back in time to a more holistic and straightforward life way. But what we can do is use practices and technologies that create a facsimile of that natural environment in our modern world – what you might call a Paleolithic lifestyle.

Are you feeling the effects of living the city life? Do you feel the stress caused by the toxic water, light, and EMF frequencies surrounding you? Want a healthier way to cope than fear? If we are to maintain our urban lifestyles and thrive even when the odds are stacked against our biology, we need to have a simple, yet powerful strategy by which to live.

This episode is a great starting point for your urban biohacking blueprint.


  • Why we should be thinking about the water we put in our bodies before we start figuring out the best diets and workout routines

  • The best form of water that we can put in our bodies

  • Why you definitely want more than just a Brita filter on your faucet

  • How to get the cleanest water possible in your apartment or house, for both drinking and bathing

  • Why sunscreen is increasing your chance of getting cancer, not decreasing it

  • How the artificial light going into your eyes confuses your body almost every minute of every day

  • The best antidepressant in the world

  • Why light is the ultimate vitamin

  • The 3 types of EMFs currently bombarding your body while you’re home

  • Why awareness is healthier than fear

  • The insanity of holding a cell phone up to your head

  • How to eliminate dangerous wifi signals in your home

  • The benefits of building your own Faraday bed


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