387. Soulmate Manifestation + the Ancient Keys to Joy & Success w/ Dr. Barry Morguelan

Dr. Barry Morguelan

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Energetic expert, Dr. Barry Morguelan, shares the science-based formula to finding a soulmate and living a life filled with purpose.

Dr. Barry Morguelan (fondly referred to as Dr. B by his clients around the world) is a world-class medical doctor and the only western Grand Master of an ancient Chinese Source Energy discipline. These ancient Source Energy practices have been passed down from master to student for over 5,000 years. Dr. B’s company, Energy For Success, brings the power of Source Energy to the practical realities of anyone’s daily life, accelerating and amplifying financial success, achievement, connection, strength, and vitality. Today, the highest achieving people in our modern world—including presidents, Olympic athletes, doctors, and more—are using these same techniques to achieve success. 

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is presented for educational and exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for diagnosing or treating any illness. Those responsible for this show disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information presented by Luke or his guests. Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any products referenced. This podcast may contain paid endorsements for products or services.

Dr. Barry Morguelan, this week’s expert guest, endured a 30-year apprenticeship in the mountains of China, learning how to integrate ancient source energy and apply it to the practical realities of the Western world.

Let’s face it, life is stressful, especially when we’re chasing lofty, often fictional, versions of success surrounded by unfulfilling relationships. Years ago, I decided to try Dr. Morguelan’s formula (more on that in the episode), and I called in my soulmate, Alyson Charles. So, to say I’m a believer in his work is an understatement. 

I knew I had to get him in the studio for 2022 to help the community create a vision for the year ahead. I can’t think of a more intentional way to kick things off on a clean slate than to delve into the energetics of manifesting a partner, fostering a community, and living a purpose-filled existence. Trust me, you’re in for a treat.

05:00 — Medicine Work 

  • The body as a sensor and connection for success
  • Training yourself to unleash superpowers 
  • It’s not luck, it’s physics: moving from skepticism to trust with quantum physics 

23:31 — Creating a Vision for a Relationship 

  • Finding your soulmate
  • Picking someone who is win/win
  • Becoming a sovereign being 
  • Deconstructing the concept of soulmates
  • Why there is choice in heartbreak

54:50 — Love Lessons 

  • Building discernment in relationships 
  • Finding partnership from the right place
  • The “friends first” rule to falling in love 
  • The heart connection 
  • Past lives and soulmates 
  • Tapping into reality energetics to create success 
  • How Dr. Barry created an energy field for me to find a relationship 

01:13:02 — Human Categories 

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[00:00:00] Luke Storey: I'm Luke Storey. For the past 22 years, I've been relentlessly committed to my deepest passion, designing the ultimate lifestyle based on the most powerful principles of spirituality, health, psychology. The Life Stylist podcast is a show dedicated to sharing my discoveries and the experts behind them with you. Dr. B., man, it's so good to see you.

[00:00:29] Dr. Barry Morguelan: It's great to see you.

[00:00:30] Luke Storey: Yeah, dude. Every time I see you, it's in a different place in the world and there is some kind of magic going on in your field.

[00:00:38] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Always. We love the magic, don't we?

[00:00:39] Luke Storey: Yeah. So, I know if I see you that something-

[00:00:42] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Good is going to happen.

[00:00:42] Luke Storey: Yeah, something spooky is happening in the best sense possible. So, this interview, which they're never really interviews, they're often conversations, this is the first time I think I've ever sat down in some 380, almost 400 episodes, and not had a script or any plan at all, which is kind of, it's a little unnerving, because you're about to arrive, and I thought, oh, man, I don't even know what we're talking about.

[00:01:06] But yesterday, you mentioned something, you said, Luke, let's talk about soulmates. And I said, shit, I don't even think I need to prepare for that. That's just such a vast topic, and I haven't talked about that specifically. But before we jump into that, for those that didn't hear your first interview, and we'll link to that in the show notes, we'll call it lukestorey/drb, there's our link for today's show, give us a breakdown of energy for success, and kind of who you are and what you do.

[00:01:37] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Okay. The important thing is that, initially, I started out as a Western doctor, gastrointestinal endoscopy surgeon trained at UCLA, had to go to the best programs, wanted to be, really, in a competitive environment so that when I was standing at the end of some patient's bed, I'd be able to tell them the best information so that they would be able to get well the fastest. And so, I rose up in the ranks of Western medicine, ended up doing research.

[00:02:03] After I got in practice, I had two big practices in Los Angeles, where I still am. And that was pretty great, except that after about five years, I kept seeing so much pain. So many people in the emergency room, so many people in the intensive care unit running up and down the floor, and no matter how fast I would run, I couldn't keep up with all the sick people. And I kept going, I'm not fulfilling my dream here, because I just don't like it that people keep getting sick.

[00:02:25] And then, one day, I was making rounds, I saved the best patient for last. I walked in a room, and his time to go home, and I said, Ms. Rodriguez, I knew the family, sort of a heavyset Hispanic woman, I said, you're all done, we got your tumor out of the scalp. There's no pain, no bleeding, you can go home and start eating and making tortillas, whatever you want.

[00:02:45] And she said, sit down. So, I sat on her bed, because I know the family, she has many children, and she said, Doc, I have a lot of pains over these months before I was able to ever see you. You're a tertiary consultant. And by the time I got to you, I went through so many problems, so many different doctors until they finally found out what was wrong. It's going to be a problem getting back to work and getting back to take care of my family. And I said—well, she said, I wish I never had to go through all this, I could have seen you right away. 

[00:03:13] And I said, let me tell you, and I took our hand, and I said, if it was up to me, Ms. Rodriguez, what I would like for you to have is never have gotten sick in the first place, that people didn't have to even come see me. I think that if we could stop this process where people are going down every day and actually have people getting stronger every day, that would be my dream. And then, that's when she turned to me, and said, because I knew her for so many years, she said. Dr. B., if anybody can do it, you can do it. So, I said, okay, I'm sitting on the edge of her bead, I go, this is my new guidance, because I knew I had to do something.

[00:03:50] I was still ready to make something happen in medicine, so I went traveling around the world. It took me almost seven years, everywhere, I went South America, Central America, all the great places that people are finding out about all the alternative forms of treatments now, but I couldn't bring those back to UCLA. They weren't necessarily, they run off the smoke alarms, and all the herbs, and the plant-based medicines, and all those things, and plus, it's almost like Western Med, it's still treating something.

[00:04:17] It wasn't getting people stronger each day so that you're resistant to all kinds of things. So, I really wanted people to find a way to actually avoid the process of going downhill and actually get stronger in your health and your brain, smarter state, and also, your relationships, that you actually could have more love in your life, and more free time and creativity.

[00:04:36] So, all my friends who were doctors used to go, you'll never find it, you're wasting your time, you shouldn't leave your practice. I got no support, but I still went every two or three months of my own ticket to go around the world. And really, many places was great. I mean, Germany, they had all these electrical equipment that you could vibrate with, but it was all still treating something.

[00:04:55] We're still buying equipment from Germany, it's very good. In France, they had great wine and cheese, which we all know is, lifestyle does have a benefit, but still, it's not going to make you stronger each day. It's definitely going to help some, but not enough. In England, they had the rock remedies. In South America, they had all the crystals that I got to work with and plant-based medicine. In Central America, there was biology and plant-based medicine through the roof, and also, all types of psychic surgery that I got to learn. In India, and Korea, and Japan, all those places were fascinating as far as meditation, and kung fu, and kinds of martial arts, but still, I didn't find what I wanted.

[00:05:36] I didn't have something I could bring back to the patient that they could use, that Ms. Rodriguez could do it, that people in your audience could use themselves, and never have to see a doctor and actually get stronger each day. So, finally, in China, when I was working there, teaching endoscopic surgery to their physicians, and also treating people in the military and in the government. And when I went to China, it was still very government-oriented. People were still wearing the Mao outfits with the buttons at the top and there was still rickshaws.

[00:06:02] This was 25 years ago, so it was pretty much old China, wasn't new China now with Versace, or what would you call it, Versace makeup lookalikes, replicas, everybody wearing that stuff. Now, China doesn't look the same, but back then, it was pretty much post-communist China, early communist China. But I did get to work with their grand Grandmaster. I got to watch him and study with him, and it was a great honor. And then, finally, one day, he said he'd be willing to treat me, not only treat me, but train me. So, I actually got trained. 

[00:06:34] And it took a number of years, a lot of years, but I finally got to be trained to be the only English-speaking Westerner physician who's ever been trained in this 5,000-year-old discipline that allows you to be able to be your own, you name it, your own guru, your own doctor, take care of your own health or have you operate at high performance in whatever your goals are. And you and I experienced those over the years since we've worked together, in relationships, in your own physical vitality, getting younger, in your strength, and also being able to make more success every day, because really, people always know that, well, if you've ever hit a home run, or a triple, or-

[00:07:15] Luke Storey: I made some goals playing soccer when I was a kid.

[00:07:17] Dr. Barry Morguelan: I could.

[00:07:18] Luke Storey: The only sport that I was ever halfway decent at.

[00:07:21] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Right. So, when you ever made a goal, do you ever notice that you almost get stunned for a second? You like have to get suspended animation. And you can watch it on TV today. If somebody does hit a great anything, they're almost, even though they are tremendous athlete, they get stunned, because they're in that zone experience. Well, that's just a vibration. What I learned in China under the Grandmaster was that we're made up of all these different sensors.

[00:07:42] And of course, I knew the Western medical interpretation of the body, because I operated on all the time with endoscopes and regular surgery. But now, I learned this whole concept, it's not the acupuncture discipline, but it's much more—that's why Dave Asprey is one of my clients, loves it, because he says, well, it's in all those mitochondria go. You're right. It's in those and other places.

