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Do you know that anything you put on your body ends up inside your body? The rule I have followed for many years is to not to put anything on my body that I can't eat. So that means all soaps, shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, deodorant, and anything else you could ever want or need to use to keep your body clean, looking and smelling beautiful should be 100% natural and truly organic if you're going to remain healthy and toxin-free. 

In this epic, double episode, our second-time guest and natural body care legend Nadine Artemis delivers the be-all and end-all solution to taking care of our skin, teeth, hair, and health using the most fundamental laws of nature, all backed by scientific research.

You will be shocked to find out the truth about sun exposure, sunscreen scams, bras, birth control, and the many insanely dangerous ingredients in the products most of us routinely apply to our bodies. Are you brushing your teeth with poison? Probably. And that’s just the beginning...

However, this episode doesn't leave you hanging, with a head full of fear and confusion. As always, where there is a problem The Life Stylist will find a solution, and this show is richly abundant in answers and affordable, homespun, natural remedies. Using the power of natural, plant-based compounds, botanicals, and essential oils, Nadine has built a life and career as an alchemist in the most real sense, and during this in-depth interview, you'll get access to the secrets of her trade. 

Speaking of secrets, let's not keep this show one! Please forward this episode to as many friends as you can, especially the ones who're still using the toxic products. You'll not only be helping educate and support them but also saving the environment, which is where all this nasty product ends up in the end. 

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  • What are the best and worse foods to eat for skin health
  • Why eating vegetable oils is the worse 
  • The reason Nadine stopped being a vegan after giving birth to her son 
  • The important role that essential oils play in the power of natural beauty products, and the scientific research that supports their efficacy 
  • How to avoid fake essential oils 
  • Your dental microbiome, and why you need to avoid tooth decay
  • The real reason why sugar rots your teeth 
  • Is oil pulling a real thing? And if so, which oils are best to use? 
  • The secret to whitening your teeth 
  • Why should we avoid doing traditional teeth-whitening at the dentist 
  • Lifestyle recommendations

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Show production: Tatiana Melo
Sound editing: Dustin Smith