[00:08:00] These little sensors are constantly like your sensors for when you're riding a bike, and all of a sudden, you want to have balance, and until you get balance, you don't know what you're looking for. And then, all of a sudden, that sensor clicks in, and you're ready to go, and then you can even ride without your hands. So, that's just one of your thousands of sensors that you pick up. And what's so useful in this planet is that the more of those sensors you turn on, the more successful you're going to be.

[00:08:26] So, I learned over there how to bring back to you all the disciplines so that you could train yourself to light yourself and bring on your own superpowers, what's really inside, what you've actually had all these years, because I think everybody knows that they're a little bit tired at this point from constantly having to run to, it didn't matter whether you're running to follow this discipline or follow this extra sleep, or this nutraceutical, or this product, still, you're running after something.

[00:08:56] What if there's something you could do yourself at home and not have to go purchase anything? It's just your body's what's improving on its own that you actually were made to hit that goal. And people don't even realize that that inner internal ability is something that you can amplify. It doesn't take grit. It actually takes just some basic techniques that I brought back for people that have now recorded in video and audio for people to use.

[00:09:19] And it's never been recorded before, because it goes all the way back to the days of Lao Tzu, the yin yang symbol. And that was never allowed to be recorded. That material was all oral, and only for the emperor, and his top people, because it was too powerful. Otherwise, the opposing forces would have it and you lose the election, or you would lose running the country, or running all of China.

[00:09:41] So, that's what I've been doing for these years, and been bringing it out to the public, and gained quite a few people, as you know, a number of top athletes and top musicians have helped a lot of people write plays and movies just using these products, and NBA players. Tony Robbins is one of my wonderful clients, Dave Asprey, some wonderful people, you, some great people have used the products.

[00:10:04] Luke Storey: Well, I mean, I'm obviously a fan. One thing I think that's interesting that you said in there was how humans seem to have this proclivity toward looking outside of themselves for something that's going to give them the desired result, whether that's prosperity, or peace, or physical vitality. And it's interesting, we're here at the biohacking conference, and so much of this is about the latest supplement, or device, or technology, and I love all that stuff.

[00:10:37] I mean, I've been documenting it all, and some of it, I think, is more meaningful in its impact than other things. Some things are novel and some things are just, like I just did the ARX machine and for high impact, short workout that's going to build muscle fast, I don't think there's anything, maybe you might beg to differ, because you might be able to generate something within your own energy, but something like that is very tangible and meaningful, and you can see the data and the hard science on it, you go, okay, this obviously works.

[00:11:08] But I find that sometimes, it's difficult to find the balance, right? Like how much of what we're looking for is actually to be found within and how much time do some of us spend chasing things out there to get the desired result that we're looking for. And I think that's what's interesting about your work is that it, and correct me if I'm wrong, seems to be in the realm of the quantum, kind of pre-, it's in the wave form still, right? It's pre-particle. And I think that that's hard for some people to get their head around, and really apply and buy into, because you can't touch it, feel it, taste it, smell it, right?

[00:11:48] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Right.

[00:11:48] Luke Storey: It's just you're working with energy. How do you think that you could take someone who's skeptical and is a linear-based person that wants to have things in its material form before they consider it to be real? How do you help people to understand that there's more going on here energetically than we're able to perceive with our senses?

[00:12:13] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Well, I love the way you mentioned quantum, because really, it's all based on quantum physics. So, it's the other part of Western medicine and Newtonian physics. It's the quantum physics. And in quantum physics, you have this wonderful experience every moment that you matter. And as a matter of fact, if you take the person out of the equation, it changes the data, and they just have to be in the room. They don't even have to have thoughts or anything.

[00:12:36] And then, if you have certain thoughts and emotions, that can affect the data. So, this all dates back from the days of Lao Tzu with the yin yang symbol, maybe your public knows about that with the black and white symbol. But what he was trying to say in there is that on one side, there's this wonderful opportunity all the time in quantum physics that you can actually keep winning, and winning, and winning. That may sound strange, but actually, if you look out into the planets in the universe, we've been expanding forever since your parents, grandparents, everybody else.

[00:13:01] The universe just keeps expanding, so you could get with that process, and then you're part of quantum. Now, if you want to go contracting, that's the other side of the yin yang equation, where things get worse, and worse, and worse. So, it's okay with quantum physics that you just keep losing until you become zero. You zero out and the plant dies or you have lost all your energy. So, your energy can either be increased every day or it can be decreased, and it's just up to you to what you want to choose.

[00:13:26] So, for people that have ever skied, you ever ski on snow, or ice, or?

[00:13:31] Luke Storey: Yeah, sure.

[00:13:32] Dr. Barry Morguelan: If you want to do that, really, the more you're in the flow of your body going down the mountain, and even though you're not, you can't think about the past, because you've got to be into the next turn, but also, you can't be too far in that, you've got to be just as the present goes into your future turn. And at that moment, there's that free space where you can turn into it, and that's where the energy starts to flow and that's where your sensors will turn on.

[00:13:55] So, your power location is in that space that's there that people don't usually occupy, don't take the advantage of. There are so many things that these techniques will allow you to turn on in yourself, whether it's physical prowess or whether you want to make more money the next day, or whether you would like to have a new career, because it's not luck.

[00:14:15] Actually, it's physical reality of physics that you are meant, not by positive thinking, which is a little bit of problem I have with the attraction factor in the old days, was that that was just simplifying things. Yes, you're an attraction factor. Well, it depends on what you choose every moment. And it's not just a positive approach, it's which techniques you're using. So, when I teach skiing or golf, someone says, well, what do you want me to do? What do you want me to think about? I said nothing.

[00:14:42] I want you to think about nothing, I just want you to do your practices, so I have them do another physical practice, or mental practice, or listen to a tape for a second. And then, I said, now, just hold the club, and then make an intention. Your intention is what really counts, your intention where you want that ball to go. And then, you and the energy, which you're now feeling in your body, are going to apply that without stress, because the world we've come from is all grit.

[00:15:04] Give me another 10 push-ups and you'll get stronger. No, you'll bust a joint is what you'll do. Almost everybody who goes the gym would be in a year and they don't last. Not because they aren't interested, because they hurt something. So, your body's meant to get stronger every day, but not by grit. It's by the flow of like skiing, where you're actually earning that next turn, by how you're staying more and more in balance. 

[00:15:25] And balance is just one of the wonderful sensors you've got, but you've got so many others that will allow you to really have more serendipity, which is actually one of the things we train people. And they could actually have more good fortune, because according to quantum physics, it's okay. It's okay for the redwood tree to keep growing, and growing, and growing. Why shouldn't you be part of that whole concept? Well, it's because life is made of two choices. Now, that should be good news to all your listeners.

[00:15:52] It's only two. You can either choose to be expanding all the time in using the energy practices, or you can choose to be contracting all the time, end up at Forest Lawn or someplace like that, where you're no longer here, you're no longer energy. But there are two approaches, and it's almost like the positive thinkers and the negative thinkers, but one of them's real. It's just you can't say I'm winning the lottery tomorrow and do nothing.

[00:16:14] You've got to participate in life, because you're part of the quantum. So, yes, you have to buy a ticket, but probably be better if you grew each day, because the process of life, according to this whole discipline, is that every moment is a learning opportunity for you to learn your own prowess, to learn how many great things you can create all the time, including relationships, including love, including connection. Because really, we're all a village. We all need each other.

[00:16:41] And the more we can connect and work with each other, the more results we're going to get, because each person has their own particular talent. And what's so wonderful about this discipline, this 5,000-year-old discipline, energy for success? Allows people to bring out their talents no matter what age they are. I've met people at 80 who, all of a sudden, start painting or start writing books, and keep going with no Alzheimer's all the way to 100.

[00:17:04] Luke Storey: Wow. Well, I remember the last time I saw you in person was in London. We're both speaking at the Health Optimization Summit and there was the VIP dinner, whatever, for the speakers the night before, and I remember, it was just—I mean, it's fun, but excruciatingly loud, because we're all kind of packed in a small room. And I remember I was kind of overwhelmed getting ready to leave, and then I don't know if it was you or someone working with you, it was like, Hey, Dr. B. wants to talk to you, and you said, what's going on? I said, oh, man, I just had a breakup. I gave it another shot. It didn't work out. And obviously, I was disappointed. I don't think anyone goes through a breakup, and is like, yay.

[00:17:46] Dr. Barry Morguelan: No, everyone is there.

[00:17:48] Luke Storey: You hope that it's going to work out, and I told you about it, and then I remember, and you might have a better memory around this, but I remember you expressing to me how important it was to create a vision for the type of partner that I was looking for. And I did that in great detail. And then, you said something like, okay, I'm going to work on this, and then we texted a couple of times afterward, and you knew that I really was seeking a healthy, fulfilling relationship, and I did. I created a vision, and I think I did actually text it to you at one point.

[00:18:18] Dr. Barry Morguelan: That's right. I told you, you have to give me, so I can energize and give you the practice to make that happen.

[00:18:23] Luke Storey: It was very specific. I mean, to meaningful attributes of one's character and value system, the things that really matter to the most superficial, like they like this kind of music, and have this color of hair, or whatever, right? And it took me a while to actually connect the dots, because I just kept moving with life, but with my partner, Alyson, she literally is all those things on that list.

[00:18:49] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Of course. It's okay with quantum physics that you actually keep winning, and winning, and winning.

[00:18:53] Luke Storey: Yeah. And I don't know that I didn't believe in it, but I was never someone that's like, I want to meet my soulmate. I mean, it's never like a terminology I've resonated with, but it's one that I've heard you use. And if there ever was one, she's mine. There's this sense that we've known each other for eons.

[00:19:13] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Your soulmate is out there, and not just one, there's more than one, depends on where you are in the world, where you're in your life period. And it's all good if you decide to go with what would work for you, reach for your good. But some of the things on the list, just for your listeners, might want to know, because they'll go, what's this list? Say, one of the things is you've got to make sure that you're picking—well, I think they might be interested in some of the qualities, right?

[00:19:35] Luke Storey: Yeah.

[00:19:36] Dr. Barry Morguelan: You have to pick whether you're looking for a man, looking for a woman, whatever, the point is, you have to pick a person who's going to be win-win, someone who, when they go to get an ice cream cone, and they look to see, and say, do you want one, too? In other words, they feel good when you participate with them. And if you don't have someone who has your best interests at heart when they're doing things, they may be in a category, maybe unconsciously, just overly busy, but sometimes not.

[00:20:00] Sometimes, they're in a category of win-lose, which means I have an ice cream cone. If you want something, get it, I'll be in the car, it's a different relationship. All of a sudden, who cares? You don't need a person like that around, do you? I mean, you could have them as a business partner, but you don't need them as someone you're in love with. Someone you're in love with, you would like to have it be deeper each moment.

[00:20:17] One of the other characteristics of soulmate is that each day is not—well, almost anyone who's had a breakup in a relationship, before you broke up, there are those months beforehand where you're either sitting next to them or lying next to them in the morning or the evening, and you're going, I guess this is it, I guess this is the person, and this is how it turned out, and I'm not that happy. What am I going to do?

[00:20:41] Just grin and bear it. And then, you talk to some friends or something, go, how's your relationship? They go, well, it's a relationship. What do you expect? Same old, same old. People settle, and that's not soulmate. Soulmate is not settling. You actually don't have to force it. It's there for you. Just like the perfect golf shot, the perfect skiing, the perfect soccer shot.

[00:20:59] It's all inside, just like balance and riding a bicycle, but people don't get that, because we have this milieu, this cultural milieu, which I called long time ago, The Matrix, they made a great movie out of it, and the joy is that you don't have to go with Mr. Smith, but if you listen to him and get a condition that you have to be sort of listening to that voice in your head all the time, and be manipulated by all the dos and don'ts that the world seems to control you with, or have you contract.

[00:21:29] Remember, there are only two conditions, it was either expanding or contracting, that if you start choosing expansion with these techniques that I want people to learn, then you're able to actually be more on top of your game, more present. So, when you meet the person you want to meet, you're more able to say, hey, yes, you're attractive, yes, I'm connected to you, and yes, you're also interested in the same thing, so I'm interested in you, I'm not making it up, we can actually have a dialogue. You don't have to just be so attracted to the person that you can actually sense, is this person good for me? 

[00:21:58] And you can tell in your heart and you can tell each time you go out with them that with a soulmate, your relationship is not like what I described earlier, which is more like what we have in The Matrix, which is conditional relationships, people that just tit for tat, you get the laundry, I'll get the food, you take care of the kids, I'll take care of this, and you just sort of divide up duties and you call that love. It's not. It's sort of a collegial relationship, which is not romantic, except maybe you have at least date night once or twice, but even that, people complain. We have over 50% divorce rate, and that's only with marriages, but without marriages, it's even higher as far as people that get together than break up.

[00:22:39] Luke Storey: I never thought about that.

[00:22:41] Dr. Barry Morguelan: So, what is it, the number of people that actually make it like you and find a soulmate? It's very, very, very rare, because they're stuck in that paradigm of, well, what have you done for me lately? And it isn't that you have to be Mother Teresa with the other person. It's just that both of you have to be on the same page in terms of what works for you, what are your expectations? And no, I don't have to be from Mars or Saturn, and you from Venus, and then read some book about it, you can actually relate.

[00:23:07] And that's what's so great about being able to having all these sensors open. It's very easy for you to hear somebody else's positive communication. I call it feedback, your feedback, whether it's positive or negative, and take it as like, oh, I'm sorry, I didn't do that for you, let me apologize or let me do an amend. So, it doesn't mean you're going to always do something perfect with your soulmate, but you're all going to be able to learn all the time, which is your whole process of being here anyway.

[00:23:29] So, what it is to have a soulmate is instead of one plus one, like in most things in the matrix, equals like maybe, if you're lucky, each is a half and they make one relationship, your 50% and my 50%, that is not in the energy for success, soulmate. Soulmate is one plus one equals a million. In other words, us two together is way better than anything I could do alone. I mean, way, I'm not just attracted, but I'm also noticing, every day, I do better, my life is better.

[00:24:01] I'm actually more able to get up in the morning, do my energy practices for 20 minutes a day so that I can like become great at whatever sport, or kung fu, or become more creative, or like with Dave Asprey, who's written like three or four books, and Tony has written a couple of books, all using these practices. So, it's like having yourself have a mate, whether you marry them, or just live with them, or relate to them as being your best supporter in life, bar none so that you're so proud to be with that person. Any place you go, you go, this person, together, we're dynamite.

[00:24:32] Luke Storey: Well, I'm thinking back on that list that I had shared with you, and there was a point at which I realized that, actually, I know what point it was, it was a very specific moment, and I didn't have the physical list to share with Alyson, but it was very early on like, I guess, our third date, and we had participated in a ceremony together, and it was just a very expansive experience, needless to say, and how do I say this?

[00:25:05] She made it clear to me that she was very available to be in a relationship at that moment. It was very early on. No pressure. But she's just like, hey, here's what I'm feeling and here's what I'm ready for. And I was taken aback a bit, because it was like, this was outside of the plan that I had for how this was supposed to go. I kind of had a very logical plan for how I'm going to do it right this time and not end up making some of the mistakes I made in the past.

[00:25:33] And I started sharing some of the things on that list with her. She said, well, what are you looking for? And I was like, well, I actually wrote it down, I texted it to Dr. B., and I started sharing that list. And two things happened. One was as I was sharing it with her, I was looking her in the eyes, and I was having this inner realization that everything on that list was sitting right in front of me.

[00:25:52] Dr. Barry Morguelan: You got the genuine experience that you were dealing with reality, because there are two realities. One, sort of this made up, either super positive or super negative attitude towards things, then you try to guide your actions to that and they're always out of phase, so it doesn't produce satisfaction, or health, or love. And the other one is, you're in the moment of really seeing reality. You're not lost in your past and you're not imagining some future, you're actually seeing, hey, what's there? And when you find out what's there is really great, then you find out, what else is there? And then, when you find a soul mate, you find out, oh, my gosh, my whole list is actually there.

[00:26:23] It is a positive world and no one wants to believe that because they keep going, oh, no, you don't know the problems I've had as I was growing up, and I was rejected in high school, and people made fun of me, because I didn't make the team, whatever people always think. That's your past. It means nothing. Absolutely nothing. You can create everything right now once you start doing these techniques. You shift from one side of the yin yang symbol to the other side. You shift from not being not on a balance on a bicycle towards being balanced, and then you've got it for life, then you've got your soulmate for life.

[00:26:49] Luke Storey: Well, there is another element of that realization. When I saw, whoa, this person that I thought was too good to be true is here, but the second part of it was a realization that what I was looking for, if I turned that around, I had become, because I realized, okay, if I'm asking the universe for this conglomerate of all these incredible qualities, what am I showing up with? And it was in that moment that I realized that it was actually a reflective list that, give or take, I was able to actually contribute those same qualities to the relationship.

[00:27:27] And I think that's kind of, well, one thing I wanted to ask you is, it's one thing knowing what you want, say, in a partner and a soulmate, you're really ready for a relationship that has some depth and longevity, but what if we're not ready, right? What if I had not been in resonance with this incredible human that was there in front of me, saying, hey, I'm available, and I hadn't actually cultivated my own character enough to meet her there to where there was synchronicity and a match energetically of development, and maturity, and understanding, right?

[00:28:01] I mean, I could have missed her, if I had been five years before, I wouldn't have been even capable of providing her with the things that I had built into my own character. So, how much of this in terms of soulmate is doing our own inner work and working on our energy versus what we're projecting onto someone else is going to be the missing link in our life? Like how important is it for us to be complete and sovereign within ourselves before adding someone to the equation?

[00:28:29] Dr. Barry Morguelan: So many people since the '60s or before that have been working on, I'm okay, you're okay, can I be okay? And even when they're okay, they just don't get the okay relationship. So, even if you think that you're okay, I am okay, and we all agree on everything, doesn't mean anything. You could agree on everything, but still not have the ability to be there with another person and be in love with them, because the love is actually a vibrational state.

[00:28:51] So, what I'm so glad about what you said is that you can't wish it, it has to be in reality, but reality is really your friend once you stop having this cockamamie, like it's all not going to work out, or it's all working out, and I'm just going to be blind to this relationship, and even though he or she is alcoholic, or on drugs, or has all these other problems that I'm having to deal with, there's hope there.

[00:29:16] Well, that's what the black side of the yin yang symbol is about. It's all no good results, no good results with a little white dot, with a little bit of hope in there. And the other side is that, remember, you can always make your choice, the other side is that you actually could choose that you get a really wonderful relationship, and it keeps getting better and stronger, and better and stronger. But it happens, because you look for what you wanted over there, and then you also did the other part of the list, which is what am I willing to bring to the relationship for this ideal person and what you are willing to bring in the relationship were so many normal things that fit with you that you said, well, here's what I can give.

[00:29:51] And remember, it's an A category, so here's what I can give as far as creativity. Here's what I can give in terms of being intelligent. Here's what I can give in terms of being financially successful. Here's what I can give us in terms of being physically fit every day. Here's what I can give in terms of being creative. I mean, you're a very creative guy, what you're doing, that, to some people, is inspiring, but can you imagine, like I know one guy who—do you have time to hear the story?

[00:30:15] Luke Storey: I don't think so.

[00:30:15] You don't want the story?

[00:30:17] No, I do. Yeah, I thought you said, have you heard it?

[00:30:21] Dr. Barry Morguelan: No, no, no. So, this one guy, he made out his list, and he says, well, I'm a comedian and I'm funny all the time. I go, so what's the problem? He said, you mean, I can ask for a lady who's a comedian, too? I said, no, she doesn't have to be on the circuit, but you definitely want a lady who's going to laugh at your jokes. If she can't see the humor in every moment of life, she's missing it. Like when I was working with Zen Masters in Japan before I ever made it to China, one of the key things, one of the Masters taught me, he said.

[00:30:50] Dr. Barry, because as a Western doctor, we're so serious, every patient is life and death, and you walk around sort of with a stern look all the time, like sort of basically indigestion to being seriously constipated, like, yes, ma'am, okay, we'll take care of it, but you don't ever show any real emotions, because it's weird. And so, when I got there, he said, you're going to have to change all that.

[00:31:11] If you're going to become enlightened, you're going to have to make it to where you learn to laugh at it. And I said, what's it? He said—and so, he was talking about that state of enlightenment when you're one with the universe, one with the creator, whether it's the Mother Nature, God, the universe, whatever you hold attributing to creating this magic of—I mean, this is actually a fascinating moment right now, you and I. Remember, Einstein said, which is one of the attributes of this training program, almost the Einstein part of your brain, when you become super smart, he said, really, you can summarize all of life down to, every moment is absolutely a miracle.

[00:31:52] Experience it as a miracle. You might experience it not like a miracle, like, oh, yeah, that's a miracle and I wish I understood it. No, you can actually experience that. It's fascinating that you're actually, how does this hand work? People don't know. Oh, yeah, we can reconstruct a metal one, but still not this one. How many years has that been going on? A long time. Plus, no one can make this, oh, we can get duplicate cells, but make the cell, we don't do that.

[00:32:13] There are so many things that they don't even understand in the universe, the impulse goes from your brain all the way back down to here, and you can choose to make this happen just like this, while this one's going this way. They go, oh, well, there's that equipment's up there. Yeah. How'd that get there? Oh, we are asking tough questions. Well, not really if you can deal in the fact that you have all these sensors that bring you into a place where you become the person who can operate all of life in sort of that manner. Yeah, you don't know how the trees work, but yet you're dependent on them.

[00:32:42] People sort of locate themselves in only one space, like I'm a thing, but it's not really true. I mean, you're just as much a tree as you are a person in terms of your breathing. People go, what do you mean? I say, well, you can only breathe in oxygen, right? Yeah. You don't make oxygen. Trees make it. Your lung is partly in a tree, so you better not let the trees go, because I'm a big naturalist. The trees produce all your oxygen.

[00:33:07] You don't make any of it. None. It comes in there. I mean, make a little bit in terms of some equations in your body, but not enough to keep making it. So, your lung, you can actually take your lungs, put them in the tree, the tree is making your the oxygen, and then the tree is living off of you for the CO2 you're producing. So, that's just one of the co-existences that goes on in the planet that allows you to sort of widen up, and say, Einstein was really right. 

[00:33:28] He said, every moment is fascinating, it's a miracle of experience, or else, he says, it's nothing. Nothing. And what he meant was nothing as far as an experience that can help you, because then you're stuck in the 50% divorce rate, the tit for tat, like, okay, you do this, I'll do that, and people just sort of bustle through life, and they were very unhappy.

[00:33:50] Luke Storey: That reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, and I don't know, it might come from the Bible or something, I'm not sure, I've never actually read the Bible properly, but it says, either God is everything or he is nothing.

[00:34:02] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Yeah, that fits.

[00:34:03] Luke Storey: Right?

[00:34:04] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Yeah. In other words, you can get that your position in life actually doesn't have any limits, just like the universe, or you can get that you're so limited, you deserve just to have a miserable existence and maybe a couple of good wins, and that'll be it. You'll have to take the lumps with the gravy.

[00:34:18] Luke Storey: Oh, brutal.

[00:34:19] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Yeah. Well, there's a lot of people who feel that way or they go, I'm doing the best I can, Doc, you don't understand my history. I know, but we can jump from that. For years and years, I was treating patients with ulcer, and cancer, and all those things, and part of that, of course, is your grok, your gestalt of life. And people's gestalt is pretty much, ah, it's already been formed by the time I was seven, or 10, or wherever I went to school, or I'm as a lawyer now, but it reminds me of the lawyer, we're talking about relationship.

[00:34:43] He came home one day, I don't know, it was five years into their marriage, and he says, hey, I'm home, and she said, oh, you're home early, great. He said, I brought champagne. She says, oh, that's great. How come? She goes, because I've made partner and I've been working all these days, seven days a week, 20 hours a day just to make partner, and finally, I made it.

[00:35:03] And she says, well, that's wonderful. I'm so glad for you, honey. She says, I have something for you. And he says, what is it, he said. And she gives him the divorce papers. And he says, divorce, but I've been working all these years to make all this money to have partner for you. She goes, that wasn't why I married you, I married for you, I never got you. For all these years, you've been gone.

[00:35:23] And so, you're going to say, well, that person is trying to be partner, well, you could have brought your spouse along with you as far as the communication of the relationship, but that would mean you'd have to be able to relate to that person in a way that was comfortable, supportive, and both of you a win-win, which happens in the energy, happens in these energy for success practices that you're able to communicate.

[00:35:41] I mean, I've had people who have taken so many other courses about trying to find out, what's my zodiac sign? What does my tarot card say? Should I go with this person? It's just a waste of your time, and then you end up later, going, why did I do that? It was fun for maybe the first few days or something, or maybe the first marriage or two, but I've had people who come to me after second marriage, and I go, well, so why should you stop now? Now, you can start to try it, you found the other way doesn't work, so let's try it out of the matrix.

[00:36:07] Let's try being in the energy space, where it's win-win all the time, not win-lose. And if you can find some person who's win-win that wants your best interests along with you wanting their best interests. Oh, boy, oh, girl, what fun. You don't both have to like mint chocolate chip, but you might both like to eat or go to someplace together where it's fun that you can do both things. But this whole thing about, well, I'm giving up what I want so that you can have what you want, and the whole thing is a compromise, that's matrix. Yes, there are multiple interests, but the interests are supposed to be supportive, or else, you don't have a soulmate, you've got a patient.

[00:36:41] Luke Storey: That's very cool. I'm just, of course, reflecting as you speak, and, God, I don't feel like I've given up anything. I mean, just all gains on both sides.

[00:36:56] Dr. Barry Morguelan: One plus one equals a million, and people can't imagine that, and that's one of the disciplines we teach.

[00:37:00] Luke Storey: I would have never until I experienced it, honestly. I thought it was like, that's what romantic comedies are about, or romance novels, or something.

[00:37:09] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Why don't you just move from one side or the other?

[00:37:11] Luke Storey: Or, that limited thinking of, well, okay, maybe it exists, but not for me. Like you said, I got too many problems, my past, the trauma. I'm missing a gene that makes me able to relate to people in an intimate way that's healthy, and longstanding, and mutually fulfilling. I want to ask you on the soulmate thing, and I want to kind of get more of your definition of it, but I sense that people have a perception around that concept that somewhere in the universe, there's one person for you. And if you don't get that one person, then you've missed it, but earlier, you said, you could have multiple soulmates.

[00:37:56] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Of course.

[00:37:57] Luke Storey: So, I guess in the quantum realm, it's infinite, right? And so, there could be conceivably an infinite number of embodied souls running around the planet at any given time that you could have one sort of successful karmic path with even in a romantic relationship. So, it's not that it's just that one.

[00:38:17] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Right. I've had people find their soulmate at 75, you want to hear a funny story?

[00:38:23] Luke Storey: Yeah, I love funny stories.

[00:38:24] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Yeah. So, this one guy, we'll call him Mr. C, he knows who I am. He knows who he is by that name. He came to me, and he said, Well, I had a wife and kids, and she's moved on now and I moved on. And so, I came to you, because I really want a soulmate. My health is pretty good, and I've been in your courses, your hero course for a long time, and it's really wonderful, but I want this soulmate. So, I said, okay, well, you just do these practices and you have to put down your criteria. 

[00:38:54] He says, well, I got some pretty tough criteria. I said, well, what are these? Well, I'm 71 years old. I said, okay. I said, what's the problem? He said, well, I want a girl, a lady, who, I don't drive. I said, okay, so she has to be, I'm a rider. I said, okay. So, I don't make that much money, but I want to marry somebody very wealthy. I went, okay. And also, I want somebody who's young and happy. I went, okay, how young? He says, just some years younger than me. I said, great. But I don't drive, and so she's going to have to be within walking distance or bicycle distance from my house.

[00:39:28] So, he's 71, rides a bicycle. He works at coffee shops, where he writes every day, and he writes books. But he was semi-successful at that, but he certainly wasn't wealthy, he was a happier guy. But he said, these are my criteria, and plus, I want her to be intelligent and go for it. So, I said, alright, not a problem. And I have him on tape on one of the podcasts or one of the video testimonies on our website, Energy for Success.

[00:39:50] But the point is, finally, within about two or three months, same thing happened to him that's happened to you. He said, you won't believe it. I said, no, I hear that every day for the past 20 years. That's why I'm doing this job. That's why I get up every morning, so I could hear these great stories that people use these techniques, they actually work, because it's all physics. So, he said, I was riding my bike and I saw an old buddy of mine down the street.

[00:40:11] And so, we were talking, and he was talking to the next door neighbor, who was this nice lady. And so, I was talking to him, this lady and I started talking, and finally, I found out she used to be a major buyer for a huge company, and she's retired now, and she has her own golden parachute, and she's a super intelligent lady, she's really bright, younger than me, and we've been talking. I said, well, how's it going?

[00:40:31] He says, we haven't stopped. We've been talking, and finally, we moved in together. I said, really? He says, yeah, we're going to get married. I got to go to their wedding. So, 72, he got married or 73, and she was a bit younger than him, and they get along with his previous family, so was there another soul mate for him? Yes. Was it possible to find that person with sort of unique criteria that I got to be able to reach her on my bicycle, and then I got to run into her when I'm riding back and forth, I don't want to go out at night, because I don't have car, this is where I'm going.

[00:41:02] The daytime just, in fact, was a coffee shop? Yes. So, that sounds like very super narrow criteria, but it isn't when your heart is in the right place. But your heart doesn't have to be in this place like, well, I'll do anything for the lady or the man, you want the person to say, I would do anything for them, because I love you, because I care about you, because I'm in the space of win-win. When you're in win-win, every person is important, that person is important to you. Not because they may be the mother, the father of your child or related to you as a family member, but as someone that you know you can make it better in the world with them.

[00:41:33] And that kind of person actually exists in many different cultures, many different ethnicities, many different age groups. So, if there's anything your audience should recognize, is that the only reason it hasn't worked up until now is you've had, like I teach in golf, you've been focusing on all these thousand things I need to do before I hit the ball, and I said, just go, let's just have the intention with the right criterion, where we want the ball to go, and then do these energy practices before.

[00:41:57] And so, your body has their sensors open so that when you hit the ball, it's just [making sounds] you and that flow state. And with the athletes, the NBA players, and I just had somebody in the US Open in tennis, and she actually had, previously, a couple of years ago, beat Serena Williams. She really a fantastic tennis player, is one of our clients. We've had musicians that have done really fantastic that a lot of people know all of them, and NBA players, all those people use these techniques before they put the ball in the basket.

[00:42:26] When I talked to some of the athletes, they go, really, doc? Some of these are seven feet tall people, they go, I really don't care about the technique, I don't care about the physiology, I don't care about the physics, I just want to put the ball in the basket multiple times and not hit the bank particle. Got it. So, you'll be in the zone, which you don't have to understand physics to be able to do this. It's how you're made.

[00:42:47] You don't understand how your hand works, but you get to use it, and you can saw with it, or you can play basketball with it, or you can play paddle ball, you can do a million things. So, all of these opportunities to be in the flow and zone state in your relationship, which is what we're talking about today, is not only accessible, but it's your birthright. You're supposed to find someone great.

[00:43:07] And now that you found this lady, you're the one who told me, if you'd have known previously that this kind of person was possible, all that aggravation and chagrin that you'd been through and that other people have been through, we would have avoided all that. So, that's what I get up every day for, because I told you, I first went into this whole process of looking for these techniques for getting younger so that people wouldn't have to suffer, they wouldn't have to go through all the pains of failed relationships, failed health, failed physical conditions and going to the gym.

[00:43:41] So, can you imagine if you hadn't had all those experiences where you got shut down previously or you tried so hard and your heart got broken? You don't need to have your heart broken. You need to find someplace where your heart gets fulfilled, where your heart feels like, gosh, I am just 1,000% better around this person. And he or she feels the same way about me, around me, and therefore it's a connection. And when that connection is just like the yin yang symbol, it comes together, the whole thing starts to work. All the engines are working, your platform is stable, and then you'll be smarter, more able, your sleep will be better.

[00:44:12] All these things that people have that they call stress, it's all because you're lonely. You're really lonely, because you've had this negative approach to, I'm all alone in this world, and you know it's no man's an island, no woman's an island, and they go, well, I'm not lonely, I get to dominate every relationship I'm in. I go, okay, do you feel peace of mind about that? Do you feel love? They go, as good as it gets, doc, don't ask for more. I go, I understand, but it doesn't have to be that way. And they start doing these practices. They soften up, and all of a sudden, the right person, they can find them right away, even if they're in bicycle distance.

[00:44:44] Luke Storey: What about The Matrix fool's gold of your past experiences, maybe even patterns that have developed out of your trauma and biochemical intoxication that has you meet someone, and there's a part of you that says, this is the one, this is the one, this is the one, when, in fact, they're perhaps the worst possible choice for both of you, and you're being bonded by something other than that win-win, true love, soulmate thing. 

[00:45:20] It seems that many of us, myself included at times, have been tricked by thinking, this is the real thing, but it's just that there's some part of you that's drawn to a painful lesson with each other. But it feels real, right? You're like, this is the one, this is the one, and it's really exciting, and it's like a drug. I think that's a great way to describe it. And I remember my dad and even someone I interviewed said, Luke, when you meet the right person, it doesn't feel like a drug.

[00:45:48] And I was like, well, that sounds boring. I said, well, what does it feel like? And they said, it feels like home. So, how do we discern whether or not we're just like high on another person, because it's hitting these triggers and buttons within us that aren't necessarily going to lead to the highest good of a fulfilling, lasting relationship, or when it's what you're describing, which is like home, where it's safe, and secure, and beneficial. How do we build that discernment to know if we're fooling ourselves or not?

[00:46:17] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Perfect question. Discernment is what this whole energy practice is about. Energy for success is the fact that reality is really wonderful, but it has two types. There's a contraction reality and expansive reality. When you're in the contraction reality, there's going to be rough edges. You're going to have grit. You're going to have to stow your comments. You're going to have to either be massively excited and hope that he, or she is in love with you, or likes you, or you're going to have this feeling like, oh, no, we've talked and we're certain we really connected.

[00:46:48] So, how would you get to that place? Well, the same thing happens in sports, or with people that want to write a book, or people want to write a play in Broadway, or we want to be a musician for 15,000 people, you do the practices, the physical ones that I've showed you before, are the ones that we have on the website for people to register, and you do those physical practices, and then you put yourself in a state where you're win-win, you're totally feeling the energy. 

[00:47:09] And then, you're looking for, first, friend, friends first, then lovers at a track, then move on to more serious. But if you can't be a friend with a person, then you didn't find someone that's really close, because really, what is your best partner? Your soulmate. They're your best friend. So, people go, oh, wait, what about the love? Oh, don't worry, the love will be there, because the more you're a friend, the more you're going, hey, I don't want you going anywhere, you're my best bud, I like you around, and you want that lady or person sitting right next to you all the time, because you like their connection.

[00:47:41] And it isn't just the softness, or the warmth, or their positive approach, or their perfume. It's like, no, it's the person. It's great. You can be home and do nothing. Just because you're with them, the strip of the energy flow between you two, I have a diagram that shows this on one of the lectures, it keeps getting stronger and stronger. This Mobius strip so that you two are like bonded so that really it becomes a place where, you may have already experienced this, that your partner can have thoughts, or feelings, or needs, and you just pick up the phone, all of a sudden, for no reason, and call the person, that's the serendipity alphabetical, oh, I was just thinking about you.

[00:48:16] You want me to do something about what? I was just thinking about that thing myself. And it's not that you're like becoming magical. No, it's your birthright. You're meant to find another person that you really connect with to get that this world really is good for you and other people are good for you if you pick the right one. So, discernment is the right word. So, can everybody be your friend? No, not the win-lose people, not the people that are into crazy stuff that you're not interested, and people that want to take advantage of you, people that are scam artists, people that are just interested in getting you, and not being able to give in return in the same manner, in the same way that you enjoy and that you feel is good.

[00:48:51] That's why friends first is so much easier to work with, and then after that, fall in love, and then after that, see how serious and how long that's going to be, and see what your physical compatibility is, et cetera, et cetera. And then, you've got a total chance of success. And we average about, I have so many people who've shown up on the websites and given testimonials that they're either getting married or being able to have kids for the first time, at least four or five of those every year, and they all come and go, yeah, I found my soulmate, it really does work. 

[00:49:18] And we're not trying to advertise just that ability works with the energy, but that you really have super powers inside that you don't realize, and you know they've been there, and you would just love some other person to know that about you. And when you find the right friend, the right person who's win-win, they're interested in you. Why are they interested in you? Because they're like you in many ways, but they're not pretending to be like you.

[00:49:39] They actually are. We had a gentleman recently who spent a ton of money on this lady he was interested in, but she told him, she said, I'm really not that interested, even though just keep spending all this money, but he kept spending it, thinking that would win her over. And so, finally, at the end, she had the guts to say, I'm really not that interested and I'm going to go off with somebody else. And he was broken hearted.

[00:49:58] I said, no, you dodged a bullet. So, the truth is, would you really want someone like that, and then over time, you're still trying to convince, you're still trying to convince her? No, when the puzzle pieces fit, that's the person you should look for, because then, it's all done for you. And then, the workability is just, how can I help you? I knew a guy who had a relationship and finally found his soulmate, okay.

[00:50:20] And he called me, he said, funniest thing happened the other day. I went, what? He said, well, I met this lady, he said, we've been going out for a bit and I did some dumb stuff. I went, like what? He said, well, I folded her sweater, and I'm a big, tough guy. I've never folded any woman's sweater for her, and then put it in a suitcase for her. I said, why'd you do that?

[00:50:39] He goes, I don't know, I just felt like she needed it. I said, that's win-win. That's you thinking about somebody else in a way that they're the same as you, and if they had a sweater, and they were going, you could help them out. It's not like, well, that's their stuff and this is my stuff, and you stay over there in Egypt, and I'll be over here in Israel, and we'll fight forever.

[00:50:55] We'll try to get along in a DMZ, which is where most relationships are. So, it sounds like, here's this big, tough guy, and he said, I don't know why I did that, I don't even fold my own clothes, he said, but I just felt like folding it and doing it for her, because I knew that that might help her along getting packed. It wasn't like I was trying to get her to say thank you.

[00:51:15] He said, I was amazed that I did it, not that I even needed her to say thank you. It was amazing. Why was I doing something that usually I would just say, have my staff do, or my EA, or something? But you see, there's that heart connection. We're all really connected from here and through many other sensors. And once you have that connection, it's much easier to have a great partner in work, a great partner in relationships, a great partner in terms of, you say you want to have a startup, find the right boss to work for.

[00:51:40] Many people go, I can't work for this boss. Well, of course not. You need to have a boss as a friend, not a person who's a draconian person who's pushing you around. We've been through that, right? What it's like to work for different people who just don't have your interests at all. Well, they're playing win-lose. They get to win, you get to lose. And somebody will say, well, you'll get to win later, but does that ever happen?

[00:51:59] Luke Storey: Famous last words. Do you get the sense with soulmates that we've known them before? I mean, I don't even know if you buy into this idea of reincarnation, where you're a soul that's re-emerging over and over again in the world of form, right? And then, you have experiences with the same people in different bodies that you've already known before. Do you think that a soul mate, from your perspective, has anything to do with that, that you kind of lose someone in life, and then you both move on into whatever etheric realm you go into when you leave a body, and then you'd come back in and reconvene?

[00:52:40] Dr. Barry Morguelan: It's a much more difficult path than the real one. The real path is not all this difficult thing where you have to go there, and then come back, and then find somebody.

[00:52:49] Luke Storey: Well, I asked, because like I-

[00:52:50] Dr. Barry Morguelan: It's much easier than that.

[00:52:51] Luke Storey: I asked, and I feel like such a sap, sometimes, on my podcast, always talking about my relationship, but it's my subjective experience, but when I look in Allison's eyes, I feel like I've known her forever, for eons.

[00:53:06] Dr. Barry Morguelan: That's a connection.

[00:53:07] Luke Storey: Like I know her more than I just know her in this for as Alyson. There's a deeper, more eternal knowing. And so, I always think, I wonder if we knew each other in past lives, because I go, how could I know her so much after I've known her for five years or whatever?

[00:53:22] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Because you never looked for that before, you never knew that existed. And once you found it, like in the song, never let it go, because you found a real category one person who really cares about you and you care about them. And why would you ever want to disconnect from someone like that? So, have you ever had an employee that you felt very close to, also, because they were just like really wonderful?

[00:53:41] I had a friend who was interviewing. I help people, sometimes, large corporations, Fortune 100, to be able to pick certain people for their CEO suite and things like that, where they've got to manage a whole company. And so, this one gentleman said, well, I've interviewed these three people, and I really like this lady, and you talk to her, and I'm like, this one and this one. I said, listen, you can interview the other ones.

[00:54:01] I think you should take this lady right now. And if you don't take her, I'm going to hire her. He goes, you're going to hire her? We have a big construction business. You have no business hiring this lady. I go, this lady is a category one lady. This lady is a win-win. I can train this lady and work with her. She'll be a great person to work with the rest of my life, no matter what she works in, because she's caring about what I care about.

[00:54:21] You see, you can't make people care about what you care about. They have to have that interest. They have to have that kind of brain and wisdom of going, when you look in their eyes, going, hey, I'm really here for you, I'm not here for myself, only I'm here to make it work between us. And if you have a person like that, I'll find a place for her, I said, I'll find a position somewhere in the company.

[00:54:39] And so, eventually, he did hire her. To this day, it's like about eight years later, this lady manages so much of his company, does so much, he never has a worry. He says, I can go on a trip or anything, she's got it all handled. Do you hear that? His interests and her interests match, and they're not married. He's got a great marriage. Also, same kind of thing. So, it's possible you can have that in your work relationships, too. And people called it a long time or Christ called a long time ago, everybody needs love, Beatles call it, everybody needs love.

[00:55:04] Really, the love is not going to occur in a tit for tat relationship, where you do this and I do this. I love that sort of dependence. And where love exists is in these wonderful energy vibrations, where each person gets to be a tall tree. They don't have to depend on the other person or lean on them, you both get to excel and both get to grow in your relationship, because of each other and with each other. And when you're around each other, it's only because you're even better, whether it's a work one, or it's a marriage, or just the living relationship.

[00:55:32] So, who you want to be around are your friends, who you want to work for is your friend, who you want to marry or live with is your friends. And then, from there, it can become romantic. And who is a good friend is people who fit your criteria, but your criteria have got to be legitimate criteria in reality, can't be something where you want someone to dominate or you want them to dominate you, but you actually want somebody who, that together, you're for each other's best interests, but it isn't like, okay, well, I'm suffering, but then you're going to pay me back later. No, we're both winning right now. There's no reason for either one of us to suffer. And that's what blows people away.

[00:56:05] And I'm sure you found that out that even though you had all this fun with the contractor, it didn't kill your relationship. It just realized that both of you had pick somebody who really wasn't win-win, and boy, that was a mistake, but at least we got each other, which are win-win. He was win-lose. He was just negligent of doing his work. So, when you find someone like that, they're not assiduous to taking care of business for you and them. So, they're not the kind of people you want to hire, they're no the kind of people you want to marry. And once they learn that, they'll either clean up their act or they'll go work someplace else.

[00:56:35] Luke Storey: Yeah. What you're describing, really, is outside of The Matrix, and there's a lot of, I think for people, including myself in the past, a lot of mindset change that needs to be executed in order to even believe that this is possible, right? If one's had a lot of negative experiences and you're in that mindset of like, well, sounds like a fantasy, that can't be real, or it might be real, but not for me, because I'm a loser, whatever, because having experienced a lot of what you're describing, I'm like, yeah, yeah, that's true, that's true, that's true, but there would have been a time in my life, I was like, this guy is nuts. Like there's no way the world is this friendly and hospitable to someone.

[00:57:17] Dr. Barry Morguelan: No, no. The truth is it isn't unless you choose for that and go looking for it. You have to intervene. Remember, I said in the beginning, at quantum, you matter. So, at every moment, like in skiing, you're the one who earns the next turn. So, if you don't put yourself in the zone and flow state with these energy practices, and put yourself in the manifestation state, which these practices allow you to do, then you're going to try to force it through or positive think your way through.

[00:57:39] And you know what happens like that when you grit and when you're doing any sport, you just sort of bounce off of the next mogul. You're not really supple and willing to be able to move with whatever the environment is. And the environment is always changing to challenge you, but it isn't changing to make your life miserable. It's changing to make it more exciting. When you start skiing, you start usually with green circle, right?

[00:57:59] And then, after you've done the bunny slopes, then you go to blue square, but then you go, that's boring now, I can now do that, it's so much fun, but not that much fun. Now, I'm going to go to black diamond, and then you keep going up. Not because someone's forcing you, because we're meant to expand in all areas. So, yes, you have a history of negative relationships.

[00:58:17] Doesn't have to stay that way. Stop thinking that everything you learned in the past is going to help you now. It's not. It's just evidence of what doesn't work. And in life, you're learning every moment. You're going to learn every moment. I'm learning every moment, you're learning every moment. Whatever information is being given to you, you have to use discernment, your word, which is, this is something from the matrix, which is maybe 10% true, 20% true, but it's like the weather report, ah, it's not really going to be 100% right. I wouldn't bet on it. I'd still take a jacket, or I would take a raincoat, whatever, if you're in London.

[00:58:47] They say it's not going to rain, but then which is where we were, we met. But then, if you're in the energy flow, then you're somehow able to perceive what it is you need to accomplish and you're somehow able to pick up those details, because you're not stuck in the past, because think about it, the past really has a lot of failures in it and some successes, but to make it all work and make it work today is not, you have to know about it, but really, doesn't apply to this second, because the second is changing all the time, especially if you're skiing down a mountain and there's snow, or you're in a relationship and you don't know what the other person's, really, motivation is.

[00:59:19] So then, people say, well, you need to be in the present, but it's very difficult to be in the present, because the present, as you know, I've shown you on your watch, the second hand is changing, changing, changing. So, if you're really going to be in the present, you can be honest about it, you're not being honest, you're like, I just missed the present. Well, I missed the present again. I mean, the present's moving too fast. So then, well, I'll just be in the future, and you go, well, in the future, you haven't met the lady or the man, or you don't even know if it's going to work out, you haven't exchanged your criteria.

[00:59:44] So, really, you can't live in the future, where I'm just positive it's all going to work. You've got to be in reality, which is right here, when the present interfaces with just the next term, the future, the present future. And in that place, you've got all your power. And if you use these energy techniques that I've got for you and energy for success, then you'll be able to do on your own, where you're actually alert, and aware, and you'll be talking to another person you'll perceive, this person really cares or this person is making up a whole story, so much baloney.

[01:00:10] Luke Storey: That's where that discernment starts to develop, because you're cultivating that energy.

[01:00:13] Dr. Barry Morguelan: That's part of your birthright, and it becomes normal, and you're supposed to have that, just like you're supposed to be able to hit a good golf shot.

[01:00:20] Luke Storey: I want to know, Dr. B., when we chatted in London and there was kind of a seed planted in your field, in my field, hey, I'm looking for this, and then I send you that text and we communicate a little, did you work any of your energetic magic into my field? I mean, do you think you had a part in that?

[01:00:37] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Of course. It's part of the fun that I said, Doctor, I'll have to do surgery like that and cut people now. Now, you can just generate in my field certain vibrations in your body, because it really wants to have that same thing, just like with the practices that we have on video and audio. It's all embedded in there, the vibrations. Your body is like one of those plants that when the sun's shining through the window, it goes like this, I'm in a relationship.

[01:01:03] The plant starts moving towards the light, right? So, in your body, your senses were going, I really want a relationship. And I was generating the talk like this with the vibrations in how to do it. So, your body was going [making sounds] sensors are opening up, where can we find this kind of person? All of a sudden, you're made to win, you just don't realize it, but you've never been given the techniques.

[01:01:22] And so, you started using the vibrations that I was demonstrating for the person, so your mirror neurons was picking it up. That's why so many people can't really give you what you want, because they've never had all these experiences that I spent 25 years in China going back and forth, back and forth, being the only person who's ever written all this material down, which was all an oral tradition in the past.

[01:01:41] So, now. it's possible that people can get it from a video, or from an audio, or from the physical practice, because it was never available. It's only for the emperors. But now, in the Western world, you all can take it and use it. So, yes, I created an energy field, where not only were you able to perceive it and experience, but your mirror neurons, they go, wait a minute, this experience is the experience I want to have in a relationship. This experience would be good for me to have. What do I need to do in criteria and quantum to create something like that? And then, all of a sudden, you're now in the right place at the right time to meet the right person, and just ride your bicycle down the street, and there she is.

[01:02:18] Luke Storey: You talk about these different categories of people, which I'm assuming have to do with their maybe level of consciousness or their stage of development.

[01:02:27] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Yeah, it's something that I present the United Nations just recently. We really worked out. 

[01:02:31] Luke Storey: What are those categories if you could break them down for us briefly?

[01:02:34] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Well, it's really interesting that I consulted so many people in Fortune 100 and in Fortune 500. So many people over the years who are in not only presidents of countries, but also superstars in different disciplines, or in art, or in music. They're all bummed out for a lot of reasons. I had this manager, Bruce Springsteen, and my manager really screwed me at Columbia and all these other things that finally, I had to get my contract back, and all those people staying, number of people have not had the easiest relationships with people that they trusted, they just wanted to do their art.

[01:03:08] And the reason is, is that you know who to trust if you use these four criteria that people can be divided up into four categories. As I said, we present this in the United Nations just recently and they loved it, which is that the category you want for soulmate, and the category that you want for your friends, and the category you want for your employees and your boss are the people that we described earlier, the win-win people. That's category one. And those people, you can meet them and find them, and they really care about you. And you care about them, and so you always want to do everything you can for them and they want to do everything they can for you.

[01:03:38] And it comes naturally and they're conscious about it. They're aware. Category two people are people who are mostly the same, win-win, but they go unconscious a lot. They're the kind of people like, I had a decorator. She's probably out there listening. We'll call her Suze. Suze is a beautiful French lady. And she and her mother were decorators, and they decorated my medical office one time.

[01:04:03] They did such a great job that I referred her to the hospital administrator, who then let her do the whole building. And she went crazy. It did improve her whole business and she was so happy. And she says, Doctor, she has a French accent, I want to honor you and your office. I'm going to bring you, because I know you're a foodie, I'm going to make a total French meal for you, and bring it over, and you're going to have the best food ,and bring your whole staff and everything.

[01:04:23] So, I said, okay, she says, tomorrow at 6:30. So then, what happened? Suze showed up at6:30 were all there. The staffs are there. Their husbands are there. We're all standing there waiting to eat. And 7:30 comes, 8:00, 8:30. Finally, quarter to 9:00, she shows up, says in her French accent with a big scarf behind her, rolling all this beautiful food, and she says, there was a problem with the ovens, and all these things, and said, Suze, these people couldn't wait. 

[01:04:46] They were starving. They went home. But she's a category two person. She's a loving, caring person who was trying to do her best, who just went unconscious about the time. So, she says, I will make an amend right away, and those people always apologize. The people, the next category, category three, they don't apologize. They're always righteous. They always go, well, you're the problem. You should have accepted it.

[01:05:07] So, with Suze, she says, and she did bring a whole other meal, she left that one, and then brought another one the next day, and then the funny story is, once, she got me tickets for a play, and she said, okay, I'll meet you at the play and give you your ticket. I said no. I said you're a category two person who I love, you're always win-win, but sometimes, you're not.

[01:05:23] Sometimes, you're win-lose, just because you are unconscious, but your heart's good. I said, so give me my ticket and I'll meet you out front. I'm not going to dislike her. I'll meet you out front of the theater. And if you make it, I'll wait till 10:00 of, and then if you're not there, I'll go sit, but you'll have your ticket, you'll be able to sit next to me. If you don't make it, because with her, who knows, she could go unconscious again doing something for decorating.

[01:05:42] And I said, we'll meet afterwards for maybe coffee and dessert if you don't make it. But I'm not going to dislike category two people. You're going to love. They make up most of your friends. Your old buddies from school, some, they give you problems, they smile, they're happy, but they let you down sometimes, right? But they always make an amendment to fix it just like you will for them. Category three, unfortunately, is one of the largest categories.

[01:06:02] That's the next category. That's a category of people that are plain win-lose, but they're unconscious about it, which means they're always righteous. They always know their rights, so if they're in one political party, that's the only political party. You can't convince them anything. If they have one belief, that's their belief. If they say this is the way that we always did it, this is the way you have to do it, you can't convince them the opposite.

[01:06:22] And if you try to convince them as an employee, or a spouse, or a friend, they'll always finish your sentence for you, and go, yeah, I heard that, but this is really the truth, this is what I'm going to do. And they really are not there for you, they're there for they could be right. And if you agree with them, but then they're managing you, and it's not win-win.

[01:06:40] The way you can see these people is that any time you catch them in a mistake or a problem like they did something, was totally incorrect, well, it'd be like this one guy I know, my roommate when I was in college, Paul. And Paul was a real, studious guy whose dad was a famous person from Columbia University. And Paul was not really the guy who was going to date too much, but our next dormmate was a football player, and he had a date this night, and he said, Paul, I want to use your—can I borrow your sport coat?

[01:07:09] So, Paul looks at me, says, you think I should lend it to him? I go, yeah, why not just make sure he takes care of it? So, he said, you better take care of it, because Paul was never going to use this sport coat. So, finally, the football player came home, and we all said, how was your day? He says, oh, it's great, it's wonderful, I think I'm in love. And so, he gives Paul the sport coat back, and Paul says, wait, you ripped the whole shoulder, says, you have to fix this.

[01:07:27] He goes, no, I don't. He says, yeah, you said you were going to take care of it. He said, you buy cheap jackets, it's not my fault, this was a setup. So, you see they're righteous. Category three people are righteous, you can't, they'll hurt you, but they'll always make an excuse, rather demand. But if you and I rip somebody's jacket, whatever, we would clean their carpet, clean their jacket, get it sewn up for him, and say, oh, I'm really, really sorry, because we feel a connection to the other person.

[01:07:51] We want to maintain that relationship. With category three people, just go, they're playing win-lose all the time. It's a zero sum game. If I get 80%, then you only get 20, fine, that's the way the world is. You don't know what goes on. So, that's category three. They make up a large percentage of the population, but they're unconscious about it. 

[01:08:06] So, as much as you say, look, you should have voted for this person or you should see this side of point of view, they'll go, no, not really. They'll disagree to the nth day. You'll never convince them, or if they do agree, they'll go, I did it the way you said to do it, and it didn't work, because they did the form, they just ignored the principle and that being in reality about it. So, you want to know about category four?

[01:08:30] Luke Storey: Yeah.

[01:08:30] Dr. Barry Morguelan: You're sure?

[01:08:31] Luke Storey: Yeah, I'm sure. I'm sure there's a couple of them listening. Maybe it'll wake them up. I'm just kidding.

[01:08:35] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Alright. So, category, no, they won't wake up. No. Category three people won't wake up. They are absolutely righteous about everything, and you're wrong. They're right. They know everything. You can't convince them of anything. You may have had a relative like this, who, every time you go over their house, when you were a kid, you're always wrong. You're the kid who's always wrong. So, category four people make up the smallest, thank goodness, percentage of all people, and they're the people that are also right, wrong.

[01:09:01] I mean, they're all win-lose. They are always going to win, you're going to lose, but they're conscious about it. So, they know what they're doing. So, they're the scammers, or the con artists, or the people like, well, we had somebody at one of the hospitals I worked at, where we all put in a small amount of money to get an X-ray machine for the hospital. And so, everybody's supposed to get a certain amount back, but this must have been 30 doctors in the deal.

[01:09:26] And finally, when everybody was supposed to get paid, everybody, all the doctors came to me, and said, you better talk to the guy who started this thing. This doctor, he says, because he got 20 times what we got and he put it in the same amount of money. What happened? So, I went and talked to him. I said, hey, what's going on here, Joe? You screwed your relationship with all these doctors.

[01:09:43] These are referral sources. I mean, how could you have taken all this money? They didn't even realize it was going to happen. He goes, too bad, too bad. That's the way it was written, and that's the way it was set up. They didn't notice this. But you didn't explain it that way. You didn't make it worthwhile. You're going to you've severed all your relationships to all these people here. No one's ever going to talk to you again. He goes, it's okay. I go, really?

[01:10:05] He goes, yeah, I'll just go to another hospital and do it again with somebody else, and he did. He got another group of people, and then went to another one, another. I couldn't believe it. It's like, can somebody be like that? Well, yeah, there's people in history who really play it that close to nothing matters. The whole world doesn't matter. I can just do whatever I want.

[01:10:21] And those people, you want to stay away from, whatever. If you find one person like that, you need to separate immediately or get legal separation. You need it to protect yourself, because those are the people that will not stop, because they consciously know that you're not aware that they're going to do that. Most of us aren't aware that people are going to do what they're going to do when they're in the category four category.

[01:10:44] Luke Storey: I think it's hard sometimes for people to kind of acknowledge the existence of category one people if they're not like that. I've noticed this in the past couple of years with so much political upheaval and the powers that be doing things that are largely very unkind to the populace, generally speaking. And I remember talking to a couple of my friends, and I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist, I guess, or conspiracy analyst might be more accurate, I would say, but I say, yeah, I think this is what they're doing, and such and such. 

[01:11:18] They don't have our best interest in mind. And these powers that be are just power hungry, psychotic people, and the friends that I find that have the hardest time acknowledging that as a reality are people that have really high empathy, and they're really compassionate, kind, loving people. And they can't project themselves into those people that are category one, because they don't understand the motive.

[01:11:41] Like I would never want to control vast swaths of the human population, and subjugate them, and exploit them, and steal their resources or even harm them, like why would anyone want to do that? Because you don't want to do that, because you're a fucking normal person. So, I think even myself, too, I've been naive at times, because I just can't conceive of someone behaving in that category one way. So, I think, well, I'm not that way, so why would anyone treat me that way?

[01:12:06] Dr. Barry Morguelan: No, you can't do that. You have to always be looking in reality to find that person.

[01:12:10] Luke Storey: It's like propensity toward naivete, I think, for people that are just kindhearted people.

[01:12:14] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Well, kind of hard, but you're using your emotions rather than looking to see what's their behavior. Like when I used to teach surgery, and you're dealing with a qualified person who really knows. Surgeons had great training, but since I was maybe head of the department at that time, I had to monitor them in a certain case. Okay. So, we start the case, and before we started, I go, are you ready?

[01:12:34] He goes, yeah, I'm ready, and he's got scalpel in hand, I go, I don't think so. And the guy goes, because I'm supposed to judge him, whether he's qualified to do this procedure, even though he's got the credits for it. And he says, what is it you want me to know? I said, well, this anesthesiologist, have you checked what they're doing? And have you talked to these nurses? And how are you going to proceed with this particular surgery for this particular patient?

[01:12:58] And he goes, I was going to do it the routine way. I go, but this patient is individual and unique. Every patient's different, you know that. So, in this particular lady's case, what's her vital signs right now? What's her history for this kind of procedure? What's her healing rate? What is her status for other illnesses before you put her under the knife or under the anesthesia? So, he said, you're right, this particular patient, I'm not really, I was just going to go the routine thing and figure it would work out.

[01:13:26] But you can see, nothing works out in this world. You have to be the one that moves your skis. You have to be the one that holds the golf club in just the most relaxed fashion, have this intention that you're going to find out in reality, where is your next win? And if you can keep reaching for your win by looking at the reality, you'll win. But if you go in there blind, you're in trouble. You're like Sonny Bono on your skis, you go right into a tree. Remember, he'd used a lot of medication.

[01:13:52] Luke Storey: Unexpected reference there, but yeah, it speaks volumes. So, for people that are intrigued by this system of energy that you've been describing, and I haven't seen you in a while, so I know your offerings have been evolving continually. What is your energy for success like business look like now for people that want to learn this? Online programs, like how do we learn these breathing techniques, the movement, the audio, and video content, and stuff, because I just haven't checked in, in a while. So, I don't know what you guys.

[01:14:28] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Both sides of the globe, it's really become the thing that people are now taking advantage of both in, as I said, high-level businesses, and also, in sports, and also, in entertainment, and in the schools even, in people who are in Silicon Valley, a lot of startups are using these techniques. And what's so wonderful about them is you don't have to do 25 years in China like I did, and live on a mountain, and eat just a rice bowl, and have the Grandmaster tell you, go do this, go do that, and you're challenging and sitting out in the freezing cold, trying to melt the snow.

[01:14:56] And that was 30 years ago before Ice Man was around. It was like, yes, you can do it, or walking through all kinds of lakes with snakes in them. There's a lot of dangerous things. You had to use the energy to be able to walk out into the unknown and make it work, so you don't have to go to China and go through all these travails. I've already spent all that hard work for you, but you do need to spend 20 minutes a day and that's what Dave does and a lot of people that you'll see on the website at Energy for Success allow you to do, which is you watch the video, and then your own sensors, just like when you had a conversation with me, feel the vibrations that I've embedded in the videos and in the audience.

[01:15:34] And then, that allows you with the physical practices to actually keep galloping up every day, so people are constantly writing into me. And that's why we have a group call every day of the year, which the public asks for. We provide it. We've been having that for like, I don't know, 16 years, there are people calling every day around the world and talk about their victories, every day, Christmas, New Year's, because there are that many victories people want to share with other people so that they can hear, oh, yeah, I just had this great relationship. I just found this marriage. I just found this great job. I found this one person I let go of, and legally, and got out of it, was a category three, and I now have this category one person. I've been doing the practice, and then you can learn from others. So, we actually have something for your group.

[01:16:14] Luke Storey: Energyforsuccess.com/biohacking. Okay. And then, I'm assuming they're going to find a landing page there that's going to give them this offer.

[01:16:22] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Yeah, they get five different-sized breathing practices, which if we had time, I would have gone through them today. But what they are is an opportunity, it's all done for you. There's no hard work. Just close your eyes, relax, and listen to the audio or watch the video.

[01:16:36] Luke Storey: I'm going to do them tonight. Remember that link, Bailey, because I want to do it tonight, so I can test it out this weekend.

[01:16:43] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Yeah, please do, and then let me know what happens. And after that, there's other ones you can get to just deal with certain practices, like I'd like to make a ton of money quickly or I'd like to have a great relationship you can qualify. But this is five really ones that people have found to start out with that's really turned them on. And then, after that, we have other specials if you start with that. But that's a great place to start because you immediately start getting results. Immediately. We found that over for years. We know that. So, I just want them to have that as a gift.

[01:17:10] Luke Storey: Hey, man. I'm a convert. Whatever you did a couple of years ago, it worked. 

[01:17:15] Dr. Barry Morguelan: It's all part of the reality of the quantum that is meant for you to have it. And Einstein said, here's your chance, take the opportunity. And if you don't want that, then you go along with the negative thinkers, but there's been other people besides Einstein who said it, Thoreau, Emerson, all those people, Ben Franklin, they all said it, there's a way, there's a way that you can do it and still find your success.

[01:17:39] Luke Storey: Awesome, man. Alright. Last question, real quick one. Who have been three teachers or teachings that have influenced your life and your work that you might share with us?

[01:17:47] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Well, remember, I learned all mine through challenges, and those teachings were from Lao Tzu, who I had to—there's only one little narrow book that was written. He didn't even write it. His students wrote it as he was leaving town. He just said, that's enough, the world cannot handle anymore, okay? And so, I worked with that small book, and then that was my big upset in China, which I went, Grandmaster, there's got to be some book that's been written down.

[01:18:13] This is like 5,000 year. There are no books. No books. And there are some small books that are on Daoism and things like that, but that really doesn't tell you how to do the magic or how to use these principles. It just sort of talks about the math of trying to distinguish the future with the I Ching and things like that. And that really won't make you able to do the stuff that would sort of give you a cerebral functional interrelationship.

[01:18:37] So, I would recommend the people that had a great effect on me, was Thoreau, Emerson, Ben Franklin. All three of those people, everything they wrote was about, that you deserve your birthright. Remember, they wrote the Constitution. You wouldn't even be sitting here if it wasn't for Ben and the other people, if it hadn't written down that we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are born with inalienable rights. No one ever said that. 

[01:19:06] Before that, it was like you're to run by whoever had the most money in town or whoever had the most power. And it's always that generation after generation. And it's still that way in many parts of the world, in India and other countries. That's why I had problems over there. There's a lot of maintaining of a class structure, and people don't deserve that. We're all born with inalienable rights. And if you can experience that, you'll start to experience the village that you belong in, which is the category one and two people. 

[01:19:33] Luke Storey: Yes, I'm for worldwide category one.

[01:19:37] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Yeah, one and two, because all of us are going to go-

[01:19:39] Luke Storey: We'll let two in, okay, because they're on their way to becoming one. 

[01:19:42] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Well, yeah, you can always be one. Sometimes, you remember, we're always learning, so you might make a mistake. You may bring dirt on your foot into your mom's carpet, and you're going to have to make an amend. You didn't mean to do it, but if you'd have been perfect category one, you would always been win-win, but no, I did it. So, the difference between category one and two is that, two, at any time, you can fall into a two, you make a mistake, but mom, what do I need to do? I'll wash your carpet, I have to buy you a new carpet, I'll do it, nut I don't want you being upset.

[01:20:07] I'm sorry the dirt's there. I'll fix it. Category ones and twos immediately want to fix things for the other person, because we want to maintain the relationship. Threes and fours want to take advantage. And threes will just fight you about it. Fours will go, okay, you got me, it's alright, I'll get somebody else next time. So, those are the people, I think, that have had the greatest influence on me, and I really love everything that they've ever written. It's all been useful to me and I recommend this to anybody.

[01:20:34] Luke Storey: Well, thank you, Dr. B., man. I'm so glad to run into you again here, and be able to sit down in person and share some energy. Much appreciated.

[01:20:42] Dr. Barry Morguelan: We did it again.

[01:20:43] Luke Storey: Yeah. 

[01:20:44] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Continue love fest and the magic just keeps flowing up. I hope we got it on the camera.

[01:20:48] Luke Storey: Yeah, until the next one. Thanks so much.

[01:20:50] Dr. Barry Morguelan: Thank you. See you.


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